Deeper Network AMA #4 with CMO Eric Ma - 11/16/2021 - BEST HELIUM MINER

Deeper Network AMA #4 with CMO Eric Ma – 11/16/2021

it’s uh very exciting and we are actuallystarting i think now it’s already started about four hours ago five hours ago uhthere’s a huge event going on kucoin so if you’re not a coupon member uh you might wantto sign up there’s 50 000 u.s dollars in dpr as a giveaway for three different types of activitiesand most of them all involve kind of trading dpr so you know as uh coin being a centralizedexchange uh it’s much cheaper to purchase um dpr on a centralized exchange versus uh the currentoption which is uh unfortunately uniswap which is extremely expensive but uh we are looking foruh working towards the solution on that and the first one is to integrate on finance smart chaini don’t know if you guys follow me on twitter i just uh today announced that on my twitter andwe are getting close to the uh integration and then we are going to also move towards uh stakingon finance smart chain so i think that as a whole will not only save everyone fees but it will alsoum save everyone from having to spend a lot of money to stake so the entry barrier will loweras well so that is another good news um the pico launch has been was very successful and is stillgoing on kickstarter and for those of you that don’t know what the pico is it is ournewest generation of the deeper connect device and for the record it does mineand for the record all of our devices mine including the minis and the nanos and there is nosuch thing as consumer device anymore and to be honest i’ll say it right here uh that was honestlyjust a small test it was a we were trying to see um how many people were actually interested in theum a device that didn’t mind so it was kind of an experiment and we got you know data from that anduh for those lucky few i guess who purchased them um you can go ahead and and stake and mine withthat so uh it was really an experiment and people who bought it didn’t hurt them they just savedmoney you know but uh we didn’t want it to be like you know telling people this is an experimentobviously so it was kind of a blind experiment um but you know all this talk about consumeredition and mining edition there’s no such thing it’s just all mining edition now on kickstarterit doesn’t say anything about mining because kickstarter doesn’t allow uh crypto so obviouslymining is crypto so we cannot mention anything on that but the pico does mine okay and um there istalks in the community that it’s not recommended that people use the pico to mine and thatis somewhat true um only because the pico is designed for its portability so people who go outto cafes to public libraries use it at airports you know going to hotels that’s all public wi-fivery dangerous okay so having this device will not only allow you to connect safely but it alsoallows you uh you know continue to have dpn usage the option to use that as well as people aroundyou they could connect to the pico as well european if they have your password you could giveit to them and then yeah and you can use it and it does actually work on why um on hotspot on yourcell phone as well so that’s a that’s another plus so with that said uh you know people whowant to buy the pico for being on the road um that’s great perfect for you if you’re buyingit to mine then i wouldn’t carry it around with you because obviously when you’re carrying itaround usually you’re disconnected from the internet so what i would suggest is that youbuy two you have one for the portable aspect you know traveling and then you buy the second oneto keep at home and you plug it in just like you do with the mini or the nano just you know withthe wires and everything you can try the one arm if you want but i mean the pico you know regardingthe current basic mining rules and rewards it’s the same and the barrier in terms of like howmuch you have to share is only 10 megabytes a day and as long as you share 10 megabytes a day uhevery two days you will receive one credit score okay so that’s really good um you know itactually saves money but obviously there is some uh challenges with pico it’s not youknow uh compatible with the helium um actually the official name is the deepernetwork hmt miner it’s not compatible with that the other thing is the amount of ram that it hasas well as um the speed okay so the download on it is only 100 megabytes so having the speed belimited in the future if you know things change um it could affect mining rewards but for now i don’tsee that as an issue for the over you know for the next year in terms of that but at the sametime uh people who use it they might be gaming so download speeds uh might be really importantto some people but a hundred megabytes per second uh that’s plenty uh i i know so many peoplewho have internet at home that’s less than a hundred so you know 60 megabytes per second umall that so you know i don’t that my house i mean at the office it’s a lot faster but at my house ihave a hundred megabytes per second and actually when you test it on speed test it’s actuallyyou know probably 60 it maxes out at 60 so the pico is plenty plenty powerful for that okayso that’s kickstarter uh what else is going on um let’s see let me just check this real quick so much going on so we talked about cuecoin talked about the oh okay yes of course so the deeper network hnt miner um it is nowavailable for pre-order on our shop website so the website is and um theprice a lot of flack i’m receiving a lot of uh you know negative feedback on the price at 5.99everyone’s complaining it’s really expensive why is it so expensive you guys are price gougingbut look it it’s the price we set you know if you look at the the price of the the mini andand the other devices in the pico we could be you know easily tacking 100 200 on top of thatpeople are saying like dude why don’t you back up the price for the mini look we’re trying to youknow create mainstream adoption with our devices so with the mini you know if we jack it up to fivesix hundred dollars which people would still pay for uh you know what only the crypto peoplewill pay for it but you know our device we’re starting with the pico for instance same thing ifwe jack it up to 249 people might still pay for it but consumer wise on the mainstream you knowmainstream consumers they’re they don’t know what we are and actually if we’re comparing cybersecurity devices and then also looking at vpn like we have to stay at a certain price rangein order for it to actually gain traction so we don’t want to shoot ourselves in the foot byover pricing stuff and at the same time i think it’s important for us to keep the price low forthe community as well we’re not out there to press scout but just because h t the h t minor comesout to be 5.99 people think with price gouging the reason for that is because the chip if there’sthree sets of ships that makes every lower antenna and not only that it’s not only the chip that’ssuper uh low supply right now on in the world um we cannot you know when the supply goesdown it drives the prices up and right now uh the prices are like a hundred timesfrom his from its lows like a hundred times the price and you know people are sayingwell how did vintage get you know make it and it’s so cheap and all that well it’s becausethey ordered that stuff probably from a way back and it was cheaper back then but if you look atthe chip prices now super expensive and not only is it just a board it’s just you know don’t seeit as just an extension it’s a full miner you know it’s a full node miner so it’s a full hotspotit’s just that it’s built on top of our tech and it’s connected to our device in order forit to work that doesn’t make it you know any less powerful than any other indoor antenna okayso at 599 honestly there’s not much money to be made there and we have uh cost for manufacturingwe have warehouses we have distribution we have research you know and all the all the um officespaces we have there’s a lot of bills that we need to pay here so you know we are at in no wayprice gouging and i would never allow for that and 5.99 right now that’s the price becausethat’s how much it really costs you know we’re not making much there at all but we are hopingthe price comes down as time goes on with with the chipsets coming down in price but for nowwe don’t see that happening and in order to meet these requirements we’re actually purchasing itum at a little bit higher price so we can get it earlier otherwise there’s like a 36 weekwait or 40 40 week wait on it you know so um i just hope everyone would calm down youknow i’m not forcing anybody to buy it and you got to remember too um with the you know a lot ofpeople say oh you you know you totally tricked us you know you you have the uh made us buy the miniand then now you jack up the prices on the helium antenna you know we’re not trying to trick anybodyhere you can mine dpr with your mini and if you want to mine and do a mine do you buy the antennafor the helium you could do a mine you can mine them dpr and helium at the same time if you feellike the helium is overpriced then do what kevin’s doing go buy a minted or go buy it elsewhere andthat’s fine we’re not going to force you to buy any of that you know later when the price comesdown great come back and and buy one for for i don’t know whatever the price would be you knowi’m hoping it would go down to to the original 399 or something like that which at that time uhat the prices of the the chipset that’s what it was estimated at you know why else would we wantwould we write on the uh helium hip 19 application to be 3.99 it was actually calculated out at thetime the chips and everything were much cheaper and this is just like anything computer-wise inthe world you know ram jacks up the prices you know like like because supply goes down rightyou have graphics cards it goes up you know the wazoo in terms of prices same thing with thesechips there’s a huge chip shortage around the world right now and this is why companies liketsmc and these huge intel chick makers they’re making tons and tons of money because there’s ashortage and they’re able to jack up the prices you know so somebody was funny enough on mytwitter to say well then you just get it you know you tell them to lower the prices and you canbuy it at a lower price i mean are you kidding me what kind of comment is that you know who iswho’s gonna i guess they don’t understand the concept of like of of uh supply and demandyou know uh when the supply is down i mean when the demand is high the supply goes down it’svice versa so you can’t it’s not how it works so i’m sorry i got a little bit you know umexcited there on the on the helium antenna so that is that okay um we also have a you knowas more and more people join the network we also are integrating with zendesk and zendeskis the best customer service ticket ticketing um software out there so we are currently integratingi’m very happy with the progress and as one of the first steps uh we’ve added an ai answer bot onour website so if you go to our website on the bottom right hand corner you can actually askfor help there okay so it’s a great way a lot of times it’ll point you to your answer without evenhaving to interact with a customer service agent uh other times if it needs to interact then uhwe’ll make sure we get your info and then we will answer your question as soon as somebody comesonline okay so that’s available so that’s another place for everyone to ask questions and um i thinkthat is it for now in terms of uh current updates i think more importantly is answering yourguys’s questions and interacting with you guys so if anybody wants wants to raise their handi’m gonna go ahead and and chat with you guys hi i have no hand wave option here can i aska question sure no problem i just placed an order for two hmt miners but it didn’t give methe option to select the country so i assume the shipping of this is america i’m gonna get theamerican one right good thank you for reminding me actually commodore um this right now the only onesthat are available on sale is the us devices okay so it’s only available it only works in the unitedstates it does not work in canada yet because uh we haven’t gotten approval for canada so eventhough they’re the same wavelength and everything it’s only approved for u.s okay and then