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20 ft Flag Pole Antenna Setup For Helium Bobcat Miner Higher Antenna Higher HNT (Money) Earnings

hello my buddies so i have a bobcat miner.
it is presently connected this is package do it however um i'' ve been utilizing the supply antenna.
and also i'' ve obtained probably concerning 88 cents for my certain area in about eight days or two.
so it is time to transform i have a 8 decibel antenna here currently this is even more of a temporary point.
i have a 20 foot flagpole right here and this is i in fact ordered a 30 foot yet i occur to obtain.
this set in the meanwhile so i'' m gon na go in advance and also install this and also after my 30 foot gets.
in and also i desire to set up that so like i got concerning 30 over 30 feet of cable here for the ground.
cable since i wish to i desire to proceed and use it in the meantime however when i obtain the 30 foot i just want.
to be able to go ahead and also move the cable over i may place in links in the description if.
you'' re asking yourself like what does he have all right so um this primarily is 10 scale wire fine.
as well as this sort of clamp you can kind of see exactly how it goes currently i do intend to alter this.
right here you can obtain a grounding pole and also i could even purchase a grinding rod however, for.
this momentary post this is really a copper pipeline all right as well as i sanded up with some sandpaper.
to help it as well as generally i desire to place it in the ground and also have this connected alright and it'' s. like so for basing but you might reach see that before we continue i intend to proceed.
and show you um what i provided for the base of everything right so this is the base of the.
flagpole right below essentially what i did is i dug an opening as well as i inserted i put this in the.
opening and also then i put regarding two sixty extra pound bags of concrete right below and also so i wan na go in advance i'' m. gon na need a ground cord someplace off sideways as well as um that'' s generally what i provided for the.
base currently this is only for a 20 foot now for a 30 foot which i wish to mount.
later on i'' m going to i could do about like 200 perhaps even 250 or something. pounds of concrete this is just like this is simply a little opening it'' s like
20 feet so. this is the power so now that you saw the base you can see what i did what i need to do currently is i. really have lmr400 cable is what i bought i could place a link in the description for that too as well as i. could go in advance and also link this flagpole right here like the very same kind however i also may put a web link. in my the 30-foot one i obtained also which this i believe is 1.2 millimeter light weight aluminum as well as that the.
other flagpole i got is much like so incredibly like i think it'' s like actually husky but i guess.
i'' ll need to say it to be sure so this right below um i placed like tape on this as well as things this is.
like a little plastic thing and also you can screw in a like a sphere on the top but the problem is it doesn'' t'. resemble it ' s going to like you require to have the antenna completely clear so i'' m going to proceed.
i'' ll most likely mosting likely to place it in time gap as well as take this apart and also possibly take this off because.
i need to obtain this antenna elevated up a little bit due to the fact that i wear'' t wish to block any type of signal.
so allow'' s go ahead as well as put it into time-lapse alright so this cord right here is.
lmr 400 cable as well as don'' t fear if you i wish to place a web link uh perhaps even to the.
exact cable television i purchased currently this is about 30 uh feet or 10 meters so it'' s possibly like 32.
feet or something um it'' s it ' s vital currently despite the fact that this is a 20-foot flagpole i wish to.
utilize this for a 30-foot flagpole at some point so i'' m simply mosting likely to go in advance and also use this i'' m going to. possibly have some extra that'' s all right so this part it enters into my bobcat miner right below um it may.
fit your miner too simply take care the connections this part enters into the antenna so you truly desire.
to be mindful with the cord this cable was in fact i would advise you recognize to do it the appropriate method.
so if you'' re mosting likely to do it and you ' re going to most likely to all the initiative like i waited like 7.
months for my my miner and also i really intend to have it done the ideal method when it'' s all like. said and also done so i waited 7 months and also yeah so allow'' s see right here i constantly want to go ahead and. place this on i wish to go ahead and screw the cord on now it may be kind of more difficult to do when.
it'' s up in the air on their roof so allow me simply oh my benefits i'' m simply going to reduce it for a.
