i know it’s my predestination tomorrow the coppers i see bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beer today is brought to you by first importance brewing companionship out ofgainesville florida this is called gather round hazy pale ale uh this one’s okay this is uh uhit’s pretty midline about you are familiar with 3.0 out of five if you want to introduce someone that’s notreally a big beer boozer because they don’t like you know the hopsy taste or anything this mightbe just something that you know i’d probably use as an introductory sallow ale um notquite into that india pale ale region but just really a little bit of florala little bit of citrusy fruitiness and only a insignificant tiny tiny bite of hops onceagain 3.0 out of 5. Cheers to you guys pink what’s going on everyone welcome back touh part two of the block procreate streaks that we impromptly or impromptu or improvisedly diduh based off of yesterday with the price of block signs go and with today with theteam formation finally becoming live we’ve been waiting for this february 10 th we are goingto be setting up the nerdy buster force on video oh yeah foam and mustache yay so we have beenwaiting for this we’re going to set up the team and this is going to be a learning experience thati am literally doing while i’m recording i’ve got my mustache i haven’t done any any experiment inhow to do this i think we’re going to make that evident we’re going to go step by step andfigure it out and you guys get to see a live look at certainly what i do when i jump into newprojects and kind of how i i look into them so we’re going to mount over the computer screenyou’re going to see me go through the thought process and kind of talk out loud as we look intogetting into squads i am aware a bunch of you want to join the nerdy dude squad i’m throwing down thegauntlet against war crypto and have his squad against mine or if he wants to join my team that’sfine more but it kind of broke the intro that i cringely obliged so without further ado let’sjump over and it propelled about 22 seconds to go to form teams and simply trying to reach me ontwitter or disagreement or telegram if you have it or leave a comment below if we could figureout how to get these crews going so let’s get started building their nerdy nude crew thefirst thing we are going to do is obviously go to the website so block create dot io link forthat is also in the description of this video when you go on to the home screen you’re gonnasee something new up here in the top title it’s the teams button so we’re gonna click that thisis my first time clicking it very excited all right here we go so we are in the block teamscan qr code with a billfold connect compatible billfold desktop or qr code i think what thatmeans is there is a requirement to either have wallet connect or let’s see what happens if we scan with ouralgorithm pouch let’s take a peek shall we um i bet you we’re gonna have to actually do itwith a pocketbook connect so we might pause the recording and go ahead and give that so let’ssee what happens when we do with our qr system um i just want to add a pocketbook let’s do this block create wants to connect to your accountokay all right so so far yep so i selected i became and i scanned that on my portable invention thealgorithm billfold i went down to the wallet that has my planet my block clues in there i selectedthat and i affected continue let’s see what happens now all right and then we can sit there and clickon the expansion so let’s see what’s next click here to install a chrome algo signer extensiondo we really need to i don’t think we do so all right what’s going on here how do weadd to the teams add to the teams shall we we can buy them so we could buy blockfee oh wait oh i approximates these ones for sale maybe so my wallet’s connected up now clickhere to install the algo signer chrome extension add to chrome yeah extension maybewe’ll need something along those lines so hey now let’s go back to that oh so that did take us to the market so let’sgo back to units let’s see what happens now all right okay so here’s the team here we go weare going to figure out how to set up the team browse units let’s kind of take a look hereum hard-boiled block live derek x rubik super so other teams okay um we are going to right nowwe’re solo so vary okay we just smacked convert team adopt brand-new squad nope we’re not gonna attach ateam we’re gonna do a new team new squad nerdy squad uh team badge we’re gonna pausethe video and haul up a unit logo all right so hopefully theteam symbol consignments up there requirements for adding blocks to the team um minimum could be zero team tax five percentage i don’t know cost 800 blocks whichwe certainly have the blocks to front this so it’s gonna cost me a hundred horses to createthe brand-new unit that’s fine max crowd let of number of blocks allowed 99. I’m just going toput 999 for all of these just see what happens there that action i want if there’s a crew taxit’s five percent i guess it’s gonna scrape me five percent to um you know i don’t know it’sa learning process let’s create see what happens let’s see what happens let’s have a sipof a beer block generate got