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Choosing Your Mining Rig OS | The Basics

hey everyone and welcome back to another miningchamber video in this video i will talk about the different operating systems that you canconsider for mining and i will too compare them and tell you my own mind later on in thevideo now let’s get into it right after the intro one of the most common questions or troublesi find is when people finish building their mining rig and then they don’t know what to donext even if you have built a couple of mining rigs and you’re running them you might still bewondering if there’s a better option out there for your operating system but before we dig intothat let’s first explain how this operating system fiasca works for all the fledglings out therethis will be a brief explanation so bear with me please your mining rig is basically a pc justlike i explained in the buying strategy video so your pc in this case your mining rig needs anoperating system to run beyond the bios screen the operating system is installed on your storagedevice whether you’re using a usb key or an ssd or an hdd now there are limitations for usinga usb and we will talk about that later on you can only have one operating system flash on yourstorage device but if you know what you’re doing you can do dual booting which means blinking twodifferent operating systems on your storage device but for the sake of this video we’ll only keep itbasic now i won’t show you exactly how to flash operating systems on your storage device becausei do cover it in any operating system guide that i do for example the windows guide i show how toflash windows on your usb affix and then the hive os leader that i have out there i also register itin there so simply to avoid being redundant i’m not going to go over it here but now hopefullyunderstand the very basics of merely operating systems and a memory device although one thing iwant to mention is not to confuse mining software to operating system so for example phoenix minertrx miner team redminer and all these different cli mining applications they’re just miningsoftware so you can run these on different operating systems as well whether you’re usingwindows or a linux based mining operating system and then there’s also miners for example cryptexor nicehash and these simply use those cli miners that i mentioned so they’re not their own minersbut they just use fenix miner or whatever one you choose in their software and then they just takea percentage from you for simplifying the process so exactly make sure that you know the differencebetween a mining software and an operating system i will also be making a video talking aboutdifferent mining software so for now precisely made to ensure that you understand that operating systemsand mining software are completely different now let’s talk about operating systems findingthe right operating system for you depends on your milieu so if you have multiple mining rigs youmight need a linux based mining operating system so it’s easier for you to manage them and if youhave just a couple of rigs then running them on openings can be fine for you so the listing that iwill be including is first we have windows and then after windows we have linux located mining operatingsystems so that will include hive os rave os and all these different linux based mining operatingsystems there are a number of them out there and then we’re likewise going to talk about a standaloneubuntu that you are eligible to simply run by yourself without having a third party in between so firstly windowsas far as i know windows is the first place that people started mining and it’s the og for minersa lot of miners still use it and it’s very common amongst amateurs but oddly enough it’s actuallynot simple quarrying on windows even though the majority of us are very familiar with it and it’snot that spaces is just hard to use it’s more like it’s very fragile it can crash way more oftenand it needs special attend comparing to a linux located mining operating system but i also feel likeevery new miner has to try mining in windows 10. it’s like a way to connect with the lore of ahome gpu miner we all have to go through interrupting a keyboard or two because of blue screen no butseriously windows surely can be a nightmare especially if you’re trying to set up amd andvideo at the same time now when would i recommend spaces to someone if you are new to mining andyou precisely want to stay on windows especially if you’re planning to use this mining echoing or pc aswell for personal use then yes windows is a good choice because you can mine as well as surf theweb or do what it is you miss on the pc or rig so if you’re mining on your main pc then definitelydon’t delete your windows and position a mining operating system because you’re not going to beable to use your organisation for other than mining unless of course you run the mining operatingsystem off of a usb or a different ssd but on the bright side windows is free so only keep inmind you don’t have to buy any license to quarry on windows i do show how to do that in a leader thati posted a long time ago which is how to mine on openings 10 and i will leave the link for that inthe descriptions below it’s a bit outdated but you still can follow the steps without any issues andit will work fully penalty for you although i am planning on doing another form of this guidethat is more up to date and it will contain more information for you so in a nutshell windows formining is not so bad i necessitate it is a love and dislike relation especially with all these updatesthat come out every other day and they restart out of nowhere and turn off your miner with itwhich is very annoying but then at the same time we all started with windows and i feel like it’sjust something nice to get your feet wet in mining so now that folds it up for spaces let’s go aheadand talk about the linux based mining operating systems there are many different operating systemsout there that are made specifically for mining and the benefits of using them is that they’reeasier to manage extremely if you have a big farm because your rigs are all mostly running andconnected to your account where you can usually sign into your web application and then modifyall the rigs from there that utters it a good deal easier than having to go to each rig individually andthen modify it if anything happens to it and it’s also very easy to get started with them as wellmost people get intimidated and they think it’s linux and it’s going to be hard to understand andall that stuff but frankly it does not take any knowledge of linux in some scenarios you needto know how to run a authority in the terminal and all that stuff but that’s just basic stuffthat you need to know in general when it comes to mining so one thing