does anyone from the team wantto come come on get in there emilio continue go impale someone allright let me blow everyone up and good-for-nothing oh hey ah well once again here we arewaiting on dhl send because we’re getting our brand-new miner in and we’re super fuelled sowe can finally do a video for you guys nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer today is brought to you by genealogy brewery we’re going international babybecause this is from belgium somewhere there ish on that thing anywho this is a belgian ale 10 booze by loudnes the epithet is delirium noel very interesting beer it’s very carbonated awfully bubblyvery smooth drinkability especially for having 10 booze by capacity you don’t really have that backalcohol staying with some of these more stronger delirium vogue beverages so on a scale of oneto ten i don’t really have a place to frame this in a category just yet but we’ll say this isabout an eight out of ten heartens to you guys[ __] what’s going on everyone welcome backto another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency all that good substance if this is your first timeon the canal satisfy take a moment to consider hitting that agree button turning on the bellnotification liking this video and be reminded that we announce videos weekly and do a series every mondayat 2 p.m eastern so be there we have a great time now everyone is recognized that we like to do some at homeplug and play style mining some hobby mining we don’t inevitably have giant asic parts or biggpus “were having” these little miners that don’t expense a lot in electricity that are easy to hide andtuck away easy to set up with the exception of installing antennas all over the place and so onand so forth so with that we have another platform project program that we’re super agitated to begetting into we’re getting our eczema child 64 terabyte coming in the mail tomorrow we’re gonnaset that up i used figured today what better age than to only kind of do an overview of sc primethe examiners some of the potential profitability where you can currently sell that coin and kindof just do this introduction crash course now later on down the road we can break each segmentup a little bit longer and specify more content that lane today is just really going to be let’sdip our toes in the kitty come something starting do that chunk rolling before our miner comes in whichwe’re super evoked for so let’s just climb over to the computer and take a look at what we’ve got andwe’re going to go from there all right also don’t forget relation in the description to buy t-shirtsthat supports the channel love you guys very much as of right now scp sc prime is currentlytrading at 64 pennies it’s available on two different exchanges for us us residents it’savailable over here on south exchange which i’m very well known and once had an account butif you didn’t there’s probably a tie-in for this in the description right now the only pairingthat we can trade on it is sc prime to bitcoin i do recommend i’m not a monetary advisorand all that schmidtly boogly but i probably recommend grabbing yourself a neat littlebag i’m going to be grabbing myself about 200 worth of that today because that does come intoplay when we actually have the examiners up and exiting also i really feel that once this projectactually does take off i believe we’re about three months away and before all promotionalmaterial all that stuff is being purchased or being purchased marketing uh this thisproject is going to explode which is fantastic so let’s just do a immediate crash course on everythingi don’t want to make this a 30 hour video we’re just going to go over the meat andpotatoes of the project you can go into a bigger deeper dive with the links in the description readthe white paper so on and so on but eventually i’m just going to give something quick and breakthis down so really what this project is sc prime if you guys are familiar with it there is some cinvolvement or you know blah blah blah but in a nutshell what this is is each and every one ofyou that gets an examiner or i believe you can do also hard drive adolescents as well which we’llhave a question about that when we talk to the ceo which will hopefully get an interview withhim and i’ll push for that which will be neat but um mostly you’re turning yourself intoa mini data center and what do i signify by that is that people can go ahead and obtain storageand like mas storage and like you know and have that stored on this network now we have a lot ofstuff like that with google and aws and amazon and got a couple of other corporations but the issue withthose are those are centralized there might be like three or four or five like data centers forthose large-hearted pup meridian corporations and if one or two of those data centers go down or goes hacked i thinkwe’ve just seen that with amazon then there’s going to be an issue with retrieving your dataalso it’s not necessarily harbouring your data that is quite costly it’s sometimes withdrawing yourdata which is super costly as well so what the goals and targets of this platform is sc primary is to go aheadand kind of establish every one of us that are involved with crypto crypto a mini data center andfor that we are going to get rewarded in the scp clue so we go through and we can purchase deviceslike this little examiner right now they have them available right now i think it’s a waitlist untilthe project actually launches but they have 16 40 and 64 terabytes and we’ll take a look at thathere in a second but what you can do is you can get one of these devices you can get two ofthese devices you can get five of these devices in one location and become a mini data centerand then you’re going to be able to get paid and honored for sharing you are well aware for providing theuptime of these devices to accumulate people’s data now they don’t definitely turn around and sit thereand plop all of your data or someone’s data and someone’s storage onto your design that youpurchase because what’s going to happen where you might be asking yourself well i’m if i’m hostingone of these devices and it goes down and someone wants to access their data well how do we get thatback and genuinely what happens here is they make their data and they encrypt it and they shard itout across the entire network there’s tons tons of data that’s you know with the capacity right nowi think we’re just balk of 10 pentabytes and that’s what with the current possible capability i thinkright now it’s only about 350 terabytes being used so exactly reticent of 350 terabytes being used is allsharded out and encrypted and spread out across the network so if mine goes down with someone’sinformation or data on there they could still recover it to a certain they can still recover allof it until i think has like let’s say i think like 60 of the little miners have to go down beforesomeone wouldn’t be able to get their sharded data and encrypted data back so that’s realisticallyhow they do it in a nutshell and it merely establishes perfect appreciation because this is truly decentralizingour mas storage our storage versus like those big-hearted chest firms that using them all inthose streamlined places and their server raises this is also potentially going to limitour carbon footprint as well because those data centers cost so much in emissions and youknow electricity and strength where we plug one of these bad sons