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instead of doing a preposterous introthere is no fluff for this video we’re just going to get right intothe meat and potatoes and here we go just kidding there is fluff in this video father jokes nerdy buster substance for those of you keeping track athome today’s beer of the day is brought to you by sam adams simply the hayes hazy juicy non-alcoholicipa this beer we acquired for one of my wife’s friends who came over and she was pregnant andwe are actually not gonna glas that because who wants to drink a beer without any booze and justhave to go to the bathroom a knot so to save time we’re just gonna pour into the toilet praises toyou guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about push and play at homemining please consider hitting that agree liking this video and turning on the buzzer tostay up to date when we post videos weekly and we do a river every monday around 2 p.m easternnow today we are gonna be talking about scp sc prime and our exa adolescent development projects itself isabout to go live in about only a little over 2 weeks so the numbers and the results thatwe are going to be showing today and the actual first payout that we have received for our firstmonth feeing our examiner is likely to be much different when the project actually moves live as of rightnow the numbers that we’re going to be seeing on screen are going to be provided by the storagethat was exercised on the test net not the actual project becoming live and selling data and theability to store data on these devices and get actually paid out in the scp sign so i want toput that renunciation out there we are going to be doing another video like this it’ll is just like a 2.0 and an refurbish video when the actual project proceeds live this is just right now if you were one ofthose early adopters you were able to get in and get some of that storage on in that data store iton your devices from the test net and get tested payouts which then there legit payouts it’s justyou don’t have the actual commodity which is live so maintain that in spirit when we see these numbersand then look forward to the 2.0 video when we actually verify the full outcomes as these devicesstart to get more and more filled up i do think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the numbersthat we have especially with the percentage of hard drive space that we are utilizing on our6 4 terabyte examiner and if you guys are doing your own own at-home brews or you’re switchingover your chia miners or anything like that into an scp memory device then you could also bepotentially coming these early adopter rewards and that’s something you can find out moreby joining the discord and substance like that so without further ado we are going to pull upour device of course we’re going to just do a immediate touch base on everything for those that arenew to the channel this is the first time you see this otherwise i would recommend going back acouple of videos and checking out the unboxing of this device i unfortunately can’t display youmine in this video unless i go and find one of my previously recorded videos because i’m stillquarantined in my power for another two days which is also why we really don’t have a goodquality beer to do a test of luckily our beer fell comes in tomorrow and i are likely get itthrough my window but abide sung check out one of my previous videos if you actually want to see theunboxing of the design it’s a nice sizable invention i had a really good time unboxing that so withoutfurther ado let’s jump on and take a look at the results and become from there all right so scpis currently sitting at a dollar 18 where reference is first get our examiner it started at 65 centsand this project is going to take off and this copper is going to increase in price not financialadvice and all that crap blah blah blah it’s just i’m very excited for the potential of this projectbecause it’s not even live yet and the sign is currently sitting at a dollar eighteen if youwanna get your hands on some of them you can go either probit world or south exchange i use southexchange i’ve expended it for got a couple of other uh small tokens that i haven’t been able to find inthe main exchanges and it’s pretty smooth to get in and out with genuinely not much disappointment so if youwant to grab yourself a neat few that’s where i’d recommend doing it because eventually whenyou get your device there is going to be a need to have some scp signs locked away for collateralwhich we’re not going into today we will touch base on that in a different video as this isresults um but it is not a bad thought to get some at this price so that course you can at least havesome collateral you don’t really need that much uh as of right now but let’s just lurch right overand take a look at my machine which is right here so here uh you really i’m gonna have the balanceup now but you gotta keep in mind that when i got the device i was recouped half of my scp tokensand then or half of the best interests of the that device for um in scp tokens and then i have the rest of myrebate another 42 and a half percent of that cost scheduled to come out over here so the 3.3000 isn’t definitely fully from this mining know but i just want to have that littlebit of opennes there that i do have a large token offset but we will merely show you directlythe last transaction that was done and what our actual payout was as of right now kind of howwe are going our expected income and this is this is completely not not true like it’s sayingright now your expected income’s about 6.139 scp which is currently at a value of 7. 31 whichis that dollar 18. So that’s accurate but the expected income i could say we blew that out ofthe water so i’m sitting here remembering oh my gosh we’re only going to get six a few months no i believethat’s in tandem of your expected income from what’s locked and risked in your collateral withyour contracts because we have been get a lot more than that this information here you just seethat everything and the ports are open blah blah blah don’t worry about that we’re gonna go downto our events down here and we’re going to go to the last page and on the last page righthere let me look precisely move ourselves right here on the last page right here “youve seen” therewas an scp movement of 31 scp and that was done yesterday and let me show you where exactly thatcame from so we are going to go to our stat sheet right here and then it’s going to pull up allthe nice lovely knowledge let me get myself out of the way over here so hi i’m over here on thissite now uh as of right now our 64 terabyte machine has about 436 to 4 440 gigabytes on it you can seethat’s just anything that’s like a fraction of a percentage uh based on how much we have and thisis because this is the test net as of right now i believe the test cyberspaces got what 995 oh actually wasa better screen that i liked right here has about a thousand active measurements there’s 19 and passivethere’s 121 offline the total network storage capability available is 18. 