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Best miner if the crypto market crashes? MXC M2 pro miner

The m2 pro miner is what i think is one ofthe better miners to have in a bear market. And exactly why is what i’ll be telling you inthis video. If you later in the video feel like you want to buy one or two M2 pro miners, go aheadand use the link right here and you will get a 60 dollar rebate per miner on your buy. And beforewe start, I am no financial advisor “i know i m” just sharing my plans on the m2 pro miner. Let’sget into the video. I have shielded multiple videos on the M2 pro miner, how productive it is, explaining how miner health parts, but there is one aspect about the m2 pro miner that reallymakes it unique compared to the other miners. And this advantage becomes its most important if, or should i say when crypto enters a bear market. You visualize, with the majority cryptominers, if it is proofof work employ graphics placards, IOT communication or sharing peer-to-peer bandwidth, in most cases these miners are able to mine their clues, but the amount of tokens they quarry are notconnected to the projects sell ceiling or token toll. And so the profitability of most crypto miners are1 00% reliant on the project’s overall grocery detonator. If the project accidents and world markets capdecreases by 10 days the miner for that assignment will still quarry the same amount of tokensper daytime, but the mined clues will then be worth 10 times less worth in dollars.But this is not thecase for the m2 pro miner. You discover, the m2 pro miner currently mines between 10 to 15 dollars merit of mxctokens per date no matter the project’s market cap. So if the cost of the MXC token and the project’smarket cover goes down you’ll still mine between 10 to 15 dollars a day. It’s just that you’ll then bemining more MXC tokens. And it labor the other way round. If the MXC project increases in marketcap, and will therefore interpret a higher priced MXC token, that means you will be mining fewer tokens, but it will still be worth 10 to 15 dollars a day. Here “youre seeing” a quick instance testifying this duringmid july of 2021. The rate of the mxc token was about 0.023 dollars per token and at that time imined between 460 to 490 clues per miner per era. And then now during mid-october when wesaw roughly double the price of the mxc clue 0.044 dollar per token, during that interval my miners quarried between2 40 to 250 signs per miner per date. So as you can see this example indicates that if the price ofthe mxc token doublings, our quarried clue quantities per period are cut in half and vice versa.If the priceof the mxc sign quits by half we’ll be quarrying doubled the amount of clues. Nonetheless, exactly howthis function between sell cap and mining clue sum studies is of course unknown to us. So takethis with a grain of salt. I’m sure this is a lot more complex than this. So as you can see them2 pro miner has a huge advantage as a miner during a bear market and that is exactly thereason why i bought four of these miners myself during outpouring of 2021. It was a way for meto take some gains out of the crypto grocery and reinvest them as a backup into M2 pro minersfor an upcoming bear market. Because the best scenario where you earn the most with m2 prominers is when you buy it and positioned it up during a bear market where you will mine a ton of tokens.And then during the next polouse guided all of those signs you mined are increased in dollar valueperhaps two times, three times or even five times. Of direction depending on how mxc’s sell capperforms but that is the best subject scenario and what i am choosing to do with my miners. So thatis the reason why you might have heard me saying in other videos that “oh i wish the mxc tokenprice hurtles so that i can mine more tokens” and that is not typically what people investing incrypto projects say. But in this case it is true. So this investment i myself check more as a backup andof course a long-term investment which is probably the only kind of investment that suits the M2pro miner considering the minwe health feature in these miners.Take notice that what i’ve beentelling you in this video is based on the current aspects for the m2 pro miner. They will soon get anupdate containing something with miner hurdle which could lower the ROI of the m2 pro miner. Butwe also have upcoming updates concern bitcoin mining and further down the road Polkadot miningusing the m2 pro miner. So it’s hard right now to say what the ROI will be for the miner after allthose informs. Currently the miner has a ROI of about 10 months. If you want to know more about them2 pro miner, how many miners you can have in one place, how does miner state project i show youcheck out this video right here where i go over everything.Alright if you learned somethingnew from this video perhaps you can thank me with a like on the video. And if you really gothooked consider subscribing to the channel and ping the notification bell. Thank you so much forwatching and i’ll see you in the next one bye-bye bye.

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