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Can a Helium HNT wallet be hacked?

in this video we will certainly go over.
just how a helium budget functions and what are the chances of getting it hacked.
at the end of this video clip we'' ll additionally discuss a couple of indicate keep your purse secure as well as.
what to do in case you are shut out of your helium purse hi folks this is roy.
as well as invite back to my network eigentech let us begin by learning a couple of important.
residential properties of the helium budget so the first concern is the number of helium pocketbooks are.
there you will most likely be incredibly amazed to learn this number there are actually regarding 173.
688 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion purses so basically 72 nos after.
173688 if you wish to take a look at the number it something resembles this there are 78 digits in.
this number to offer you a sense of just how large it is this number is bigger than the variety of atoms.
in the entire milklike way galaxy while we choose okay so this is a gigantic number now details.
regarding any one of these budgets is publicly offered what i imply by that if you most likely to your helium.
traveler and also search for at your helium hotspot or any helium hotspot after that this is the account.
to which this helium hotspot is registered and you can access all the details about that.
account like how several agents are there what kind of activity or transactions have taken place the amount of.
hotspots are registered or connected to that account fine so all this information is openly readily available.
the next factor exists are equal variety of private secrets so basically exact same as this number and.
each private essential offers accessibility to an unique purse and these wallets already type of exist so this is.
a particular factor when you register utilizing the helium app it states that you are creating an account however.
what is truly occurring is that those accounts kind of currently exist and you are provided gain access to.
to one of those accounts okay we'' ll talk about this point in the future also uh in in a similar.
fashion each valid set of 12 seed words or the pass expressions result in just a distinct budget there.
is no crash that indicates various sets of 12 words can not bring about a solitary budget or one.
set of 12 words can not lead to more than or can not direct to greater than one purses this partnership.
is unique or one to one and your purse is incredibly safe and secure unless you make a couple of errors.
as you will certainly learn by the end of this video clip currently let us discover couple of ideas behind the.
helium wallets for this we require to recognize a little little bit of mathematics in specific 2 principles so the.
first one is binary depiction so you understand that people use decimal number system which.
is basically utilizing the numbers between 0 to 9 however computer systems do not use decimal systems.
those use double stars just absolutely nos and ones so there is a conversion there is a regulation.
exactly how to convert decimals right into binaries so for instance 0 and also 1 are merely 0 and 1 in binary.
style so primarily you include 1 to 0 to get 1 after that to get the decimal 2 you need to still include.
1 yet in binary there the 2 doesn'' t exist so what you do you have to include 1 to 1 as well as that ends up being 0
. and you have a bring of 1 that continue you contribute to the uh next number which is essentially 0 just presume.
that there is a 0 below so it becomes 1 0 similarly if you intend to obtain 3 you add 1 more comes to be 1 1.
for 4 you add an additional one as well as you think there is there is a 0 right here so that lug one comes to be is.
included in it and also you obtain one no absolutely no basically you can think of this like an odometer but.
uh rather than having no 2 nines you have generally only zeros and also ones fine in that.
meter in the exact same style you can inspect that 1 10 is actually 1 0 as well as 0 really there are plenty.
of online devices if you intend to transform in between decimal and binary you can likewise make use of the calculator.
inbuilt in your operating system for example you simply go to the programmer mode as well as simply get in any.
number as an example 85 in decimal and afterwards click binary it will show you the binary style as well as vice.
versa anyhow so this is how it'' s transformed and these numbers remain in the binary presentation is.
called little bits the 2nd principle we need is called exponentiation so essentially you might currently understand.
concerning this if you increase the same number two times it'' s called five square in this instance or 5 days.
to two if you do it 3 times 5 times 5 times 5 it'' s 5 cubed or 5 raised to.
3 so basically if you multiply a number a n variety of times it becomes the mathematical.
depiction of it is a to the power n or a raise to n here a is called the base and n.
is called the backer for instance if i increase 2 4 times it ends up being 2 to the power 4 and also if i have.
1 over 2 to the power 4 in a mathematical symbols shorthand notation is revealed as 2 to the power.
-4 all right now we need to understand just 2 guidelines below so the very first one is called the item policy basically.
if you multiply two numbers with equal bases then the exponents just build up so in this.
case 2 to the power 8 increased by 2 raised to 3 becomes 2 to the power 8 plus 3 or 2 increased.
to 11.

