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Crypto Mining Strategy | What Are You Mining?

Welcome Wolf Pack Rabid now and today we’re gonnabe talking about crypto mining strategies what do i make by crypto mining programmes pretty muchexactly how it does sound what are you mining i want to know what are you guys mining areyou mining on gpus cpus you mining on asics and what silver are you quarrying on them are youfollowing the mainstream mine ethereum because it’s the most stable get everything you get beforeproof of stake does come into play or you are able to need something else for a potential bigger upturn inthe future let’s take a look at some figures and ascertain what everything’s looking at but again i wantto know what you guys are mining and why now i did say wolf pack at the beginning because i’m kindof looking for a name for us and our community you know it’s fanatic quarrying and we do have thewolf type so all you guys are essentially the wolf carry but let me know i do have the loyalrabid mining seam gathering i’d like to change that maybe to the wolf jam-pack let me know ifyou guys have better names for local communities let me know in specific comments you know we’ll doa vote on it on disagreement or something and then maybe i’ll change the steadfast rabbit mining overto whatever we do come up with and that’s what we’ll kind of call our community if you guys areinto something like that again let me know in the comments we’ll has come forward with a great word togetherhere we are on what to mind which is pretty much everyone’s go-to site when it comes to cryptomining and looking at advantages we’re sitting at a six poster 30 80 rig we’re gonna do a quickcalculate now see if anything did alter and certainly ethereum is number one and it has beenfor a very long time it’s very seldom that it does slip below one of the other coins now what mostpeople are currently mining yes ethereum other beings you know they may be mining ergo dependingon lhr placards now some lhr cards are presumably uh getting restriction on ergo even ravencoin atthat matter which is pretty crazy actually so it’s hard to say what future gpus are going tolook like when it comes to mining but right now ethereum is number one ethereum is the most minecoin when it comes to all the cryptos pretty much because it’s the most popular what moves it themost popular it’s being used all over the place it’s really easy to cash out every exchange prettymuch has it every pouch fundings it so it is wide range and used all throughout now what happensuh when it comes to say ergo if it moves up you are limited on exchanges when it comes to volumesyou’re limited on wallets everything’s not really used but again this is another newer project thata lot of people are mine and it actually exploits less ability so depending on your capability expenditure you may bemining ergo instead of ethereum for future additions because this coin could potentially see a biggerboom than ethereum can but again we do not know what’s going to happen in the future now probablythe biggest thing on everybody’s sentiment at this point is sometime next year presumably again itmay be extended we don’t really know but that is the transition of ethereum moving from proof ofwork over to proof of stake and a lot of a lot of these silvers are next front runners but they don’treally have the capacity to be able to support all the hash rate coming in from ethereum so here youcan see it’s saying 677 terahash i think when i actually look on the blockchain it’s a little over7 00 terahash now so we got an insane amount of hash proportion on ethereum now let’s just take a lookat ravencoin now for a immediate speciman at today’s marketplace it’s at twenty dollars and sixteen centsafter capability now january which is just a few months away we’re set to punch a halving here so we’regonna proceed from a five thousand block reward down to twenty five hundred so that’s a fifty percentdrop right here so you can see twenty dollars and sixteen cents we’re going to calculate thatwe are now sitting at eight dollars and twenty eight cents at the current earnings again yes uhprices should go up based on the having again it will depend how the crypto market is movingis bitcoin going up is bitcoin going down where we are actually in the market itself buttechnically if everything is going up ravencoin in theory should verify higher tolls which again wouldallow this to become a little more profitable now let’s say ethereum does move over to proof ofstake now we’re going to look at a maybe we could see 15 to 16 epoches the hash rate coming onto say ravencoin so we’re going to use this for a quick lesson and when we looked at ergo becauseyou pretty much double your hash frequencies at 50 of the hash rate coming in so ergo would virtually belike ages 25 to epoches 30 the hash rate coming in and then but that’s a different calculationon that zone so we’re going to go seasons five and remember we could see potentially 16 timesthe hash rate coming in and this is just a five times test so we’re gonna look at 530 by 630 ofthe difficulty so this is a five times increase now on six by thirty eighties we are losinga dollar 22 so that’s pretty insane again uh the whole thing could come into play whereyou know the price could dramatically jump up