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hey do you want these silvers not really what if i told you they can bestaked for liquidity making their value go up well then i say you’d have a raw deal nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping track athome today’s beer of the day is introduce into you by rogue we’ve had rogue a few cases era on this channeland we have one that we have yet to dislike this is called the combat wombat at 6.7 alcoholby capacity are you ready for this this is a sour northeast style hazy ipa brewed withaustralian hops blood orange and grapefruit i was very nervous when this one started asa sour but as i read into the rest of it as a hazy ipa i was very intrigued and i was figuringlet’s see if i don’t like this you can see in the chart back here it’s got fruit sweet and whore astheir highest flavor profiles and when i sipped it the turned spice profile stumbles up front but it’svery subdued it’s it’s weird to explain because i was expecting my tongue to run dry in mylips to ruffle a little but the turned is immediately muted and then you’re hit with thatnice juicy ipa very similar to if you introduced like milk on your tongue after you eat something spicythat’s kind of how it prompted me with the sour on a scale of one to five i givethis one a 4.0 cheers to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to anothervideo about a plug-in play miner if i haven’t charge you away from watching this video with my terribledad jokes please consider smacking that agree button turning on the buzzer notification andliking this video it is very important you do that because we are doing a two-part series todayday number one the block sign has increased in value and we’re going to talk about that ifyou have one of these devices not necessarily the unlimited because they’re not out yet emaili know but if you have a generation one or two you have one of these devices don’t getme wrong there is a nightlight off the bat this one is just a lighting doesn’t do anythingexcept reform shade and you propagandize a button but nope we don’t want thatsetting nope obviously that one nope want to go back to the nice easy one butwhen you degree one of these i guess that’s off on you alter the coloring maybe yeah all rightbut when you succession one of these you’re going to get a little scratch card in there that givesyou access to your private key to your security wall and that’s where you actually will be farmingmining whatever you want to say the block clues if you have a first gen or a second gen not anactual wi-fi connecting one so if you have one of the early adoption prototypes cost about 200 bucksnow they’re 250 bucks you have to do turd with it you really get a card you’re good but when you getthe unlimited then you’re gonna have to worry about wi-fi and so on and so forth so we’re goingto talk about the token rate increasing and we’re going to be talking about the game which will bepart two which should be tomorrow’s video the game is set to launch on february 10 th and we havebeen talking about creating a team look at me talk with my hands in my block i should probablyjust get a beer and settle down from there um but yeah so the game should be releasing on february1 0th and everyone was asking how can i participate the nerdy dude crew well we are going to open thedoors for everyone to be on our team i believe our compensations will increase more the more we learnabout video games the more material i’ll furnish and we’ll probably start signing up somewhere sometimein the next week based on the game release and that’s how you can meet the team get a lot ofthose questions so i wanted to answer that now let’s just take a look at some modernizes and somereasons why the sign price has gone up pull up my billfold and appearance you those transactions of thatmining experience and we’ll become from there so if you are interested in this or if you want to tryto get your hands on one of these devices just go to block create dot io you’re going to go upto the tab up now brand-new actors and this is kind of going to walk you through pre-game what youneed to do so you got blocks unlimited see you soon these is likely to be machines that you actuallydo have to connect to wi-fi to go into mining and so on and so forth versus the contemporary oneor the generation two we did previous videos on what exactly block is how do you can you tellwhich block you have because that’s all going to be pertinent and relevant to the actual gamei’m going to pull up my algo pocketbook here and i’m going to show what the generation one miningexperience was like because candidly we just got it and we didn’t have to do crap so let’s goahead and paste that address over yeah and we’re going to pull this over on screen yeah and hereyou go so right now we’ve got halfway in algorand in there which is really nice but you can see thatwe have 31 680 blocks once only chilling and pretty much since the like four epoches before we gotour manoeuvres we have been deserving 576 blocks a daytime i think has as the game comes out as the marketcap of what token you have this bad boy is a bitcoin blockchain block so if i know bitcoinjust had a nice little run up so once the game releases i believe on paper and of coursethis is preemptive believed that as that crypto silver market cover increases for bitcoin the amountof blocks we will earn on a day-to-day if it goes down of course we’re going to lose blocks aswell so some of you might be unfortunate to get a polka dot or a cardano or one of the lower tiercryptocurrencies with a smaller market cap but that’s not a number of problems title that’s not a problemin the long run right now it might be where you’re