second fine so i obtained it on i'' m just attempting to maintain the video shorter so I put on'' t bore you uh with like so. below we go this is on currently i want to go in advance and screw this onto the antenna i wish to do a link.
to the antenna in the summary currently this is an 8 decibel antenna um you could be like well extra.
is much better and also so you may desire to go obtain a 10 but really what may take place is after that your um miner.
may get limited due to the fact that you'' re only enabled a nine up to a nine i assumption so you don'' t desire to like
. the power cut to your point so here we go i desire to go on as well as put this on what i'' m doing i ' m. screwing this on just like this and placed that on after that i want to go ahead and also place this point down. below as well as have it to help like lock it into place fine so i got below and then let ' s just take this.
as well as simply kind of tighten it down a little bit now okay so there we go.
currently we have the ground cord see this little ball right here this.
on the top i covered it over with tape yet it entered this little ball right below was what.
went on top of the flagpole and also it actually screwed in here but i covered over tape so.
i do have a suggestion if you'' re going to do it for even more long term because i was sort of.
worried regarding tightening this up also as well tight since i wear'' t wish to squash the aluminum what i.
could do when my 30-foot post can be found in uh when it generally is i might take as well as like cut this.
complement and leave this little component inside i didn'' t desire this up due to the fact that i didn ' t wish to. block the antenna you want your antenna like sticking up greater than the pole since i want.
to have something in there perhaps to help provide it stamina inside fine so now i wish to go on.
and do the basing so i have my copper pipe i'' ll possibly wait to do all this stuff like when.
i'' m on the ground like like when it ' s all done i needs to most likely go on and all ideal let me reduce the video all right so i have 10.
gauge wire right here um i went on as well as took off from the end of it so what i can do is go on as well as.
slide it right into right here as well as after that um there can be a different point some individuals might desire to make.
it go much longer and come and also do like a little bend i may do that later on if i'' m battling to get it.
to work right i wish to go on and take these pliers these are impressive milwaukee pliers by the.
means i desire to go in advance and also kink this and afterwards i wish to tighten this up i also have zip connections and.
things i might do some zip connecting and also things to just sort of aid make every little thing extra secure so allow'' s. go on as well as try to crimp this down um like so that oh yeah that was amazing all right.
allow'' s go on and tighten this down all right so i also i do intend to avoid like pressure.
as well as things on the wire so what i'' m gon na do i ' m gon na proceed as well as place some tape on it let'' s. go ahead and also um you can do different you might wish to do rubber things i have i think this is.
like waterproof things i may i i might put a link in there i could i may wind up using this.
however, for this right now this is more of a short-lived setup anyways this entire poel like i'' m possibly. mosting likely to be using it for about 2 to three weeks prior to my 30 foot is available in so this is not like.
i'' m not anticipating to utilize this arrangement for several years um today possibly i'' ll use it at one more. location or something alright so there we go and also allow'' s proceed as well as turn up below can i see in the cam all right fine nice and.
tight i recognize theoretically water can come in if i was really worried i might go in as well as .
simulate silicone and also everything yet this right right here if it was my 30 foot i would probably want to.
load this opening in so water couldn'' t boiled down in however'i ' m not truly worried for about 3.
weeks fine so there we go there'' s that i want to proceed and take it up on the roof covering and also just.
so you understand um i may i might show you later on yet when we were doing the base what we did is we were.
a person was up on the roof covering with a with a degree as well as we had a level on this while it was standing.
concerning 20 feet tall because i didn'' t intend to level the base from the extremely lower since it might be.
a mild miscalculation as well as it could be off when it'' s method up high like 20 feet so we went ahead.
and also had it expanded and also embeded the concrete base while it was damp and after that we were like you.
understand intended to make use of that to make certain it was degree and also you could intend to do the degree on different.
parts however i might show you that later on so allow'' s go on as well as i think we'' re simply regarding prepared to go. outside so allow ' s go ahead and take it outside and also start establishing up below'we are outdoors below ' s the. flagpole i ' m gon na go in advance and also elevate it up now um some people have had issues with the. flagpole like breaking down in so what i may do i have like waterproof weatherproof.
