Breaking #Helium News! #Bobcat Miner Shipping Update! 6/25 #thepeoplesnetwork - BEST HELIUM MINER

Breaking #Helium News! #Bobcat Miner Shipping Update! 6/25 #thepeoplesnetwork

What’s up people welcome back to Planet Crypto.I hope everybody’s having an extraordinary era. I just wanted to make a quick video today. Theproduction on this is gonna be reasonably low-spirited because the news is hot and I want to get it outfast. Bobcat miners officially exhausted an updated report on all of their outstanding orders yield somenew information on informed lead times for successions and I think it’s all really helpful informationso I’m going to make a rapid video here punch it out on YouTube get it out to youguys right away. Hopefully you can consume the information and induce some decisions around whetheror not you want to order more, start looking at other dealers, all of those things. So without further Ado let’s get into it. Real quick if you still haven’t subscribed pleasemake sure you thumped that subscribe button below. It’s the best room you can support the channel andif you like this video or find it valuable at all, delight smash-up that like button as well.As always, “thats really not” fiscal admonition. These videos are for educational purposesonly.Enter the crypto groceries at your own risk and do your own research. Thatsaid, let’s get into the video. Okay people so once again thanks for tuning inwelcome back to the channel your now playing at crypto which is something we literally wake up every single dayand try and find cool ways to help you guys make money in cryptocurrency. That’s it. If you findthese videos helpful valuable satisfy make sure you reached that like button. If you want to see morevideos make sure you punched that subscribe button and also it so that you can get alerts every singletime we make a new video now at Planet Crypto. Because we are always now consider the issue you andhow we can help you make money in crypto. Okay so that said let’s jump into it. Asyou can see starting out we are here at the Helium homepage for anybody that’s notfamiliar you’re probably at the wrong video. This is not the first video you should startwith. Go find a video that say to you about Helium which is an awesome technology. Realquick Helium is in fact The People’s Network. Mining helium is the hottest brand-new thing in crypto.Everybody’s getting into it. I cherish it. I cannot wait to expand my system. You know we’ve alreadystarted signing up brand-new miners in other parts of the country and other parts of the world. Realquick teaser towards another video coming soon I’m going to be announcing partnership opportunitythat I’ll be presenting to select group of parties. I don’t really want to get into it right nowbecause this video isnt supposed to be about anything that I’m doing. This is more justabout what Bobcat released.I do want to threw it out there that in a future video you’re goingto hear some things about a possible business opportunity you might be able to get involvedwith if you’re interested in Helium. Again not business suggestion. Do your own research.Ok so we can see the network map. Let’s click on it real quick and just do a quick check-in. We areat 67954 hot spot. That’s on June 25 th of 2021. As you can see the network continues togrow.Now I personally don’t know exactly how Helium aims on expanding into some ofthese other groceries that haven’t really been tapped into yet. If anybody does know ifHelium has assigned specific frequencies. That’s probably not even the right terminology.I dont think Helium delegates the frequencies. I belief the regions probablydetermines the frequencies. I’m thinking about homes like you knowAustralia Africa parts of South America. I don’t know. Are these people mining. Arethese chaps making money right now? Man I has now tell this guy is not gettingenough payoffs and it’s not for the reason that you may think. Relayed. If you havent seenthis before youve got to fix this guys. Relayed. Your hotspots connect is beingrelayed through another hotspot on the network. That is just like a one answer difficulty. It’s not. If you are at home and you have thatproblem. If you have a minor it says relayed “ve been told” in the comments. I’ll tell you what’s reallygoing down there if you’re at home and “youve had” relayed on your child tell me in the comments.Let’s talk about this.We can mend this. See I told you guys herePlanet crypto. See my guy? That’s crypto Jack right there.Crypto Jack is you informed about what’s going on in the crypto market. What’sgoing on in the Helium mining space. How are you able make money in cryptocurrency. What I; m truly bizarre about is if anybody knows if you could for example buy a 915 that’s available right now. We know these things aren’t available but like could you preorder oneor whatever and then install it in one of these other subjects you know. What frequenciesis the rest of the map going to be. So jumping over to Bobcats Twitter pagejust about 1 hour ago that’s how quick I’m trying to get this information to youguys. Thats how much I love you guyss. Just about 1 hour ago Bobcat announcedShipping News Batch 9 will have a US 915 cut off of seek numeral 126631 and in theEuropean Union 868 cut off number of 131855. Super interesting.And then theygo on to explain in full article these important changes to their lead timeestimates. So we’re at the Bobcat website important changes our their lead time estimates.See the factory workers. Work knocked off in the Shenzhen Factory so that’s another piece ofinformation in this article they actually they moved the factory fromthe Wuhan to Shenzhen. So they say even amongst a pandemic and a globalchip famine