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Best Graphic Cards For GPU Mining In 2021

hey everyone and welcome back to another miningchamber video in this video we will talk about the top five gpus for mining while keeping in mindethereum 2.0 so i will be comparing four different algorithms to quarry with the gpus and i willalso address the low-spirited hash pace limiter by nvidia and some other information that will helpyou move forward in your gpu quarrying pilgrimage so let’s go ahead and getinto it right after the intro the first thing i want to make clear is that thisis all in my opinion i do provide figures that support my opinion but there’s always room for ahuman error if i did miss something or forgot the gpu please let me know in the comments belowbuying a gpu now is likely to be creepy due to ethereum 2.0 coming around the corner so if you’re unaware ofethereum 2.0 and the issue around it feel free to watch my video on that topic which will be linkedin the descriptions below so let’s talk about the light-colored hatch rate identifier so nvidia recently didthis thing where they’re trying to let miners not use their placards for quarrying but instead they wastedresources on really bad mining dedicated cards that can’t even be reused by gamers frankly it’ssilly so this light hashrate label or lhr is simply for inscribe algorithm which includes ethereum andethereum classic ethereum is going to proof of stake within this year or the beginning of nextyear so by then that lhr description is not effective anymore there is also a lot of cryptos on the riselately that can compete with the profitability of ethereum so i don’t think that the label isgoing to stop miners at all i would have rather them eschewed consuming sends on posters that can’t berecycled within the community in a global chipping shortfall but unfortunately we can’t do much aboutit now one more common question that i see very often is what is the lifespan of a gpu that mines2 4 7. This will most likely surprise you if you’re a new miner but they can easily mine for at leastfive plus times if making proper meters now of course luck plays a role in this too so if you geta bad silicon poster or precisely a bad gpu in general then you are unfortunate and it might die a lotsooner but in general if you keep them in cool surroundings and not too hot by suitable undervoltingand airflow as well as often dusting them then you will be all set overclocking andundervolting represents a big role in this and i do talk about it a great deal in a video about thistopic so if you’re brand-new to it i highly advocate opening that video in a new tab so you can watchit next you are able to also be able to find different overclocks on for most of thealgorithms that i will be going over in this video so now for the gpu comparison i will be showingyou the top four algorithms as of the date of this video so do be pointed out that these top fourmight modification around but what will remain unchanged is the hash rate per watt and potentially the hashrate per dollar these are two ways to compare the gpus for mining one is based on efficiency throughthe wattage and the other is based on maximizing your budget potential now that being said let’sgo ahead and operate a quick-witted parole from this video patron and then move on to the top 5. Thisvideo is sponsored by skillshare skillshare is an online teach stage that helps youexpand your knowledge in various fields they have a variety of classes about almost every topicyou can think of from creativity storytelling and cryptocurrency fundamentals i personally am a sucker forlearning new things and acquiring more knowledge so i will be using skillshare to improve myediting writing and video composition abilities to bring you guys higher aspect contentwith more digestible flakes of information if you’re looking to pursue a hobby in the digitalworld or learning more about cryptocurrency simples then i highly recommend checking out skillshare.comthe first millions of my subscribers that click on the link in the specific characteristics will get a free trialfor the premium membership so you can go ahead and explore your ability with skillshare todaythank you skillshare for sponsoring this video so now back to the top 5 gpus for mining so what i’mgoing to be wrap while equating them is firstly you have the premium for the gpu as well as the pcieconnectors and how they do in four algorithms now in these four algorithms i’ll be testifying youa counter on the screen that proves mega hash per watt and mega hash per dollar i’m not going tobe stating all the mega hash per watt mega per dollar for all the gpus because i will probablysound really annoying so instead you can just see them on the screen or you can visit the article but what you need to know about mega hash per watt the more the better so thatmeans you can get more mega hash per the dominance that you’re using and then for the mega hash perdollar the less the very best so that planneds the mega hash that you’re buying is cheaper and that meansyou’re maximizing national budgets so now with that being said let’s go