hi welcome to bitmart how may i assist you todayhi i would like to make a deposit please awesome i just want you to know that we are actively beingrobbed right now so we can’t actually situate this okay well can i have it back please no well thenwhat am i supposed to do well you can send the proof of your transaction to customer support andthen hopefully within 1 to 15 dates we might reach back out and send your crypto to you okay i’vealready done that and i’ve been waiting to talk to customer support for over a month sorry sir idon’t know what to tell you now we’re just going to continue to ignore you and send you genericemails every time you try to reach out to us great nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer today is brought to you by beer tree brew out of johnson new york athis is called morning beam and this is a stout with coffee and vanilla sitting at 9.0 percentage a b v this is brewed with love coffee vanilla some will it hop-skip and some lettuce lumber fireevaporated maple syrup this is probably one of the better things to come out of brand-new york becauseeveryone knows right now that the monsters suck and this is a savory stout this really goes byits breakfast stout entitlement and it genuinely feels like i’m eating waffles with a neat darknes glass ofcoffee this is probably about a 4.25 out of 5. glees to you guys pink what’s going on everyonewelcome back to another video about cryptocurrency expressed appreciation for for agreeing turningon the bell notification and liking this video seriously like this video now today’svideo is kind of uh up and down it’s going to have a bit of a tirade in there if i start ranting iapologize in advance but now on the path we have been using i should actually sit in mymirror before i situated it down so i choose you guys now we have been planet watch mining we havefour sensors we have two we have one here at my home one of my in-laws house one at my brother’shouse and one at a close house friend’s mansion my brother’s house and my family friend’s house ipay them 25 a few months for their mostly simply to have the manoeuvres plugged in my one friend likes toelect to get paid out in like money and my brother likes to get paid out on crypto because he’s bigbrain but we have come up with another issue so right now there’s tons of issues with gettingthe ability to trade out our planet clues to algorand or what are you and we’re kind of ata standstill and we’re going to show that following the adjournment of the video option number one is withtiny man tiny man time went through like hacking all their volume do out with exit btc and disappear eatand stuff like that so they’re working on another way to be able to do those barters and then bitmarkbitmart now is available to deposit withdraw and transaction on planets but at the time they extended undera big hack right when i lodged my planets over there to utter some transactions to i was actuallydoing some planet sediments to come up with the remaining balance to buy my scp miner and thenunfortunately they went through a hacker and now i have been fighting with them since december 5thto get that event done and we’ll take a look at some of the stuff now on screen so otherwisei still we’re going to look at my planet lists genuinely touch base on that really quick and thentalk about bitsmart because i love planet it’s on algorand i don’t really have another uh plan togo further into more sensors or devices i know a lot of you doing with the type ones and the typethrees that are coming out kind of like what i have they’re still compiling some solid revenue on aday-to-day basis the profits have gone down which we’re going to take a look at as well and i can’treally answer why they have gone down because we still have the recycling bucket and i don’t reallywatch their amas because they’re boring as all piss but let’s just take a look at some stuffon screen now all right so the planet token is remaining at about 34 pennies which is reallynice back when the project was announcing that the aware component sensors were gonna be goinglive i think they were like four or five cents a piece and now we’re up to 34 pennies with somepotential to keep going actually not a tokenomics or rate evaluation video today let’s just jumpright to the explorer and our miners reduce sensors so we have my four sensors are right here we gotsmoker bros at my brother’s mansion we got tim ah at my chum timmy’s residence we got max garage andwe got fart sniffer 3000 which is the one right over here behind shenron now i’m gonna be veryvery honest two of these i’ve actually revised the addresses two of them i have not and smokerbros you can see right here on screen this is one that still is using the rue gustav eiffel thefrance address and i believe tima is as well so we actually haven’t gone through and informed thoseaddresses uh which we really need to but at least i’m gonna raise these up on screen and not haveto blur anything out but you can see here that you can uh as of right now my total planets minted was1 4.99 my total payout was 2208 and then i received 17.66 so they cycled back five into it and it’skind of the same across the board for all of my other sensors so what we’re going to do is justjump into my algorithm address and you can see this is how much of planets i have since aboutdecember 5th because i withdrew all my planets to go into scp which i’m particularly very happywith and it’ll be another time another locate however as of december 5th we’re at which isyou know a little bit over a month ago we’re at another 2769 planet so let’s go ahead and dosome maths on that times. 