🚨💰THIS IS HUGE FOR HELIUM MINERS!!! Stake your HNT for more rewards!!! - BEST HELIUM MINER

🚨💰THIS IS HUGE FOR HELIUM MINERS!!! Stake your HNT for more rewards!!!

it’s really cool to spend time on an aeroplane and haveaccess to wi-fi because as a crypto fan all i did was research and research and research andlet’s talk about which is something we researched keep chanted nerdy dude trash for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beverage of the day is a limited release by clown shoes called joshthe guava king this is a doubled india wan ale with guava now i am very familiar with clown shoesi’ve had a few of their beers and i’ve done a beer asses about them before so when i saw this whilei was up in brand-new england i had to get a crayon to bring it home to review for you guys it’sa nice hazy thick ipa with a big hint of guava neat sweetness neat sweet-scented and it’s reallynice to be removed from the traditional new england ipa up there that exactly pretty much is pineapplemango and guava so not too much on the hopsy slope but it is pretty good cheers to you guys what’sgoing on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium mining i don’tknow why i start that nature if it’s just gonna be about regenerating and quarrying but don’t worry i hearyou al goran fans we have an algorand video coming in the near future if this is the first time thatyou’re finding my path delight take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe button and turningon the bell notification as we affix videos weekly now as many of you know we just went on vacationup to new england so we have a lot of beer content that i’m ready to compile into one big-hearted video togive to you guys we suck a lot of beer we went to many a breweries we had many of flights and irecorded it all it’s going to be a video i’m going to framed some affection and time into if it’s notyour thing i totally understand if you do want to see some brew like material it’s just strictly beerthen that video is likely to be out shortly in my previous video i did a test run to see if anyone would beinterested in make a meetup event down here in orlando florida a few subscribers do live aroundthe same area that i do and i think it’d be really cool to hang out have a couple brews talk cryptoi’m also thinking about getting a couple of raffle prizes to give away so that action we can doa raffle they’re going to be helium relevant maybe a couple of antennas but i have decided thatwhen the canal touches 10 000 subscribers and right now we’re at about 9.3 000 but when we stumbled 10 000 subscribers we’re going to do a 10 000 customer gala meetup event at a regional barroom where wecan precisely hang out talk about crypto talk about brews and time shoot the breeze so bide tuned andhit that agree button if you want to help us get to 10 000 readers now let’s just leap overto my computer screen and take a look at what we found and i entail i know it’s not new or anythinglike that and you guys have probably done this before but some of you might be asking yourselfabout helium staking and i am a big advocate for acquiring your fund work to earn more money andwith helium staking i think i found another way to prepare my helium that i’ve mined now earnest rewardsand venturing so let’s take a look at that shall we helium is currently sitting at 26.23 up 26 dollarsand three cents this is incredible because when we started helium mining we were just at aboutnine dollars and i know uh that this price has gone down and then fluctuated but it looks likethis is some genuinely solid high-pitched count so i’m highly very very happy to see this looking at our overallhelium chronicle “were having” mined ourselves 13 helium in the gloriou arrangement of things with both ofour miners currently sitting at a appreciate of 341 now when i was looking at the screen we’re notgoing to go into my helium miners today this is just an overall ensue oh we are also able look at thelast 30 dates so we’ve built 9.9 helium in the past 30 days which has been large-hearted because that’swhen we’ve got our new feelers and in the past week we’ve take 4.3 so we are getting to thenumbers that we really really really wanted to see and then on the app on the phone they showa lot more data based on like 12 week and 12 months and it’s just really really naughty numbersi experience but i was looking at this 13.06 number of my helium and how much it was and i saw ht state now i can’t really click on h t regime so i don’t really know if there’s another appfor this in tandem with our actual miners but “i m starting to” seeming it up and i looked up a coupleother youtubers i think tactical asset was the one that i looked up uh and watched a coupleof his videos so i was very excited to see uh the platform that i was researching was somethingthat he mentions in one of his videos and that is this platform here this is helium-staking.com nowhelium jeopardize seems to have a little bit of blanket to it so we’re not going to dive into a hundredpercent exactly what it is per se other than like the validators and incomplete validation so reallywhat happens is if you want to be a validator like a total validator of helium and i know beforethis happening and all that stuff it was like with consensus groups but now it’s all aboutvalidators you would need a total of 10 000 helium to be a full validator and make superrewards now you might be sitting there saying well you merely showed us you have 13 helium so you’rereally not going to get to that 10 000 distinguish you know in the next week or two but what can wedo with our 13 helium and we can utterly stake that as a partial validator or connect like a partialvalidation pool very similar to like if you have tezos and you just wanted to roast tezos and you don’thave 8000 tesos you can just leave your tesos on coinbase and pay their apy so it’s a verysimilar place where we are doing a pond of helium stakers to become validators so you can seethis pool that i’m looking at has a total of 187 000 helium ventured which gives us a total of 10000 a pop which is 18 so they’re just start of becoming 19 so you can see right here looks likethey’re about 2 400 helium away from becoming a stake pool with 19 validators and so this iswhere the little guys like us contribute our helium into the staking pool to earn and stake and growmore really really nifty this consortium that i’m looking at uh they have the partial venture optionand the full node option if you’re interested in this hey do your own research i’m going to beputting in about 