alot of people have been asking about europe uh we are currently approved for the us andchina and europe will probably most likely be next that’s because that’s one of the biggest uhregions so we are working step by step in you know in uh in approving these and you knowmore more regions hopefully we’ll join in the future this is just the beginningand um yeah so right now only off us axi all right any other questions deeper network is coming yes that iscoming as well uh we want to make sure that uh number one people can trade on taxes cheaplytherefore finance smart chain we also will have the initial bridge will be from ethereum tobinance marching okay and that will allow us to actually uh move most of the liquidity overfrom unit swap over to bse we want to make sure there’s plenty of liquidity there for everyoneand uh on top of that of course the low fees it’s about 1 100 the fee on finance marchingso we’ve tested it it works very well and um as far as other bridges go from buying a smartchain over to deeper chain that would probably be next because what that will allow peopleto do is um you know uh bridge over their mining rewards from the deeper chain andi think that’s important for people to you know freely do that to uh spend theirmoney rewards or do whatever they want with it okay gonzalo thank you yeah thank you thankyou roswell my question is regarding the pico since deeper pico is orientedhow will people do the micro payments how will micro payments be dealt with sincethey require the pr to pay for tunneling um well just like any otherdevice right so you have the pico you are um you can share your bandwidthuh let’s see so as a a device that is not sharing bandwidth you’re not earningdpr but you can use dpn so by using dpn um you have to have some dpn that’s rightso what i would encourage people to do is well the first thing is by sharing yourbandwidth you are a node on the network so when you do that you could actually earnsome vpn if you’re on the chain of course so right now um the pico whenthey let’s see when they get it you are using it for cyber security andthen also when you’re using the dpn you will need micropayments so i i i get that ericbut for example we if you get a mini and i imagine for the pico is going to be the sameyou you receive it with zero dpr once you stake we receive two dprs to pay for the heartbeat andand now the micro payments are down to 0.2 dpr right per tunnel so if i’m a consumer who hasno idea of crypto and i want to use this for cyber security and vpn i don’t really care aboutmining i’m not gonna buy dpr i’m not gonna stay so how how am i gonna pay for thistunnels if i don’t have dpr on my account absolutely that’s that’s a great question idon’t have an answer for that right now it’s uh pretty silly for me not to have a answer idon’t actually haven’t thought about that but uh there is an answer and and i will umget an answer and i will post it on my twitter as soon as i can yeah because because some ofus were talking about this and we had like maybe i know it’s just ideas we were talking about maybedeeper is going to have a bag like an account for all these and pay for the tunnels or maybe ormaybe the consumer will have to pay with fiat on deeper website like for like a ten dollaryearly or something like that for three years and and deeper will transfer this dpr to uh to theirdevice i don’t know something like that maybe well the pico is advertised as uh no subscription um in terms of you know vpn or dpn sothat’s one of the the selling points so this has been thought about i surprisinglydon’t have the answer i i’ve been so busy i overlooked this so i i will be more preparedand i have an answer for this um on twitter as soon as i can thank you for thequestion gonzalo let me write that one down okay all right uh next question ialready wrote that one down so um regarding the bridge i’m guessingwe will fill out the pony the gas made from aetherium to bridge our coins over intobainan when it’s set up but then the other question is will there be a break directlyfor those who are mining with the jonathan to be able to basically bridge directlyto their bmb network instead of going yeah it’s going to be a bridge fromethereum to binding smart chain and then there were some some noisebefore i couldn’t really hear but uh and then after um we will work on a bridgefrom finance smart chain over to deeper chain is that what you ask yeah so for example i’ve gota genesis minor and i don’t want to be bridging over from the deeper network to ethereum and paythe gas fees and then bridge again oh absolutely that’s why that’s why so there’ll be a straightbridge from the atom os to bnb just a straight so it’s a cheaper transaction it’s not atom os it’sactually deeper chain it’s our own native chain so that would be next after bridging from ethereumyeah no it wouldn’t make sense for you guys to bridge from ethereum and then back over yeah fromdeeper chain to ethereum and then ethereum to finance marching that would be silly uh what kindof time scale is there on that on the bridge from well for the bridge and the integration with thefinance smart chain and then we’ll be able to purchase epr on pancake swap that will hopefullybe let’s see what is hopefully by the end of the month okay so i’m pushing for that and as faras the chain between deeper wall a deeper chain and finance marching i don’t know um that is nextwe haven’t started on that yet so whenever we’re fully you know integrated and the bridge is setbetween ethereum ethereum and finance smart chain then we’re going to get started on that as soonas possible so i don’t have a date for that but end of the month we’re shooting for uh pancakeswap and binding smart chain and the bridge thank you thank you good question good night i um yeah so i have twinnerum what you guys are doing on your end to ensure that executive notes can have bettercontrol on what access is made through those notes and at the same time if you canadd wild cards to the filters will be easier wild cards yes something like a wild card fora certain domain so you can block like everything that is like orwhatever if you can put the wildcard before okay are you talking about the web filter that’suh great the blacklist okay you guys know that’s live right the the web filter and the blacklistso now uh when you put a website on the blacklist and you turn on your web filter uh that actuallybinds to your ip so when you’re actually you know surfing the internet and uh where people are usingyou know they they use your node uh to surf the internet do whatever they can’t actually go to theuh the ip address i’m sorry to the web addresses that are binded to your ip so that is live nowso that is the first step we are uh working on the ic note i know a lot of people have broughtthat up um i have not had a chance to to speak the devs on what they’re doing regardingthe uh the exit nodes so i think right now you know i think uh to get an ip locally firstand then uh jumping out into you know different country uh so that that exit node is not you itwould be somebody else um i think that could be a solution but i have i got to talk to the devs onthat with regarding to exit node that’s uh it is important but with all the current uh integrationsand a lot of things we’re kind of um super busy so that is on the uh you know back burner butit is something that we will work on for sure i just wanted to know if this is something thatyou are looking to appreciate your answer yes i think it’s really important a lot of people bringthat up so definitely thank you for the question i’m sorry i’ve been sick recently so if i cough question here hey cj um will the binanceuh dpr coin be available um on google yes it’s already it’s already uh integrated andwe’ve talked to gate io and we want to integrate on on a lot of the centralized exchanges that werelisted on but we made sure that kucoin um since it’s one of the bigger exchanges and kucoin justso everyone knows uh we are not considering it tier one uh it’s a very very good exchange but wesee it as a as a as a stepping stone to tier one and the exchanges we see as tier onewhich is our our main goal to get on um you know within the next three to sixmonths is uh binance um coinbase ftx uh hobie and also okay ex okay so these are the fivethat we consider tier one and we’re working very hard to to go there so with the cool coinlisting we’re one step closer and uh we want to make sure that they can support erc20 be p20and ultimately we will migrate everything over to the deeper chain and we will make sure allthe cex’s are integrated as well and that would be the ultimate you know situation for us becausethat would be the lowest fee and the the one that works best with our entire blockchain so yesright now as soon as the integration is done a cool coin will support it they already knowthey have our contract numbers and everything thanks cj thank you any other concerns or questions regarding to support if i may you said the zen desk is going to beimplemented um what is the time frame we’re looking at because i have three outstandingissues one of them is going back two months and while your current support is over whatcan i do here because sure what what is um i mean i don’t want to do this over the phone iguess like i want to help you i’m actually tempted to ask you what your issue is so i can try to helpyou over over the call right now but i don’t know well uh when is it gonna be integrated assoon as possible we just had a call today to to look at some final uh you know settingsand stuff and our next thing is we’re going to be um the whole team is going to be testing it andwe’re going to set up some macros on it uh so that you know we can deal with the ticketing betterand how to assign it to different people um this is why we need to have zendesk and we knewthat as we started to grow and you know zendesk it takes a while to integrate and also talk tothe you know the whole company and everything so um it’s because we need to to not you know havetickets be forgotten and stuff and it’s really easy i mean when you have hundreds of emailshundreds of hundreds i mean sometimes like over a weekend we have like two or three hundredemails in there um it makes it really difficult to keep track of um with our current system so iapologize you know to everyone who’s been waiting to get their questions answered i try to helpout as much as i can through my own telegram um you know with people asking i get reallyflooded on telegram and discord as well and uh in terms of like questions but there’syou know there’s a lot of issues uh one you know one person could have have some sort of astaking issue another person has a shipping issue and and uh all this stuff will be organizedon their zendesk and they will send reminders to us to you guys as well for replies to makesure that we get everyone’s solution sorted uh we’re very close to answer your question aviso uh or axi so um we’re looking i don’t know i don’t really have a timeline but like i wantedthis yesterday and so we have been pushing really hard for the last two or three weeks so i’mthinking maybe another uh by the end of the month we’ll definitely be integrated it would be justsilly if we’re not into like fully using it by in in about two weeks so that’s the latesti if anything’s longer than that then i will you know address it with the team but uh as soonas possible much appreciated thank you very much thank you ask about the shipment but it is alittle bit connected with uh support because i sent two times the email and i haven’t got ananswer but you see it’s sorry okay you know what i’ve ordered me and i paid uh for theinternational express treatment it should take five up to eight eight days uh it was inthe stock and now it is ninth day if i remember and their status is still processing what’s goingon with that okay did you get a tracking number yeah no no no i haven’t got there is processingstill the status is processing but did you put it on the shop did you buy it on the shop or yesyes exactly shop shopkeeper network you didn’t buy it from fast miners did you one of our reasons nono no no no no directly from your shop okay yeah payment was done uh and i i have the order andi sent two times the question about this order and what’s going on but the strength is that wheni found her there was 15 pieces on the stock then