Likewise we have a department guideline so if you simply divide two numbers with the very same bases.
the backers are deducted from each other so in this situation 2 to the power 8 divided by 2 to the.
power 3 comes to be 2 to the power 8 minus 3 which is equivalent to 2 increased to 5. so these are the only two.
rules we require okay next we will certainly consider the toy instance to comprehend how the helium purse functions.
so in this situation we will take into consideration that the plaything wallet is 4 little bits time out of mind it'' s 4 bits long that. means there are 2 to the power 4 or 16 personal tricks if you intend to discover what are those these.
are these 16 numbers in the binary presentation currently it could be challenging to keep in mind this.
private vital ideal private trick is necessary i need to remember it in this case this is just.
four numbers as an example however it'' s easy however let ' s say you have 100 figures after that
it will certainly be really. difficult to remember virtually difficult to bear in mind as well as additionally it will certainly be really tough. to jot down since you can make blunders so there is a most basic remedy for it.
and also what you do that you often produce a seed expression using this exclusive trick or applying.
some policy to this personal secret so we'' ll find out let ' s take one example so let ' s consider this particular. exclusive key one no one one all right as well as to create this seed phrase frequently something extra is added.
to that alright what is included is called the checksum in this case in this instance we will add a two.
little bits of checksum currently the checksum can be any policy you such as in this instance we'' ll make use of a basic.
policy so we'' ll basically divided this in 2 parts uh the very first 2 number and the 2nd two.
number and if they are equivalent we will claim that uh a lot x amount is absolutely no if they are unequal you will certainly.
state that the checksum is one so in this instance the initial 2 numbers are unequal so the checksum is.
one and the 2nd 2 are equal so the checksum is no you can also think it as a binary.
addition or merely parity dimension alright so anyway so the last 2 digits are the checksum.
as well as we include this to the existing exclusive secret and also this is this becomes our new string which is now.
6 bits long now what we do that we divided this six little bits lengthy string right into some components and also appoint.
some words so in this example we'' ll divided it in three parts so below we have 1 0 1 1 as well as 1 0 once again.
as well as then to assign some word we initially transform this into the decimal representation to ensure that it'' s simple. so it comes to be 2 3 and also 2 if you bear in mind the table previously and afterwards we simply choose a collection of words as well as.
in this case this is this will be called our own dictionary and also i have actually picked zero corresponding.
to alice one for bob 2 for charlie as well as three for david so you can see that this string this string.
now is properly can be created as charlie david charlie so primarily this is the seat expression.
representing this personal crucial one absolutely no one one so the crucial factor here is that for.
each collection of personal keys there is a seat expression however not ready of 3 words are legitimate if you.
choose 3 random words from here that could not be a legitimate collection for instance charlie david bob will certainly.
not be a valid collection as a result of this checksum policy all right if you like you can try what would.
be the 3 seed words for this specific exclusive secret and also allow me recognize in the remark area.
currently the helium application wallet utilizes precisely the exact same suggestion but with a much larger number of bits so.
in their instance they utilize 128 bit lengthy secret when the helium app is used that triggers 2 to the.
power 128 exclusive secrets and also to generate these seed words or passphrases a checksum which is four.
bits long is added at the end of this exclusive key and also the checksum is made use of as a the initial 4.
bits of the sha-256 hash of that private secret so i don'' t requirement to enter into the details of this yet.
i'' m simply trying to share you the principle right here after that uh the 4 bits are included.
so it becomes 132 little bits long then this is divided right into 12 11 bit areas like.
i have done previously alright 3 2 bit areas so currently there are 12 11 bit areas so each of.
this 11 little bit area can be after that stood for in the decimal format as a number between 0 as well as.
2047 since 2 to the power 11 is really if you compute it transforms out to be 2048 so it can be.
written as a number in between 0 and also 2047 and afterwards you select your thesaurus and also designate the words.
so generally it will certainly be a mapping in between these 12 numbers to 12 words using some dictionary so allow.
me show you what sort of dictionary is in fact used so it doesn'' t contain all the words in the.
um let'' s say oxford thesaurus or something it'' s really utilizes a very certain set of words.
so as well as that is this set of words i will certainly leave the web link in the summary and you can see there is.
a number from 1 to 2048 as well as they have some unique residential or commercial properties about this thesaurus and also if you go to.
this link describes how to create this mnemonic has this info that this word checklist is.
produced as if it'' s enough to kind the initial four letters to unambiguously identify.
the word and comparable words are stayed clear of and some other added properties of this word list anyhow if.
you like you can check out this word listing so let us return to the presentation and also as i showed.