attach them all come on there you do squat boom there we go nowlet’s see what happened a transaction disappointed is it because i have to approve it okay sothe transaction neglected because i couldn’t approve it in my mobile billfold so i computed thealgo signer which i did a few seconds ago and there will be a invoice that says add this here uhand so we added the algo signer and we made our 12 our 24 25 seed term for block create andadded it to this wallet here so let’s see if this is how this works now i’m also going topin this up there that space i have it so let’s see if that’s how the present working so add team nerdydude squad badge zero minimum capability five percent auction uh squad taxation i can have as many as thoseas i want let’s compose that unit now let’s see what’s going on with it see if that’ll worknow that we have the algo signer up and loaded all right cool grant access um approve approve so it cost me a hundred blocksand okay and we’re gonna put in our password all right let’s see what happens the nerdy force is up on the all right withall that i just had to let the tumult know um so all you have to do is when you get in yougo up to squads you join your wallet so whatever wallet that you used for the block tokens whichobviously i use my wallet on my portable maneuver now you put in that wallet and then you time scanthe qr system looks just like you participated me do and then you um download the algo sign or google chromeextension you want to make sure you have that and then you’re going to load up your block andyou’re going to thumped modify team and then you’re going to find the nerdy dude nonsense unit thenerdy dude squad team right there ready to go click on that and then it’s going to give youthe information and you’re going to transfer your block to that crew so that’s pretty simpleand we’ll see how everything runs and then i can keep track of this here with my teams and aseverything moves um there is no password but let’s see yeah i don’t have a password for the team i’llwait for my schism people or if you guys have any issues with there let’s see what this one uh yephit conversion team all right i’ll likewise uh punched crew all right i’m likewise discussing with my discordso that’s how you do it really really simple uh let’s get started with the nerdy dude force anywhojust to recap while i have your attention you’re looking at me right now i watched a few people onthe tumult still have some issues and i believe it’s because they didn’t have the algo signerextension downloaded so it’s really important that you connect your pocketbook that you have theblocks on and then you download the algo signer expansion formerly that propagation is downloaded youwant to add your 25 seed term for blocks into that algo signer increase and that’s going toallow you to approve the transactions as you realise me making that squad a couple other beings didmanage to get in as i’m watching these return so it looks like there’s some success and i know youguys need this video which i’m talking in the future about the carry but regardless so with thatsaid i know that they announced on twitter that their first team competition will be on february1 5th i believe that’s tuesday uh because the super bowl is on the 13 th right so valentine’sday is on the 14 th yeah that should be tuesday uh for us to get ready what it is i’m not surewe can follow them on flutter at block establish io underscore or something like that you canfollow me you can reach out on the quaver telegram or tumult preferably a disagreement it issuper uh active right now because the teams are going so um that’s pretty much a good way foryou to reach out to us and reach out to me go back and watch this video over a few timesin case you have any questions or concerns as well and i just want to reiterate if you wantto join the team all are welcome you investigated there that i set no minimum strength requirement i don’tknow what the tax is i don’t know if it’s from beings signing or connecting we’ll is my finding that out ifit’s a positive for me and a unit we’ll keep it if it’s a positive for the platform to help growand increase liquidity we’ll keep it if it’s just something that i don’t understand or is havezero benefit to us or the project we’ll go ahead and pull that off and just leave it but right nowit’s at five percent again this is the first time it literally really went live 30 minutes ago so i’mnot 100 sure precisely everything that leads after we log out of this video or finish uploading it we’regoing to play around a little more and see if there’s more information to the dap so it’s goingto be really really interesting to see yeah i see it here most of the common answers in disagreement isyou have to make sure you have that algo signer app up so anyway anywho if you have any commentsquestions or concerns again schism or chirp telegram if you must but or comment onthis video and i’ll just answer back look at discord or re-watch a video or somethinglike that i don’t know otherwise like explain agree turn on the bell notification all thatgood stuff i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time

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