question what’s going on okay yeah um if you want if you could sendyour i don’t know if you have my contacts iks i’ll personally follow up on this uh since we’re on the call together so go aheadand message me um on telegram your order number and then i will track it down to you and letyou know the current status of your shipment that be okay go ahead yeah my question is aboutthe future application of the coin dpr so currently it’s just for rewarding theminers but is there an application or a future application for the coin liketo give them more like a use in future yes who who’s speaking i don’ti don’t see you coming up here i’m tony hi anthony okay that’s weirdyou’re not lighting up on my screen anthony that’s a great question you knowthe use case of dpr is is quite amazing um the the use case of dpr unlike a lot ofuh crypto projects you know a lot of times the project itself does not need you know a atoken they create it just for the pure sake of you know having people buy it and then they canyou know have extra funds and whatever right but the dpr actually um is the at the heart it’s kindof the gas to run the entire network it’s the gas to run the entire ecosystem so let me just giveyou some use cases okay um in the near future and and currently so obviously right now we havethe dpn running that’s one of our killer apps okay so deeper network is a full stacksolution that for web3 so what we’re doing is we have um the full stack if you look at thethe bottom layer that is all of our night light nodes that’s the deeper network uh connects okaywhether it’s the mini the pico the nanos whatever these are all the light nodes as we move up onlayer two this is where all of the dapps are built and we will have a dapp store which will allowpeople to create their own dapps use dpr you know these are developers third-party developers okayso um the way we’re going to bring people from uh what 2.0 to what 3.0 is through our dapp store soa lot of people are like okay what is the web 3 gateway well right now we’re all with two rightso for the most part there are a few web 3 um services that we use like unit swap for instanceis one finance smart chains another right so in the future web 3 everything is going to bedecentralized nothing’s going gonna be controlled by google amazon all those conglomerates so howdo we get people from what two to web three well it’s gonna be through daps it’s gonna be throughother um ecosystems and platforms as well so how did apple you know bring everyone fromwhat one into what two okay so before apple everybody was on web one i don’t know how old youguys are i’m sure some of you guys remember you know the static pages web 1.0 was was amazingbecause it allowed people to access internet and hyperlink into other other websites okay butthe thing with web 1.0 it was all static and you can’t really input anything right uh the only wayyou can kind of communicate was through email and that’s kind of no way so how did we start actuallygoing from 1.0 and start to actually become part of the internet with our uh information okay sowe typed you know like without myspace right that was one of the first social networks and thenwe had like facebook all the stuff we input okay on facebook that’s actually part of whatto owe you know our input becomes the internet wikipedia that’s part of what you owe aswell so they did it through the app store okay so apple did it through the app store theycreated these app stores where third parties can create these uh amazing apps you know ofcourse it’s it’s uh centralized they have full control over who can uh who gets approved to youknow for the app store how much money they they actually have to share with app store in order forall this stuff so there’s a third party involved but that’s fine because it brought everyone fromone 1.0 into 2.0 and we never looked back but now 2.0 is kind of short-lived becauseeverything moves at a really fast pace we were in 1-0 and now we’re in 2-0 we’re goinginto three 3.0 and we plan to do the same thing apple did for web 1.0 we plan to be what youknow the gateway to bring everyone from web 2.0 into what 3.0 and what we plan to do is createour own dapp store where our first killer app actually right now you don’t even know it’s a dapis the dpn okay so the dpn this is a really kind of convoluted answer but i want you guys to seethe whole ecosystem okay so the dpn uh to answer your question part of it is that the dpr is at theheart of the sharing economy what exactly are we sharing okay we are sharing our bandwidth and inreturn people get rewarded dpr by sharing their bandwidth and people who want to use dpn which iswould cost like you know one at least one-tenth the cost of vpn and there’s the benefits of umthe non-centralization right so it’s decentralized it’s much cheaper there’s no way for for anybodyto subpoena or hack uh your system because you’re not under a centralized uh network okay so thesethere’s a lot of advantages to being decentralized so the dpr is at the heart of it so it’s not justrewarding people the the reason we’re rewarding people uh 60 of our allocation of our deepertoken allocation is reserved for mining is because we really need this when we’re buildingstarting to build a network we need good rewards to encourage people to join thenetwork but over the next you know 60 years it’s actually 59 to be exact when all the miningwill be done okay so that’s still a long time but there’s going to be havings in there soright now the the genesis no miners the basic very high rewards because you guys are in thebeginning right but as the years go on uh there’s going to be havings just like bitcoin has havingsa lot of other projects helium just had a habit right not too long ago and this is kind of theanti-inflation aspect as well and so um you know the dpr mining rewards are just a way for peoplefor us to encourage people to join the network however the sharing economy is the most powerfulthing okay so uh having a sharing economy where uh the this whole network just kind of runs itselfbased on sharing bandwidth and getting paid dpr using bandwidth and paying dpr that is rightthere for the vpn the sharing economy okay for the dapp store which will have net is theum where we have third parties the developers they can create their own dapps they can spenddpr stake their dpr in order to upload their dac and all of the users on the network can goto our app store and spend vpr to download it if it’s free then you don’t have to spend anythingright so um it’s just like the apple app store so you download these and people can use it so thereis no third party you know we’re not gonna be in control of that and there’s gonna be some sort oflike you know for instance you know if there’s a that that’s dangerous or whatever people can voteit right uh they can report it they can vote it it could get voted out of the store so it’s reallythe app store is a store for the people and at the heart of that is going to be dpr as well rightthey’re going to be using dpr in order to to to create these apps and then they’re going to bespending dpr to download these apps so that will run itself one of the things i don’t know someof you already noticed is the ad block that is um but the framework has been launchedalready so it’s the youtube blocker okay so why are we blocking youtube wellbecause we are creating our decentralized ad ecosystem so it’s called the d ads okayum or dads i don’t like to call it dads because that sounds stupid but it saysthe ads you decentralize advertising okay what is the ads the ads is just likegoogle and youtube okay however there’s um there is no third party so there’s no google oryoutube telling us what we can advertise what we can’t advertise so when we block these ads whetherit’s uh youtube in the future facebook and also um you know these these banner ads and all that wecan replace those ads with ads of people on the network so if you have a business and you wantto advertise your business guess what you can and very cheaply so all you got to do ishave dpr okay and then you can upload your ad whether it’s a gif whether it’s a videowhether it’s whatever it is okay um and like for instance uh you upload it you sendyour dpr you upload it the network can see there’s gonna be settings i mean this will onlyget better and better you can you know eventually we’ll have it so that you can um selectthe countries you want to be in and you know customize it right so you could targetcertain populations so once we have this yes thing your ad when people block a youtube ad theycan watch your ads okay and they will see your ads okay so what’s so great about seeingads i thought we wanted to block ads well now you’re gonna get uh rewarded for watchingthose ads you’ll get rewarded for interacting with those ads if you click on it you will earndpr as a result okay again this is that sharing economy with the dpr we’re talking about so peoplewho post those ads they will need to spend dpr okay so why are they spending dpr becausethose are the rewards for the people who are gonna be watching andinteracting with those ads okay and then so they will earn dpr so this isanother way to mine right in the future to earn i mean what devices are you going to have you knowwe buy all these expensive devices it doesn’t earn you anything that’s why miners are so great orso crazy about it but this thing here when you become decentralized you’re actually going to beearning just by doing things you do every day okay so these are just three of uh some of the mostmore exciting things that are coming out in 2020 that’s pencils advertising we’re looking to tolaunch by mid-year next year okay and so we hope we have that up and then have everyone startusing that that’s going to be another ecosystem so just to answer that was a really long answerbut i wanted to share that i’ve been waiting to share that with people um i think it’s anamazing vision and with our infrastructure and having other tech being able to build on ourinfrastructure just like helium has and we provide security for helium as well there’s a lot ofbenefits and i see a lot of potential in terms of huge growth on our network over the next few yearsand at the heart of it is going to be the dpr it’s not just the token that’s going to have no useand just use for trading it’s going to be needed to have to be a part of this entire ecosystem soright now we have uh just over 35 000 units sold by the end of the year we’re looking atuh ours we’re projecting to sell 100 000 total devices by the end of this year that’sjust you know a month and a half away um pico is gonna be a big part of that um dave pico’sbeen selling really well uh we’re nearing you know a million dollars on kickstarter and we’relooking to surpass that it’s a 60-day campaign and by the end of 60 days i mean i’m hoping uhwe sell a lot of devices there okay so that is kind of uh my response for you know what howwhat is dpr used for is about the sharing economy thank you very much all right reallypromising another question for me i love that go ahead um so if i remember correctly at thestart of the sacrifice phase for the silver there was two thousand that were made well i think i’veheard saying that they were made but only about one thousand six hundred are actually claimed uhthere’s still any spare silver genesis nodes or was that were they not actually manufactured andif there are is there going to be a future chance for people to claim them all sacrifice to get inon them no the genesis nodes are are completed all the genesis uh staking was done and in smartcontracts so even though the devices were made a lot of um how it’s actually mining it’s notso much in the hardware it’s more in the staking and the smart contracts so this is you knowgenesis no miners are they’re the first miners and the first ones who are earning rewards forsharing their bandwidth on the blockchain because we just had a main net you know not too long agoback in uh i think it was september you know so because of that um we had this event and they’vecome and gone and the people who have them um you know congratulations you guys are earning thehighest rewards that will ever be on this network and uh you guys deserve it you guys areearly backers you guys got free miners you guys are getting awesome rewards you guys have anopportunity to continue that uh after nine months