⛏💰Can't mine Helium? Mine this crypto instead!!! VERY CHEAP CRYPTO MINING!!! - BEST HELIUM MINER

⛏💰Can’t mine Helium? Mine this crypto instead!!! VERY CHEAP CRYPTO MINING!!!

for every healing in my mind today i will.
do 10 push-ups so allow'' s see what we obtain nerdy guy stuff for those.
of you keeping track at home we had this beer on stream the other day this.
is called the space yard ipa offered you by upset chair developing out of tampa bay florida this.
is a wonderful hazy dual ipa a little bit more on the hopsy side yet it'' s got the basic galaxy strata.
and citra hop flavoring that we see in the juicy ipas on stream a number of viewers recommended that.
angry chair is better understood for their doorpersons on a range of one to ten i put this at about.
a seven seven as well as a fifty percent but i do constantly like myself a hazy ipa joys to you guys what'' s going. on everybody welcome back to an additional video concerning mining not simply helium mining because for the past.
24 hr or 2 days we'' ve done nidalee squat absolutely no nada nilch kaput or else if this is your initial.
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and activating the bell notification as we publish video clips weekly and also we do a stream every monday.
at 2 p.m eastern concerning helium and also mining as well as all that things otherwise links in the summary for.
twitter telegram discord please take into consideration complying with me over there as well as also take into consideration acquiring a.
t-shirt from our nerdy store at the link in the summary also so with all that said we did a.
stream on monday as well as we had a pair of questions concerning if we were extracting a few other money or.
what various other money we were associated with and i recognize we'' ve always simply been speaking about.
helium and also planet look for the previous couple of days we haven'' t really discussed much deeper even if. there ' s really not a great deal to take place there it'' s been very plug and also play'we ' ve had a little little bit of. problems which we will certainly cover in an additional video clip dedicated to much deeper at some point in time as that.
token rate has actually risen yet among our largest jumps back into having the ability to do even more crypto.
video clips was algorand and we are going to speak about mining algorand i'' m mosting likely to show you individuals real.
quick the setup i'' m mosting likely to show you a real withdrawal because we have enough to take out.
and also just how much we mine daily with simply the same computer that we tape-record these videos on this.
isn'' t an elegant video gaming computer it was back in 2016. it'' s due for an update we'' re going to obtain a brand-new. gaming computer system probably in the next month or two and afterwards we'' re mosting likely to be able to see just how much. formula we arrive so with that claimed we'' re going to leap over to the display we ' re going to.
have a look i'' m going to show you guys specifically exactly how to establish and also what you want a.
gpu or asic miner in your computer system to mine algorand shut up copper and also various other cryptocurrencies.
also so let'' s pop over to the computer display as well as have a look at this trendy little arrangement as you.
can see here in the past 1 day we have not extracted any helium if we delve into the 7 day you.
might see for the previous 2 days we are entirely flatlined there is a stop on the blockchain.
yet i believe it started progressing previously so we hopefully will be starting to.
see some of those returns in the next day approximately as well as i actually appreciate the love and also.
support you guys have actually showed on the rant video from yesterday when we talked about this so.
keeping that stated allow'' s proceed from helium alright now i wish to bring up the price factor of.
formula now for 2 factors 2 factors a i assume this is a terrific price indicate keep including.
a gathering algo to your bags which i'' m going to possibly be doing a little bit of that later on.
today and b we'' re mosting likely to reference this number a couple of times so today algo goes to 1.66 this.
isn'' t any type of tokenomics or break down or anything on algo besides especially the rate today.
because we'' re going to reference that later so remember it'' s a buck 66.