6 pentabytes and rightnow in the test net time we’re only exercising 460. so formerly that extends live yes this active number ofminers will go up more as more and more miners are being sold and distributed and if you haven’tgotten one of those miners more you can just go over to examiner.net and you can get on thewaiting list by now there’s a 16 40 and 64. So unquestionably taken to ensure that out and we’ll talk about allthat stuff in different videos but as we actually propelled development projects live the total storage spacewill go up as more miners come up but the use space is going to go up even more so if we’re lookingat 460 terabytes and then we’ve got about 440 um if we’ve got 440 -ish gigabytes on there weare doing terribly very well especially with having such a highly highly microscopic percentof the data we are over here looking at our monthly count so last-place month welooked at for being in compliance 12.5 12 and a half scp our free capacitythis some of this is also incentive based so we’ll look at the incentive basi here in justa moment uh free capability 1.3716 scp and then use capacity so for the 400 we’re going to sayroughly 400 gigabytes not even for the full month our usage capacity webbed us out 17.145 scpand with that precisely being at the price of 1.18 we’re looking at 20 for a smidge a barely evena blip on our storage cavity so imagine if this was filled up halfway or even more or a fourth ofthe channel or however much you want to fill up twenty dollars for it barely even scratching the surfaceon what’s available on my manoeuvre we’re only a tenth of away from a terabyte on each drive andwe have 64 terabytes in total so each drive has 16 terabytes so we’re not even we’re a one-tenth of aterabyte so we’re a tenth of a sixteenth of being i don’t i don’t know what the math is and thenafter that was set up after that payout was out we are now already looking at this month we arelooking at and being in compliance at a part of or three quarters of an scp free capacity 0.15 scpand then previously squandered capacity is at 3.133 scp so that used capacity number right here is going tobe the large-scale earner the large-scale mac father that’s going to be the sexy payouts that we’re going to get andyou’re going to see we’re going to take a look at when january 2022 extremities we are going to take a lookat what our monthly payout was as i’m figuring that our storage space will increase especially asthis project runs live a pair things you want to keep into consideration for like your complianceand qualify for these payouts is you want to have an uptime of 95.95 or better so unfortunatelyif you have iffy internet that goes in and out and it’s down for a good gob of age or youknow ability spates you need to stay on top of constituting sure your device is up about 95 of the timebecause if you don’t then you’re not following the compliance and speak the white paper all that stuffthat’s the incentive to keep these devices passing all time long to stay up 95 of the time toget paid out because why would someone want to store data on this network if majorityof the devices are offline luckily with the acces the data is sharded and broken down andspread out if just because your device goes down someone won’t have access to their data becauseeverything’s really just started and encrypted versus actually stored on your maneuver which alsoi know people say in the comments like what if someone has controversial substance on your deviceand like it’s your ownership and nonsense they only really have the encryption and the sharded datato access their stored data relating to the exhaust system so it’s really something we don’t have to worry aboutbut you can see right here as long as we’re up 95 of the time we’re able to uh admit contracts andeverything else is just price collateral capacity with this being the second month and i believethese digits were based last-place month on a 65 penny roughly you know a 65 penny scp tokenbecause people were saying well if the scp sign quality deters increasing what’s going toincentivize people to utilize or store in the network because it’s going to get too expensivewell what they’re going to do is they’re going to not start out but like basically break downthe token just like satoshi’s and you know bones and all that stuff on other clues and equatethem to a certain amount so let’s say it penalties 15 to store a terabyte of data back in the day ifit was you know or like whatever it was at 0.65 15 um you were expecting 15 scp per terabyte butnow with the premium increase you’re expecting 10.5 so with that price increase the token quantitywill be decreased but it’ll still save enough to get you to that guaranteed price that is earnedfrom supporting this network so if they say we’re going to give you we’re just going to saya token’s a dollar so if they say we’re going to give you 10 scp which you can see on screen there1 0 scp per terabyte that’s or 10 merit of scp that’s stored under your device for terabyte andthat token is now a dollar you would be certainly get 10 scp to equal ten dollars nowif that token climbs up to two dollars but they’re still saying we’re going to give you ten dollarsworth of scp to per terabyte that’s stored on your machine then you would be getting five tokens sothat’s how it’s going to fluctuate and that’s why we’re going to see these multitudes convert but as ofright now the contract parameters we’re looking at 10.5 scp per terabyte and you can see that we’reonly a tenth of away from a terabyte so i’m i’m sure that’s going to be modification well that alsois based on contract and if we currently have let’s see to my understanding by looking at thesescreens if we currently have seven active um if we currently have seven active contracts that we’regonna exercise to completion and there’s been seven successful that’s something we’ll look at lateras we get those payouts technically right now with our seven active contracts if we got up toone full terabyte then we would be looking at 70 scp a few months per one terabyte because we have sevenactive contracts right now being run on our design anywho that’s gonna do it for me today guys ifyou have any questions comments or concerns reach out to me on disagreement or chirp connects for thatstuff is in the description below overall with really being a very small percentage of the actualdevice being or the miner being exploited right now in the test net i gotta say i’m very happy withthe results and i’m very excited to see what’s going to be coming forth from this project as itgoes live i like the returns that i’ve got these are going to be tokens that i’m deeming hopefullywe could see like a 30 token the working day which would be prodigious and then man it’s just passiveincome sky’s the limit we can unlock everything yay but other than that thank you very much forbeing here i feel weird because i don’t have a beer i do have a beer koozie which that thankyou very much for liking explaining agreeing turning on that bell notification all that goodstuff i’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time

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