okay so the extra devices yes some were made butthose are mostly um gonna be used for customer care uh if somebody’s you know machine dies it’sfor our warranty so we are keeping those around for that uh if those run out and people stillhave issues we don’t have any more of the genesis actually looking devices they’re beautiful becausethey’re actually 24 karat gold plated for the uh phase one phase two is actually silver platedso and they actually look different so they’re actually a collector’s item but once they go downand there’s no more replacements for them we can actually use uh whatever minis we have at the timeto replace those and just on the back end in terms of the staking we could still make it be a genesisno minor even though you know it’s a replacement that’s just for people who are who worry about thegenesis node going down and there’s no more miners the genesis no miners you can actually we canjust actually use a mini if we run out of the genesis no miners okay the physical productso a lot of that happens on the back end okay okay thank you and one last question as wellregarding genesis node so for example let’s say under six months i decided that i want to moveup to the ist as possible which i think is hundred hundred thousand dprs is that goingto be possible to start a new stake in and still get the genesis rewards when the namethe first nine months over or how would that work yes so if you’re genesis no minor now and just sayyou’re maybe in i don’t know uh the third strip i think the third tier is like uh forty six thousandeight hundred okay i think dpr for third tier um at the end of nine months you will have theoption to either increase your stake to a maximum of tier eight it’s not a hundred thousand it’sactually four hundred and sixty eight thousand okay to continue to earn genesis node rewards umso that will be i mean they’re earning like 1360 dpr something like that a day you know sothat’s a lot i mean they’re earning like i don’t know like almost 38 40 000 dprs a month and who knows by that time what the price ofdpr will be so we’re still kind of low so uh um you could also have the option of notincreasing but you could actually lower yourself too if you wanted to i don’t know why anybodywould want to do that but you could if you’re in tier three you want to go down to tier one youcould go ahead and unstake some of it and then it keeps uh the the twenty thousand needed fortier one in there okay so that will be an option thank you cool thank you any questions any other questions um if if noti will go over to the pigeon hole i got a couple questions okay cool go aheadwe got three questions so the first one led to the uh helium antenna that’s pre-ordernow how long will you do you think it’ll take for the pre-orders to be delivered yeah you know right now i think on the intern onthe website it says uh 12 to 30 weeks that’s quite a range i understand uh honestly you know that’sthat’s what it says on the website i wouldn’t even be surprised i’m just speaking personally frommy own opinion uh not for the company i know i represent deeper network but i would even iwouldn’t be surprised if chips don’t come in in time and stuff it’s actually becomes even longerso don’t don’t be disappointed or angry if that if that happens uh it’s just kind of a forewarningbut i mean if things go well you might be able to get it you know within that time frame so we don’tknow i mean we’re trying to to manufacture that as fast as possible which we’re sourcing as as hardas we can in terms of getting those chips and as soon as we have um all of the the componentsi mean we’ll start production right away right now the issue is again the lack of uhchips chipsets as well as the the raw materials so that is our biggest challenge and then on topof that the shipping i know you guys have noticed because of the christmas season we were hopingto get everything out you know by christmas but there’s a couple of issues here so thefirst one is the covet right covet has affected logistics in a negative way for the last twoyears it’s been horrible some countries can’t even receive shipments i mean i can’t tell youthe the hardships we had just to send t-shirts out like we couldn’t send t-shirtsout to like somebody in peru uh somebody who won in a different country like itit cost us like uh maybe almost um i say like 150 dollars u.s just to send one t-shirt i meanthe t-shirt itself is only worth like 12 15 but we’re spending 10 times that just toship it because of the logistics issue okay so going back to the logistics um sogetting everything out i’m talking about picos right now i’m sorry i suddenly went tothe pico regarding the christmas shipping but um the reason um we we had to change it okay wecan’t ship it out before christmas is just christmas season is just being anightmare they already have the coveted um situation with the logistics on top of thatum you know we have um the christmas season and that’s just like double stacked um issuesthere so right after the kickstarter campaign uh is when we’re gonna start shipping outthe picos which is i believe january 9th and you guys can get those by then um and thenas far as the helium uh that’s still up in the air we’re only at the pre-order stage we wanted tomake this available to everyone because everyone has been asking for it but uh again the pricesis higher because of the chipsets and the lack of supply and then as far as the shipping wedon’t really have a date right now on the website it says 12 to 30 weeks but uh it’s a long wait iunderstand it’s only a long wait because uh you know we we’re not sure when we can have everythingmanufactured and sent out otherwise we would if we had it i mean we would love to ship it toyou next week you know i mean but um so i appreciate everyone’s patience if you did orderone you know keep tight and uh hopefully you’ll be dual mining sooner than later but uh just knowthat we’re working very hard to try to make these and manufacture and send them out uh it doesn’tit doesn’t help us in any way to hold these and not ship them out when it’s ready okay thank yousorry that wasn’t really like a like a full answer like like it actually answered your questionbecause there’s so many unknowns at this point that created another question but istill have two more questions after that okay go ahead two weeks ago i purchasedtwo minis on the um from the shop uh on the deeper network shop uh address arethose gonna be delayed until january also i don’t know the delivery times on that actuallyi have to check with the distribution so if you want to send me just like uh i think it waspsy or no it was uh ik s coin uh you can send me your order number on telegram just pm me andi will try to follow up on your order for you and see when those were shipped out to you yeahokay okay so my one of my other questions is um i have a i’m on i got the genesis silver andi stayed already but i couldn’t do it at my home because i’m on fiber and i’m att fiberwith um a modem that’s built all in one modem router and there’s no lan port and so i couldn’tfigure out how to set it up but i didn’t you know take it over to a friend’s house thatdoesn’t have fiber to set it up over there um is there any solution to that that’s numberone question number two uh can you explain how the antenna works um and can we buy the the antennaseparately yet uh to hook up to the minis okay sorry this is something yeah you can ihave atp fiber if you want to you want to pm me i’ll send you pictures of how i set mineup you don’t need the wan port on the on the right the the modem itself so i’llsend you photos if you just pee on me yeah um so he red fox is actually one of our uh admins in our group so you can find them in thecommunity and uh he’ll be able to and then he’ll say he’ll be able to send you a photo on thatbecause i i have heard a lot of people using fiber so thank you russell for helping that toanswer your other question regarding the wi-fi transceiver it’s the little antenna thatcomes with the pico you can actually purchase that separately for 49 on kickstarter and it willallow you to connect it to your mini or nano and you won’t need an extra router okayso the way it works is is quite simple is that the the antenna itself will come with adongle so the antenna is a usb type-c connection so obviously on your mini and nano you don’t havethe usb type-c not on the older models anyways um so it will come with our own branded dongle andyou connect the the usb type-c into the dongle and then on the mail on the dongle it will be ausb plug and you just plug that into the device and then once you plug it in you can changethe setting in your atom os to make it wi-fi and then you’ll be able to uh to transmitokay but just know uh by doing that actually it’s cool because you can actually move yourit’s a transceiver so it actually receives internet connection and it also transmits soit does both and that’s why the pico is cool because when you’re at a public library or anairport for instance you plug it into your laptop it’s actually receiving thepublic wi-fi through the pico it’s filtering and screening it so that it’s safeand then you’re using it while it’s connected and then people around you can actually usethat it will send connections to them as well excuse me sorry so they’ll be able to usethat signal all filtered and secure because it’s transmitting that to them but just knowwhen you’re using it at home on a mini or nano it’s not going to be as powerfuli mean it’s one antenna right it’s not going to be as powerful assome of these routers out there who have four or five like antennas on them man i’m so sorry all right so that’s how you use it so soyou say receive can you set your device up with that antenna without hardwiring it forstaking also or do you have to still hardwire your uh box your genesis or theor the um if you’re mining with it i do suggest that you hardwire it just becausewi-fi you know there’s so many things that happen to wi-fi if you lose connection or something itmight drop your line as soon as you drop your line uh if an iron checks you know and you’reonline it’s actually going to hurt uh some of your organic credit score growthso if you’re mining i always suggest you know a one arm set up if you guys don’tknow what one arm is go to our medium and there’s a article sayinghow to keep your device online uh one arm setup is essentially just your minior nano connected to your modem or all-in-one without the router you just disconnect the routerit’s just your machine and the modem and that will make sure that there’s nothing putting it tosleep or anything it’s just always online and then when you need dpn when you need cyber securityplug back in your router and then you’re set so that’s one arm a lot of people use one armfor multiple you could actually mine on uh well you can mine have multiple miners on oneip the only thing with that is if you have say four miners on one ip only one will be uhaccruing organic credit score because that is only one that’s actually sharing okay youcan only share one ip you can’t sure four ips when you only have one ip right so only one willbe growing organic credit score the other three because you staked you will earn because you’reconnected online you will earn through your staking but it will not grow organic credit scorethose three will most likely be connected um they don’t need routers they just be one arm you knowconnection just connected to the modem because there’s like you know four or five ports on amodem usually right so just plug those in and those will be mining they’ll be online so that’swhat a lot of people have been doing as well hello eric uh hello yes i think uh he had someother questions maybe come back and ask your other two questions later but uh [ __ ] tipitogo ahead yeah uh it’s actually exactly sam here if you know me i’m running a local russiancommunity group so yeah and thank you sam yeah one of the one of the members inour group asked a question yesterday uh if there’s a way to check the balance of tokensthat are revested to the new country thank you for that question i was gonna mention that uh we areworking right now uh testing out final testing on the on the revesting and you know i’ve beenmentioning that all the people who’s been revested um who agreed to that you know thank you and youguys are going to get a 5 bonus on