you that it has to have it requires to have two to the power l11 equates to two absolutely no four 8 words in.
the dictionary because that is our mapping guideline now you can see that this set purchased set.
of 12 words will always result in a special wallet there is nothing else possibility alright and.
this i am just speaking about the helium app there is one more alternative which i will not most likely to.
right into the details something called cli wallet or command line user interface budget and also that.
uses 256 bit lengthy exclusive keys all right and also that is a lot more stronger yet there are no seed words.
matching to those private keys so you can not enter you can not use a cli purse using the helium.
app all right okay so allow us currently try to recognize what are the possibilities of getting your helium pocketbook.
hacked now what are the approaches of obtaining a pocketbook so hacking basically means that someone.
has accessibility to that 12 seed words to ensure that they can execute purchases making use of inside that pocketbook.
and also to be valuable it needs to be just one of the accounts in operation or to put it simply the accounts in which.
there are some cash none random account right so what is the usual technique of.
hacking it'' s essentially scamming people attempt to tempt you uh and also get accessibility to your.
12 seed words so there have been events like commonly you will obtain messages like.
you have one cost-free crypto or hnt as well as or somebody is trying to help with your miner.
like trying to fix your relay issue or they will certainly claim that they require to confirm your purse.
and also essentially the suggestion is that they will certainly try to get the 12 words of your account and also if you give.
it your account will be primarily they will take all the cash as well as all the miners from your budget.
fine so never do that so allow'' s state uh people are smart sufficient and this approach of hacking doesn'' t. work any longer so scamming is essentially difficult uh after that what are the methods then there are two.
methods left either that the helium application reveals one of the 12 words for an existing account.
or someone attempts a brute force technique to obtain accessibility to one of the pocketbooks all right so.
let'' s see what are the possibilities below so very first about the possibilities of helium
application. revealing an existing wallet or disclosing 12 words for an existing purse now the app uses a.
arbitrary number generator to pick those words okay together with the checksum mathematics all right so basically.
the question is what are the possibilities that the application picks an existing account currently for that we require.
to understand what are the variety of existing accounts so presently if you most likely to the helium traveler.
you will see that there have to do with 500 000 helium miners that'' s really pretty tiny'number so. allow ' s claim we take into consideration one of the severe cases that i can consider allow'' s claim there are around
. 8 billion people given that they stated there are eight billion miners in the entire world as well as let'' s. say each account has regarding two miners generally then that means there will certainly be 4 billion.
existing purses fine and also this 4 million if you convert right into uh 2 to the power some.
exponent it transforms out to be around 2 to the power 32 alright so what is the opportunities of rebuilding.
remember there were precisely 2 to the power 128 personal tricks or accounts obtainable through.
the helium application as well as the existing variety of helium accounts which have been which are being.
used is to take care of 32 so the possibility of exposing is 2 to the 32 split by 2 to the power.
128 as i just showed you earlier that comes to be 2 to the power minus 96 or 10 to the power minus 30.

what does this mean so this implies that when in a 1 million trillion trillion attempts the.
helium app may expose 12 words for one of the existing accounts so you can understand.
that this likelihood is exceptionally exceptionally small practically essentially zero so there is.
primarily no possibility that the helium application will reveal the 12 words for an existing account so.
you can be extremely confident regarding that fine now if someone attempts a brute force method.
using the comparable technique uh the chance is again comparable so one has to attempt one million.
trillion trillion times to get accessibility to primarily one existing account fine so.
that'' s an extremely large number currently allow'' s state a person is attempting to just obtain gain access to.
to a helium pocketbook by going into arbitrary words in the helium application so what are the possibilities.
for that so hacking utilizing some trial as well as error approach keep in mind there are 2048 words in.
the thesaurus and also there are 12 locations to fill making use of those words and also there might be reps.
so basically the variety of possibilities is 2048 to the power 12 or 2048 can be revealed as 2.
to the power 11 which ends up being 2 to the power 132 so this is the number of combinations that.
is feasible utilizing words in the dictionary nevertheless not good to go stand so any kind of random set.
you select will certainly not be legitimate as a result of that check some i gone over earlier so actually the legitimate.
possibilities are 16 times smaller or 2 to the power 128 okay so the probability of guessing a.
proper what set is 2 to the power 128 separated by 2 to the power 132 which is 2 to the power minus.
4 or 1 over 16.

