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Build Your Own Off Grid Helium Hotspot – Off Grid 001

hey folks i’m nick hawks with gristle emperor and stepping you through demystifying an off-grid hotspot so there is a requirement to a bunch of material to get it and it is a involved and sometimes complex process but it’s not impossible you can totally do it and i’ll show you how to do everything whether wishes to do all the cables on your own and establish your own cables or whether you want to buy some or percentage or all of a off-grid hotspot but we’ll begins with the most wonderful thing which is the box so i got the box here i articulated the g-can symbol on top but you need a box need something to put your hot spot in you need a hot spot this is actually my very first hot spot so i’m just going to use this as a placeholder for now this is a little rack this eventually burned out and i’ve since replaced it but you’ve got a nice little placeholder here for you’re gonna need a artillery to capability everything uh depends on where you are in the world is depends on how large-scale the artillery is gonna be but unquestionably the artillery you’ll need some kind of solar charge controller we’re gonna use a solar panel i’ve got my panel down here these are pretty big i’m in san diego so i don’t need a ton of a ton of panel because we got an frightful quantity of sunlight but you do need to calculate wherever you are so if you’re upstate brand-new york it’s going to be somewhat different than in arizona or washington state or wherever you are so solar fee controller that’ll cope all the power that comes into the panel and then goes to the battery and then goes pushed out to the hotspot and the last kind of large-scale thing is a little cell modem this is a teletonica rut 240 this is about the cheapest modem you can get and still have a really nice one you can spend more fund if you want you can get an ibr 200 those are really good if you really want to deplete a ton of money for no enormous conclude uh get an ibr 650 c or 900 but you don’t need to you can get the 240 those run from 75 horses on ebay up to let’s say 150 170 if you buy them brand new there’s a pair other duties now uh volcanoes little dc buck converters so taking the charge from the artillery the the voltage from the battery which is 12 volt and moving it out to the hotspot a lot of goes hotspots are 5 volts so from 12 to 5 you got to step that down and the same thing with the modem um other modems for sorry the charge controller no the state other modems i’ve worked are 12 volts but this one’s nine so we’re gonna have to go from 12 where the battery is down to nine this thing only pushes out uh 12 volts we got to change that down that’s why we need the buck converters uh let’s see we’ll get an antenna in here um i’m waiting on pit to come in but any feeler you want to use is going to be fine i’ll show you how to induce the bracket with this piece of aluminum and uh that should do it it’s not that hard there are a bunch of little parts for it and i’ll show you how to go as deep as you want to go but you can totally do this you can take a hot spot off-grid and you can do it on your own in your own little shop so that’s the uh the starting point for this let’s see where it goes

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