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Controllino Helium Hotspot Review

hey folks BFGNeil here and today i’m just goingto talk about the Controllino hotspot. there’s been some updates to its dashboard and ithink it’s starting to look really gone so just wanted to show it off andshow you how this thing’s doing. The dashboard has been really rewritten since lasttime i deemed it apparently you can check my video on the channel before the previous account of thisbut um it’s starting to look really clean right so um i’ve patently varied your name now just soyou can see it but it’s got some nice statistics about ram habit cpu temperature cpu onu diskusage um but what they’ve also cleaned up is the um the actions so what i really like about thisis that you can actually view the child console record see what’s going on so i’ve always seen thisinformation i’ve had diy hotspots and you can see this information but um it’s really good tosee it you can see these transactions here that these ones these ones now this is it sending andreceiving data so it’s listening and propagandizing back pull and push so as part of the cleanup and someof the functions that you can do there’s occasion sync minor info the peer status each of theseshow information and you restart the container the error log for example is there any issues earlieron today i had some connection issues i’ve managed to fix it with vpn so you can see some of the failto phone inaccuracies now that they’ve stopped now um because of the vpn i’ll evidence a video at some pointabout how to do that um but everything you need now is much cleaner so the original edition ofthis was quite messy and relatively brand-new and it was it was clear that this is a was a firstly stellar but thisreally extends a long way to cleaning process the diagnostics and make it much easier and friendlier to useso i thought i’d share that with you and merely a speedy caveat now um i’ve had connection issuesin my department with non-standard ports so i’ve just managed to fix vpn and what i’ll do is the nextclip you’ll hear will be a week later and it’ll be the earnings of the hotspot so you know is itgood um how how is it handling data and everything like that hey kinfolks bfg neil from the futurehere uh it’s almost been a week merely reticent one day shy of it and you’ll be understood that on the rewardsbut as you can see the hot spot hasn’t moved from this position at all and it’s just blownme away certainly so let’s indicate you the earnings so here you go that’s uh only time a week oneday short of a week the furthest beacon that i have heard is 11 kilometers away shown by thatsecond thing and the outermost hot spot that’s heard my hot spot beacon is 45 kilometers away butgenerally the average is about 20 20 kilometers so you know there’s a couple of beacons there umi unquestionably recommend trying them out so the Controllino oh i’ve got is obviously a v1 they’ renow selling the pre-orders of that v2 batch 2. the only real inconsistency is i can see is it’sgot a nice screen on it now and a wi-fi antenna as well as a laura feeler on it so only a tinybit different i’m still the same chest still the same company um so far in my testings it’s beenabsolutely fantastic for receiving and sending data and observers even you know plumbed inindoors you are well aware without an external feeler it’s still picking up some hotspots really greatso can’t complain and it looks incredible now so i do like the review of these it’s a metal client souh it’s much nicer to dissipate heat through that and the vt seems even nicer you know with a decentscreen on it to let you know what’s going on so if you pate over to the control ena website you seethat the pre-orders for v2 batch 2 is is now on sale so they’re they’re available from june 2022 they’ve been pretty good with transmission um i’ve not checked any problems for it and as you can seethere’s a number of connectivity options now so we’re going to come like gateway soon so i alwayslike to look for lte options and because sim cards are going to be really usable with low-toned data usageso that is definitely an option and they also have an option for wither without poe so you knowif you if you want to run it on lte you won’t need pue but if you’re running it on cable thenyes you will need poe um it’s just one of those options that you know means you need to run lessone less wire clearly you need some sort of poe injector or poe switch but i like having thoseoptions it looks like there’s quite a number in stock available for pre-order so these shippingdates are for june so check them out if you demand and if you’re interested in buying one of thesethere’s a relate in the specific characteristics below delight check it out the link helps your boy out sothanks yeah merely a immediate video this week it was just to show you the updates of Controllino ihope you uh like the gaze of it and consider using them that they’re awesome still further our support’sbeen great for me as well you know i always can’t tell if that’s what everyone gets or is it justbecause i’m a helium moderator but they’ve been fantastic and walked through everything for meso i can’t recommend them enough okay bye-bye for now

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