that these are all the ibo and the vcs kols who have beenrevested so that we’re all now on the win wagon um that your toke those people’s tokens completelysafe um they’re all still in you know linked to your wallet it’s just that they’re they’ve beenrevested into a new contract and um we are testing that final platform where people can go and linktheir wallet and then they’ll be able to see their balance of the dpr that will be unlocked threemonths after see tier one cex listing and uh so that’s when um by that time i think it wouldbe a much better situation for everybody um so it won’t uh you know it won’t be hurting the thetoken uh price action uh like it has in the past so yeah thank you thank you very much yeahsure i’m excited to to launch that so people can feel uh more even more rest assured i haveadditional question uh about the functionality the previous was private about the shipment butabout functionality dvp and functionality because this product is advertising uh as a dvpn or vpnuh which exactly names yeah yeah dvd decentralized vpn it means private network and of course thefunctionality what i see it’s a possibility to go somewhere around the world and to get outsideand avoid any restrictions because of the location but basic functionality for me for vpnis possibility to connect to my home through private to now and create avirtual environment my private environment i ordered vinnie and i would like to have miniand pico also to work remotely and perfect would be to have possibility to establish the tunnel tomy home and reach my nas my entertainment and so on at this moment i don’t see this functionalitybut for me from the architecture point real view it’s paging functionality for vpn for theprivate networks and it’s something what is missing at this moment and what do you uh whatplans do we have about that that is something we’re actually working on um it’s gonna be iwouldn’t really call it maybe cloud storage but it’s it’s more of a cloud sharing and it’s uhsecure sharing of files between nodes and that is something we’re working on so that it’sa true private network and you can actually exchange files videos and whatever between nodesthat you know uh very securely okay so uh that is something we’re working on um but that is onthe roadmap and um it’s just not available at the moment and one of the things about the dpn also isyou know a pro on that is an advantage of dpn is that we have uh we allow people to have multipletunnels at once so on the vpn typically you only have one tunnel and so if you’re changing tunnelsand somebody else is you know using the old tunnel then they might get affected by it so um havingmultiple tunnels is is advantageous as well using our device so yeah to answer your questionthat will be something in the near future that we are working on currently yeah thanksbut it’s perfect to have many tunnels but it is still outside if i will have the pico and nanoat home it would be perfect to reach my home uh through the pico and work as a in one networkjust you know establish this tunnel even one or even decentralized but to my flat because ihave owner of two pickers and would be perfect to to have such security level right we’re we’reactually working on uh apps as well we will have software nodes and i think that might be afeature where you’re able to connect to your node uh remotely using the software node andthe software node will be a subscription service so that will help with uh with the revenueand allow us to to further develop the project that is something that we do plan to do as wellthere’s so much we plan to do but you know i’m mentioning it so you guys can see the vision ofwhere this network will go this network will have so many features it’s it’s truly a web3 ecosystemand all this stuff will give the functionalities for your convenience for your security um theseare things that will come so the software node i believe that was where that functionality willstart is through the apps or i should say adapt yes i’ve seen this announcement but but ifwe will have the pico remotely then it’s a little bit nonsense uh to use additionalsoftware if i’m protected by pico that’s true but some people don’t want tobuy the hardware and actually those software um nodes yeah is for people who want to useuh vpn or dpn just through their software they don’t you know through subscriptionif they don’t want to buy hardware so that’s just another option but uhyeah i know what you mean if you have a pico why would you be as you know whywould you need a subscription you will okay last question from my site uhbecause uh it is security solution and it is also advertised as a security solutiondo we have some uh security review some audit or is there some plan to review because now you knowwe are talking about security and security is not security because we are talking that it is securedit would be good to have some some proof i know that it’s we are still in the development phaseand we are in the beginning but uh in my opinion the trust of people about the securities of notbecause only we are talking about that uh because of the audit because of the professional auditby some companies do we have some plan like that absolutely um well on the chain side we do have umour smart contracts are our chain uh audited by uh slow miss you can see the actual audits on coinmarket cap if you go to deeper network on coin market cap you’ll see the the audit that’s um slowmisted that was you know before the the launch of the the token so that’s there as far as thedevice and the security on the device uh right now it is not open source yet eventually you know allthis stuff will will become open source right now the chain is open source uh eventuallywhen we reach a certain amount of nodes atom os will become open source as far as cybersecurity and the trident protocol that we use which is uses a special balance of securityas well as efficiency and also sharing all these things it’s a seven layer firewall that ourceo and the dev team have developed and our ceo used to be the head research over at fortinetand palo alto networks i know this is not uh you know a certificate or whatever but wedon’t have any security a third party security audits on our device um right now in terms of ofaudits i i don’t really know you know what kind of iso standards you know we would need buti would i would assume that’s what you know um it would have to be kind of placed againstis the iso standards but right now we don’t have any of those uh because it’s still beingdeveloped but i could assure you guys that being at the head of palo alto networks andfortinet which are the top security firms in the world in santa in santa clara are actuallythey’re actually in silicon valley so um during those years he’s bought a lot of what he’s learnedand researched over and created uh this is our i’m talking about our ceo russell uh he broughtthat over and started this project so actually the way deeper network started is with the actualum security device and then the dpn was built as he was preparing to implement it onto ablockchain so we had as the first device is the security device and so that is at the heartof it all and that’s really important to him um it’s our device has been compared toa lot of thousand dollar devices by cisco and a lot of the security devices out there thehardware out there so but you know you’re spending a fraction of the price and it actually does a lotmore as well but i mean this is all coming from me uh i do hope that eventually we do have some sortof certification that could show and to prove to people that our security is is ultimate um we dohave i don’t know if kevin is here he’s our uh he is here you know we um yeah he’s a securityexpert kevin he’s one of our head admins um is there anything you want to add interms of the security of the device kevin uh yeah so and and i had to do a couple otherthings in the meantime so i apologize if any of this was reiterated but uh the well i’lljust do this what was the what was the question well he was basically just asking like uh deeperconnects you know what is is there any sort of like audits being done that can prove that it’sreally secure and i was just telling him about um not the hardware but i was telling him that oursmart contracts are audited by slow mist so i just wanted to kind of address all of the securityaspects and then um i was telling him about our device and the trident pro that that is used inthe device comparable to enterprise class level um enterprise class hardware that’s out there bycisco and some of the other hardwares out there you know in terms of the parental control asfar as the firewalls and um the ad blocks and malware you know blocking all the viruses um thesekind of things yeah maybe i i will add one thing uh in my opinion if we want to grow in futureis it there will be point in some time to to to show people that it is fully secured we willshow some penetration test that that it is not to break and without that okay we we can playin some small area people who trust just trust but if we want to go to the businessyou mentioned many times as a that it will be the also enterprise solutionthat for sure there will be time to do to prove yeah absolutely you know rightnow we’re we’re focused on b2c and uh you know business to consumer and we’rewe are we do have plans to to start doing b2b and having enterprise solutions as well fora lot of msps and stuff out there and um and that’s you’re you’re totally right youknow they will be looking for these kind of certifications and i also iso standards that we wemeet in order to uh to be able to work with them and so i’m pretty sure this issomething that we’ll be doing it’s not hard to get those to be honest uh youjust have to pay money you know and and so so they can do these tests i think it’s just uh weare still developing i think once um we’re at that stage we will certainly do it and kevin feelfree you know you don’t have to uh say much if if you don’t want but um if you do have anything toadd you feel free to yeah i was just gonna try and real quick on the the comparison um as far asthe security hardware and software goes like it it’s amazing i’ve got a whole i’ve got a wholeseries of uh audio recordings that people have posted uh on youtube over the months about me youknow discussing it and and going over the benefits but essentially in a real quick nutshell uh thedeeper connect uses something called ai based dpi which stands for artificialintelligence based deep packet inspection so like traditional consumer gradefirewalls and network security things like that is very much just simple open and closed yes or noright port based uh blocking right so it’s like oh cool you’re allowed through port 80 great you’renot allowed to report you know 293 or whatever um sorry you can’t come in that’s just the theport number that protocols use and can be easily adjusted and modified uh so it’s really antiquatedway of blocking things but it requires like no processing power which makes that hardwarereally cheap so your 200 router doesn’t actually cost them 200 um you know it’s thethe equipment and they’re significantly cheaper but uh enterprise grade stuff once we starttalking like you know cisco firewalls and and linksys and those kind of things um andubiquity they they now cost hundreds of dollars for this equipment and sometimes thousands ofdollars for the equipment and people are like why well it’s because they have these newer next-genfirewalls that use artificial intelligence and or deep packet inspection uh so deep packetinspection instead of just looking at a port number and saying yes or no it’s going tolook at the entire content of the packet that’s going through or the data that’s beingtransferred essentially and it’s going to say okay unbox everything i want to seewhat’s happening here and okay great uh so i’ll use like i’ll use an ad as an examplelet’s say if you’re blocking a port for an ad uh or you’re blocking a domain for dns blocking onan ad again that’s the simple route to go um if they switch that port or they switch thatdomain name from like to you now have to find that on your own and add thatfilter with traditional consumer grace filtering but with the packet inspection it opens thatpacket up and says hold on i noticed that this is still looks like the pattern of an ad i’m goingto block