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Cardano Mining 2021 With A Antminer L3+ | ADA

so today we are going to be miningcardano on an atminer l3 plus what’ s going on everyone Rabid here hitthat subscribe button thumbs up button bell notification be notified for future videos yes istill have that ssd drive that’s ready to jump off a cliff don’t worry about it it’s okay so todayuh i want to start mining cardano and i know what you’re saying cardano proof of state can’t mineup can’t do it all right well today i am going to mine it and what i mean by that you know currentlyon the app miner l3 plus right about here i am mining i’m getting paid in litecoin but it’smining all the script algorithm coins because that is what the antminer l3 plus and as well it’ sbig brother is coming out in november the l7 that thing’s gonna be a beast totally differenttopic but those are made for write algorithms so that’s like your dogecoin uh litecoin digibyte andthe other few coins that are on there as well so instead of exclusively quarrying a single write algorithmcoin like say litecoin or consolidate mined mix with dogecoin or digibyte or whatever i am going to bemining every coin on the write algorithm earning swapping applying pro hashing like i currentlyam but instead of getting paid on litecoin i’m just going to swap that over to cardano also knownas ada that is becoming a lot favourite beings are prophesying a potential price spout in the futureso i’d like to get my own little load of cardano and this is the way i’m gonna do it so herei am inside the prohashing dashboard and as you can see it is currently mining digibyte anyscript algorithm it does mine and you can see i’m getting paid out in litecoin doorstep has metso i will be getting my litecoin fee today total match 18.63 eighteen eighteen dollars andsixty three pennies usefulnes so um i’m gonna go to my payments now uh let’s see here payouts i’m gonnaswap it over so i’m gonna lend a new payout alternative now i’m just gonna scroll down look for cardanowhich is right here again these are all the coins you could potentially get paid out in if youreally wish to like so we got vera’s coin now we got spark ripple xrp i don’t know why they’recalling it ruffled that’s the name of the network knock the actual coin we got uni swap hereso uni oh we got polka dot peppercoin g copper yo g funk what’s happening anyway uh yeah we gotthat uh we got crypto car com coin that’s supposed to be the coin but yeah a great deal of thenames aren’t exactly what they’re supposed to be like this should be like cro now and it doesn’tmatter we’re here to quarry cardano here it is bam smash cardano so we are gonna need our addressi have all my crypto addresses saved in a neat little anguish right here so i click on that i’mgonna copy that over so i’m just going to fake there we go that’s all copied up close all thisout and now we are we’re going to copy that in done now we cannot oh choose a usage payoutthreshold so we can swap it over is how much we actually want now so how much do i want to getpaid undoubtedly we want a free busines here so ah what should i go with what’s free max whoa 90 i don’t know can i do 90 how long will that make that might take a little while perhap minimum isonly two i’ll exactly do free we’ll time the minimum free now so was like 33.88 so every 33 cardanowhich is 75 dollars we will get paid out that’s what i’m gonna roll with so i’m just gonna hitthe old-fashioned save button done now we can pick out how much of that we actually want to get paidright now you can see target proportion is 100 so i’m going to change this over to 100 andi’m going to move this over to zero and i’m going to save that now i’m not sure if it willmess everything up from my current pays but we’ll catch out in the future here i’m gonnasee if i’ll get this fee let’s see what my dashboard is telling me and my threshold is stillmet so supposedly they should still pay me out in theory according to this unless it takes a whileto update i have no idea more i’ll catch out later but i should get this out and then after that itwill start switching to my new payout technique which is cardano and it’s 100 of the proportion now ifyou want multiple balances in order to be allowed to like like i said i just prepared that up you set up more andset percentage points to each one and it’ll pay you out in a certain percentage based on each coinif you know you kind of want to mix it up to do something like that i’d recommend probably a lotmore at myers because for one to do a entire cluster of various types of payouts will take quite some timecouple things about complaining here actually one thing you can really realizes it really easy to checkout like your remittances how much you’ve actually quarried so like let’s just go to offsets very