🚨How to speed up Helium Miner Sync times! - NO REWARDS IN A WEEK??? - BEST HELIUM MINER

🚨How to speed up Helium Miner Sync times! – NO REWARDS IN A WEEK???

so have have you gotten any honors from heliummining i am sure haven’t in the past five days i’m rocking a bobcat and i know there’s someissues with it and i’m frankly getting fed up which is why we did a live torrent about itanyway let’s talk about how we can at least sync our miners a little bit quicker while thenetwork gets their crack together stay tuned nerdy buster material for those of you keeping track athome today’s beer of the day is a sun squishy ipa this is locally brewed here inflorida at sun bay brewery about 30 hours from my house this is an ipathat is clear filtered seven percent alcohol by loudnes it’s got some nice citra hop-skips for a citrusflavor with a little bit of strawberry to give it a little bit of a bitterness on the back endnot too bad for a neighbourhood drink cheers to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to anothervideo about cryptocurrency and helium mining for those of you really knowledge this wonderfulchannel for the first time please consider a moment to subscribe and turn on the bellnotifications as we post videos weekly and “ve been trying to” do a flow every monday exactly a reminderwe do have our first meetup event taking place on september the 22 nd that’s next wednesday at paddywagon irish saloon at 8 00 p.m if you’re in the area and it’s not extremely far of a drive to come and hangout and have a beer and talk about cryptocurrency and helium mining i inspire you to stop by therewill be a nerdy beer on draft where you mention it to the bartender and you can get a discounton your jug we will be also bringing a laptop and connecting it to their wi-fi so you guys cantell me your miners live in person and we can look over them together while having a brew togetherso i hope to see you guys there information is in the description of this video in our last videowe did a five algorand giveaway where i said if you recognized the drink of the working day and you tell me thetimestamp and you put your algorithm address in the in your criticism you’ll have a chance to winfive algorand so everyone did you attained it at precisely 1002 into the video i did take a sip ofblackberry whiteclaw so let’s go ahead and pull a winner while we do this video and then after iwill send the winner their five algorithms so we have our random commentary picker we’re gonna postour video url and then we’re gonna filter all those mentions by everyone that said grey claw uhif some people said white-hot seat claw some people said white claw so we’re just going to put in clawand that’s going to generate us 28 entrants we have right here 28 we’re going to do a completelyrandom mention and to triumph you must have the drink which obviously we’re looking by claw and youralgorithm address in this comment so let’s see one luck champion who do we have you know and we’vegot frederick taylor 1002 -1 003 blackberry white-hot claw you got the exact flavor and everythingeveryone else was saying black black cherry which is understanding is the coloring and then there’syour algo address so congratulations to you thank you very much for participating in the giveawaywithout further ado let’s get into how to fix some issues with syncing on your bobcat miner i havemy account pulled up right here and in the past 24 hours we have barely only realized 14 cents pointzero zero seven i feel like that’s tendernes parts right there if we look at the past seven days youcould see that i’ve gone one two three four five days without receiving any helium mining rewardswith the exception of them being like point zero one point zero one but i’m gonna say i haven’treceived any because those are pity tops we did a creek yesterday where we were figuring outhow to get our miner to finish syncing and finally after doing this little trick that we’re goingto be going over here my miner is done syncing it does say synced everything’s good to go thisone’s been knocked out for a while and then this one down here knocked out of sync earlier tonightearlier this morning and it sounded back in so we are good to go on that one as well other thanthat with everything being synced now we just have to wait for the damn structure according to heliumthere’s been some issues with miners that are currently on the same internet service providerwithin a certain area and that certainly seems to be the case with at least my two miners hereand my neighbour miner right here that we are all on the spectrum internet service providerand we are having publications so hopefully they can resolve that but we’re sitting here not makingany helium and that’s driving me nuts because this is crypto and passive income and we’re not goingto see anything in return for our past five days i am sure don’t expect helium to come back andsay we’re so sorry about this let’s send five helium to every single miner that had issuesso that’s really a super large-hearted freaking bummer luckily if you’re sitting there and your minerhasn’t synced there is a solution to that and i’m going to show you it’s step by step now onscreen we’re just going to get right into it i’m going to join this reddit post in the descriptionof this video and this was shared with me on our live brook yesterday but it’s really simple youguys can read through it i’m not going to read it word for word or anything like that i’m just goingto go through the steps and procedures that you need to do and you can try to recreate them nowthe very first thing that we want to do is make sure that we have a computer that’s hooked up toour network whether our phone or computer any but you really miss a computer uh and if you have amac i’m sorry this isn’t going to apply for you but you’re first going to want to find out theip address for the helium miner that’s on your network now i have a nighthawk netgear so there’san actual app i have on my phone where i can just go on and look at all the attached maneuvers and gettheir ip address other spaces you can do that is if you log into the iap address for your router oryour modem directly on your browser you can pull it up as well lucky for me the nighthawks wheredo i have it hidden the netgear has an