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Bobcat Helium Miner HNT – 30 Day Results | How Much It Made

hey cavemen and cave maidens i hope you all aredoing well this is caveman mining i wanted to uh support you guys an update on helium do youever want to go to space i really shouldn’t be doing this not that helium but helium mininghnt and the helium network and blockchain the first topic “re gonna be all” only giving abrief outline for the new spectators to my path or anyone who comes across this video that doesn’tknow what the helium network or blockchain is now helium was founded in 2013 and thepurpose of this network was to serve as providing the web and internetand connection to iot devices which expressed support for the internet of things thesewould be machines such as gps’s indoor and outdoor you know there’s manoeuvres out in the agriculturalfield uh you know different kinds of checks that are out there for observing aura qualitythings of that sort and they’re expanding their device placed you can go ahead and take alook at and do some study to see what exactly they’re involved with i know there’salso going to be some 5g and cellular related issue that are tied into the helium networkas well so quite an exciting project uh very complex and intric intricate blockchain and ifyou really look into the reward system and how things connect into each other it is extremelyinteresting so i encourage anyone who’s just getting into this to certainly do your researchnow um the the reason why i wanted to go into this video was to let you guys know that ihave been mining on the two bobcat miners for 30 epoches uh as of today and i just wanted to touchon each of those miners the locational logistics the compensations the bystanders uh pretty much how muchhelium have we realized in 30 epoches in my own experience and maybe some things that i’ve learned alongthe lane so the first things firstly i want to jump into the helium explorer and reveal youour primary manoeuvre which is a bobcat 300 now um this invention “ve earned” 6.338 helium overthe last 30 daytimes and that is that the current market rate if we take a look at the price 31.32 pennies you can see we have had relatively these sorts of hop right we’ve been down uh down into almostthe 30 dollar plan all the way up to i believe 34 dollars and then back down to 31 so merely overthe last month you can see things have really been mounting in terms of value but if we look atthe holistic examine this thing get up to nearly 53 dollars per helium coin so when you look atthat and then you look at what we’ve earned liberty uh you know just about 200 dollars forthe month on this hot spot not too bad not too bad at all now i just wanted to goover a couple of logistics you can see i want to kind of go through the storytellingof uh i approximate profitability and i would say we modified our uh helium uh hotspot here inthis location by doing two things one is we obtained a new feeler and uh i’m going to sharewith you guys it is a rockland uh from rockland it is a 5.8 decibelindoor feeler it has an 11 foot uh rope and it is pretty quality um i was kindof reluctant on this one uh the outside of this website there were no real critiques it is fiftydollars for this uh antenna but i have to say since uh since i’ve had it it’s made a differenceand we we got this antenna in various regions of the 20 th of november you so you can see we were making 0.14 all the way up to 2.8 and we various kinds of struggled there a little bit on down on the 29 th of novemberand this is where uh we were experimenting with some things now this particular hot spot uhbobcat miner i had down in the cellar of a single household home which is a split level type ofhome with various kinds of you’re not quite underneath the foundation argument but where the modem and the routerwere located uh it was kind of at a very low level we didn’t get countless observers we were only toobtai only able to obtain about three watches so what i kind of strategized to do was to tryto move the bobcat child to the second floor and we did that by using a what we call a powerline adapter and i’ll go ahead and show you guys on amazon it is the tp-link av-1 000 so essentiallythe way that uh you know powerline adapters work is that you have your you know internet comingin the house via your modem and router or gateway and then coming out of there you’re going to goahead and push one of the receiving discontinues of the power cable adapters into a wall outlet and you’regonna go ahead and connect that with ethernet now that is the one location you’re gonna go ahead andplug in the receiving end of the secondary power line adapter into another outlet in our case itwas the second floor uh and then you go ahead and push the ethernet from that into your design whichfor us was the bobcat miner so this is a solution uh that would really prevent us or allow us not torun like a 30 or 40 paw ethernet cable or perforate through walls or taught throughwalls so it’s a nice and clean mode to get a hard-line connection now there arestudies out there and things that state that maybe this is not super effective for me it’salways run well run one of these for my mining rigs in my garage to ability my setupso i swear by it so that has helped us and when we look at the prance you could see december 3rdto december 4th we were making 0.14 and then pretty much