ahead and go to the top 5 gpufor mining which is due to be the nvidia gtx 1660 ti or super the 1660 ti and super are prettyold cards but they’re still moderately efficient they run on super low-pitched power which clears them agreat choice if you just demand something serene and without that much heat and both of them do fairlywell in other algorithms but the ti is better than the super and other algorithms now the numbersi’ll give people now will be for the ti but simply keep in mind the super will get slightly less inother algorithms than eth so the current price of these gpus you can find them for 550 usd and themsrp they came out with is 279 dollars and the four largest algorithms that you can mine on them as thetime that i’m filming this video is first you have ethash and then you have auto lycos and kapow aswell as mtp so in ethos you’ll be get around 31 megahertz with 80 watts and then on ergo you’llbe get around 48 mega hash with 80 watts kapow will also give you 13.4 megahash with 90 watts and then mtp will give you 2.1 megahash for 100 watts you can feel free to pause the videoif you want to look at the mega hash per watt or mega hash per dollar but this will only be gooddata to are comparable to other gpus so now we can go to our top 4 which is the rtx 2080 ti or super nowthis placard is too from an older gen but the premium for it in my opinion is a bit too much but sincethat goes for other gpus as well since everything inflated in cost then this prepares this placard aviable alternative and same as the 1660 ti in super the ti one does better than other algorithms butthe super does the same in the ethash algorithm now for the scalper premium of these cards you’llget it around 1550 usd or the msrp of a thousand dollars and then you have the same exact top fouralgorithms for the 1660 s so on ether she’ll be getting around 58 mega hash on 180 watts andthen on ergo you’ll go around 108 mega hash for 160 watts and kapow will give you 31.50 megahash for 220 watts and mtp will give you 4.8 mega for 220 watts now one thing about this poster isthat it’s not that efficient it is therefore does exhaust a pretty good amount of strength and i’m sure you canoverclock this further and make it more efficient i personally don’t have this poster so i couldn’ttest these numerals myself and change them around for more efficiency now in the count three spotyou have the nvidia rtx 3080 s now the rtx 3080 s is one of the most powerful gpus out there butthat unfortunately come here for two negatives the first one is that the price tag on this poster isinsane so it’s not budget friendly at all and then the second thing is the thermal issues whereyou have to replace the thermal pads on them if you’re throttling and having all these differentissues with these placards and that is why i have it sat as the third now for the scalper cost onthis gpu you can find it for around 2200 and the msrp forward was seven hundred dollars it can takeanywhere from two to three eight pin connectors and the four largest algorithms on it you have ethashauto lycos octopus as well as kapow so the only difference is you don’t have mtp on there insteadyou have octopus now on ether she’ll be coming around 98 mega hash for 230 watts and on ergoyou’ll get 190 mega incubate for 180 watts on octopus algorithm you’ll be going around 84 mega hashfor 255 watts and then on kapow you’ll be going around 43 mega hash for 255 watts and now we cango ahead and go to top 2. Now top 2 will probably surprise you and it also surprised me as welland that is the 6800 xt or regular now candidly i never paid attention to this gpu for mining ithought all the 6000 streaks are not that good but some great person in the comment section mademe look into this card and after i looked into it frankly it’s a really good card for mining nowone of the pros for it is that the price 4 did not inflate as much as nvidia posters because in generalminers are not looking for these placards as much as nvidia placards so which means for a good priceyou’ll be going some really good performance but one difficulty with these placards is that they areless efficient so this would be a great option if you’re trying to maximize performance with cheapelectricity so these posters currently go for around a thousand four hundred usds calper premium and msrpis around 579 dollars and they take in two eight pin connectors so the four largest algorithms for thiscard first you have ethash and then you have auto lycos because ergo has been going up in premium soyou can see this algorithm more often in other gpus as well and then you have kryptonite gpu therio currency and then you have raven copper so for ethan she’ll be get around 62 megahash for 128 watts which is not bad at all and for ergo you’ll be going 110 mega hash or 150 watts kryptonitegpu you’ll get out 1 593 hash frequency per second 405 watts and then for kapow you’ll come 28 mega hash for 155 watts which places this card as top 2 because it does pretty well on otheralgorithms so it’s not just ethereum reigning and then finally the top one option now i’m sureyou guys saw this one coming but it will