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🚨❓Should you buy this $250 miner today???🚨❓

i’m so excited my aware point is finallyhere we can start meeting planet tokens on a day-to-day basis let’s go get it there itis came in the mail after like six months of waiting oh what’s this newtweet that just came out well crap i know what to do with it and since i’m in the marketfor throwing money away nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping track athome today’s brew of the working day is introduce into you by green subject brewing out of north carolina thisis green man porter this is an english-style border with 6.0 alcohol by loudnes this has a nicedark full-bodied tone to it and it has a very easy creamy mouth feel with extra darkcacao nib style bitterness on the back end nothing too crazy to write home about probablyprobably a three out of five encourages to you guys pink what’s going on everyone welcomeback to another video about cryptocurrency now i know that a lot of you jumped onto the airaware element boat with me when we did some videos and how fast they sold out and how long theshipping epoches are and you probably are still waiting on your tells and regrettably we meantto do this video a couple of days ago just to kind of update everyone but unfortunately right now toget your licenses that was suspended as of january 27 th “youve seen” the tweet here on screen andit doesn’t say that it’s uh aimed or vanish they’re just going to be reevaluating some nonsense and it’scurrently paused so if you haven’t been able to get your aware element it’s still in the mailor anything like that and you’re waiting for it regrettably you won’t be able to start miningthose dessert luscious planet signs right when you get it but we’re going to take a look atsome other options today we’re still going to look at how the aware elements are doing andhopefully we’ll do some revises here in the future about when we can get those licensesback why they aren’t doing that anymore is because these devices sold like flapjacks and weoversaturated world markets previously they were promised to be making about 23 planet tokens a daynow they’re pretty much fluctuating between like 13 to 17 and you’ll find my quantities on screen herein a moment so in the meantime we’re going to jump-start over look at some other options that you have ifyou still want to continue supporting the planet countries around the world watch assignment there’s still someother viable miners sensors out there that you can utilize and then only kind of some stuffthat i’m doing with my uh planets that i’ve already earned i’ve already roid divulged even onmy manoeuvres all four of them so we are looking to extend our portfolio and continue growingour passive income and get to retirement one day so let’s look at the computer screenwhile i have your attention before we get into the topic in more detail i just want to put outa reminder to get over to the al grant governance program and cast your election you have a full monthto get it on but february is a short month if you already committed your algorithm to voting it isnow open between january 31 st and february 28 th keep adjusted we will be doing a full video on whatthese options are probably within the week because we want to make sure everyone realises these videosgets over in polls because you have to vote to get your compensations if you miss the vote you surrendered yourreward so stay aria for that we’ll be discussing that soon this is just a affectionate reminder nowthe planet token has quitted itself down to and a half pennies truly not extremely surprising inmy opinion i did have a lot of hopes for this token to go up even more especially when we sawthe growth of it from it’s like what four pennies 10 cents then it climbed all the way up to like3 7 pennies and now back down because really with them eliminating the licenses or delaying thetype 4 licenses you can’t buy those with planet signs at the moment and that are actually kindof stop the demand if you still do need planet tokens remember we had an issue with bitmart wedid get that resolved so we managed to get our 35 which was really three thousand dollars worthof planet signs when we finally got it secreted uh back to us but we have decided to no longeruse them we are using mexi for any of our planet and algo and you discovered it deeper it is necessary ifyou want to use mexi link for that is in the description yieldly all that stuff but anywayjumping over to planet we showed that tweet so we’re not going to touch base on that again butif you go to i’m likewise trying to pull up the white paper here for us but if you go to planetwatch’smain page this is planetwatch.us and if you will just go to the home page here if you go to theirmain page this is where you go you log into your explorer we’re not going to see do any of that todaybut you go up to buy and you look at buying a license now going into this you can see that wehave four permissions we’ve got one two three four but four is completely grayed out and it’s notavailable now according to the tweet and this of course happened on january 27 th but then there it’stemporary right now um and then i don’t know how if once we have like we have a full year or soon our permissions for our four inventions i think in november i’ll have to renew but they did say thatwe should be able to renew them but i too sounded a rumor from one of my customers in discord thatthey are potentially looking at revoking licenses as well so i don’t know if that’s gonna benewer licenses or you know random permissions genuinely hoping that’s not the case because i knowthat this project blew up a lot faster than they predicted as soon as these aware elements werepretty much available on amazon and a bunch of grubby youtubers like myself came out there and putthem in front of you guys and you all bought them no pique to all the other youtubers you guysknow who you are that uh did these tactical investments act mausoleum no none of you guys we’renot grumpy i’m grumpy maybe i’m gonna have some beer so if you still want to support the planetwatch project though i mean what are your other options you have alternatives to buy a nature licensea type a license type 1 two or three maneuver where if you go to their main page and punched sensorswhich we already have it pulled up now but i wanted to show it there a big one that peoplekeep asking me and talk later about getting into is an air queeno and i believe you have tostake like 16 or you have to buy the license and you have to have a certain amount like i