🤑⚒ MINE OVER $5,000 A MONTH WITH THIS CRYPTO MINER?? – Unboxing my new SCP Xa-Miner!

so nerdy dude things for those of you maintaining track at.
home today'' s beer today is brought to you by rogue brewing this is called pineapple event punch it'' s. a hazy india pale ale made with pineapple and toasted coconut 8. 8.4 alcohol by volume and guy.
this just preferences like you'' re alcohol consumption a wonderful hoppy ipa right out of a pineapple it'' s unbelievably. juicy it'' s extremely aromatic and also it simply it simply tastes exactly like a pineapple it is.
wonderful i truly like on the can right here where it states this pairs well with coconut shrimp.
sweet chili salmon and also coconut macaroons so that'' s pretty awesome on a range of one to ten out. of uh hazy juicy ipas i offer this set about a 9.4 incredibly scrumptious joys to you individuals what'' s going on. everybody welcome back to an additional video regarding plug and dip into house mining today we'' re very thrilled. as you'' ve seen we ' ve unboxed our supervisor however initially if this is your very first time on the channel.
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restricted if you intend to get your hands on among those all right currently allow'' s simply jump right. right into checking out this poor young boy you people saw the introduction the video the actual unboxing i intended to do.
something a little different than your typical like simply opening package and pulling [__] out of.
it which is why i wished to have a good time with it yet i really actually really truly actually.
really similar to this miner the supervisor right here we go oh boy oh boy this is a monster we are.
resting at oh man it'' s hefty it ' s like close to 20 pounds it ' s pretty really strong truly. hefty duty uh it'' s about 10 by 7ish 8 ish by a seven-ish eight-ish and also it'' s still you recognize it'' s. it ' s an actually really large little box so i really feel very risk-free with this particularly having toddlers.
as well as a new puppy um this will certainly be hidden of program but in situation they ever got involved in it or rested.
in addition to it it'' s really very strong and also tough in the back right here it'' s rather much like a little.
tiny computer we'' ve got some screen ports we'' ve obtained hdmi port we'' ve got our ethernet ports.
we have our usb ports and we likewise have some sound we also have some audio mic in as well as out so.
on etc flip this monster over to the front and afterwards we'' ve obtained 2 oh man i'imply. i ' m like getting a workout like oh begun you obtained to put the miner up and you obtained to do the. settings and put it in to get the cryptocurrency he'' s obtaining a workout with this thing.
obtained a good little power button right here and afterwards obviously we'' ve got two usb.
slots right here in the front and then this is our 4 drawers where we have our.
terabyte hard disk so i do have the 64 terabyte tough drive model if you individuals do purchase.
the 16 terabyte of the 40 you do have schedule to update it as well as i think i.
might possibly upgrade this too if i intended to place bigger hard disk drives therein.
but total truly truly solid i indicate a person attempts to barge in your home and this.
is the only point you can grab you can toss it at them and probably knock somebody out and also.
shield your house so oh i obtained to put that down and after that the box likewise came with a great little a/c.
dc adapter plug it right into your wall your typical link you understand nice to be in the us as well as this.
came out of colorado so i'' ve got excellent you understand links right here plug that in as well as then obviously.
you plug this right into that box also in concerns to the delivery of the inspector it can be found in two boxes.
naturally it was available in the delivery box which then had a whole lot of packing peanuts which my idea itself.
chosen to do for enjoyable material unload them all over the area and it took me fairly some time to tidy.
them up which is why this video clip isn'' t as rapid as i wished to be but additionally it after that had package with the.
actual miner itself with some styrofoam packaging as well as a nice plastic cover around it so on the whole.
i'' m very very delighted as well as thrilled with this small it could potentially be my favored minor that we.
have so far um but yeah so if you men want to obtain your hands on one we are going to jump over and also.
have a look and after that certainly i'' ll just display the minor one last time for you individuals so let'' s. see what choices that we have so if you didn'' t watch the other day'' s video we are going to do an additional.
touch base on just how much these miners possibly make as a refresher course rate run uh just so that.
way you individuals can be aware oh my god stopped talking axel that was our very first time he'' s mosting likely to yell a whole lot.
he'' s not mosting likely to bark like copper did copper was a huge oh my god there he goes anywho uh yes.
so we'' re just going to discuss the real systems themselves and the price point and what their.
prospective earnings are so this is the design that i have right here and you can sign up with the waiting list.
i have the supervisor xa464 which features 4 16 terabyte hard disk drives bring it up to a total.
of 64 terabytes if you purchase this you do get a 42.5 discount so after your rebate goes with.
the rate would roughly be concerning two thousand ten dollars it'' s not inclusive of shipping or anything.
like that and also you obtain that back as the scp token to your miner over i believe it'' s a year so they. don ' t just necessarily drop it exactly on to you you get that over the training course of a year which is.
likewise exceptional since you make back scp token that price that is mosting likely to increase as well as you can.
also use that as security towards the mining which naturally we'' ll talk more regarding that in the.
longer run as we established the tool tomorrow we'' re not setting it up tonight since we are going.
to be going to a xmas party which is why i'' m using my deer consume alcohol bear t shirt and afterwards uh.
we will certainly be setting this up tomorrow and also be able to offer you with that said web content so we have the.