be the rtx 3070 and the 3060 ti the reason i have both ofthem now because they both are really good placards for mining although one thing that differentiatethem is that the 3070 is more future proof than the 360 ti because the 3070 outdoes more in otheralgorithms now both of these cards come for the same price you’ll find them around a thousandfive hundred usd and the msrp for the 30 70 is 500 while for the 360 ti it’s 400 and they too takeanywhere from one to two eight rod connectors now for the top five algorithms i have twodifferent counters for them so you can see the differences between the efficiency and they havethe same exact algorithms as the thirty eighty so for ethers you’ll get out 61 mega hash4 25 watts on both placards and then for ergo you’ll have 155 mega hash and 130 watts for both cars aswell and then on octopus and kapow you have some different crowds now the rtx 3070 will be doingaround 58 mega hash on 145 watts while the 360 ti does 45 mega hash on 120 watts and then on ravencoin the 3070 would do 30 mega hash on 145 watts while the 360 ti does 22 mega hash on 120 watts sothat positions in perspective the mega hash per watt as well as the mega hash per dollar so in my opinionlook for 30 70 s but if you find 36 gtis for a lot cheaper then it’s definitely another enormous optionso now that wraps up the top 5 gpus for mining and now let me just give you some honorable mentionsin case you guys are wondering so first “youve had” the rtx 3090 s now these cards are super expensiveand that’s the reason they’re not on this list but their power is still really well and one moredownside to them is that they are like the 3080 s where they get really hot so you have to changethe thermal pads and they also expend a lot of dominance but if you do find them for a cheap priceyou can go for it but honestly i don’t recommend them at all and then you too have the polariscards which is the amd placards anywhere from 400 to 500 sequences now those placards are great and thefour gigabyte copy of them likewise looks like a good alternative now because ethereum is going awayand other silvers don’t need more than four gigabyte of vram to mine them so you can use those fourgigabyte posters for cheap and mine other coppers now i would only recommend them if you canfind them for a reasonable rate so if it’s 200 and below then it’s a great deal butif it’s not then you need to be careful i would rather go with the 1660 ti orsuper if they’re at the same price point and now that is it for the gpus for cryptocurrencymining so now before i wrap up the video i just want to tell you guys my opinion on this situationand whether you should be buying gpus for mining right now or not so frankly one thing thati’m really against is calpers so buying gpus at scalper premiums will exclusively motivate them to keepingtheir price at that point regrettably there isn’t much that we can do about it other thantrying to get transactions and waiting for msrp sags so your back might be on the wall if you want tostart cryptocurrency mining as soon as is feasible which means you’ll end up having to buy a gpufor scalper toll now this guide should help you whether it’s calper price or msrp expenditure justuse this as a starting point to decide which gpu you want to use i personally am looking to buildanother mining rig and it will be with the 6800 s so until i get enough for them for a rigging i will bebuilding it very soon and i will likewise have a gpu overview video on those posters as soon as possibleso you guys can use it for your overclocks and talking about overclocks i do have a playlistwith different gpu videos where i go over the most profitable coin to quarry with them and then showyou the differences between overclocks for it so if you’re interested in checking out the different gpus iwill relation that playlist in the specific characteristics below and i don’t really announce this but if youguys require any mining enclosure robe or precisely mining clothe in general feel free to checkout i do have a couple of clothing there with different designs soif any of them interest you and you want to support the channel then this would be an awesomeway to do so but only if you actually like the design so now that being said i hope you guysenjoyed this video and learned something new if you have any feedback or any questions leavethem in the comments below and too let me know which gpu is your favorite for mining and whichones are you planning to buy if you’re planning to expand i’ve recently released the top 5 psusfor mining and if you haven’t watched that yet then i most suggest that you watch that aswell it has some really good information on how to superpower up your gpus and now you too havethe top 5 gpus for mining now the next video i’m planning to handout is the top five motherboardsfor quarrying so make sure to subscribe and turn on the buzzer notifications so you get notified whenthat video is out and on your way out make sure to touch that like button thank you guys so muchfor watching and i hope you have a wonderful day so you


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