as of like yesterday the day beforeyesterday and yesterday we procreated 0.46 we had a huge jump so that’s where we plugged it in and you cansee the descend and with kind of comprised continuous there today so far 0.45 so building making about youknow about 14 15 approximately a day and then you know over a week we’re getting close toabout the sixty dollars a week mark uh which would probably climb now that we have theum uh bobcat miner now up on the second floor and i said that we started with only three witnessesand since we moved that antenna up you can see we’ve got eight witnesses so clearly that’s made ahuge blow i’m roused to see what that does now we’ve only had this running on thepowerline adapter for a few cases days so we’ll check back in in a month onthis one to see how well it’s do on the flip side on our secondary orientation we havenot done well at all uh we have zero onlookers we’ve had 54 lighthouses in the last seven days atotal in 30 daytimes of five dollars and 40 pennies now i have been banging my head literally offthe wall i’ve tried everything from different antennas to moving the antennas to different spotsof the house uh actually every stunt in the book we just can’t seem to get any evidences and youcan see here the reason why is we’re just simply not close enough now we have one that is about aquarter mile away we just can’t seem to get that as a witness i’m not sure if they’re immersed mineis very high up i have my feeler it is a 9 db antenna it is mounted on the outside of my housebut we have been unsuccessful in areas of coming any observers so a little disheartening therehopefully more hot spot pop up in the area if not we will consider moving this bobcat miner to adifferent location it’s just current realities and if i have to get with friends or neighbors or kinfolk orwhoever to find a better recognise and potentially even split the wages with them you know i’m all forthat because right now realistically this thing is not going to be paying itself off anytime soonso we’ll conducted an investigation into that and i will share all the links in the description i just want to show youguys in this location i have uh from amazon it’s a laura feeler it’s a 9 db it is 52 inches so 4foot 4 feet 4 inches long so quite a long antenna we have it on the outside of the house so uh youknow that should that should make a difference but it’s it’s just hard to say it’s just hard tosay at this target so uh yeah we tried the 12 db feeler we returned that we’re going withgoing with this one we’ll see how that get for the next pair weeks and then we’ll kind ofmake a decision from there so my uh i predict my outlook on this or my take on this is yes heliumhot spot mining is rewarding do i recommend it well that depends if you are in an area similarto i suspect the saturation of what we have here with my uh primary adolescent where you have likeyou know the nice honeycombs up against each other and you’ve got witnesses that are clearlygoing to be close and you get that thing up high or outside absolutely you are more than likelygoing to make a super fast return on investment but on the flip side if you have one like mysecondary location where you know you’re literally in the midst of nowhere or you’re just in a badspot to where you just can’t get those watches um something you need to consider so you know iwould say if you’re trying to get into this uh find the locations you want to articulated itin firstly take a look and you can also click into different you know hot spots andsee their rewards watch what they’re making learn what type of witnesses they’re getting you cansee what type of antennas they have so there’s a whole knot of studies that you can do beforeyou go ahead and stimulate the asset now i did uh buy my two bobcats on the bobcat minerwebsite i’ll placed the link in description below uh there was a process in which we needed to buythis via bitcoin it was a little bit complicated not gonna go into too much items but there’ssome videos out there that can show you how to spawn the uh process uh the purchase processing forthose and then there are a whole bunch of other ones that’s rack that does uh some you know saleshere now there are still with the new minted miners there’s synchro bit and a few others that areupcoming on term in in the market so clearly you know check it out if you’re interested butuh yeah guys i’m not going to ramble on here too much longer i just wanted to share with youguys the excursion it’s been an interesting expedition you know it’s been a learning experience for meyou know i’ve done things like uh you know putting you know double-sided tape to you know almostgluing this thing to the side of my house to using a ceiling smooth which you guys watched on one of theyoutube short videos i’ll leave a link for that description or i’ll burst that up on the screenas we edit here but yeah i looked like uh you know clark from the christmas trip movie youknow playing around on my ceiling with this freaking roof rake and i’m sure my neighbors were quiteimpressed by that but hey you do what you gotta do but uh with that said people if you likethis content if you’d like to see more of the helium hotspot mining affected thatthumbs up hit that subscribe button so you can follow me along the way and withthat said we’ll see you next time take care

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