getting like 170 blocks a epoch but if cardano orpolka dot or so that coin increases in market cap then your block mining fraction is going toincrease as well now let’s hop over to the chart and we’re gonna see that look at that in thepast we’re on one hour candles right now and i think has when as after the project started back injune of whatchamajigger we have seen some moronic increases or no this is uh february right yeahso february 6th three days ago we were kind of lingering at a price of object zero zero two whichwe were lingering there and then we had some neat little pumps and some news and material came out butas of the past 24 hours we’re control an all-time high of the sign we’ve seen it all time high andwe’re gonna probably retain propagandizing past that at target zero zero six seven zero two you can checkthis out on tinychart.org this is attachment to tinyman reasonableness being we’ll talk about that herein only a few moments but what do we have 32 000 signs “were having” 32 31 680 blocks so with our design whichremember they were costed 200 now they’re up to 250 and with us having this for a little bitof time earning that quantity of blocks we’ll do some math here in a moment we’re sitting at a nicepretty 212 dollars for having this night light 212 dollars that penalty 200 so we tech i imply yes withthe price of the coin going up which is awesome uh we have broken even return on investment now we’rein pure profit imagine if this token does up to like a dollar not a dollar let’s just say a pennytwo pennies if it double-faced in rate one more time i might be okay with it because then wewould be going 576 ages degree zero my math is really really really goingto be bad right now so i’m going to say point zero six six or two one two d one four of four i don’t know that’s gonna be finethat would be eight dollars a day even if it’s that with my terrifying math it would be eightdollars a day that would be outstanding you can see up here we’ve got some liquidity goingfive fifty seven thousand two hundred fifty one dollars marketplace ceiling of twenty eight million dollarsand the perfectly diluted busines of ceiling capitalization thing in the bloops blah blah blah there yougo there’s only 10 percent of the flow in there and this is all in like insignificant subject whereyou can exchange this which is awesome reason why some of these silvers this copper has hopped up invalue is quite simple if you’re familiar with the yieldly programme and we’ve done videos on thatas well two blocks kitties have opened unyieldly now there’s a function on this so you can stakefieldly to earn block tokens so if you have a bunch of yieldly or you’re getting your dailyrewards or anything like that you can now stake that yieldly to earn block clues or you couldstake yieldly and the block sign lp or the block lp sign to earn yieldly as well so that platformis going to keep ripening which is awesome and you could do that on tinyman which we’re not goingto do that on a video today where we’re staking the lp token and yieldly to earn more we’llprobably is demonstrating that if you guys require let me know in the comments below if you want to see a videolike that and we’ll consider doing that but terribly very very exciting seasons to see that this tokenhas rushed up in price time from the addition of staking i can only imagine what it’s goingto be when the actual game releases like really any who that’s gonna do it for me todayguys of course if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me ontwitter or tumult you can do telegram but well don’t like it that much um youcan also leave a comment on this video i wanted to repeat myself again that we willbe starting the game as soon as it freeings and hopefully that’s going to come out tomorrow anyand all are welcome to my understanding there is no limit on how many people can join the teamwe are going to be the nerdy dude squad and of course we’re going to be bringing more of thatcontent to you as we learn about what’s going on this will be a learning experience for you and alearning experience for me but i do foster you to check out the white papers for this projectas they do break down some more of the game and what the games like the blocks will have when itcomes to power and exertion and so on and so forth if we’re going to be building a team every 16 people that exist in a area will be able to kind of go under a team captain and what happensis that team captain will be able to stake their dominance for their bill pace of the rest of theirteam so of course well i don’t know if there’s gonna be more benefits for the team captain forproviding their power to give the team charge or it’s just better for the team to have that chargeso that behavior they can earn more cryptocurrency so of course we’ll be looking for and there’sa discord for block create as well and maybe we can do like a sub discord for the actual gameitself in the nerdy dude force where we’re gonna be needing team representatives team captains and whateverthe heck the rest of the game is going to have or ply so i don’t have the answers as of today’svideo but if you’re watching this a week from now then i have another video that will havethe answers as long as the game came out on its scheduled time other than that satisfy takea moment to obviously consider liking this video agreeing to my channel and turning on that bellnotification since we stream with my talking a good deal with my hands here since we stream every mondayat 2 p.m might as well just do with my hands anyway that’s probably vexing so all that goodstuff i’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time

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