it right so now it it’s way smarter just in the fact that it does the pack of inspectionand this equipment the processing power on it requires a lot more processing power becausenow you’re talking you know millions of packets at any moment in time right and it needs toopen and close those packets and read them and diagnose and determineeverything it needs to determine like instantaneously pretty much uh withminimal to no effect on you the end user so that’s why these ai or that’s why these dpifirewalls are so expensive because it’s just a whole crap ton of maintenance and it’s a wholelot of uh processing power that they’re using now the artificial intelligence piece of it isthe next step in next-gen firewalls next-gen just means dpi firewalls uh so these ai dpifirewalls not only are they doing the dpi inspection but they’re also using like neuralnetworks essentially of artificial intelligence so think of it kind of like how tesla does theirself-driving vehicles me and my tesla if i if i avoid an accident or i avoid an edge case scenarioin my car that goes back to tesla’s main brain of the neural network and two million other carscan start to learn how to avoid that situation so you got two million cars learningrandom edge case scenarios every single day and growing and they’re all helping each other tobecome this hive like mind deeper network is doing the same thing with this ai dpi where they’remanaging and maintaining this neural network of like filtering and blocking and network securityand stuff all for free like companies like cisco and ubiquity and big companies like that likelook it up they will charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a corporate level permonth to manage your dpi firewall or your aidpi firewall and you get it all just in four simplelittle clicks like it blows my mind it’s that perfect combination of a hybrid between a consumergrade price tag with an enterprise-based solution sorry that was probably too longno that was not oh that was okay yeah thank you very much elevator pitchfrom that first floor so i guess 100 yeah i couldn’t have answered that theway kevin as eloquently as he did uh because that’s his expertise and i’m not youknow cyber security background so appreciate kevin what about deep deep bubble pocketinspection for the ssl traffic uh currently not at the moment uh well actuallyno i i lied on that sorry um so they’re working on it they just released that in uh what wasit 1.1.5 reo if i remember correctly yeah um ssl repacketing so that’s right the advantageto that is now it will be able to do ai dpi against ssl traffic the disadvantage is at themoment it’s only youtube detected traffic uh that that’s what it was primarily created for howeveragain just like everything else you can create your own ssl dpi rules if you’re familiar with howto do that it’s in there as an option um and then the other i guess you could say disadvantageis that uh all devices on your network in order to do that ssl repacketing uh wouldn’tneed to have the self-signed ssl certificate from the deeper connect uh to be added onto your devicewhich by the way is like super easy it’s literally just a button you click download and boop it’s onyour machine um you know that would be a challenge for like guest networks right because your guestsprobably aren’t going to want to download a random file that they have no idea what the heck itmeans uh you on your network all of your devices you know you can do that with the exception ofyour iot devices um like in chromecast and apple tv and that kind of stuff they eventually addthat feature uh google in them but yeah like cell phones and laptops and computers thosecan all get that that ssl certificate added on and that will allow the the filtering on amore complex level with ssl based traffic great thank you kevin hey eric all right ithink uh jimbo had a question yeah hey jimbo with your uh two questions on the h t donglesit says on the website it’s only for the u.s is that just you’re only shipping it to theu.s or working canada no we’re uh it will only work in the us right now because we’re onlyapproved for the u.s even though they’re on the same wavelength uh um it will only work inthe us currently uh if for to work in canada we’ll need to get approval there so if you’re incanada apologies for the approval would that work um i i don’t know i don’t suggest it i would waituh until we actually have one that’s you know approved for canada i wouldn’t want youto buy it and then later if you like uh being you know i would i would i would tend toget impatient um okay yeah the second question um is there are we kind of doing the same thing thatstrong block is doing or even sentinel with their kind of collab they got going on now or justsomething we’re looking into maybe getting into with with their with their what uh strongblock are you from the strong block yeah and i know sentinel with whatthey’re doing here with the dpn yeah i think uh strong block is gonnastart from what i understand uh offering no rewards as well i don’t know is that muchdifferent than what we’re doing right now i don’t think though um i don’t know much aboutstrong block yeah yeah we yeah i know that uh like strong block and uh uh mysterium and sentinel umas far as the dpn offering goes like their dpn is strictly just a dpn right meaning that you’re justcreating a decentralized network um some of those i i won’t mention name but some projects out therethat have dpns you got to be really cautious about because they actually have leaks thatallow you into their local network whoops yeah so again please do your own research onthat uh there are ones out there that that i’ve researched and they actually end up havingthat ability for you to have remote access into somebody’s local network um so that’s thefirst caution but again i’m not here to bash any other project that’s just a mine a mindset to keepin mind for any any project like even test that with ours you know um the the second thing is thatlike sentinel and mysterium those two specifically that’s kind of their bread and butter as far aswhat they do right they’re they’re kind of just a dpn aggregator and that’s kind of it um deepernetwork of course we take it they they take it a whole step further and they say hey we’ve gotdeep packet inspection we’ve got this advanced firewall we’ve got ai-based dpi we’ve you knowwe’ve got all this and this and that not so even though dpn is kind of like thething that we’re talking about right now that’s not the entire project that’s not the focusof this project in fact eric will even tell you it’s just a tiny fraction of what the overallgoal is of this entire project yeah i shared with them the decentralized advertising ecosystemthe dapps ecosystem uh so much more we’re gonna have nft marketplace as well um we’ll have uhe-commerce decentralized e-commerce marketplaces uh bridges to other platforms uh defy uh wherepeople can you know actually just go there’s gonna be d5 products from from whether it’s from dappsor from other uh platforms where people can use dpr and stake and farm yields and do all sorts ofstuff you know all uh who knows where d5 is going to go i mean that’s all we know about currentlyis about the staking and the farm building but in the future it’s going to have so much somuch more as well so all that’s the part of our ecosystem and like kevin said add on to thatto add on to that eric don’t forget as well the decentralized dns provider one of themof yes and the first one for the entire for the entire web 3.0 interface i mean that’sthat’s a massive deal to become the decentralized dns provider for web 3.0 um because then we getto talking about like the centralized domain marketplaces and decentralized you know uh likedns hosting and decentralized dynamic dns like that yeah basically what unstoppable domains istrying to do but they’re more centralized right absolutely they’re they’re all centralizedyou you know it’s only unstoppable domains but uh anyway yeah if you get a chance to look atdns in general uh stands for domain name services look up how a dns currently works with webwith with the internet web 2 essentially and your mind will be blown because that is exactlywhat deeper is going to be able to do for web 3.0 it’s just phenomenal it’s really phenomenali mean it blows my mind i used to work for i used to work for a major um hosting company andlike dnf is the core backbone of the internet that people don’t even realize andit’s a and it’s a big money machine yeah yeah the reason we got into those isbecause you know we want true decentralization you can’t have any and this is what i talkedabout earlier if you weren’t here we talked about the being a full stack solution we’re notjust testing a small corner of web3 where check your you know uh your ip like we want to protecteverything with the device and uh and that goes all the way to dns as well because if there’sa weak stair uh it can totally block uh what it your internet uh surfing where it’syou know it’ll ultimately allow still allow other services to censor you and so byhaving a full stack uh you’re going to have for the freedom of the internet that’sbasically the vision of this company another question this is stefano um canyou please give us some um sort of um observation of how what are the strongpoints with regard to having another device as opposed to a full software firewallfor the present time and also what is the vision for the future are we going tocontinue sticking with other devices or or are we prepared to move everythingalong with a software only based solution um i didn’t quite get the first question whenyou’re saying other devices okay so i guess if i understand your question correctly ourshort-term goal right now is to continue to grow hardware nodes and to continue to growour network our goal and we’re projected to hit uh 1 million nodes by the end of 2024 okayand by the end of this year we’re hoping to sell a hundred thousand devices by the end of this yearso um these are things that uh on the short term we are looking to do and you know eventually we’retalking millions and millions of nodes as a part of this network and as we have more news on thenetwork the network not only becomes faster any more efficient but actually becomes more secureand um it’s more robust in terms of how much resource is available so these are things that arehuge benefits to the growth of the network and so long term wise you know will we replacesoftware nodes or the hardware nodes with software nodes i don’t think so i think um youknow hardware is going to continue to be developed um bigger or smaller and better as kind of the thedirection we’re going and software knows just be an option it’ll be a supplement i think thereare advantages of having hardware as well as software and i think having both will be hugelybeneficial to the network as well as it will give different options and different abilitiesand functionalities to the to the two types does that answer your question stefano yes ericthanks that was a good answer great thank you all right so i’m gonna uh i don’t want toignore pigeon hole so people spent time to ask some questions on there i think there’s some goodones uh one of the first ones is will the pico be able to run 24 7 concerned due to the small formfactor yes it will be able to run 24 7.As long as you connect it to the uh network 24 7. so youknow it’s small uh but you know it’s it’s not as powerful as the mini which will require uh ventingand all that so with the pico i think you know you just plug it in just leave it there don’t unplugit and uh leave it there to mine it should be fine so i would encourage people who you know maybecan’t get their hands on a on a mini or they don’t want to spend as much go ahead and purchase thepico to mine it’s fine uh just i mentioned earlier pico is really designed for portability and if youplan to like you know mine at home and then like unplug it and bring it with you to school or orwherever whenever you go travel you know being having it off offline is actually not beneficialfor you when it comes to mining so i would buy two picos leave one at home to mine take theother one with you for security purposes okay back on that um real quick yeah go ahead umjust a personal question can can you plug the power into any of the usb c ports on thepico or can it only be the side