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it’s okay buddy looks like it’s just me andyou and your half geek brother up the road did you miss the dance i certainly did bide sung nerdy buster stuff for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beer of the day is three creeks brewing located out of central oregonfive yearn chocolate porter this is a nice dark porter with 6.2 percent booze by volumeand each cask is formed with two pounds of dark chocolate not really much of a porter stout guybut the strong heavy flavor of pitch-dark chocolate truly has my interest mirths to you guyswhat’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency and allthat good trash if you experienced my channel and you haven’t done so yet satisfy take a momentto consider hitting that subscribe button and turning on the buzzer notification as we affix videosweekly and we stream every monday now the eventual dream is to retire on cryptocurrency to not haveto work a regular nine to five or a four hour separate alteration chore like myself or to be out in thefield and away from valuable investigate day when i can only do it when i’m taking a poop out inthe field because sometimes when i’m at work and i miss really really good opportunities and soas most of you know today uh minted which is a branch off of rack wireless came out with a supplyof rack miners which are pretty much being sent within 2 day and i was trying to get somebut regrettably i was out in the field doing work and when i got home i was 10 hours too lateto get those miners initially today i wish i could have do a video about povc 11 and how that could beimpactful to increasing our crypto returns but things alter and we had to bring up thistopic i know what’s gonna happen now is a assortment of people have gotten in you’re gettingyour first list of rac miners and you’re going to be able to start earning helium and you’regoing to want to know what the best setup is which is why it’s very important that you tune inon mondays at 2 p.m eastern to our flow where we go over and we rate your setup when we talk abouthow you can improve but today we’re going to give you a immediate crash course on what i have foundto be most successful as you know right now i have two miners i have one here at my house withan uh feeler in the attic which has been doing pretty solid for my area and then i have one inmy in-laws and i do have to readjust the feeler but it’s being a little goofy today saying it’ssinking and it’s offline so i need to go over there and get it hand it a reboot because i knowa new ota just came out and bolt everything up so without further ado we’re going to jumpover to my screen we’re going to take a look at what we’ve got what we’ve utilized what we’vebeen successful in my area to see if you can line up with that and to look at some optionsso you can earn the most helium with your new rack miners so let’s take a look at thescreen and we’re going to go from there all right so over on minted or getminted.com wehad these two miners this was a gold spot miner which was a limited edition for 479 dollars andthen we had a black spot miner regular for 399 these are essentially the same as the racks thatcame out a lot of details on them i think the only difference between the two is this one is goldcoloring not actual golden gold plated and i think it had like eight gigabytes of ram in there yepeight gigabytes of ram yeah it’s freaking amber vip carry gold is in color not the actualelement this one has four gigabytes of ram and these ones would therefore be hardwired and idid want to get myself two of the black places even though the golds are nice but really i’mgoing to be tucking apart in attics or outside so why would “weve been” miss these gold miners butthese are officially brought by minted pitch-black recognise hotspot miner by rack as you know rack wirelesswas one of the original mac daddies for helium hotspots so if anyone’s concerned that their orderis not legit or anything like that this sounds all particularly uh valuable and trustworthy and also i’vealready heard that parties have succession and they are getting their tracking information materials and if youdo the breath ship which there’s really no time in talking about because we can’t do it anymorewe’ll keep tabs and see if these come back in the available and of course we’ll try to get them assoon as they do pretty much only the black ones so regrettably we missed the pellet on this we didwant to get ourselves two of these since we are do have two more blots for helium hot spot minersbut we were out directing and “were just” 10 minutes late to scoop up the black one we were keepingtrack on how much they had in percentage-wise and we just did not get lucky so we’ll precisely have towait until our good ol aware miners get to be up in live about october 15 th or 16 th there’san ama tomorrow for it and then we’re going to place those in everyone’s mansions so that channel wecan continue to earn now what i wanted to talk about like unfortunately we couldn’t get this butif you manage to get your hands on one of the