for sure we can give forthe mining operating systems are the convenience now in most scenarios they do come for a cost andthe cost is not that much but it’s still something that’s out of your pocket and other than the costthere’s also the anxiety of opennes so some of the operating systems are open source while othersare not and if the programme is open source it will give it more credibility and trust and the reasonbeing is that when it’s open source everyone can look at the code and if there’s anything sketchypeople will notice it now i’m not saying any of the private scaffolds “ve got some bad” purposes oranything like that but it’s just something in general that it commits more trust to the projectjust to give you guys an idea of how this works so mostly you get this operating system flashedon a usb put or an ssd you push it into your rig you make sure you have internet or wi-fi connectedand then you boot your rigging and after that you most likely will see your rig pop up in your onlineaccount now if your rigging doesn’t pop up that means you run into an issue probably something that hasto do with your mining rig’s bios or some place is not connected properly and if you guys do have anyquestions on your mining rigging motherboards bios i did release a video recently about that topic sofeel free to check it out the link will be in the descriptions below so formerly your rig pas up inyour account you get to apply your flight expanse or whatever lingo they use for your minerand then you can apply your overclocks and extend your miner and everything you want to do to ityou can do it online shutting it down rebooting updating and all that good nonsense so gettingstarted on these mining specific operating system is super easy so since there’s a lot of thesemining specific operating systems we’re not going to browse through all of them and compare allof them i personally has actually exercised hive os so i’m in no position to tell you which one is betteruntil i get to test them out but i don’t recommend overthinking it either pick one and try it if youliked it and it was convenient for you then they did their position right you can always research out allof them and decide which one you like after that their pricing structures are very similarthey almost all have a free rig option so you can test it free of charge now one thing that’sscary about a mining specific operating system let’s say somebody gets access to your accountand you didn’t procure it properly then that symbolizes mortal can just address all your mining rigs totheir wallet rather than exactly this one rig that they catch in windows or anything like that nowthis is very unlikely but only make sure that you take its own security earnestly to avoid any issueslike that so as a wrap up for the mining specific operating systems they’re super convenientthey’re easy to get started with but they do cost some money now the final alternative is just runningubuntu which is also linux located now ubuntu will come naked so you won’t have any applicationsfor mining or anything like that and it will be similar to windows so if you install it youhave to download the miner employments and the overclocking and all that stuff on the rig itselfso you won’t have a web application that you can access and all that fancy stuff and now why wouldyou want to run it on ubuntu and that is because it will be more stable than passing it on windowsyou’re avoiding the headache of auto updates and all that stuff from windows but the cost is thatit does need a hear veer to get set up with it because all the overclocking and everythinglike that won’t have a specific software for it at least as far as i know and then you time wantto install your mining software and pass them that mode now the bright side of using ubuntu is thatyou have the flexibility to create your own implements and that is if you’re interested in that sideof things i have been projecting on making a video for setting up in ubuntu but i have beenprocrastinating that suggestion for very long because it does take some time but eventually i willhave it out now that wraps up all three alternatives so first you have your windows and then you havethe linux located quarrying operating systems and then you have just raw ubintu so by now i’m sure youfigured out what i’m expend i currently have five different mining rigs and four members of those riggings areon hiveos for the reasons i’ve mentioned before it’s simple to use opportune and it’s easierto manage several rigs on there now this would work with the other mining operating systems tooit’s just for me still further i’ve only tried hive os and i will be trying other ones very soon andthen i have one last rig which is on windows even though i’ve complains that them a lot istill have one rig guiding on there and that rig is my radeon sevens and i only have to look at itonce a month if it ever gate-crashes it’s super stable it’s been running without any issues and that’swhy i’m not moving it from windows at all now primarily i’ve had all my mining rigs on windowsbut then i’ve slowly moved them over to hive os i will too eventually be putting riggings ondifferent quarrying operating system just so i can try them out now my recommendation to youis first know how many gpus you’re trying to run so if you have a mining rig with six gpusor less then i would leave spaces as an option so you can feel free to use it butif you’re trying to run a mining rig with more than six gpus i would frankly recommendgoing for a linux located mining operating system all the way extremely if you’re trying to mix amdwith nvidia it will compile your life a lot easier you won’t have to struggle with a lot of bluescreens and everything will be much more stable one big advantage that linux located miningoperating systems have over windows comes from the fact that your mining overclocks have a less luck ofresetting on you and then overloading your power supply in windows your overclock directs mightcrash and then it continues quarrying you will be using way more ability than you should be using but withthe linux based mining operating systems they boot up with the overclocks on the gpus so you have avery low chance of overloading your power supply now i hope this video helped you guys decideon which operating system you should be using i know it didn’t give you a straight refute butthis is just the best i can give you for you to decide on your own now if you’re already usinga specific operating system please let me know in the comments below i’m curious to hearwhat you guys use now that is it for this video if you guys experienced it please makesure to smack that thumbs up and if you’re new here make sure to subscribe thank you forwatching and i hope you have a wonderful day you

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