Bobcat has been striving to deliver on time and in some instances has evenbeen able to deliver ahead of schedule. While early adopters were given a 8 to 12 week approximated lead time shipments up to today have been able to send out closer to8 weeks. Moving forward however these lead times will move closer to 12 week lead time andbeyond. Which is a transition that in many ways has been anticipated and announce the customerswho purchase miners towards the end of April. A guiding principle to Bobcats company culture isto avoid overpromising and in the spirit of that we feel it is important to explainsome of the factors that contributed to this shift in lead times.For 1 and now they get into the factors that affected these lead times.And by theway I’d like to point out shout out to Bobcat there’s been some other marketers out thereI won’t mentioned any names has been some other dealers out there that have been over promisingand under-delivering. Bobcat is doing a nice job of under-promise and over-deliver. Anybodythat’s been in the service industry or selling any product or any service fully understandsthe power of this. You do not over predict and underdeliver ever under promise. More thanlikely your underpromise because your service or make is so valuable your underpromise isstill going to sound enticing to your client. Don’t overdo it. Thats some freegame right there. That is not even time crypto play. That is some game for life.So they moved their plant from Wuhan to Shenzen. Couldve picked a better time to do it. Ahwhatever. They probably needed more opening. They mightve needed more equipment. They probablymade a bunch of fund and had the opportunity to expand. Props. Grow that business. Get thatmoney. More importantly, get that HNT. Large spikes in orders between the end of Apriland early May.So on 4/29 we made an announcement letting patrons know that beginning on May 1stare remove I mess with change from 8 to 12 weeks to 12 to 20 weeks. In the working day thatfollowed we would experience a huge spike in orders that we now need tocomplete. Our fulfillment for these fiats will be on the tail end of that leadtime which was initially given to him. Presently we is not have all the necessaryinformation to determine the exact cut off fiat list prior to the opening of 5/1 that will be impactedbut we will share updates as soon as they’re available. Please follow our Twitter account andour blogs for the latest updates. Another Factor. Approvals and well wishes to everybody in Malaysiathat is suffering from the covid-1 9 outbreak. Apparently over the past few months Malaysia hasbeen adversely affected by a surge in Covid-1 9 and this has affected seeks and supply orders. This has affected manufacturingshut the quantity bonds in Malaysia. Listen I mean it gone on here. Bobcat goes onto explain in detail FAQ. I prescribed a few cases periods or even a few hours before 5/1. What’s going tohappen to my ordering. 3 sections of an answer. If I buy now will you deliver closer to 12 or20 weeks. Under-promise and over-delivering. All claim under promising by saying you will get yourorder more than likely in 20 weeks instead of 12. All right. I bet you get it in 8. Not financialadvice Im just saying. But I love Bobcat. What quantity is my order in. We understand better how eageryou are so this is really cool all right. Just open this link in another tab or whatever.They have Bobcat has literally laid down by I intend some of you haven’t seen this yet.Bobcat has literally laid down by the say status for each quantity that theycan you know accurately predict the bringing schedule for and kind of what’s going on withthe succession amounts are in each quantity etcetera. So really cool stuff. Go hereand take a look and insure what quantity digit your tell is in. If you wouldlike. Take a look at the Helium price $11.62. Take a look at the make. One thing real quick so I’m going to position a tie-in in the description in this email to RAK Wirelessproducts page as well as Rockland Technologies makes page both of these companies have a tonof makes on their website that are awesome for Helium mining.Im talking about antennasclamps mounting flecks and portions outdoor paddocks waterproofing cables are RNMA to SMA adapters theRNMA adapters that is necessary genuinely everything that you need for Helium item you can find on one ofthese two websites. Yes there is an affiliate link by click my relation instead of proceeding straight-shooting totheir website you’re helping support the channel so feel free to use my relate below. ListenI’m curious what you guys must be considered this. How is Bobcat doing? Have you knew anyfrustrations with Bobcat? Do you think these chaps are on track to deliver your lineup? Tell mein specific comments. What batch are you in? What are you planning on doing? Where are you deploying? Your own house.A family members house. Maybe a friend. Is it indoor or outdoor? What doyou got European North America 915? 868? I gotta tell you. I’m really in love with Heliummining. This network is going to be incredible. Anybody that’s like wondering where the cryptoswith the real use are. They are right here. Shout out to Helium. Shout out to Bobcat. RAK.Nebra. Shout out to Tech Hustler. Shout out to Tactical investing. Shout out to the veterans andthat includes our son over at Tactical Investing. Hes a service member active. Yeah itsgoing to be an exciting year for Helium. All liberty person said thanks so much better for adjusting in. Iappreciate it. I’ll leave links to these articles in the description of the video as well and tellme in specific comments if you encountered this out. Peace !.

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