so if that’s the case how much higher can thisactually extend you may be better off mining ravencoin right now while the block reinforces that 5000 beforeall the hash rate affects because look right here we are only mining where is it we’re getting it’ssaying 22 coins per period approximation where previously now we’re getting 224 coppers per day estimateso should you mine it now and maybe find a course bigger jump in price in the future or do you keepmining ethereum this is a strategy mining towards the future you are better off mining ravencornright now if you really do think that price is going to jump up as much as it is because if ravencoin hittings goes 10 experiences 15 periods and ethereum perhaps becomes two or three times again like you’relooking at like what’s ethereum at right now 24 2500 3 000 so say it goes to 6 000 it is therefore goes to 9000. That looks pretty high 9 000 ethereum’s gonna be insane but that’s only like a two or threetimes increase now ravencoin has to go to at least a dollar to be fairly productive that’s alreadylike a hours four or five right there so you’re better off mining ravencoin for the same timeprediction it’s another strategy again everyone attentions their own way now same thing we are only talkedabout ravencoin follows into ergo as well now ergo i’m not 100 sure how the bond is actuallyworking it’s supposed to be a mixture between like bitcoin uh ethereum and a privacy coin all in oneso it’s got like the three pluses all wrapped up into one coin and it’s at the fast track its wholething in motion now it’s all also being integrated by the ledger a lot of exchanges are picking thisthing up so it’s coming up and moving with pretty good and fast momentum so who knows what is on thehorizon for us another bonus it consumes less supremacy than say ethereum and certainly a lot more lesspower than ravencoin so this is a very efficient coin to mine but likewise um on top of that whatcan it do so it has an eight time lifespan now by lifespan i don’t mean it’s gonna die in eightyears what i mean is it’s fast track it’s using the same having it’s using the same way everythingon bitcoin is supposed to do and so formerly it’s once the actual thing started so i think it startedlike a year or two ago and it’s set to have an eight time minting lifespan so by the end ofeight years it’s fast tracking every two years i think it’s going to do a having by the end of allit’s having in eight years from the initial start all the coins is likely to be minted and then it willonly be events on the network so that is the point when you could potentially watch the highestprices that’s what bitcoin is leading up to it keeps having it gets harder and harder to get thatcoin and eventually all the bitcoin will be minted and it will only be transactions that is the timewhen bitcoin who are familiar with could affect a million dollars could hit higher than a million we have no ideawhat could happen but as everything comes harder and harder to get then ultimately it delivers morevalue and all is its expenditure and it goes up ergo is one of those it has designated the fast track andright now it has not understand a halving or anything more so do you sentiment this now for the future profitsinstead of again ethereum or instead of ravencoin could ergo verify possible higher advantages thanravencoin again another crypto mining approach that is mining for the future of what you couldget today you can get a lot more coins now than what we’re going to do sometime next year so doyou swap over do you not swap over do you continue on earth and hopefully it goes to the moon ordo you do the large-hearted gamble what if proof of stake kind of destroys it crypto miners do raising alot of value to a coin and by appreciate i intend a lot of use so buying selling mining it selling itusing it to buy more gear that’s going to producing a lot more use to these silvers and potentially appreciate alot more value as well uh crypto mining strategy let me know what do you guys mind and do anythingthese things look legit that conducts me to another strategy cpu mining now we’ve been going over andshowing you how to mine raptorium on said cpus for the last couple daylights now and raptorium hasstill been checking some delightful price increases so uh on my six 3900 x rig because i’m making 9251 rtm per period which works out to be 29.55 per date cpu mining for only 97 watts per cpu so it is veryefficient as well as long as you adjust your cpu right but there is a issue when it comes to rtm asit’s fairly brand-new uh there’s not very many wallets for it it is getting more accommodated zelcor you cannow get a wallet for raptorium through zeldcore but stock exchanges aren’t quite there and neitheris the volume now by magnitude i intend a lot of people accommodating the silver not too many actually buyingand selling the coin so if say you uh want to go sell a big lump chum this a lump sum of yourraptorium and uh you know there’s not too many beings selling it or anything you may not may notbe able to actually sell your raptorium therefore it’s not worth anything because you can’t sellit’s just to stay here so that could potentially be a misfortune but again neat brand-new assignment it doessee some plus coming into it and there’s supposed to be no like smart contracts and