port i think it’s the side port uh it’s i think it’s the sideport with the there’s a little light next to it okay got it yeah and i think on the long endsbecause it’s a rectangle right on both sides those are the ports uh for the rj uh45s or a usbc it’s a special cable uh it connects through usb typec and then on the other end is a is the ethernet heads the plugs and then onthe other side is where you plug the antenna okay thanks for that question um therewas another question on pigeonhole the question is the current entrybarrier to mining dpr is too high and he plans to lower it absolutely i think youknow we want as many people to uh be part of the network and earn rewards as a as a encouragementso currently you know dpr is at a certain price i think it’s around 19 it’s right now or somethinglike that um you know as that gets more expensive obviously it would the entry barrier would becomeharder for people you know people having to stick thousands of dollars just to uh do you know tierone tier two that’s obviously not good so we are closely monitoring that and uh when that happenswe will go ahead and make adjustments to the to the staking required for that so that is somethingthat we are taking a look at okay uh next question got 16 votes will it be possible tochange the owner of a genesis node a new account with the newstaking address after nine months a new owner so i guess this person’s maybethinking about selling his genesis or a minor um i don’t know i don’t i don’thave an answer for that i would i would need to check onthat because this is the first time you know uh we’ve never run across like the thenine months yet so i don’t really know i would um because this is the the difficulty i’mseeing because with the genesis known minor you are staking using your own personal walletright so if you unstake it and then you try to sell it and give somebody else and then theyuse the new wallet and try to stake genesis i don’t really see that work because the genesisknown minor is really it’s bound to your own metamask erc20 wallet so as soon as you unstake iti think you’re pretty much done with the genesis you lose the opportunity to do itagain even though you have the physical minor um this is not 100 the answer buti’m pretty sure this is how it will work even though you have the actual physicalgenesis no minor the genesis mining is actually done through the staking and thetime of your staking in that particular wallet okay so as soon as you unboun unbind it you’rebasically i think it it’s it’s the genesis is done and the miner itself can just be used the genesisknown minor the 20 whether it’s 24 carat plated or it’s a silver plated it could just be used as amini okay for dpn you could probably um eventually sell it and if you want to sell it and uhpeople could do basic staking on it you know they stick with their own wallet okay i hope thatanswers that one i’m gonna go down the list okay uh the deeper website says to increase thegrowth of the pro mining modes different from basic nodes this year and next year what are thepro mining nodes and when will more be available well pro mining is um these are nodes actually in chinaokay these particular nodes are used um as nodes in china so they actually cannot havethey don’t have access to dpn but they are mining and these people are sharing bandwidth um so theybecome nodes uh inside of china so that is the pro mining they are not available uh outside of chinaso that’s what the pro mining nodes are okay um kickstarter when you buy the pico pack how arethe dpr tokens given since we did not submit a wallet address and is the equivalent of the tokenevaluate evaluation only given on the transfer date only okay that’s a great question so forthe people who bought the 10 pack on kickstarter there will be a platform and we are doing final testing on that as well this platform willallow the people who purchase on kickstarter to log in and register and so there are acouple of steps they need to do the first thing they’ll need is to forward us um the emailfrom kickstarter that they purchase the 10-pack to marketing at that’s thefirst thing they need to do and then after that they will need to go to this particularlink which will share okay across socials and uh once they go in there they will registerbasically for that dpr so the 10 pack deal is this if you buy 10 picos i think right now the priceis like 1 240 you will actually get 100 200 1240 dollars worth of dpr in return for buying thisso essentially you’re getting the picos for free okay now here’s the catch okay there’s got tobe a catch of that right we’re not going to give away picots for free the catch is thatthe tokens that you receive the dpr tokens are actually locked with the team okay sothe team tokens are actually locked uh for two years after tier one cex listing so it’squite a time away so i guess if you’re going to go ahead and do that maybe you need to10 picos for whatever reason and that’s fine then the dpr is a bonus you know see thatdpr is an investment imagine two years from now you know what the price of that will beand once you claim it i mean heck it’s it’s probably more than free you know so um so onceyou register on that it will lock in the price of the dpr that uh the price of dpr at thattime it’ll tell you uh how much how many dprs you’ve got for that one thousand two hundredand forty dollar pico purchase and then after that um there’s another step i can’t rememberbut we’ll have we’ll have this um in you know instructions and stuff uh announced pretty sooni think hopefully within a couple of days okay all right one question about thisrefound for this 10 picoscope bundle uh you didn’t answer unfortunatelyon the twitter what will be exchange rate yeah right here yeah when you actually registerit’s linked to an api and when you register it will uh at the time of your registration is thetime of the price of dpr so depending on when you register and i think you have a month to do so umafter your purchase so basically once you register that will distinguish the price of the dpr sowhen you register if the price is is is lower then you’ll get more dpi if the price is a littlebit higher then you’ll get a little bit less but you know our price has been fairly stable a lotof it has to do with the amount of staking that’s happening but also a lot of people see value inholding dpr so we’re very grateful for that and so you know i think it’s very difficult to topredict the market and be like you know when am i going to catch it when it’s lowest but umyou know if if there’s a small dip maybe that’s a good time to go and register but that’show it’s going to be distinguished or just clear current current rate okaycurrently when you register sure uh there’s a question on pigeonholelet me see if i can answer this one when are we getting on pokeswap toexchange our tokens directly so we don’t have to pay to go through the effort uh probably notfor now since we’re actually moving to binance marching this person probably didn’t know uhwe’re moving over to finance smart chain we’re going to build a bridge from ethereum to bsc andthen most of the liquidity will be moved over to bsc as well on pancake swap and i thinkthat’s where most of the action will happen is on bsc because the trading fees arelike uh 1 100th of that of ethereum and then um once that happens you know peopleare going to be able to to go ahead and uh and enjoy the low fees and then we’ll builda bridge between deeper chain and bsc so that people can freely move their tokens on and offdeeper chain okay from mining rewards and whatnot okay given the growth of the network when willthe reward system be improved for people who are sharing more data or providing betterspeed to the network that’s a good question and i think it ought to happen i don’t havea timeline for that i think right now we’re still focused on uh attracting and getting morepeople onto the network and having only to share 10 megabytes every day to meet the requirementsof sharing bandwidth and earning rewards i think is beneficial for the network right now for thepeople who have fiber optics super fast internet that’s great and it’s it’s great for thenetwork and that’s why it’s important eventually we need to shift over to thatand um and by shifting over to that you know rewarding people who have faster and sharing morebandwidth it’s great for the network they should be rewarded more so that’s the idea we don’tknow when that’s going to get implemented yet now that kickstarter shipmentwon’t be here by christmas will there be more minis availablein the shop to purchase holiday is time to put theseminers in family’s houses okay so yeah we’re going to be shipping on kickstarteruh after the campaign’s over january 9th so unfortunately it won’t be able to reach everyoneby christmas hopefully maybe you could uh if you’re going to be giving picots away maybethink of an iou and and tell them that they’ll get it after christmas or get them somethingelse and just uh give them pickles later but unfortunately um just the timing didn’t workout plus the the whole logistics issues and stuff um it’s just going to be a nightmare to get ityou know to kind of rush it by christmas will there be more minis we will certainly have moresupply added to the shop as soon as we get them and right now we’re focused on the heliumum production um as well as the picos so the minis uh you know supply chain there’s a lot ofuh a lot of production that needs to happen so as soon as we get more minis we’ll we’ll um sendmore to the shop our resellers have some as well and i think they sell out pretty quick uh oneof them like fast miners is one of them um every time he gets a batch it usuallysells out pretty quickly as well will there be any more plans toburn dpr tokens in the future of course um i think it’s important for tokenvalue to have a burning mechanism which we have we burned over 50 something thousand tokens lasttime from the auction we had a little promotion event promotional event where we auctioned offthe deeper connect was before they were even on kickstarter and so 10 lucky people um had wonthe auctions and with the the dpr that were uh you know they fitted with dpr those dprs oradded up to be about 57 000 and those were burned so we will continue to have more tokenburns in the future um it’s just uh we have to look for when there’s right nowthere’s no set periodic burns like some you know like finance token or anything like that butuh maybe that’s something in the future we’ll have but it’s important for us to to have tokenburning mechanisms and events okay since this is a question uh another one since deeperpico are consumer oriented how will micropayments be dealt with since okay that was a great questionthat was asked earlier i don’t have an answer for that um regarding the dpr micropayments i willneed to to get an answer for that later gonzalo all right i don’t think the question yeah go ahead ithink that the minis with the hnt miner i want to know if we’ll be availableto to be sell uh separately like because if you want to buy it alone it’s stillout of stock when will be stopped again um let me look on the websitei thought it was listed i thought it was listed uh where it wasavailable individually uh but i guess right now it’s only sells as a package can somebody confirmthat for me if you go to because i’m on my phone right now it’s ontheir network it’s on there eric is uh 599 on its own okay so it is available for ordercorrect yep and stock okay thank you yeah but romini is out of stock at this moment on the inthe shop oh got it yeah i think because uh if you buy the bundle um when by the time the the hntminer the deeper network hmt miner ships uh there will be a mini in stock for that bundle pack andthen to answer your question andreas if you go to you can find under heliumum you can find the the just the the hnt miner independently or individually which you canpurchase for 5.99 this is a pre-order and so i mentioned earlier and i want to emphasizeagain the prices is 5.99 higher than the hip 19 on application because thechipsets are super expensive right now if anybody knows there’s three chips that go intoevery lorawan antenna and those chips are just like a hundred times the price what theythey were just not too long ago even so um just really bad timing um you know it’s it’s greati wish we would have known