all in nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the working day is brought to you by off-color detail brewing company the imperialsunshine brewed out of portsmouth new hampshire neglect the facts of the case that the buffalo area code is onthe glass this is indeed from nh this is a juicy blonde ale with orange and natural seasoning 9.6 alcohol by volume and it’s truly yummy with that orange zesty juicy flavoring and doesnot have any of that additional booze burn from when a beer has 9.6 alcohol in it overallthis is about an eight and a half out of ten and i enjoy it applauses to you guys what’s goingon everyone welcome back to another video about helium mining and all that good trash if thisis your first time on the canal delight take a moment to consider hitting that agree buttonand turning on the bell notification as we post videos weekly and we do a flow about heliummining and placement every monday and surely likewise delight take a moment to consider hitting thatlike button before we get into today’s video i do want to say i am looking a little fuzzy i’m reallybad at developing facial whisker but every november i do no shave november in honor of testicularcancer awareness so that’s why i’m going to be a little greasy a little funky a little grossit’s not my ordinary inspect so don’t worry and if you want to make fun of me that’s totally finei just can’t flourish facial “hairs-breadth” now the other day we did a ranting video on the reasons why it kind of sucksto get into helium mining that video was very uh was based off of the up and downs of the heliummining system and it’s also the up and downs i’ve been experiencing with the bobcat miners therealso other miners do know-how these issues but we know that bobcat is bad when it comesto otas and get everything updated today’s video is going to be a little bit moreof a technological analysis reason why helium mining is a little funky and maybe it’s somethingyou want to consider before you get into it and we’re gonna look at some nonsense on the screenhere and it was something that i didn’t think i was gonna be personally was influenced by and iguess you could tell by the intro that we are affected by it so with that said we’re gonnajump into uh looking at the screen in our province what challenges we are now facing on an actualchallenge basis and not just an sentiment piece and how we could potentially or not even overcomeit and why i also think it is likely to assist the network and the project continue in the long termall right so let’s take a look at the screen and let’s get going of course we’re gonna start outwith the price of helium it’s currently sitting at forty six dollars and four cents i do believe thatthis is going to continue going up so it’s really important that i be held by and cut and keepearning helium and precisely hang on to that until we see this price up in like the triple digits orthey’re going to come out with the hip3 9 and it’s going to completely swap all these numbersaround but at the end of the day a thousand helium will be worth 46.05 if that were to happen thismorning or so on and so forth now let’s talk about again my setup that we have is going to be twobobcats cheers wrong two bobcats we’ve got two bobcat 300 miners we have one here at my housewith a 5.8 dbi fiberglass antenna eight meters up inside my attic with a 400 lmr4 00 cable and thenwe have the miner over at my in-laws house that is external with a lightning arrestor with theantenna straight up in the air and that’s running off of this same antenna as well so that is oursetup we go to our two miners here and we take a quick look we do know that the network took a hugecrap for the past couple of dates and we finally started fuelling back off yesterday in miningwith it returning and we started mining with 1.5 and then as of right now we’re at 0.69 for thelast 24 hours so you can see right here we’re at 0.69 we’re just going to round that up and we nowhave 6.22 in our detail when the other day we had four now i talk about my distinguishes because it’s veryvery interesting to see the sphere that we are in when we first started mining we were the onlytwo in the area with this guy down somewhere over here that simply had two miners and they we bothstarted at the same time we’ve never evidenced or connected with them or anything because of theirsetup but this was my minor right now which you can see in the 30 -day timeframe it’s got 10.46 andthen this is my minor rate yeah now this is also very weird because earlier i think when i took ascreen grab this was at a. 56 move flake and now it’s at a time six three so i don’t reallyknow why the scale is going up but this is why i this is why i’m doing today’s video because thisis actually something that there is a problem i was the original two miners in this area withgood setups getting pinging back and forth you know impelling sure we’re earning helium it was nicethat other miners were sounding up around us but all these miners are popping up practice very freakingclose and the style we are also able tell in accordance with the rules that’s affecting our move flake and what kindof drives me nuts is that i was the original mack father here i shouldn’t be the one that’saffected everyone else should be and we’ll discuss in a moment why that’s not exactly beneficialto the actual project and the blockchain in the mining and the distribution that they’re givingout to everyone this isn’t definitely a bad thing that i would say you know steer you away fromgoing into helium mining this is just something that’s forestalling to me but you can use thisreally nifty implement hot spotty which i’ve never pulled up in a video i’ve only done it on streamsbecause we look at other people’s transmit scales and this is a really really useful tool to haveand to know and to decide where you want to put your helium miners so on hot spotty right nowand you can per can you see yeah you can see okay so on hot’s torso right now the domain thati there are now my one minor in says they want the whole goal of helium quarrying is proof ofcoverage right so they want to have all this coverage and they want it spread out everywherethat’s why they don’t want parties putting miners within 350 meters of each other in the samearea in the same network because those miners if they’re stipulate double coverage they’re notproviding the coverage wider in what helium is hoping to accomplish so they set up on hot spottyand they set up these little grids on how your disseminate proportion will be affected so where reference is firststarted we’re the only one on screen in this idiotic-looking stop sign i don’t know let’ssay it’s a stop sign with tumors or something or it’s a stop mansion with bad acne i don’t knowwhat you want to call it it’s it’s a thing and so anyway they primarily apportioned thisthing the stop thing to have seven miners for everyone to get maximum transmit scale maximumrewards so on and so on unfortunately you can see now that there are three too many insidethis zone i have mine all the way down here alone 350 rhythms apart from everyone elseand kind of in its own little uh like another stop ratify thing with tumors if wewere to break it down even further but then you see everyone else up now so thatmeans they apportioned seven there’s actually ten and that’s why we’re watch some move scalehit