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20% APY in rewards from Algorand Governance Period #1

if someone hampered a shoot to your leader and toldyou to say your favorite crypto right now what would it be back a few months ago i would havehands down told you algorand algorand algorand but now looking at some of the wages in thegovernance program and them taking away the honor participation curriculum i don’t know if iuh would say the same anymore especially with all these stuff that we’re into so today we got ourfirst reward payout for the governance interval one and we are going to discuss um we’regonna discuss the matter so stand chanted nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping track athome today’s brew of the day is brought to you by ecliptic brewing out of portland oregon earththis is a nice humid hazy juicy ipa made at 7.2 percent alcohol by volume this is actuallyone of the few ipas that doesn’t usage citra hop-skips and this has got amarillo mosaic and simcoe thishas a really nice juicy burst which i guess you know when you think starburst i know they’re goingfor the galactic ordeal but you really kind of is juicy like sting into a starburst candywith a nice back lip feel hopsy invasive flavor so you have good fragrants of thejuiciness up front with a good tongue feel juiciness up front and some very strong hopsy backmouth feels going down probably a 9.2 out of 10. applauds to you guys pink what’s going on everyonewelcome back to another video about algorand if this is the first time on the direct satisfy takea moment consider hitting that agree button liking this video and turning on the buzzer now wewere playing call of duty the other night with our crony psyche of tron and all of a sudden both of ourphones croaked we’re like whoa what’s going on and we interpreted we had al goran compensations deposited into ouralgorand billfold immediately from the governance curriculum number one and we want to go over thattoday so without further ado we’re just going to jump right into it demonstrate the results evidence therewards establish what we can kind of be looking at for the remainder of the year and if we think it’s worthit or not so let’s hop over and take a look on my computer do some maths booze some brew and havea good time all right so first we’re just going to jump on to the price of algo it’s a dollar 68 we’ve been watching it between 1.68 and 1.75 a heck of a lot better than where it was earlierthis week and i do think that’s also because of the governance rewards that have come outunfortunately i don’t think the reinforces motived enough fomo to have the premium increase because iwould have expected it to be around two to three dollars around this time frame especially withthose wages and particularly with the governance curriculum number two from the very beginning of the next day or soat least algorithm is currently sitting at a top 20 coin let’s just lurch real quick into thealgorithm governance information that you want to hear if you haven’t perpetrated youralgo yet we’ve got one day 20 hours and two minutes or really reticent of two days at the time offilming to do that we are currently sitting at 1.6 billion algo with 70.5 million in wages and5 8.1 k boss at the moment if we look at last governance season number 1 “weve had” 1.7 billionalgo currently ventured in there with 60 million in honors so we are looking at an increasein remunerations about 10.5 million in the remunerations and we are probably just we’re about 100 millioni’ll go shy of matching the same lists so what that means is if the perpetrated bet reaches 2billion in the reinforce design then we’re going to be looking at about 12 apy for this periodif it remains under two money the two billion it’s going to be in that like 12 to 13 14 15 stray and if it goes up to 4 billion we’re only looking at about i think it was eight percent apyor like six to eight percent apy so the committed algo nation isn’t too bad i do like where it’s atespecially if it remains under that 2 billion range and we’re looking at an additional 10 million rewardsthrown out there now let’s look at my causes okay the results that we’re going to see on screenhere in simply a moment are strictly the results of the algorithm governance point number onethese are not the results that were also given to us from the last quarter of the rewardparticipation staking these are specifically from the algorithm governance age one and withoutfurther ado we received 175 algo right here we’ve received 175 algo actually it was uh a dayago um but we received 175 algo “weve had” 5 000 al goran locked up for our reward curriculum andactually now that we’ve gotten some more algo in there i’m gonna go ahead and change this anddo that on screen because we actually want to commit more of our remunerations into algorand versusjust the regular 5000 that we’ve had so we’ve got 5242 we’re going gonna shut away 5240 we want tokeep some algo uncommitted to cover any fees that we might have but uh with 170 at the current priceright now so 175 algo 175 algo epoches 1.68 so just for that three month period we’ve made almost3 00 in algo so actually not not too bad now i’m going to show the beginning of the video we talkedabout i don’t know if i like it because it’s not the same as the reward program but we’re going totake a look at how much we would have stirred if this honor program was still the same and again thiswas strictly the governance it wasn’t in tandem with that extra six percent that we were gettingfrom the reinforce platform as we were doubled plunge so we actually gave more for the part butthe 175 was strictly from the governance period so let’s go ahead and perpetrate some more algo now andwe are going to we already have 5 000 dedicated so we’re going to change this to 5 240. I’mgoing to commit those albos and then what’s going to happen is it’s going to send us analgo event onto our official algo pouch and we’re going to pull that up and we’re goingto approve that transaction where reference is sounds up on our telephone yep “ive already” did that expressed appreciation for i’m gonnatake this moment to say that if you guys like and appreciate the content there is an algo addressin