rightquick so this is almost two months so i’m just shy of two months by maybe about a week or so we’resitting at a total of 338 usd is what we have in mind on the zap miner so far now currently we’reonly sitting at two dollars and 54 cents for today certainly the day is not over hitherto it pretty muchjust started but here we are 533 531 so a bit over five dollars per day this is when the cryptoprice did was down 472 the working day typically back here we know we’re around the mid sevens up to eightdollars a little bit before this so obviously it follows the expenditure but this is what an antminer l3plus profitability is currently looking like and it is more profitable to use something like prohashing where you’re benefit switching over mining the silver immediately because you there’s uh othervideos on the internet doing that actual exam and you make almost twice as much more squandering prohashing than you do quarrying a direct coin but again you can do whatever you miss beings mine coins fordifferent grounds either they affection the coins they support the project whatever as for me i’m justtrying to get as much profit as possible that is my strategy so uh what interesting thing you check outmine in now uh this shows you everything you have mine so here you can see three meld mined here sowe have my dogecoin uh advanced internet block now we have emerald now litecoin did you buy it againwe got my red silver dogecoin so this is everything you have currently sentiment here we perceived a coupleblocks for new york municipality silver i don’t know if that’s what it stands for but it’s nyc we got aibblock here so i looks like i did find a block on each of those so maybe “i shouldve been” solo mine thosei’m just kidding i’m not doing that and yeah but so you can go through everything you have minedpreviously all your shares and everything and you can see it proselytizes everything to else ltci currently have now in the future this will be turned over to cardano instead of ltc that we justset up hopefully in theory i is gonna have to do some tweaking later on but this is what i’m doing sowe are all set up now i just gotta wait a while and it should kick in now before anyone does askyes “i know i m” moving this antminer l3 plus through hive os it has the hive on firmware so it is freeno matter what you can have a million of these things and they’re all going to be free so here weare at our asic farm i did not have to do anything with my flight expanses or anything because it’sall done through pro hashing when you’re mining to that specific uh puddle like you said i just setit up and that’s how you do it so you do not have to change any type of flight expanses or anythingin here i’m apply hive on firmware because it does merely run at 660 watts instead of the 800 wattsthat it does tell you uh from the manufacturer so we dropped like 140 watts off this thing andwe’re still mining at the full speed 504 mega hash so that is pretty sweet i really do love working iosas much as i possibly can uh because it merely impels it really easy you can track it on your phone youcan racetrack it on your pc go anywhere you want it’s just really nice to keep in hand all the time herei have every rig you can see here’s the asic raise here’s the gpu and cpu mining raise here’s all thecpu some gpus everything hashing apart as is but i just wanted to point it out before person askedaren’t you running in beehive os or javon firmware yes i am but i do not have to do anything to swapwhat i want to get paid out in when you are mining to uh pro hashing all right chaps so that does sumup this video expressed appreciation for very much for watching it and i’ll stop you updated on weekly and monthlyprofits on cardano with this thing yes the market is down so we’ll see how that does do it isquite simple to do this was a fairly speedy video and now we are these are our cpus hash and nature idid manage to pick up another one this is uh let me get to the light here uh 3950 x so no cool ido have some additional stock cools and one of those cartons and perhaps two of those cartons over theresomewhere so i’m gonna try using the stock wrath prism cooler that comes with the 3900 x cpussee how it does perform on that and if need be then i’ll have to go pick up one of those badboys right there and “i m loving” those things those things are amazing they will obstruct a cpu clue withno controversies alright people expressed appreciation for for watching i’ll catch you guys on the next one and Rabid out thankyou for watching everyone if you haven’t provide comments subscribe and like this video as well ascheck out one of these other videos if you have not seen it hitherto i do try to stream every saturdayand sunday so keep tuned for more future content

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