stuff i might conserve this for my 30 foot one that'' s coming in however i desire to go.
ahead as well as just put a little tape on here possibly i'' ll placed a zip connection as well. since i ' m simply basically attempting to um possibly a steel clamp will certainly be far better yet uh this.
is my initial helium miner flag pole I set up so i just wish to go in advance as well as do that simply to kind.
of make it extra strong alright and after that we go right here tighten up in all right thus.
let'' s go on and also do this one and also with these little braces right below.
i'' m if it ' s curly i may go ahead as well as do some some kind of like fastener system from. two or 3 points or something to try to make it limited however'i ' m possibly not. mosting likely to require to in all sincerity just a little 20 so there'' s a little 20 footer.
um you can see i have some bamboo right there i was already cutting bamboo already and let'' s. simply go on and just stick this in i wear ' t need to rest there as well as hold it i was already reducing. bamboo and i may need to trim some more ah there we go let'' s develop this set okay there we go it ' s a point of charm. below we go right here it goes simply cover this around okay so now i have all my cords.
coming right here i'' m simply gon na probably do this sort of number right here simply to attempt to look out i'' m gon na type of be around thus um just so it'' s not like all lucy lucy goosey and also i'' ll most likely placed a couple of zip ties or something.
on it as well all right so right here we go i want to go in advance as well as put a little item of tape around.
it actually i'' ll just make use of a zip tie i believe i opened it from the wrong end and they all.
disposed out all right little zip link right below um here we go allow me reveal you what i meant with the level.
so i'' m gon na increase on the roofing system today so basically when the concrete was.
wet we had uh it got on the roof and took like the level as well as we had it like on.
greater than one place like relocating it around to make sure it was leveled in due to the fact that if you just try.
to level the base part you might be a small little bit off down there as well as be really away up below so.
um i motivate you all do your like own research check for a qualified individual to assist this.
is my very first time doing this hopefully i can assist you do it some but feel in one’s bones that i'' m
not. an end all professional at the minute but i do have an amazing background building.
i'' m sorry background in construction but i still put on'' t know everything there is now about helium so most definitely.
before you do it spend your money talk to someone certified to assist so currently we'' re here now this lmr.
400 wire when i have my 30 foot i'' m gon na possibly make a hole in the wall surface this. is my home so i'put on ' t have to deal with like some upset property owner i acquired this home money.
it'' s mine so i don ' t need to handle the property manager i can do what i desire with it yet if you. have a property manager he might not more than happy with you piercing an opening with the wall all right so i'' m. not 100 sure where my 30 foot is going to go i wear'' t really wish to pierce an opening in the wall surface. just for this little small 20 footer so what i'' m going to do i'' m just mosting likely to most likely pierce a.
opening in below simply to stick my wire point loop it up and make it go right into the minor so allow'' s
go. in advance today as well as pound in the stake the risk i kind of desire i had a bigger hammer.
that really feels doesn'' t feel really manly all appropriate so currently i need to.
obtain my copper ground wire and also what i'' m going to most likely do is do some. loops i know it'' s way much longer than what i need that'' s okay let me try to close.
this up allow me go on and also uh stop briefly the video while i obtain all this all set all.
right so i went on i wound it up i simply want to go on and also sort of stick this on the post so.
it'' s here um okay as well as i wish to proceed and also place this on so essentially how this functions i'' ve already.
mounted it right below i primarily place the bare cable in i tightened up the ground wire down and also.
then i'' m gon na proceed and place this around the copper pipeline and also tighten it up so below we go.
simply place that on as well as it'' s a simple screwdriver i desire a a great nice bite i ' m going to be kind. of level like on both sides being tightened up and also see here good and also limited there we go i think we'' re good on that so go on as well as get a drill little bit after that allow.
me stop briefly the video get a drill little bit and i require to drill an opening so right here we go i want.
to proceed and drill an opening in below um this is like a home window device so i can just go.
right via right like throughout right here and afterwards once i enter i might do like.