entire login now that we are able merely pull up this wholeentire app you go to routerlogin.net then you do your admin and your password and you log inand then you can click on attached manoeuvres and it’s going to go through an ip address of everysingle machine affixed so the number one thing you just wanted to do first is get the ip address for yourhelium miner once “youve had” that helium address you’re going to have two options we’re going togo through the first and quickest alternative under the command prompt so what you want to go down isto the search bar down now and merely kind in cmd and you’re going to get command prompt pull thatup right here and then on top of that you’re going to want to make sure you have your ip address andthen you are going to want to go into this reddit post and copy and paste this pipeline that starts withcurl dash user bobcat minor request blah blah blah blah blah you’re going to want to follow that andthen you want to go back into your command prompt and then you’re going to want to paste that hereand then you’re going to want to use your arrow and back out all the way over to the less thangreater than equal signal less than greater than signals and you want to start deleting out your ipaddress and the less than and greater zen sign and then you’re going to want to post your ip addressobviously this one’s not going to be mine but you’re going to want to post your ip address thereonce you have done that you want to made recruit as soon as you stumbled enter you’re going to have thelittle blinky underscore down here underneath this command line and if there’s no text letit sit leave get a drink depart have a sip of brew go gaze out the window do whateverbut you want to let that sit after it’s going to come back in a few minutesand say rebooting your bobcat miner don’t influence it off and then you’re going to be good to go andit’s going to help and promoted through that fast sync pace now that’s how you’re going to be able todo this through the command prompt the other way you’re going to be able to do this and then aftereverything is all done you’ll have it go back to the blinky um the original screen that we sawearlier which was you’ll have that line up there it’ll say it’s synced it’s fast syncing don’t turnit off and then formerly following the completion you’ll have your initial command prompt right here where itsays users and your refer and then you’re good to go from there the other method you can do is youcan go into your browser and you can type in your ip address for that miner so once you get the ipaddress you type in the ip address up at the top and then you go you log into this little dashboardyou’d see right here this is my miner brief tope fox we have tons of options now we’ve gottemperature sync minor 5s adolescent slowdown adventurer helium api onboarding netspeed resync miner resetminer reboot miner blockchain summit bobcat ota update troubleshooting and fast sync you cando a couple of things here so i’m going to click on sync right now because we have alreadydone all of this process now and we’re going to see what the sync status says right now it’scurrently it’s saying it’s still syncing it’s at seven 1764 uh behind which is a little better whenwe were on stream minor altitude blah blah blah blah so we had rebooted the router earlier we have thegreen light and now we are going to turn on fast syncing so we’re going to go down here to fastsync alpha stumble okay you then then need to type okay you’re going to need to type i spaceagree as you see it there touched ok and then the child is syncing right now the guided lighter willturn yellow you can close this page and wait what might happen is you might get aadmin and password or a login and password for the router on screen it’s very very simpleif you go back to your command prompt you can see that the user is bobcat and the password is goingto be minor so once again if you asked to log in on your screen here your user specify is bobcat andthe password is miner all lowercase and hopefully that does everything going and situates everythingback in place for you i am only had fast sync turned back on because it said it wasn’t synced in therebut you interpreted that i got the green light on my miner and i’m hoping that everything gets pushedthrough and we get back into the network now yesterday while i was streaming i did experience a heliumnetwork status chirp history that actually is super far behind so i wouldn’t rely entirelyon that and this isn’t affecting everybody this being affecting pretty much beings withbobcats so we did our creek yesterday and we were looking at some cal chips and we were lookingat some nebras and we were looking at some other you know blah blah blah association flecks and all thatstuff and they were still getting rewards whereas bobcats like this guy as well he hasn’t reallyseen any reinforces in the past week just like myself and that is driving me bonkers so anywho that’sgonna do it for me today guys if you have any questions mentions or concerns delight go intothe description of this video and scroll down and find the discord the telegram which i reallydon’t use telegram for a nerdy buster nonsense group but there’s a nerdy dude substance dissension you canjoin and you can reach out to me there and i have a bunch of people that will respond as wellyou can always reach out to me on twitter while you’re on gab go ahead and consider givingme a follow over there or you can just leave a comment below and i’ll do my best to respond toyou we are currently waiting on a deeper child to come in today and then we’re going to be doingan unboxing video and we will be pretty much off the youtubes for the next five days so justmake sure you have that bell memorandum like turned on and um that path you can get an update because i amgoing to record another video today for deeper and simply upload that tomorrow otherwise like commentsubscribe turn on the buzzer notification all that good substance i hope to see some of you guys at themeetup other than that we’ll see you next time we forgot to tell you my refer in the closing but youall are well aware i’m a honour we’ll see you next time gives people a reason to drink more brew anyway

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