everything beingadded in so who knows one or two years down the road maybe it’ll be adapted by a lot more exchanges alot more people and a lot more purses and it’ll came to see you more light-colored and more beings will be buyingit which does actually add to the volume and you will be able to cash out sooner on top of thatcash out for more because the price will be higher potentially we all hope so i am still currentlymining this coin the difficulty has been going up the difficulty on this silver as you can see nowhas been almost at 10 mega hash up to nine coming back down so generally when i was mining and i wasactually getting those remunerations of a bit over 9 000 per era we were only sitting at a maybe fiveto six mega hash stray so i actually removed down i’m in various regions of the 8 000 per daytime distinguish now this doessay uh 3769 guessed per daytime but that’s because it’s always switching algorithms so this couldjump up to 14 000 down to 2000 so you can’t go by this at least on this kitty but uh so i am down toprobably in the about 8 000 per epoch wander now so i am noticing a discontinue because this hash charge isdefinitely picking up on the network preparing it more difficult a lot more people are starting tomind this but again i’m mining this for the future i’d like to get up you know maybe a million coinsor something if raptorium ever makes one two horses “youve never” know crypto is crypto you know it’sa nice cash and again that will merely come into play if i’m able to sell it if i can’t sell itthen you know then it’s worthless i will not be able to do it so you got to keep that in mind onnewer projects as well moving into the future if you think they have potential then we’re all forit more exchanges start choosing it and using it then you know there will be more volume thereand you’ll be able to cash out easier uh there’s some other silvers out here plainly everythingfollows the same type of rules you either mine for the current prices and you know you’re payingyour power each day each month whatever or you’re mining for the future like i said there’s lotsof other huge coppers that are looking pretty good and all the profits now as of 1559 and everythingeverything is starting to look fairly close to being fruitful now all we have to kindof look for is what could see potentially the highest future gains now i don’t reallylike talk about conflicts too much not anymore when they first came out they were likebeginning of last year mid last year sometime they were pretty rewarding in mining exceedingethereum at times but then they said they predicted they predicted for no having or anything withintwo years and we are really 75 did and say you know it was a community vote so they came outsaid all miners no we will not be having for at least x amount of years and then they straightout went over and over have their coppers so that dramatically lowered all the profitabilityin their silver now the government has seen some delightful runs but again said here today that runs up the first a lotof people do move over to it they say oh new silvers in first place let’s mine it now thatcould hurt yourself long term so depending how you are mining the coin and how the puddle is doing itspayouts and everything liquidate per share or ppl and s or whatever you kind of have a log built up inthe back and if you be disposed of that and you got to build it up on another kitty now by the time couplehours goes by very and you actually have it built up that copper could have put and now you’re justbuilding up you gotta swap back again and start all over again so you could be losing out tryingto shoot that actual silver and another thing a lot of people like to mine on nice hash because itgoes by offers now by offers parties bid for your hash superpower and then it swaps it to the algorithm thatthey’re paid under to get their coppers out of now that could potentially be bad because if too manypeople do move over to nice hash then person with a deep pockets and they want to attack a networkcould make that hash charge fill a single network and attack one of these by having over 51 percentthe hash frequency on a network it has been done multiple times in the past through cavalier sashso that’s another thing to look out for you could potentially be part of a 51 affect if you use nicehash and if a great deal enough beings do actually move on to that platform so a little thing to keep inthe back your president over mining a copper directly yourself all right chaps so that pretty much doessum up this video a little of crypto quarrying approach again what are you guys head i just wentto like pretty much the top three silvers i didn’t go through a whole bunch of in-depth material butlet me know in the comments uh what you’d like to look at what are you mining i would really liketo know and what kind of silvers and appraises do you potentially see increasing in the future uh allangles are welcome so i’m really curious to hear thanks for watching guys and loot it out thankyou for watching everyone if you haven’t please comment subscribe and like this video as well ascheck out one of these other videos if you have not seen it more i do try to stream every saturdayand sunday so keep aria for more future content

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