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Deeper Mining First 7 day results – Are we going to be rich??

here at nerdy buster we have our handsin a assortment of different ways to mine we’ve got our helium miners we’ve got our littleasic hms miner pretty soon we’re going to have our planet watch miner and we’re likewise miningalgorand not true mining algorithm we’re just selling our hash power and being paid out theprofits of algorithm so with that we also are doing the deeper which we’re really hesitantto do but we’re glad we did so stay adjusted nerdy buster stuff today’s beer of the day is calledpaid in full this is brought to you by modest guy brewing out in keene brand-new hampshire this is a dipa7. 6 booze by volume heavy notations of galaxy strata and citra hop-skips most of the double ipas and thehazies are doing a lot of citra hop-skips really because of the fruit aromas and flavors they bring out butthey also have a bit of citrus some grapefruit and some passion fruit mouth feel to it as well cheersto you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrencyand all that good nonsense if this is your first time finding my channel delight take a moment toconsider hitting that subscribe button and turning on that bell notification as we announce videos weeklyand we’ll be doing a stream tomorrow which we stream every monday but it might be a little bitlater so make sure you have that buzzer icon touched so that way you can stay up to date and you can joinus as we are speaking of optimal helium mining system placements live on stream and we take a look atwhat you got and we go from there now we were very very very exceedingly reluctant to get into the deepernetwork and we had gone through a lot of issues getting initially set up and you are familiar with staking andtoday we are going to go over exactly what our locateds are the numbers that we have i know we’vedone this in a greater detail in a previous video but this is a upshots video so we’re going tohave a little bit of a refresher of what we have how much credit orchestrate we have and then we’re goingto jump into the hard-handed outcome of our deeper mining and i got to say now that everything has been setand locked up i truly enjoy the fact that i have placed this and forget it i don’t even look at ituntil like you know two or three days extend there i have the little deeper mini device on my dresserin my office next to my router and as long as that little tie-in sunlight for the ethernet port ison i don’t even think about it whereas on helium i always pull up my phone and i’m like pulling upmy miners and i’m checking on the garage on the green light and i’m making sure that they’remining every single day whereas with deeper i literally just got to plug it in i ventured mytokens and i don’t even looked at or think twice about it so we’re going to show all that is wehave we’re going to give you a quick refresher and then we’re going to look at our actual brass nolike brass tacks the numbers how much deeper token that we have and we’ll move from there so let’sjump over to the computer screen as of right now deeper is sitting at about 10 cents precisely reticent of10 and a half pennies and it’s pretty much a good enter top if you are on the fence about thisplatform i got in when it was between 11 to 12 cents and certainly the best place to go and getyour dpr tokens is going to be on mexi it’s an exchange link is it for this in the descriptionand you’re going to save yourself a good deal on the fees so what we discontinued up doing was we picked up2 1 267 deeper off of mexi when we got into this and the reason why i say 267 additional to the 21000 is because that was the minimum to withdraw the mix withdraw from mexi to our meta maskwallet so this is where we got our deeper this is where i recommend link is in the description it’scurrently on the pairs of dpr.usdt sitting around a dime per clue so not too too bad right hereis the main link up screen where we set up our our pocketbook address we set up our serialnumber for our miner and we set up our deeper uh order pouch as well formerly that’s all lockedin we gave the staking amount that we want and you can see here that we have 21 000 dpr staked for acredit tally of 300. Why exactly did we do 21 000 deeper because right now we wanted to buy as muchcredit as maybe that we could afford and so we kept ourselves up to 20 000 and then the additional1 000 differ deeper when we went to stake is to get our miner ahead of the one month waitlist to beadded to the blockchain now once again you guys can do all this completely organic and not devote asingle chip of anything in deeper you can just buy your your mini your nano and you guys genesis iswhatever um you can buy the mini or the nano and merely plug those in and cause them guided so you’llhave one month before that gets added to the blockchain and then you’ll have to build yourcredit score to the minimum of a hundred deeper or a hundred naturally which will make you2 00 daytimes because right now when you have your mini or your deeper maneuver plugged in andyou’re uploading and sharing 10 megabits a epoch you have to do two days to one megabit so that’s2 divided by 200 to get to a approval compose of 100 so that’ s 200 days whatever that’s how the math isso you can do this all altogether organic and exactly plug it in and forget it as well you don’t haveto time any of the stake you don’t have to do any of the deeper purchasing and transmitting andgas fees and so on or you could play around and hear what tier that you want so the baseminimum to get yourself the credit score needed to mine starting immediately is likely to be 6000 deeper ifyou want to just wait a month and you don’t care it’s 5 000 deeper or if you want to skip thewaiting line and then start your 200 -day journey naturally then you just buy thousands and thousands of deeperyou stake a thousand you get your deeper device on the blockchain quicker and you get going sameday so what we did was we bought 12 20 000 deeper plus thousands and thousands of and that is yielding us rightnow current deeper price of 10 and a half cents of about two dollars a day ultimately it’s givingus 19.18 deeper because certainly hopefully when this programme propels like and exits like sky high-pitched wecould start looking at potentially perhaps helium multitudes and that would be retirement stages rightthere so after i have everything staked you are familiar with with that observation being said if i decide towithdraw my 20 000 deeper at the end of its uh nine month round it’s going to quit my creditscore back to i’m pretty much going to fall down to 100 because i already have my organic expansion soi’ll be at 100 and if we’re looking at 20 a token and we’re getting 2.75 a epoch that’s still like 5060 or like you know 50 horses a era if the clue costs go to like helium stages otherwiseif not we would just leave ourselves at the 300 credit compose which after ninemonths is likely to be situated at the 400 approval value get ourselves 32.88 deeper a date so lookingat our design now we have everything all set up now i