the description of this video any and all algo tip-off are greatly revalued and we’ll give you ashout out if you leave a comment on the next video well the transaction’s not coming up on the mobiledevice and i don’t feel like register myself do that for the next 20 minutes because i want tojust wrap up filming this video and i’ll do that later but we’re going to end up we still have our5 000 dedicated we want to bump that to 5240 just so we can earn even more so let’s talk about realquick the actual let’s imagine let’s say per se or imagine give our thinking caps that we weregoing to be getting 170 let’s say the numbers stayed the exact same clearly the numbers aregoing to be different because we’re going to have about the same range of algo perpetrated and we have1 0 million more in payoffs but let’s say that for the four quarters of its first year we payed the sameamount so technically we would potentially earn 700 algo in the course of a year with justour excuse me with simply our 5000 locked up so we’ve got that quantity there if we go intothe algorithm calculator now for the algorithm explorer that shows the calculator staking theyare saying that there is still a current annual furnish which is excellent at 0.69 percentage i’m notsure how 100 true-life that is although i just looked at my um i just looked at my algorithm pocketbook andit said i had about place six reinforces in there so if that’s true we are still getting point six ninepercent which is still awesome so we’re looking at getting 1.58 a few weeks 5.4 a few months 34.72 a year withjust our 5000 actually if we do it as our 5242 it bumps it up precisely a little bit more which isreally really enticing which i really really really like that but certainly the numbers that we’relooking at right now ever is the original digits well getting was about um we were gettingabout six percentage this is why we did that we plugged it in now so 5 000 occasions uh detail zero five nine is295 and i can already tell you this is only for a full year this isn’t for a four month fourth soif we’re looking at the algo governance planned presenting us 700 if it bided at 175 700 i’ll goover the course of the year and we would have just earned a six percent apy uh with the rewardprogram at 295 that are currently speaks for itself that’s already um 405 aldo more merely because ofthis reward program and it’s going to be a little bit more stable as long as we participate andwe witnes what the actual governance is going to be like i said they have two ranks if one billionwas locked away i believe it was like 18 apy if uh 2 billion is locked away it’s 12 apy andthen if 4 billion’s locked away it’s like 6 apy so that’s already something very attractive andvery nice that we see here and of course we know that algorand there’s limitless potential for thistoken with it being the trilemma that’s you know scalability deal rate uh decentralizedtruly decentralized and it’s security and all that stuff that this is just we’re at a low-pitched item inthis token and i am only i i’m still unusually bullish and quite active on algorithm i don’t buy as much as idid back when i first got into it time because i have been diversifying my portfolio and you knowgetting into other pulpits and campaigns but i will never be disposed of the base 5000 that i havebecause that was my ever my goal so i still do appreciate and experience algo very much there’sstill a lot of function in utility and i really enjoy the governance curriculum and participating inthat which is awesome so if you guys haven’t yet you’ve got one day 20 hours at experience of recordingto get yourselves into the governance program and we’re probably going to be looking at alittle bit more so if we are still committed at that 1.7 billion algo there’s going to be1 0 million more added to the reward pool that’s what they’ve perpetrated so each quarter of 2022 we’re going to be getting 70.5 million which um they’ve perpetrated you know a certain amounteach year up until max distribution of 2030 so really nice to get a nice hand in the pie andi don’t really ever investigating the algo dedicated rushing all the way up to that four billion justbased on how much is in max supply and circulating supply so these are some really attractivenumbers and i was really hoping excuse me that fomo would kick in and get this rate driven upeven more than what we are currently looking at anywho that’s going to do it for me todayguys if you have any questions remarks or concerns feel free to reach out to me ondiscord or call joins for that nonsense is in the description of this video overalli know i was kind of like in the intro but i still am really happy and energized about algoi i think the remunerations are still phenomenal of course you want to see a bigger number butat the end of the day that’s 175 that we got for three months versus 175 that we could havegotten for a full year and that’s having that 5 000 locked away so still particularly very happy withthe project and what the copper exploits plainly we’re exploiting you know planet watch and blockcreate and all that stuff on the algo blockchain so i’m really excited to see the growth of algoespecially with like um you know we’ve got uh ketsu uni on there and all that stuff aswell we’ve got yield lead that we’re still in uh someone asked me if they would you know doyield the or the governance program and it’s about diversifying so we’ve got five thousandalgo currently sitting outside the governance season well 5242 now and then we’ve got about a hundredthousand provide lee sitting over on that so we’ve diversified ourselves all around the place so it’snot a matter of if you know one or the other it’s a matter of a spread out and as long as that’spaying out and we’re still getting daily compensations on that one why not participate fully in it so that’sjust my two pennies kind of off on a tangent there maybe we’ll do a video plastering that here in thenext few days or so just so you guys can see it and go far or evaluation it or you know any ofthat otherwise like note subscribe turn on the bell notification all that good stuffi’m world prices and we’ll see you guys next time

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