12 helium on video right now and then we’re going to do some solution videoshere in the future and then if i like those results i’m going to pulling the rest of my miningand preserve piling that up because we want to earn but the part post that i’ve looked atwhat we’re going to be doing does have costs involved and it’s going to be four percent ofthe remunerations plus the validators operational costs and the frequently asked questions whichi’m not going to pull up because i read through it uh the validator operational cost is every timethere’s an additional validator it’s a little bit more and “theyre saying” roughly it’s about likea hundred dollars per validator at the moment but when we look at the calculator and how muchyou can earn it’s going to include that uh reward the total fee for the 4 percent in the rewardsand the validator expenses in our potential earnings benefits of being a partial staker you get nominimum enterprise for jeopardize so whether they wanna do like. 5 or 1 or 10 or 100 so on and so forthyou can claim your remunerations daily and it looks a lot like on the pocketbook here you can compound themmetrics dashboard to see your remunerations in real occasion and lower unstaking dates based on the liquiditypool and then over here if you want to be a full node validator uh that you have to have tenthousand helium it’s a hundred fifty dollars a month pl uh monthly prepared reward non-custodialtechnical assistance to set up the wallet for the validator and metric dashboard to see your rewardsin real time real quick uh when i was looking at the frequently asked questions if you stake 10000 and you become a full validator if you want to unstake it it’s about 250 000 blocks before thatunstate comes through which is roughly five months if you want to unstake your incomplete stake itreally requires what they have currently in their liquidity puddle which as of right now they have 761 the liquidity pool before they set up another uh validator um like another puddle validator so if youwant to pull 5000 you’d be able to push 5000 out instantaneously that’s pretty much what i gathered fromseeing this now over here i have already pulled up the calculator so we’ll bring that screen up righthere simply because it takes a minute to load but on the site you can see staking calculator up herein the top you can go to it and i introduced as a partial stake and i did this little option right hereon each side it really automatically imports the data from their pool so right now they’re onlinevalidators you can manually pull this yourselves by going into the actual pool on the site butthe online validators at the moment are this 2136 my staking amount’s going to be 12. so we’ll leave we’ll inform that 12. their stake consortium has 18 validators so whenthey have 19 it’ll go up certainly and then their liquidity kitty is at 7661 which you cansee all that information right yeah “were having” 18 validators in the pool and the liquidity pool 7661 we’re earning rewards off the liquidity pool and so on and so forth and that’s what comes paid outwe’re going to hit that calculate button and this is gonna be the compensation so on a daily basiswe’re going to be earning. 002 helium um with their cost and their four percent cost they’regoing to be deducting 0.0002504 8 helium for a net total of an making 0.0023 helium so i wouldhave a percentage of the puddle with exactly my 12 of percent with an apy of 8. 01 bumped it up to weeklyand that’s now exactly reticent of 0.2 but with a net as 0.017 and then monthly “wouldve been” 0.069 and thenyearly would be point or 0.83 so obviously this is something that we want to compound and develop andgrow more into and i too like the idea of fastening up helium so that channel i can’t touch it and sell itwhen the price jump-starts up because i want to hold it especially if it’s going to get up to abouta hundred dollars in my a humble venture and hopes and i never have to touch it so let’s go tomy dashboard i’ve already appointed the website and backed up my wallet here so you ever want to testthat out i refer my billfold to myself so let’s see we are going to go into our phone we are going tocopy and paste our pocketbook address and we are going to send ourselves 12 helium because i want to keepsome extra helium in my portable purse a because i want to pay out mind of tron just for some of thestuff that we do together and b if i have to move antennas or anything like that so we are goingto paste that address now we are going to send 12 helium and we are going to done and it’sa. 013 helium reward and we have sent that out let’s wait till this updates yep it says it’spending a 12 helium cast i think that’s going to take a moment so i’m not sure how fast heliumgoes through it’s not like algorand but as soon as we get that helium shut up copper as soon aswe get that helium we are then going to stake it over here let’s let that refresh we’re goingto stake it here and we’re going to come back and testify you a video on that this is why we did sendthat there i’m just going to wait for this transaction to go through let’s see if there’sany activity up here on the helium explorer it still says depending on my phone so i’m goingto go ahead and see if you guys can see that probably not yep you can see that transactionin blue right there that’s going to be 12 helium currently pending yep it hasn’t gone through justyet so we’re not gonna sit here and wait on video and i gotta jump off because my puppy is barkingso anywho that’s gonna do it for today if you guys like the contents subscribe turn the bellnotification uh we’ll do a 24 -hour update once that helium does clear through and we’ll dolike a weekly update and a 30 daytime modernize and so on and so forth to see if staking heliumis uh worth it uh if you guys want to make love and if it’s worth the risk slash compensation again wewant to realize our helium pay healing we want to originate our fund earn money we want to earn moneywhile we’re sleeping want to earn crypto while we’re sleeping since we are ever want to growour portfolio so if you guys want to jump on board there is a association in the description forthat site as well i believe you get like a 10 discount on any fees or anything like that idon’t know what it is i just you know of course i set up a site and precisely sound a link so anywhoit’s gonna do it for me make sure you agree turn on bell notification like statement all thatstuff i’m old-fashioned expenditure we’ll see you guys next time

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