What does it imply it suggests that if you make 16 assumptions on average out of.
that will be a valid set of 12 words which which will certainly bring about a helium account but a.
random account all right not an existing account it might be an existing account so allow us check the.
what is the chance of that being an existing account it'' s generally the like a last time. that we reviewed yet after that you have this pre factor of 1 over 16 that makes it 2 to the.
power minus 100 or 10 to the power minus 31 so again one will certainly have to attempt 10 million trillion.
trillion times to obtain accessibility to possibly one of the existing accounts so again this is essentially.
practically impossible no person can do it in their life time so here i spoke about the helium app.
yet really the cli pocketbooks which are much more safe a lot more safe and secure that probability is 10 to the.
power minus 15 so essentially if you desire to attempt it by this trial and also error method you will certainly require.
you will need a time which is larger than the age of deep space to practically obtain access.
to any kind of existing helium purse fine so you can think that this is the helium wallet is generally.
hack proof and you put on'' t have to fret about it currently i will give a couple of suggestions to maintain your wallet.
safe so although this is hack proof doesn'' t mean that you can not lose it okay so the very first.
thing and one of the most vital thing is that if you are making use of the helium wallet application you should write.
down the 12 words on a piece of paper and it'' s even better if you really type it and print on.
a physical paper okay wear'' t maintain it in a soft duplicate since in there were instances where people conserved in.
in their cellphone itself and shed the phone fine in that situation you will basically shed access.
to your account so while writing the words is additionally crucial that you preserve the specific very same order.
so number them as well as avoid punctuation errors okay so this may appear like really fundamental but there were.
cases where individuals have made mistakes i have actually revealed you right here a couple of instances that you can see that.
individuals can actually inadvertently create one word for one more and if you do so once again you will not be.
able to log back right into your existing account fine so be very careful regarding the words and the.
word the order of words fine and also as i have gone over earlier never ever share these 12 words.
with anybody if you provide the 12 votes to someone he will certainly have access to your purse and also all your.
agents and the miner linked with that wallet alright so never do that never ever share your.
12 words then uh if you are preparing to log out for or allow'' s claim style your phone or for. whatever you wish to alter your phone it'' s an excellent suggestion to increase check your seed words alright so you.
can do that by mosting likely to the settings of the helium app as well as click on expose words so you should cross.
check that all our words are written properly after that if feasible if you have access to both the.
phones it is much better to at the same time visit utilizing the various other phone so today i have actually inspected that.
helium enables you to visit making use of two different phones simultaneously i don'' t know whether it will certainly.
be dropped in the future or not yet at the very least it'' s feasible right now so it'' s much better to log right into that.
as well as inspect that you have access to your old account currently let'' s claim in some way you are you can not.
accessibility your account or there is some trouble so here are a couple of fixing suggestions so the.
first common one is what occurs is that people have actually transformed their phone visited using the.
usual 12 seed words but it'' s disappointing the hot place in that case the method to address.
it would be clear the cache of the helium application or will simply uninstall and reinstall the app.
once more and also attempt to log in again and also sometimes it takes additionally a couple of mins to fill all the.
information from the about that purse all right after that if you see this error which claims uh failed.
to fill tap to retry that could suggest that there is some issue with the blockchain or helium network.
problem and also essentially merely attempt at a later moment and if you see this mistake this is pretty significant.
it says that the seed this seed phrase doesn'' t correspond to a helium account this is what i.
reviewed earlier not any kind of random collection of 12 words are a legitimate established so this is generally whatever you.
attempted was void embeded in this case there can be three reasons for that initial you utilize the appropriate.
words however not in the best order so wrong order or you had a spelling error you essentially.
entered a various a word which is comparable appearing or you entirely lost or partially shed a few.
words you'' re attempting to guess it as well as you see that the likelihood of thinking is very little so.
again it'' s a very excellent concept to compose down the 12 words really clearly and in a risk-free place so allow me.
stress again that if you shed those 12 words that suggests that you shed accessibility to the helium.
wallet as well as you will lose all the hnts which are inside that purse as well as any type of helium miner which was.
registered or associated with that wallet it will certainly be lost for life no one also the developers.
can not obtain those information for you fine i hope i might convince you that.
the helium budgets are incredibly safe and also nobody can hack right into your budget unless.
you hand out those 12 words unintentionally likewise you can not shed accessibility to your own helium.
wallet if the 12 pass phrases are saved safely i hope this information served to you.
if you have any type of more concerns allow me recognize in the remarks area that'' s all for today.
thanks for viewing people and also obtain cryptonized you.

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