Currently the program that.
we'' re'making use of and there ' s a pair of choices around i have actually not obtained right into the other one since. this is brief basic as well as simple is we are utilizing kudo miner we'' ve done a video concerning this before i think.
there'' s another one called unmindable available which has more choices in kudominer yet this has.
been extremely simple plug as well as play and a truly truly smooth function kudo miner doesn'' t practically.
mine i'' m not going to price estimate that does not mine algorand i claim we my own algorand since what.
we'' re really doing is'we ' re utilizing our gpu and our cpu to in fact mine ethereum classic and also monaro. and afterwards we are choosing to sell that mind monero as well as ethereum classic to be paid out in algorand as.
of right currently you can see i have a balance of 20.41 algorand so over the previous piece of time you recognize.
the past pair of weeks we'' ve mined this algorand and also it'' s currently sitting at'a buck 66 so. that ' s 33.88 worth of algorithm which is any type of isn ' t really anything to drink a stick at now. when formula hit that like 2.21 two buck 26 cent mark we'were sitting at 2 dollars as well as we ' ll. just claim 20 cents that would have actually been 45 dollars worth of algorithm so this is very very extremely. strong i ' m extremely very i ' m alright with these numbers currently when i tell you you put on ' t requirement anything. elegant or a crazy gaming pc or anything like that despite the fact that we are going to be getting one so. we can put diablo 2 resurrected on the pc gaming computer and also power russia our personality 2nd account blah.
blah blah we'' re mosting likely to be checking out possibly um a 30 80 ti or a 30 90 if we can get our hands on.
one when we in fact construct a brand-new video gaming pc but in my existing computer is a geforce 1050 ti 4 gigabyte wind.
pressure version i really have 2 of these yet this isn'' t in the video gaming computer even if it can'' t. in fact fit on the motherboard without me getting because it'' s a good it'' s still like it ' s not the. best graphics card yet it is still a large dimension i need to obtain one of those little like extenders. to proceed and also put this up in my computer here so i can'have
two of these poor young boys running i simply can ' t. discover where my extenders are i had the psu in there but that
' s additionally the psu is powering an additional. miner which we can chat concerning at a various time because i have to do that yet like i said below is.
its instance this these are extremely duper duper economical so geforce gtx 1050 ti these are incredibly duper cheap.
and in fact i obtained these back in 2017 before the crypto mining boom trend happened it triggered gpu.
rates to go up i got 2 of these from my action bro for 150 dollars not each 150 dollars for 2.
geforce gti gtx or gtx geforce 1050 ti you recognize what it is so with this particular graphics card.
mining algo we can go right into our figure chart right here which it'' ll bring up a 30-day spread as well as.
on the numbers you could see below yeah there'' s a little bit of payment there yet you can see.
that this is currently extracting 0.21 the little green number right over my head if i relocate you''
ll. see the computer mouse but you can see the green blip right here ish and also you can see it looks like.
it'' s been continually extracting regarding.19 to aim so most likely typically at about.23 algo a day.
with the ups as well as downs with a peak of 0.26 with 0.25 what'' s back here 0.26 so'that ' s point. we ' re going to just outcome approximately 0.22 algo a day so if we do that here at 1.66 times. 0.22 this is mining 36.5 cents a day once again we got this graphics card in 2017 for 2 of them.
for a hundred and also fifty bucks so if we placed both of them to work that'' d be 73 cents a day at algo ' s. present price so if algo was sitting at 2.21 cents times 0.22 that would certainly bump us up to simply shy.
of 50 cents a day if we had 2 of those negative boys running we would be mining a dollar a.
day as well as i'' ve had this competing fairly some time it would have easily already recovered cost.
and also done a return on investment of my preliminary 150 which is amazing so it'' s really super duper.
simple the link in the summary will certainly guide you to download the kudo miner and also then when you go.
to mount all miners basically state they have like a um well miners basically claim they'' re like. a trojan uh you recognize blah blah blah so you'' ll intend to proceed and get that approved you'' ll get this
. little control panel here and it was running a little slow previously on me but even though my control panel.
isn'' t drew up and i typically have this dashboard like reduced simply since this computer is.
beat and also is older and also i however it i'' d reduce and i put on ' t even log right into the dashboard however it. still continues to extract as long as you have the kudo miner which is down under below brought up.
you obtain that dashboard going as well as it just goes very easy you can set what you desired mine on i have.
various other video clips that stroll you via it as well and also you can have a look at those now to take out.
