❓❓How to setup a Deeper Miner for your network! PERFECT SETUP FOR EVERYONE! - BEST HELIUM MINER

❓❓How to setup a Deeper Miner for your network! PERFECT SETUP FOR EVERYONE!

we have been going a lot of questions on howexactly we set up our deeper mini with our structure we did a previous video which is something we testified a drawingon screen of how we did it but i wanted to make sure i got an actual live footage of me and mysetup exactly how it is so you can replicate it for maximum success as well it’s going to bea quick video lots of information stay aria nerdy dude stuff as predicted from our lastvideo we did a little test to see if you guys wanted some cool stock and the resultswere positive so we have officially launched some t-shirts all right we have brought back ouroriginal nerdy dude material symbol or if you watch the channel pre 100 readers when it’s reallycringe that was the logo then we have this commodity now which is going to also include stickers andmagnets and this is a big logo and we’re going to go to shop all products right down beneath thisthere “youre seeing” the classic t-shirt design with our nerdy buster trash logo you got plentyof options to purchase with the large-scale logo all the way from t-shirts to hoodies to tank crowns andif you scroll down to the bottom you get stickers and magnets and then of course we also wanted toinclude one other option for now with the smallest little nerdy buster nonsense logo over the leftbreast men and women and same as well you can buy yourself i really like the baseball cut offthe quarter arm three-quarter rmt’s like this one right here but you can get that as well so ofcourse uh we got t-shirts out i gotta shill it merely bought a brand-new truck gotta acquire those paymentsso click on the link below get your wordings a t-shirt support the channel tell your friendsabout it to be like yo what’s nerdy buster nonsense be like yo what’s this funny overweight youtube crypto guythat sips beer while he talks about bitcoin rise pay attention so sounds the link below and any andall acquisitions thank you very much for the cherish and reinforcement let’s talk about today’s video all rightso a lot of you guys have been asking questions on how exactly i set up the network when i didthe video i am just did a little drawing of it i used figured i’d take a few minutes tonight to showyou how exactly i have everything set up with the hardware so we’re going to walk through that stepby pace here amnesty the mess this is in my area um so it’s just how it is i don’t usually movie inhere and i wasn’t gonna positioned all really to record a video so dealing with this problem so normallyall of this is tucked away so you can’t see it or keep it as neat as possible in myroom the only things we can usually envision are the blinking lights on the deeper mini andthen the illuminates blinking on my modem and my router and my other router so we tuck that all the way soit’s nice and nifty so the action the setup it works for me is originally i was guiding my router orthis is my modem and then i was flowing that into my mini and then running that into my nighthawkand i stopped doing that because this even with the passages deleted from my country was throttlingthe internet move that was being pumped up by this and i couldn’t have that throttled becausemy wife labors from dwelling i upload videos i game i stream i too wield from home during the afternoonso i aimed up doing was now the lane my setup becomes is i have my modem and then thisyellow cord that comes out of the modem provides internet into my router so this is mynighthawk router and then i went back into here let’s not drop it let’s not drop-off everything we’ll see if we can see it okay and then iplugged another ethernet cable a lan cable into port number one so this is nowputting internet out not only wi-fi but putting internet out and that cordruns down into this my tp link wait no that line comes out of here then thatwill come across my deeper my deeper mini and then from the deeper mini that runs downinto this tp link that i got on amazon so once again just for clarity sake modemmodem to router router to deeper deeper to a second router and the only computer that’sconnected to this router is my work computer uh just so i can check on the reinforces in the networkso and just so all of your basis are covered go back and watch this video it should swim abovemy manager here in merely a second but it’s watch this before you buy into deeper network at about the 14 time and 20 second marker we pull up on screen our little paint setup and what we do and you canclick through that because we’ll go over in detail for the next like three minutes on exactly howour setup is until we glean some reasonably draws and it ultimately looks like let’s see where isit what is our final setup definitely sounds like like that all right so instead of redrawing this on screenwhat we’ve done well we’re not done hitherto instead of redrawing this on screen we’re just going to stealfrom ourselves in our video so what i testified you in that actual footage is “weve had” our spectrummodem going to our nighthawk router we had chord number what the hell is that popping up go awayokay news okay we had the nighthawk router leading to the dpn and then from the dpn running into thattp link i’ll show you that what i purchased in a minute and then that was sending out wi-fi whichour computer connects to so we can log in and take a look at our compensations and transfer them outand all that stuff anytime we want and then that is also precisely the throttled internet going fromthe nighthawk to whatever connects to this wi-fi versus controlling the internet that i need foruploading videos for playing playstation 5 for my wife working for streaming movies and stuffwhile i’m playing video games in 4k and aka so that’s the exact setup that we implement thiswas the exact modem that our router that we had purchased you could see last-place acquisition on september1 7th so in another week we actually will be mining deeper for a full week we’ll do a coverage videoon that right now they’re on sale for forty dollars there’s no affiliate tie-in or anythinglike that um i could have one with amazon i just have to sign up for the affiliate programbut all you need to do is just type in tp-link router archer a6 that’s all i have and that is theexact one that you identified in that video and we’ve had zero controversies since whoa crazy two videos in oneday right now i just got a lot of questions in discord earlier today about the exact setup ofwhat i do with my dpn and the extra routers and beings precisely weren’t really grasping it wheni was typing it so i wanted to do this video for all of you that have those questions you knownothing extremely crazy if you guys watch it great like observe agree turn on the buzzer notificationreally facilitates the path we do creeks we are sucking a beer uh this will be a beer of theday in another video so we’re kind of going in that test beer imbibing time but this is uhsneak peek it is a pumpkin beer of course and it’s from tampa bay brewing corporation so we’re kindof doing our little taste test before we do it so anywho expressed appreciation for very much for watchingmake sure you like statement agree turn on the buzzer notification all that good stuffimo prius and we’ll see you guys next time

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