34 so that’s another that’s 941 right there and recollect we bought fourof these devices we technically got one for free so we invest 450 on three devices plus another4 0 epoch 4 for permissions so we were into the project for 450 plus 160 for 610 and sincedecember 5th we have already gotten that back plus some and then you’re gonna investigate what otheruh planets that i have here when i pull up the transaction when i talk about bitmart but rightnow everyone’s really concerned about reinforces going down so before when they started thisproject they were promising us 23 planets a period that’s no longer the event some people are gettingless planets than i am and i’ve been consistently going down we’ll consider on screen six hours agowe’re gonna read four transactions for 17.728 17.728 17.69 hat delightful and 17.664 and then wecan mount back to yesterday so we’re kind of floating around 17.6 for today yesterday’splanets we’re looking at oh it ran up okay open lip set foot there “theres going” 16.9 16.9 16.916.9 and then let’s go back one more day to kind of realize where we’re at so we’re getting some weirdfluctuations and again i am a little out of the loop i haven’t been following up because at theend of the day i’m just getting a whole knot of planet clues and i’m getting it oh we hada day of 11 11 15 at 15. That’s rough and so i frankly don’t think this has anything to do withlike where’s the screen that i wanted to pull up all right uh with 300 or 334.2 million inthe recycle bin with 34 000 units online i don’t think this is that over saturationthat we’re see take effect just yet and so i believe what they’re kind of saying tocompensate us for this lack of oh god 4 4 12 11. and this is nothing to do my sensors have beenonline like 24 7. Especially you know if i see two of them at the same amount of planet rewardsdaily like if it was one that was at four and not another one and the other ones were at like 11 1213 14 15 then i could sit there and say okay well maybe my internet went down at this one locationand it didn’t send the required creeks that it needed to be i believe they are having issuesrecording these streams which is why we’re getting these lower remunerations and i think the compensationthat we’re getting is monthly increases on the licenses that we bought which at the end ofthe day if you really want to think about it like if they are compensating mewith extended permissions versus you know the 23 a day well don’t have too muchof a number of problems with that as long as i can keep going my divinity where’s the next transaction i wantto see what the next day was jeez wow lots of activity that day so you could definitelysee that we had all those creeks unless we didn’t get any planets that day all right we’regonna sip beer while we keep going through this venerable crap we might just stop goingthrough this we’ve already leave 10 paid there we go all right so quite some time ago 20 sheets worth of transactions 16 16 16. So we’re getting some odd waverings on the planettokens and let’s see if we can do we’re gonna do one more day one more day only to see whatwe’re at because we haven’t seen 23 planets in quite some time and i do thought it hassomething to do with the recording but you can see here how i stated that i had two that wereactually at the chasten addresses and then two that are still at that french address which theyhaven’t came out with any bulletins oh yeah all right there’s a transaction i did sothis is a transaction that’s in relevance to bitmart here in exactly a moment but we got a1 7.9 17.9 17.9 17.9 so it’s nice to see that we are waver going back up and down so istill believe so 17.9 let’s just take the working day times four that’s still 71.8 to planet signs fivedays ago durations place 34. so that was a 25 period if we actually include the rest of the decimal placeson the expenditure which isn’t that bad at all i still am enjoying the fact that we are earning thatmuch planets for the long haul especially if they increase our permissions so all right now weare going to talk about bitmart so i’m over here on bitmart which “its one of” the this is theonly us exchange right now i believe they might have just announced another one but this is theonly us exchange that we can use to trade transfer deposit withdraw and transact on planet tokenshere in the us if you just wanted to make earning we will get tiny man back and we could do it thereas well but unfortunately right now bitmart is the only one that we can use we are going to hidesmall poises and so the reason why we now have 156 planets over here well we have a hundredbecause i bought 56 planets precisely to test it when it was all hacked and they only cheated and allthat stuff we had to transfer we had to so we initially did a big transaction and we’re goingto show that here on the screen in merely a second we did a lot of planet clues we transferred overabout 3 500 merit of planets because we wanted to use that to get scp we are keen to do planets to usdso that behavior we are also able buy our ex examiner with um planet clues but regrettably at that timethey were hacked and my transaction disappeared so we moved a good deal and one of the requirementsthat they had us do was say okay well “were having” the transaction but we need you to prove that itwas your wallet that transmit that busines i took screenshots of the transaction from the actualofficial algorithm app on our telephone i communicated the old busines the brand-new transaction