a little coil and bring it up as well as attach it to the um the helium miner.
so right here we go let'' s go on alright all right so allow me take place the inside and look at it i went.
ahead and covered this wind up with tape since i put on'' t desire to get anything within the component.
that gets hooked up to the helium miner while i'' m doing this as well as i can simply take the little tape off.
fine so let'' s just proceed as well as glide it via um there we go let me go inside therefore here we go.
let'' s go in advance and also begin pulling this through um as well as i desire to basically end up with something.
kind of like up over maybe in a loophole and also after that hooked into the bobcat miner so i'' m uncertain just how. much i must pull allow me go and also go outside and also maintain feeding it through'i ' m gon na go ahead. as well as maintain feeding it through now you see how this this thing right below has like a little loophole.
that'' s for water to drain pipes off so it doesn'' t go in right here okay i do desire it to kind of decrease like.
so great and also i'' m just going to most likely do this right here placed it like right about.
here perhaps put like a zip connection or something um to sort of hold it as well as that means ideally.
waters and i may do some sealing up in there as well because i don'' t intend to get water in. there yet generally water needs to simply type of drip off great so it shouldn'' t'be a concern let ' s go ahead and do that as well as i think i
' m just. concerning all set to proceed as well as hook it as much as the mine okay so right here we are i have the wire coming.
out i have a looped up right here and i have it because i want to do this right below now i'' m not 100 certain.
i wish to keep this right here when i obtain my 30 foot in i may run a cable as well as placed the entire thing over.
right here i'' m not truly sure um yet i want to go in advance and also unplug it and separate the supply antenna.
and afterwards link this so allow'' s go on as well as do that today great so i want to go ahead.
and disconnect it right below um there it is it'' s shut off fine allow'' s put that cord right below i.
can i have it on the wall surface place so i can simply select it up like so which actually makes it pretty.
nice since after that you can take it off you'' re expected to be able to take it off easily okay.
psych i lied okay so here we go this is what it appears like right here so i just want to go on.
and begin you put on'' t want to over tighten this i don'' t think it ' s over tightened up i '
m unscrewing. the supply antenna for the helium miner at the moment okay to make sure that'' s what it appears like. let ' s go on as well as let that come below okay so i'' m gon na go on and hook this.
in so this is uh let me just stick this back on the wall for a short while this is going.
to possibly be a little more challenging to do and also i put on'' t want this entire point
. falling so i'' m just going to go ahead and also place a little bit of tape to hold it to that.
screw or maybe a zip tie or something i just wear'' t want the whole point to fall while i'' m doing. this and maybe harmed the port of my bobcat liner allow me simply do this and also just i simply desire.
a little support alright so there we go um like so let'' s do a mild bend allow'' s take. it off so right here we go um this lmr this thick things it helps you to stay clear of loss however it likewise like.
this is actually thick and it'' s harder to deal with like as far as being flexible as well as stuff like it'' s. harder so you wear ' t wish to over tighten it though so here we go i'' m gon na have to go on my helium.
application and also change i might do a different video for that of just how to transform the height okay so.
here we go i do this i wear'' t wish to such as alright let'' s proceed stick this.
back on the wall surface i wish that'' s excellent let ' s go on as well as run this over and connect it'in there we go it ' s connected in and also the red light shows up so i. wish to proceed as well as make this things extra safe could simulate a zip tie or.
something i placed in a longer screw right here um i simply generally.
this is even more of a temporary thing this is essentially even more of a short-lived point.
till my actual flagpole gets in yet i'' m not pleased with just how much money i was making with. my supply antenna definitely not delighted with it and'i wear ' t intend to opt for like 2 or three.
weeks while i'' m awaiting every little thing and also getting whatever improved my various other one barely.
making any kind of money so there we go that must function for now let me understand what you believe and i do.
wish to i could do as an end screen or something reveal for my big 35 flagpole like setting up.
that and also things as well as possibly i'' ll do a video clip revealing the increased profits with this so.
love y'' all please subscribe love y'' all as well as bye.

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