individuals always say oh well the costs are high and also this is one more reason that i do algo due to the fact that with.
ethereum the charges are high to do the purchase with bitcoin you know it'' s a little bit higher.
it'' s like three bucks or 45 cents for the transaction with algo the reason the fees.
aren'' t high in any way is because we understand that algo has a all deal fee of.001 you may say.
to on your own well just how does kudo miner make any kind of earnings if they'' re marketing algo well the.
what’s what is every one of the monero and all of the ethereum standard that you are.
mining that you'' re selling your hash power for you'' re not paid all of it kudo miner does.
take a profit of that so this is why when you do the deal for algorand and also withdrawal.
they simply leave it at that base point absolutely no zero one throughout the board only reason why ethereum costs.
are highest possible since gas fees are huge exact same with bitcoin very same with the various other tokens that you.
can carry there so i suggest algorand simply because of just how reduced that cost is however it'' s really. straightforward you have to have a minimum of 20 algorand prior to you can do a withdrawal which is why we''
re. doing a withdrawal of that today as well as which is why it'' s influenced this video you go to the withdrawal.
tab you pick your money which undoubtedly we have algo after that we click uh withdraw your very first.
time doing this you'' re mosting likely to require to set the purse that you desire to withdraw to or you just.
add new pocketbook every time i immediately have it inhabited to be nds phone which is my major.
algorithm wallet so we'' ll hit nds phone we are mosting likely to be moving an overall of 20.393.039.
algo the deal cost you can see right below is gon na be no no one algo we struck that there.
is no various other added withdrawal cost max there as well as after that we hit withdraw funds and afterwards withdraw.
and also we are gon na wait a couple of seconds we'' re gon na flip our phone over to see if we obtain.
the alert we'' re gon na let that refresh show up as well as then we are mosting likely to have our 20 algo.
right here on our wallet in just a moment allow me see you obtained look here at my linked gadgets you see i.
have the one gadget running we can go right into the configuration and also since right now and also this additionally.
programs on that particular little desktop computer uh dashboard that i have yet really that just occupies a little.
more memory so i don'' t really have that running since i am presently extracting and i can transform.
it on and off and also every little thing from here yet you can view as of right now we are extracting 11.2 mega.
hashes well worth of i think this is utilizing our gpu which'' s ethereum classic up we simply got.
our purchase in right there and we now have actually added 20 aldo to our purse you can most likely.
ideally see that on display below is that 2039 right there boom and also we got those algos up in a.
pocketbook so if you have a computer kicking back if you have a bunch of computers or computers sitting.
around and also they'' re refraining from doing anything and also you have a number of power electrical outlets as well as they all have decent.
graphics cards that are even far better than this uh a i'' d recommend maybe pulling them all.
with each other and developing a little leisure activity mining rig and also using kudo miner or do yourself a.
cheap little kudo miner mining farm as well as simply place those negative boys to function uh i always run my lap.
my pc 24 7 as it is anyway because i do have kudo miner operating on it i'' m quite
a lot. constantly right here i have my little asic miner working on it so this point is always churning.
and also shedding uh mining and obtaining whatever so why not that'' s specifically why i have it so indeed.
to answer your concerns i still am mining algorand as you saw there i have you can oh.
right here you can see i have a typical 30-day income of 11.6 aldo which is quite strong as well as i'' m. extremely really delighted keeping that so anywho that'' s gon na do it for me today men if you have any type of questions.
comments or worries please do not hesitate to get to bent on me on telegram twitter or dissonance in the.
web links in the description of this video we do have a mining and also laying particular uh below dissonance that.
you can sign up with as well as share our rigs we have a great deal of individuals discussing their mining gears and also their.
asic miners there so it'' s a great area to join uh simply in case you desire to start obtaining.
into mining whether it be pastime or commercial definitely inspect that out otherwise please.
make sure to such as comment subscribe turn on the bell notification all that excellent things.
i'' m oprius and also we ' ll see you people following time come on copper hi pal no person purchased a tee shirt.
today oh no kisses ah shut up copper.

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