and then theysaid okay now we need you to send a transaction of planet clues from that purse to your newwallet because they we did all the pouches on um bitmart that were involved with the spoof andstuff like planet weren’t like i watched countries around the world precisely be engaged in a generic account for foreverand we’re gonna check that account here in really a moment so i had to send a hundred planet it couldhave been like five planets i just sent 100 just in case i wanted to cash out i’m probably going tosend that off to my crony for part of his payment um but yeah so we sent that event of 100planets really to prove that it was coming from the same address and that this 3 500 planettransaction was us let’s take a look at those once we cast all the information collected of coursewe’ve got the hash we’ve got the transaction id here is the transaction that we did on december5th that was a sunday 9971 planets times 0.34 so that’s i want with the ability and all thatstuff as of right now that price is about 3 390 that is just sitting locked up this is thereceiver’s wallet here so one thing i want i did as soon as i did that busines andsaw that they only hacked was go to make sure that this account had planets in it because if itdidn’t have planets in it then undoubtedly we were we were out were fastened out of the sea as ofnow it doesn’t have any planets in it i think they converted all their wallet homes so withthis one not having any planets in it let’s go and take a look at the one which is something we did a hundredokay so we did a hundred planets here to this account which is this is also um bitmart this isactually pit i believe yeah so you can see right here this is their algorithm address and if we goto where all their planets are all right so this is where they moved all their planets so there’swhat 2 million eighteen thousand six hundred fifty three planets here this is where my 9971 planetsare sitting and i need them to send that to me damn it i need it but this is that transactionwhere they asked me to do 100 planets to the brand-new pouch address to prove that this was comingfrom me so you can see here my address is d7l6 and then it ends in c7 z4 let’ s go back to thatinitial event transporting 9971 planets d7 l6 ending in c7 z4 i think we can all agree that thatis the same wallet address now what’s pissing me off is you can go to bitmart support and you canget down into a live chat which would be behind my flab heading now and it’ll put you in a clue to talkto someone i’ve been hitting them at the business hours and formerly they see that it’s me and my emailthey immediately close the chat and send me a generic email on paces that there is a requirement to make nextand they just don’t give me any responses and so i met their telegram yesterday and i know there’sa lot of parties on telegram that like i contacted out to an actual admin on the telegram and then aa scammer that copied that admins reputation and did a different report reached out to me and i i wantedto record the whole conversation but they removed it as soon as i told like you know told him thejig is up which suctions but i’m still going to be aggressively pursuing my 3 500 that i need to getback because three thousand five hundred dollars if it was a hundred bucks okay penalty fifty bucksokay penalize hundred planets whatever fine i’m not going to sweat it but i’m going to be sweating3 500 specially if planet leaps up double in cost triple in price i have just been 3 500 sitting therewhich would then be 7 000 or like you know 10 000 doing good-for-nothing it’s pissing me off beyondbelief so if someone at bitmart is watching this you have all the information in the datathat you’ve requested and i’ve to be presented to you “youve said” 1 to 15 freaking eras and it’s now been amonth and six periods get your[ __] together i sent you the proof anywho that’s gonna do it for metoday people the video got a little long-winded and a little ranty i’m kind of sorry but we’re tryingto make some tides and get parties at bitmart to recognize the[ __] that’s going on sorry idropped the s-bomb twice i know a lot of people have to be like this is what you get for usingthe central fronts exchange well it’s like but this was really my exclusively option and at the timedecember 5th i wasn’t familiar with tiny man which i’m kind of glad it wasn’t because theni’d there are also some publication and liquidity locked up over there from their hacker but it this iscrypto it is what it is it’s a situation where don’t be afraid to invest or exploit whateveryou’re not willing to lose if i do lose the 3 500 i’m going to be a little butt hurtabout it but at the end of the day i moved it over there knowing the risk ofthe game it’s just it is what it is if you’re doing the crypto infinite this stuff unfortunatelyhappens there’s nonsense you can prevent like a scammer reaching out to me on telegram and mewasting his time and having fun with it saying that they were bitmart support and i knew theyweren’t and they never would reach out to you that channel but other things like this where yougo to a centralized exchange and it gets hacked is completely outside of your control but there isalways that risk so if you guys have any questions comments or concerns feel free to reach out to meon twitter or schism joins for that trash is in the description of this video otherwise thankyou for liking noting subscribing turning on that bell notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time

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