it’s notas just go onto amazon and buy an aware element or an atmo tube or i believe a sense edge mini asum everything else is but i heard like this one’s a good large-hearted mac father and you can buy this and youcould still buy the type one license so if we go back to the type one license let’s just employed thishere and i know this one’s a big chunk whereas the different types four permissions were forty dollars a pop fora one year i believe these ones are the big boys here so let’s just wait for this to onu and thepage is having some issues loading as well because i’m trying to get the white paper pulled upbecause i wanted to show what those sensors were going to be able to earn you guys if youwanted so yeah so this type one permission is 300 for one year all the way up to 600 for three yearsit’s 450 for two years and six hundred dollars for three years so that’s really not dreadful touh if you want a three time on the breath monarch oh and these don’t have as much saturation aslet’s say the uh let’s draw out the explorer now as the aware elements did so let’s goto the actual breakdown on these devices so if you look at the licenses here you have type2 licenses or only at 170 category 1 permissions are at 2463. Type 3 permissions are at 7 300 and character 4or at 41 948. when they primarily were doing the aware ingredient kind 4 as they said when therewas about 10 000 permissions sold there would be a saturation point and “were having” 4x that whichis insane why is type 2 permissions down solo you are able to say because the type 2 sensors aren’treally accessible anymore type 1 are these arrowquinos here they’re still waiting on a kind 2sensor and then type threes are starting to see a pump because the sense edge minis are secreted andthose have been selling like hotcakes i believe as well 650 from 20 21 700 for 2022. Oh yeah i couldhave just clicked down there yeah so here’s the airquino as of now if you wanted to buy one it’sgoing to be a 2400 um 2400 financing and you’re going to be getting uh you need to have a category 1license for that let’s see if this will actually show how much planet watch is earned for this aswell nope it doesn’t let me see if the white paper okay so let’s get to the page where it showswhat type i think it’s like 23 or something uh how much type 1 license is will be able topurchase you let’s just do a jump-start chipped to that okay so here on the white paper sheet 54 if you didmanage to get one of those character 1 devices the lead sensor you’re looking at about 133 planets a dayso if you’re flatten 2 700 on this machine and you’re getting 123 planets a day you’re currentlylooking at 34 eras let’s say 2700 or 34 dollars usefulnes of planet clues a date divided by 34 andyou’re looking at still an 80 or an 80 wow going everything mixed up you’re looking at an 80 -dayroi on that device only the design itself if you tack on 30 let’s say it was 3 100 divided by 34 we’re being super generous with the numbers you’re looking at about a 90 daytime roi on that big-hearted deviceand then after that is sheer profit for the next nine months which isn’t bad at all um so that isdefinitely an option for you now last that we’re gonna jump into under the video we’re gonna closeall this down now real quick we are still earning every single day with our uh four manoeuvres so thisis my planet watch in my algorand address that’s are connected to my mobile manoeuvre clearly and we arestill sending out flows let’s move myself over here a little bit and we are you can see we justdid a transaction now we transferred out 1200 planet signs which pretty much we cleared out ourbalance and we’ll talk about that here in a moment but you can see six hours ago 17.6 17.6 17.617.6 so today’s allocation was about 17.6 terms 4 eras 0.26 so we manufactured 18.30 today and that’skind of the trend that we’ve been going on let’s go ahead and perceive yesterday’s business 17.617.6 16.896 so that might have just had like an internet blip if that’s the one over at my in-lawshouse since they started this new like charter institution creation and some brand-new traffic lightsin our sphere they came out and said like there’s too much population for the electricity grid and theirpower does like shut off like arbitrarily for like five minutes so i believe that’s why that one’sa little bit lower and you see i got another 17.6 there so we’ve been doing that and we’ve kind ofbeen taking out our planet signs just for you know we built a balance all the way up to hereyou can see um about three thousand or we built all the way up to like 3051 then we transferred1 00 to bitmart as a request then we got ourselves up to 3 000 planet clues and then we sold themoff for uh something else that well doing and then we just built ourselves back up to 1200 and we sold them off for departing we’re going even more ham into the animal farm we did this aboutfour hours ago we locked in some dog busd into their pool because right now that’s the decimalplace is wrong and i said a thousand percent apr we’re going to talk about this more in the futurebut you can see right here we have the dogs slash busdlp token we have 631 dollars value halfof that came from my planets and this is a whole separate thing that we’re going to talk aboutwe wanted to give this a snap because we did two three videos i believe we did a video a torrent anda video on this so we wanted to take a breather and we wanted to talk touch base about planet butat the same time planet circle back into providing our resources to continue going into this platformbut yeah those is likely to be other videos that we’ll talk about here in the near future so you’regoing to want to stay aria for the algorithm governance video inform and then if you’re intopla if you’re into the channel for animal farm or anything like that or thor and blah blahwe’ll be updating those this week as well anywho that’s gonna do it for me today chaps ifyou’re still waiting on an aware ingredient to come in the mail drop a comment below or reachout to us on disagreement or telegram or call not telegram i don’t know i still prevent saying thatbecause you know it suctions i hope the licenses come back but i just i want to know how many parties areout there that are still waiting for these devices so just leave a comment below i’d be reallyappreciate that what i too increase is if you like this video because it helps the algorithmvery very much subscribe to my path and turn on the bell notification all that goodstuff imo prius we’ll see you guys next time no

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