following options your next options are going to be to get yourselfa really really truly solid lmr 400 cable and a really decent rack antenna where you cango is to usacoax.com there should be a link in the description of this video for it we don’tget any any affiliation or anything like that so don’t worry about me trying to peddle a tie oranything like this but you’re going to have two alternatives on the site here you’re going to havehelium lmr4 00 regular and helium 400 uf which is stands for ultraflex i get with the heliumlmr4 00 it’s still it’s not really that i didn’t have any issues with the flexible of the cableso i opted not to pay the extra like 15 in specs for the ultraflex now if you’re in a situation wehave to bend and veer and twist and that might be better for you as this is a very sturdy cable buti’m only lead this under a house and i’m also rolling it up into an attic i didn’t really haveto worry about navigating any angles and then i just zip rowed it to some beams and some ports sothat method it’s tucked away neatly also the cable is a fatty uh it’s about as thick-witted as a highlighterso if you take one of those nice highlighters not the little dinky ones but like one of thoseoriginal daddy top ones with the octagon looking top it’s about that thick-witted so these are these are heftycords but they’re really really soft and this is truly the importance don’t buy yourself a crappycord on amazon like i did hang on i’ll show you so originally i went on amazon and i boughtthis bad boy for 15 bucks this is a 25 hoof rope and this did nothing for me we’re gonna talk aboutthat part in a minute this did nothing for me so don’t go on amazon save yourself 15 horses don’tbuy one of these tiny little thin ropes at all just go ahead and time ignore that you do want togo to usa coax or somewhere that’s stipulating you with the ability to custom build an lm4 00 you caneven look on amazon for lm400 cables but they’re not going to be the legit ones they’re just sayingthey’re going to be low loss frequencies and so on and so forth now what i did is i adopted thehelium lmr4 00 “well a 25 hoof length and what you can do is you can actually scroll to thebottom of the screen and we talked about this on stream yesterday and there is a microwave timesloss efficiency calculator and you can plug all that information in here this is why we did the lmr4 00 wedid a 915 her frequency because we are in the usa and our cable length was 25 paws we go ahead andcalculate and we’re going to have a maximum signal loss of 1.1 db which isn’t cruel and you cancalculate how much you’re going to have loss based on how much you need and they have different sizesthat you can purchase so 25 feet is what i’ve got you can select whatever the heck you demand doesn’tmatter now you can also build your own uh hot like you can customize it entirely by selectingyour adapters on both tips so on your hotspot side you’re normally going to need an rp sma mail sothat’s going to cost you an additional five dollars from the cable cost and then on the antenna sideyou have plenty of options but the antennas that i’m going to be depicting you will require an nfemale connection right here which is another five dollars and then you can uh a heatsink ididn’t do that and then you can add to cart and then boom you’re done and then your cable theseare based out of i think jacksonville florida and they usually ship within 2 day so really reallyreally really quick so that’s your cable and that was one of the major major components that a lotof beings when they’re not consider the reinforces we talk about on stream what their cables areand they’re not consuming a good quality cable so i can’t stress enough the importance ofa good quality cable now the feelers that i’m expending and of course i have two miners so ibought this parcel now from rack attach for this is in the description below and i believeyou save five percent if you use that associate and i bought these cables i bought thebundle for 80 and the shipping was 40 but you can also buy these antennas for about4 0 dollars individually and the shipping is 16 but if you have two miners like myselfthen go ahead and buy the bundle they do come with lines and like mounting bracketsbut you don’t need those cords those cables are terrible they’re not insulated there’s a lot ofsignal loss so i wouldn’t even worry about them even if you only need like a three rhythm cablego ahead and get yourself an lmr 400 hands down and i know this is all redundant information thati repeat but there’s gonna be a lot of new people in helium and this is the stuff that they needto know now the reason why you want to custom build that cable the direction i testified you on here isbecause these have that female dissolve sort alliance and initially if you did it sma mailed it um toend type mail you’re going to need to buy a bit adapter like this and this is a n category femaleto end character mail so that so that way we can plug this into one of that aged crappy cable into ourantenna these too provide signal loss so the less connectors that you need with the