am actually i am connected to and i namedyeah you could probably see it i referred my structures different things so this one is uh the deepernetwork so that road i know when i link my wi-fi to my wi-fi i am connecting to my deeperdevice i used can pull up the screen and go and look at the stats now that’s whatyou’re going to do is go into your ip address on a machine that is connected to the network thatyour deeper network is on and sort or and then you’re going to go intoa login name or i believe the initial password is the username is admin and the password isminer and then of course you want to switch that immediately so i’ve switched mine so i’vegot everything all set up here i pretty much have it plug and disappear i’ve been doing fairly welli haven’t changed any locates or controlled any of the megabits that i’ve been sharing i’vejust been telling it do its basi minimum so we’re going to pull up our deeper mining andeverything now just so we can restrain taking a look all right so you can see here we have actuallybeen officially mining for one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so we’ve been having wehad our minor set up for the past ten days we’ve already received our payout for today you couldsee right here 926 we received that about 39 33 minutes ago which was awesome and you can see it’sthat 19.178 which we can round it up to 19.18 that the calculator shows that we are earning for ourcredit score we go into our mining our po proof of credit mining let’s let this consignment now well that’sof course what we just did let’s go to our billfold there was another place where i wanted to showthat i could do the uh yeah right here so this is what we’ve got for our total balance of dpr is 190 so at the current price of 190.737 165 seasons time extent okay let’s be stupid all right times i fat thumbed it of course um 0.105 we’re looking at already in the past certainly ifwe’re mining two dollars a day and this is at the current price we are looking at 20 in the past 10 eras and yeah we’re making more helium quarrying but helium mining we always have to fidget with it wehave to finagle and we have to sync it with the blockchain and make sure we have the best antennaand blah blah blah but this we can time specified and forget which has been excellent so you see herethat our approval orchestrate is currently at 300 i know i would rather prefer it simply be what we’re at 10 periods now i’d rather i would prefer it to say 305 and i know it is a display featurethat they are going to be working on but as of right now your organic ascribe scoregrowth won’t present until you are going to the next tier so unless they stir that update within the next1 80 yeah 190 daytimes i won’t see my credit value increase until it actually officially makes 400 and then it’ll go up but it’d be really cool within the next 190 days to see it say like 315317 329 369 and then like you know 399 and then boom then we hit the 400 credit score not thatit does got anything to our rewards until we affect that 400 recognition compose and then you can see heremy daily traffic shared the minimum that it is necessary to do is 10 megabits but you envision mine prettymuch is showing about 32.05 megabits and then with that deeper miner being plugged in withthe 32 that i’m showing today it is consuming um a 19 megabits which is generally probably wheni turn my work laptop on and do the work and then i kind of close it and travel from there and let itsit there organically so i haven’t really farted around any other the places now you knowyou can go in and take a look at uh everything that the traffic that’s coming in what exactlythe system is i believe traffic will show you everything that’s been blocking and every yepyou can see everything and the links and all the stuff that your dpn is essentially doingfor you so it’s very extremely awfully clever now i do want to say something about this where if youare looking at playing things like or gamble savagery and you’re using a dpn maneuver when you goto log into those platforms since they’re not the since like finances are not binance betfury is nolonger really accessible available to us residents um if you go to login it’ll say that they requireyou to unplug your vpn device before you can log in so i don’t use bet fury when i’m on my deepernetwork uh wi-fi slash network i use that on my regular one and then i use hawksvpn to getin there so that’s just something to taken into account if you are trying to utilizeyour dpn device for some of these pulpits that have gotten ahead of the arc and will say makesure you deactivate your deactivate your invention before you log in that’s because they’re tryingto see if you’re a us occupant going in there whereas hawks vpn time kind of like slips througheverything which is just awesome and stupendous so particularly very happy to see that but like i said youknow we don’t have to fiddle around or anything we just plug this in and we can neverlook at this screen again we can go an entire nine months and never look here justbecause they don’t actually have a withdrawal opportunity on the pocketbook just yet you knowwe go into wallet manager now we can like you know do a change and everything well actually ibelieve we can now i believe this we can actually transfer it out to our wallet address or send itto this one or a meta mask up now so it looks like that was new when i was originally fartingaround with it that was the okay was blurred out so we’ll have to try that on another video tosend that out not that we have any reason to until the sign premium mounts up to like two threefour five dollars so we will have to see there any who that’s gonna do it for me today guys ifyou obligated it this far and you haven’t subscribed delight take a second to consider turning on thatsubscription once again and uh reaching that bell notification just so you can stay up to date withour weekly videos and our monday stream every week other than that if you have any questions commentsor concerns delight feel free to reach out to me on call telegram dissension preferably discordbecause i’m not really a huge fan of telegram i do have it but i don’t have a group for nerdy dudestuff set up but all that stuff is in the link of this video otherwise like observation subscribeturn on the buzzer notification all that good nonsense i’m opry’s and we’ll see you guys next time iknow the beer thing isn’t really definitely for everyone but that’s just kind of my shtick andit’s just who i am and i’m not trying to sell you guys any beer but one of my subscribers did ask mewhere i get so many different unique and fun beers and this is where i get it it’s from beer dropmy wife come this for me as a subscription for my birthday it’s essentially a box that comes oncea month you select the style of beer that you experience you supplement it to your cease list you canchange your subscription rank ranks based on how much brew you want to get each month rightnow i only get five beers but i just got two of each and if you want to join you can saveyourself ten 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