64 terabyte you saw that it featured the 4 drives this has a 128 gigabyte nvm pcie mn it'' s. internet system drive 8 gigabytes of ddr4 memory general practitioners ethernet ports and also a 200 to 250 power supply.
now i am going to divulge that because i am uh youtubing regarding this they did not provide me.
with a small i had to buy it myself yet they are supplying me with a 100 refund on that so.
i'' ll have the ability to make use of those scp symbols and additionally i did reach be successful of the wait list due to the fact that.
i wished to get this material out to you people so full disclosure there now my miner at present.
price right now the token is resting at 65 cents if i were to fill this poor child up which we'' re not. gon na have it filled out right at the precise moment and also i wear'' t believe the numbers are turning up at.
all-time low like i wanted to all right last time i was looking there was numbers down below on exactly how.
several energetic storage space providers there were the number of of these were up and i think yesterday'' s video. had 340 as well as after that we could see the max storage space and the made use of ability there yet my miner allow'' s
claim. in a perfect globe we sit there so we require 3 840 scp symbols it resembles for collateral we''
ll. speak about that later but in an excellent globe when this task launches um most likely next year daddy.
joke since following year is like 2 weeks away uh if we loaded this approximately 64 terabytes which.
would certainly be incredible we'' d be making 8 980 scp tokens a month which would certainly be a grand total amount at.
existing rate which i completely believe that this token is mosting likely to increase a lot more is 5 865.
so if that fills out because one month then we'' ve already roid on this thing actually fast with the.
exception of the rebate that we are being supplied they also have the other two models where you.
can buy a 40 terabyte and a 16 terabyte a great deal of people in discord were saying they.
like the concept of the 16 terabyte and after that you can in fact include storage into them so that.
method you can after that stand up to bigger dimensions and also storage financial institutions and also you can likewise build your very own.
so if you join our dissonance and then sign up with the scp discord there are people in there that can.
assist you convert your chia miners over into holding data for scp the something that i.
actually do like let'' s consider if you max out the 40 terabyte while we'' re right here the one point i
. actually really actually do such as regarding these miners is that you know if we drop this quantity of money.
right into a miner like if we did an asic miner or like a bitcoin ethereum litecoin type of miner or a.
gpu miner they could be outdated in a year or two ideal around the break-even factor due to the fact that the.
trouble of bitcoin mining as well as ethereum therefore forth is mosting likely to keep increasing as those miners.
come online with this gadget i mean we'' re great as long as this thing is running as long as we ' re. able to host storage space and also as long as we'' re able to have internet link there is not going to be.
any type of obsolete you understand this isn'' t mosting likely to come to be an obsolete system it'' s not going to get pressed out. the door by the following most recent as well as greatest design the only latest and also biggest models we get may.
be getting in the future are more memory as well as even more you recognize terabyte and tough drive space so that'' s. one thing that i really actually truly liked regarding the task is i imply i recognize i'' m structure my.
video gaming computer with the rtx 3080 to ensure that method i can likewise mine some crypto on the side yet that 3080.
is mosting likely to become out-of-date in like two years since after that they'' ll have like the 4020s or. the 6969s or something like that so that'' s one point i really actually actually simulate about this.
project is that these miners are going to offer the largest bang for your dollar you at the very least have.
five years service life on them and also they'' re going to most definitely roi specifically with this coin as well as.
just how much it'' s mosting likely to remain in the future i'' m very extremely excited concerning that we ' re just going.
to hold this up on display one more time so that means you people can obtain a good consider it it'' s a very. smooth looking device i truly truly like it a lot i simply want it was like possibly white and black and also.
it can combine well with my playstation 5 instead of the xbox collection x yet overall really very.
very very solid device extremely excellent building very solid very durable so i'' m anticipating.
obtaining this established which is very important uh for you to strike that bell notification oh you can just rest.
below pal which is very important for you to hit that bell notification as we'' re going to be setting.
this up as well as getting it running and also launching that information to you tomorrow which ports you.
need to have open and also specifically what you require to do once yours can be found in and also the project goes.
online as well as you can start gaining the token as well so exceptionally thrilled to bring this.
material for you men and also to include one more plug as well as play miner in our passive income plug and play.
mining stream up following i assume is block develop whenever we get that in so anywho if you guys.
have any type of concerns remarks or concerns please really feel complimentary to connect to me in telegram twitter.
or disharmony certainly discord maybe twitter but screw telegram i seriously i'' m thinking of.
removing it i saw a comment stating telegram'' s garbage i entirely concur truly tired of several of.
the stuff that'' s of people that are connecting to me on there and the people that just whatever.
i'' m not going to obtain into anymore detail than that various other than that like comment subscribe.
activate the bell notice purchase a t-shirt web link in the summary all that great things like.
the video clip i'' m oprius we ' ll see you people following time.

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