exceptionof your lightning arrestor which you can get on amazon for 15 horses and you can ground yourcables if you’re running them outside to prevent lightning strikes and static energy whichis really important um these cables these will generate signal loss so you want to minimize as manyconnections as possible so then you right here if you’re going to leave it indoors if you’re in anapartment and let’s say you can’t get outside you do have an option to do bundle 2 which will comewith magnetized groundworks for an extra 20 these theories are 10 a pop the only reason why i’m not a fanof the magnetic foundations is because you can see that “theyre not” running an lmr4 00 cable they aregonna have some signal loss into the connection here so i wouldn’t really recommend that i wouldrather really you are familiar with perhaps do your own little locate that you have your lmr4 00 cable and you mountit to i don’t know a funko pa or something like that and “youve had” that stand up in your apartmentaway from windows and as high-pitched as you possibly can and that is going to be your locate setup now thissetup creations really really well for me because this is my area and unfortunately today especiallyafter the new ota that came out my miners are various kinds of being stupid but we’ve gotten some good solidreturns this is one of my miners right here we’re being a little bit laggy but you can see wheni click on it the eyewitness that we get merely by having that 5.8 antennae we’re getting a total of14 we shot all the way up to 66 kilometers which was initially 43 was i fantasized my longest but we’vegone even farther than that and “were having” that 5.8 with a four uh lmr 425 foot cable up in our atticnot outside not external nothing we are up in the attic and we are hitting all these witnesses whichi’m extremely very happy with this minor in the past 30 periods we did have a week of turd and we are goinginto a date of idiocy just because the ota has pulled itself in precisely shy of 7 helium which i’mvery very happy with those returns because if you look at my area we don’t have a lot around us andanother issue that we have is some of those people that oh this is a new miner here so i’m elicited tosee if we can touch this one that looks like a new one as well but we have these three up now andthen “were having” these four five down now which really haven’t set up their minors in optimal positionsand we’ve never evidenced each other only because they don’t have their setups very well um thisone is my other adolescent this one is currently saying that it is offline but then on the actual app it’ssaying it is syncing so what i’m going to need to do is get over to that and i’m probably just goingto give that a delightful little reboot and then work on do the fast sync which i know that heliumsaid they shouldn’t be doing but um this one’s kind of been goofy since that week that we cameback where we only have made about four helium which still isn’t bad between the two that ihave but i want to see this one pull figures like six to seven within 30 eras without thisstupid gap in here when we had issues and then too that feeler is tilted really ever so slightlyso i do need to get back over there and make sure i are able to obtain that straight up and parallel i mightjust switch it out to a long pole sticking out because it is mounted on the side of the house buti think we can get that bad son higher so overall we have probably stirred ourselves since we startedmining about 24 helium “were having” pulled out our helium and moved it over to um venturing which i dohave a video on that and that’s just kind of what we’ve been doing is procreating our helium earn moreso i’ve been very particularly very happy with the returns specially out in my area where i don’t have a lotof minors around me so anywho if you guys have any questions statements or concerns feel free to reachout to me on tumult telegram or chatter those are in the links of those links are in the descriptionof this video preferably on disagreement we do have a helium mining part where a lot of parties areactive and talking to uh and talking to everyone and helping if i’m not around otherwise thank youvery much for watching like observation agree turn on the bell notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time just real quick if you’re watching this all theway to the very end i wanted to get your opinion if you’ve made it this far back when i firststarted the nerdy dude substance direct in 2017 our friend and i tried to be avideo game and boozing canal and regrettably that never took off so wehad a logo designed and we made a t-shirt i am currently thinking of re-releasinga t-shirt with just the nerdy buster stuff logo and if you guys would like to leave yourfeedback in specific comments below if i should do it and mounted it up so we can start having t-shirtsfor sale please let me know all right once again it’ll be the logo only not the backgroundor the dudes but let me know what you think only that right there none of this just that

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