in and they might increase ourpower cost to about four or five dollars a few months and that’s just going to spread that load outall over the place versus in these monstrous data centre which they have to break ground on andbuild these big-hearted ugly builds and big ugly neighbourhoods they have to keep those data centers cooledso this is also going to help reduce the carbon footprint so let’s hop right into looking atthe actual exa miners you can go ahead and jump on the waiting list and they currently have threemodels they’ve got a 16 terabyte a 40 terabyte and a 64 terabyte starting rate is at 15 then to 25 or 1500 then 2500 then 3500 now you can get your oh my gosh excuse me that’s a bubbly beer you canget yourself one of the 16 terabyte hard drives little miners and you can actually supplemented storageto draw it up to like a 64 terabyte or more but the cost will probably be about theaverage if you averagely the same so i just one stop browsed right here and also if you goin when you go in to purchase them you will be able to earn and they genuinely kind of want tosubsidize these they don’t definitely are trying to they’re not trying to make any real earning onthese miners they want to get these miners out and into the pass of individuals to get this datacenter decentralized organisation up and running so they want to give you an incentive and each miner hasa different level of a rebate so right now here at the examiner the 16 terabyte if you purchase ityou’re gonna get a 37 and a half percentage rebate and the direction that rebate’s going to come back toyou is in the form of the token spread out over duration and that’s also something advantageous thatyou want to remember as well so formerly you purchase this so we’re going to say it’s 1500 times0. 375 so you’re going to be getting about 562 in the scp sign back on this miner and i believethe larger miners that you go for you do get more back as well yep all the way up to the um theexaminer the 64 terabyte which is currently rolled at 3 500 you get a 42 and a half percentage rebateand you’re going to be coming this at the overall cost will be two thousand ten um two thousand andten dollars and you can see that these 64 terabyte memory device they come with exactly what theylike removable drawers so you can add more storage and so on and so on here’s all the perks andinformation now the next thing we’re going to look at because we’re just flying through this todaybecause this is that like brief touching extent is we want to see how much these miners canpotentially conclude okay so as of right now the network is not at capacity because this projecthas not gone amply live this thing is merely storage that’s currently being utilized by you knowexaminer and s you know and exactly kind of their sales pitch when they actually start getting intomarketing so only keep in mind right now they have 8.31 pentabytes available in storage capacity andthey’re only expending 285 terabytes so you might sit there and think well i’m not going to really earnanything if this is all the storage that they’re using with this project no these guys are goingto be going for the big-hearted hounds they’re going to be on they’re going to be targeting aws customersgetting them over into us like this is going to i’m so excited for such projects so let’s justlook at some entertaining multitudes shall we money multitudes now i will say when i talk about the rebate andscooping up some clue “theres anything” that i’m a little fuzzy on that i haven’t really foundin the white paper which i need to learn but i predict this is going to be similar to deeper whereyou do need some of the tokens to move ahead and acquisition some of these contracts and have thosetoken props on your manoeuvres in order to be allowed to pay collateral like you have to have collateral neededto earn and so on and so on so that’s why when you either get that rebate you leave it onyour device to go ahead and have these contracts initiated or you get yourself a delightful little bagbefore development projects proceeds those are all my rec exactly my recommendations there as we learn more aboutand as we get our hands on the actual minor we’ll know more about the collateral if you know aboutthe collateral leave me a comment below so that lane i can retain my investigate going so let’s take alook at earnings potentially and i’m just going to max out the storage at um 64 terabytes because ifi have this total storage accessible 64 terabytes it’s not going to matter whether i made 1 16 40 or it’s all going to be the same so if we have let’s just show that on screen right now so ifwe have a 16 terabyte part and we max it out at 16 terabytes we’re gonna get 22.60 a month so ifwe oh god so if we just switch that to this many’s and we do that this countless it’s really it’sabout is it the same number 2360 what was this one 2260. I guess see incentivized to havethe bigger unit so okay whatever we’ll just go we’ll simply be appropriate so let’s say youhave a 16 terabyte machine and you max you you get it maxed out then you’re going to bemaking 2.2 k in scp token a few months so two two six oh terms current price of sixty four two fivethat’s one thousand four hundred and fifty two dollars that already pretty much rois in one monthwith the i intend as long as this network is live and active and your device is full so you maintaina device with 16 terabytes on it you’re going to be getting 1400 a month now if you up yourselfto the large-scale puppy which that’s what i have coming in we are going to be looking at once it maxes itselfout at 64 terabytes we’re gonna be going eight nine eight 0 periods current price of6 4.25 so that section itself is likely to be 5 769 a few months precisely to sit there and hold 64 terabytesworth of sharded encrypted data that’s stellar now that’s also in a perfect world let’s just sayin my very first month i get this bad boy up and i only get perhaps let’s just say five terabytes goingand five terabytes of storage that’s still 770 scp a month so we’re going to be looking at uh 0.6425 so now we’re looking at five precisely reticent of 500 a month only to have a fraction of thisdevice being utilized with that storage so really really exciting the potential earningsare limitless and then like i said if we sit there and we get 5000 in one month obviouslywe’re going to want to upgrade our storage certainly we’re going to want to make thisthing big and beastly to bring in five illustrations a few months simply on having this one storage device upthere so unusually terribly very excited for this project anywho that’s going to do it for me today guysif you’re as excited as i am please let me know in the comments below if you have any questionscomments or concerns delight is of the opinion free to reach out to me at 12 12 telegram titter ordiscord preferably schism but chirp is also acceptable because i’m sick of my telegram i mightactually delete it because all i’m getting are all these victimize people saying hey promote my tronmining website you get 17 affiliate bonus it’s a freaking ponzi pyramid and there’s no such thingas mining tron it’s anywho like note subscribe turn on the buzzer notification all that goodstuff i’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time oh hey didn’t see it thereguess what i just did had copulation undress i hope boob is in the remain but sure

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