so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve or maybe it’s just sayingseven is there something i’m missing here no because it said restriction five interactive hot spotsthere’s three too many so maybe in that there’s eight there’s seven whatever then if we go toour other hot spot which is kind of sitting over here this one is saying that they want seventhere’s five interactive hot spot available and there’s one more distinguish accessible which is whywe are currently sitting at a 1.0 disseminate scale let me zoom into into now can we get any smallerno we can’t get in smaller than this little stop sign thingy here so yeah and we’ve got onehere so when people start populate this area then our disseminate magnitude on our other originalmac daddy is going to go down as well and this is kind of frustrating because again when wefirst started helium mining back in september we are the only two out here and now everything’spopulated around us now i have said that this has been great it’s good to have this system growingaround us because that’s applying my miners more opportunities to witness events and thenalso be observers we want to be evidencing trans we want to be watching lighthouses because that’swhere the money is so yeah it’s great if we have a total of 11 observers or five witness withinthe past you know a couple of days but we want to be the ones evidencing other minors which iswhy it’s super crucial we have those solid setups we want our child and it looks like right nowthey’re not even doing it and it could be only because of the network coming back but we want ourminers to witness each other because that’s where the helium mining is going to be so it is kindof forestalling that our miner right now is now sitting at a. 63 it’s a little it’s a littlepositive and a little uplifting to see we vanished from 0.56 to 6.3 but i want to get back over 0.75 i want to get back up to like 1.0 especially with me being the only one in that neighborhoodin that in my own little hexagon now like i’m the only one like rating my hexagon they havethree here three now four here i shouldn’t be penalized because inside my hexagon “i know i m” providingthat coverage and but it’s that zone on hot spotty that we pull up that’s what’s the deciding factorof and it simply sucks i’m like down here all alone and hot spotty says they’re all up now so putthem in a different one but this is all and again this is also for the greater good the greatergood uh because as move scales are abridged helium apportions a special a specific amount ofhelium to be honored out each month if we were to gave all these helium miners out there with a 1.0 move proportion with full remunerations and full benefits that would be expended not everyone would get ashare of the tart so they do these give magnitudes to make sure everyone gets a share of the pasty sowe want all those events keep firing off and those lighthouses and challenges to keep firing offnow with that said it’s going to be a lot better now the payoff still with the transmit flake beinga little bit lower i could kind of look into how i still want to see if we could push ourselves to10 helium in 30 dates but now i kind of know that as that count goes lower if we’re not necessarilyat 10 i can do some maths in my pate and say well if i was at 1.0 i would be over 10 helium ina 30 era spread versus now i’m at perhap 6 or 7 helium in a 30 epoch spread because of my transmitscale but we still have to reevaluate that goal but too the helium that we could be potentiallyearning from all those hackers and scammers and nonsense that povc 11 is affecting and stoppingwill likewise be able to be added back into that allocation on a monthly basis and spread out topeople that have their miners legitimately set up so so overall you’ve seen the positives of heliummining and you’ve seen the negatives of helium quarrying and there’s still much more for me to beable to cover on both sides of the fence do i think this is still a good platform and project toget into utterly because as the coverage flourishes and as the honor apportioning for mining is givenout there’s also going to be opportunities during helium based on people that actually transact onthe internet of things and they transact inside your hotspot zone so if you’re out at a city let’ssay like you’re in downtown orlando or atlanta and you assure those little scooters where you can goup with your phone and rent it and it compensates right there that’s something that is going to be heavilyfeatured on the helium structure and the internet of things so if that transaction’s done at yourhotspot coverage then you get those compensations and so this is a awfully very good project and it’s againthese miners are like not even a dollar in strength formerly you get them set up and running and you haveideal placement it’s borderline regulate it and forget it until something is wrong with you but just like ifyou go to your router or anything like that if you’re having issues and you reboot it you unplugit push it back in it’s really all you need to do formerly you get wise vanishing well think it’s a greatproject i uh impounding the silver i think is a great opportunity as i see that toll redoubling and ido see it getting over three people so maybe 150 token in the long run so don’t let this videonecessarily daunt you if “youre in” a unusually very heavily populated zone you can either look atthe opportunity of only situating your miner there remember you get one free statement when you getyour miners in so perhaps you can place your miner there and visualize what your payoffs are going to beor you can look at the opportunity of hosting having person host your miner and offeringthem a slouse so it’s really kind of a wishy washy you can either be at home and next to your minerand get that transmit flake on the lower honors because of your province or you can pay someone 25 to30 percentage if they allow you to install an antenna on their house and you have to drive out there andyou know if it’s your grandparents they don’t know what they’re doing it’s kind of a wishy-washything so it’s really the choice is yours uh i’m personally gonna be a little mixture of bothone of my mile locate comes in i’ve spoken to one of my buddies up the road that’s outside of thatzone so that lane i can get max reinforces on his and i’m going to be offering him 25 of the profitsof that quarrying the miner because we’re also going to be installing an antenna externally at hishouse hopefully we can get that one to talk to ours as well so anywho that’s going to do itfor me today people if you have any questions statements or concerns satisfy feel free to reachout to me on telegram titter or dissension ties-in for all that is in the description below we hit1 5 000 customers so i really want to say thank you very much to each and every single one of youuh it’s truly amazing hopefully we can made 25 000 subscribers where then we’re probably gonna do ameet up event in california we’ll come out with some t-shirts we can buy in the link below anduh maybe do some giveaways on stuff like that and hopefully have a couple of brews or some of youguys out there otherwise like criticism agree turn on the bell notification all that goodstuff i’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time shut up copper

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