this uh way earlier bought a ton more but uh that’s just the scenarioright now and uh if you want to purchase them and pre-order them andrea you can go ahead and dothat on our shop separately they will only work for with minis and because genesis no minersare minis as well they will work for that they will not work for nanos andpicos because of hardware requirements exactly oh oh mini alone just to buy the mini yes it’sout of stock if you want to buy all the mini if something goes i’m waiting i’m sorryi misunderstood your question andrea um yeah the minis are out of stock wewill supply with more stock when we have some um i don’t have a i don’t have a timelinefor that i just know that uh we’re focused right now on the production of of picos and the thehelium uh hnt miners um but the minis uh as soon as possible uh we’ll have more stack if oncewe have stock we will certainly announce it and uh we’re just keeping an eye on the shop umsometimes you know stock gets added you know 500 pieces or something like that and people see itand they they buy it right away so yeah there’s no timeline andrea sorry i don’t i don’t knowwhen the next stock will come in for the minis because i i’ve seen it with the hp miner andi thought it was uh it was in production so this is why i asked this question sorry for myenglish right no no your english is beautiful um i would i can tell you by the time wedo ship out those helium h t minors that if you buy the bundle you’ll get the minias well so we’ll have it by then but you know the hnt miners they’re not going to ship for a whileyou know we’re looking at a minimum of 12 weeks 12 weeks and it could be longer than that upto 30 or maybe even 30 to 40 weeks i don’t know so we’ll definitely have minis by then absolutelybut um you know if you’re looking to mine andrea you might want to try and this is wortha shot you know is to to buy the pico and go ahead and mine with the pico and connect it uhjust leave it at home it’s small and you know it won’t take up a lot of space you just stayed usingthe pico and those are available on kickstarter and we’ll have those starting shipping injanuary so i think those are great options instead of waiting for the minis but i understandi mean the thing with the minis is that they are more powerful they’re more compatible with otherdevices but you know the picos are great because you can use it portably right so um you canbuy the pico now and then when you get your hands on a mini then you can stake on that andget that to mine as well and uh i’m not i’m not sure if you can move the the staking from the picoover to to another device uh we might be able to do that or just leave it you know buy two picosand use one portably and keep the other one just kind of plugged in to mine it’s cheaper anywaysjust a suggestion yeah the me i have a gigabit bandwidth so it was like you know i thought ithought maybe it’s better the mini because the pico is only 100 megabits and it’s likei don’t know i’m wasting my internet well um we talked about this earlier in thequestion you know your right now the requirements of sharing is quite low you only have to share 10megabytes i mean that’s nothing right 10 megabytes a day minimum and if you share that every daythen every two days you would get one credit score as the organic credit score growth so that’sall i mean if you’re staking dpr say you stake tier 8 and you want to earn the highest rewardsavailable right now you stake 100 000 dpr and you put it on the pico and you have fast internetthat’s great but all you got to do is share um it just be plugged in and you don’t evenhave to you know um worry about organic credit score i mean you could earn it but you’ll beearning the tier eight rewards for nine months uh just having it plugged in so why not i thinkthat’s uh you know even if you share a gig or two um it’s not gonna earn you any more creditscore at this present time eventually yes that is something i think we should you know rewardpeople for but just currently we don’t have that uh rule set up so that’s somethingthat might come down the road just a thought andrea but you make uh thedecision you feel is more suitable for you can i use like for i can use it like uh for this10 megabytes and then i can switch with my normal network and can disconnect and use all mypower this is what you are suggesting no um i think if you’re going to use the picoto mine the best way is to buy two because i love picos because now it’s portablei i carry one with me everywhere i go i just leave it with my laptop inthe same bag because it’s so small so when i work at a starbucks or something whichi do um once in a while and when i travel which soon hopefully i’ll be starting to do i have thatpico available for me i don’t have to get censored i have dpn issues uh you know i could just usethe dpn and and the cyber security it’s great the other one uh the second pico you getjust leave it at home plugged in um you know to the to the network to mine you use thatone as a miner and then use the the other one as um your device for when you travel whenyou’re away from home that’s what i’m suggesting thank you very much for yourtime and for your answers i’m pretty clear thank you cool thank youandrea all right uh this has been two hours it’s been quite long uh maybe i’lltake three more questions and then uh another question we’ll callit quits cool hey cj go ahead um is deeper now that we’re gonna come up with a uh a list of recommended uh blacklistwebsites that uh uh we could put in our device great question for sure that issomething that was discussed um i remember very way in the beginning these are allthings that become they could be products that uh we have that people can download and justkind of install we don’t have it ready yet but that is something that um we could possiblyhave hopefully by next year or something where people can just download a blacklistand and bind it to the ip turn on their web filter and they don’t have to worry aboutmanually searching for all these websites um i think right now with thecurrent developments and all the dev work going on they haven’t had time to reallyfocus on that aspect um but that’s definitely something that is on our roadmap in terms of uhhaving the ability just to download you know maybe pay a few dprs and then be able to download thatlist um you know as a convenience and for security that was the end of my answer yeah uh my next is um when you go torestake for the uh the genesis my winner um are you able to uh connect a asecond wallet to it which would be uh the binance smart smartchain wallet to up your tier that’s a great question i think because we areworking on staking on the finance smart chain and by that time which you know we still haveabout six months or something um left before people start restaking um i’m sure that wouldbecome available so uh but again i’m not 100 so don’t hold me to it but i will definitelybring that up and allow people to to go ahead and do that because um you know say fees that’sall the whole reason why we’re moving over to bsc so that that would make sense to to beable to stake continue staking on bsc i don’t know how the logisticsof work though cj to be honest uh my next question is um when you get the10-pack pico can you choose to get the uh the dpr back and uh binance coin oror deeper coin instead of ethereum oh that’s a good question um i would have to check on that but i i dowant to touch that uh when you get the deeper the dpr as a as a reward for those those tokensare locked and you won’t be able to stick with those so the ones you earn you won’t be able todo anything with it until it becomes unlocked and that’s two years after ce1 uh tier onecex listing but to answer your question if you could choose you know what platform uh dprto receive it in um i would have to check on that that’s a good question because we don’t have intoyou know we don’t have a vp2 integrated jet so right now obviously it wouldbe erc20 or deeper chain my guess is that it’s going to be deeper chainto be honest because that is our native chain and by that time it’s probably you know we mighteven be fully migrated over to deeper chain i i guess it’s not been determined yeti probably won’t have an answer for that for a while since nobody’s gonnaget their tokens for a while anyways um just see it as an investment but it will beyour dpr you know hey eric what did you just say did you just say that we can’t use rewards toto stake like rewards we’re getting right now i’m sorry no okay sorry lawrence uh what i meantwas um cj was talking about purchasing the 10-pack and we have a promotion going on right now whereif you purchase a 10-pack which is a thousand 240 the promotion is that by purchasing this 10-packyou’re able to get 1 240 worth of dpr at today’s value um basically for free so you’ll get1 240 of uh in in a in a contract basically and uh and you just have to you know registerand do there’s gonna be a platform that we’re gonna launch pretty soon in the next coupledays which will allow people to to go ahead and basically claim those but those are locked andyou won’t be able to do anything with those tokens but the mining rewards you have now you’refree to do whatever you want with those you know unfortunately right now we don’t havea bridge from deeper chain to bsc yet but uh you could go ahead and use the bridge to ethereum andyou know trade or stay do whatever you like with those but you know fees are quite high rightnow yeah for sure yeah i’m holding right yeah um also some updates to uh you know we hada partner in crypto cart cc which allows people to buy gift certificates and products uhdifferent products you know tvs and electronics and stuff on their website and um you knowwe have that and they had uh some some issues i don’t know if some of you had seen they had someum they had like a breach but they’ve secured it and everything is okay now and they’reabout to launch their mainnet soon so soon uh dpr tokens will be accepted on thereas well uh probably give them a few more weeks um so that’s the update on that i know somepeople had asked about that so crypto carts uh they’ll be using erc 20 for now but uh theirplan is to also integrate with our deeper chain wallet so that people can use the the deeper chain dpr directly so they’re gonnahave to deal with bridges and stuff so that’s the update all righti’ll take one last question who’s it going to be eric got a real easy question for yourhand on um in the softball thanks dave in the uh shop um there’s four deviceslisted there’s the nano the money the pico and uh the light i just always wondered whatis the light is that uh earlier device that was discontinued or is a future device tocome or where does that fit in the lineup good question that was our earliest device umthat was our first from the first prototype so that was the first generation deeper connectdevice and um it was sold on amazon and best buy that was the the place we had uh there areretail partners in the beginning and we actually they have a requirement where you knowif somebody orders off their website we had to have immediate shipping so we had stockback then because you know we weren’t we were just growing a lot of people didn’t know about us soyou know if we had a thousand units like it would be enough to to sell through best buy and amazonso that at that time was okay but has gotten more and more mature as a project and you knowmore popular we weren’t able to sell the mini on there so we had to go on indiegogo which isa crown which allowed us to delay our shipping otherwise you know best buy and and amazon theywouldn’t allow us to to kind of like ship you know somebody orders and then ship it like you knowa few weeks later they need immediate shipping so that’s why we uh we paused our partnershipwith them but in the future um as we get more supplies surprises have become such anissue we will definitely be wanting to reestablish that partnership and start sellingthere again now to answer your question with the light it is discontinued uh right now we’reselling the minis uh nanos will soon i believe be discontinued as well and um picos and thenwho knows what the next generation will be um you know my my experience with deeper networkthe first time i’ve ever used it i was in china and at that time i was uh with coin market cap andi remember going there i had vpns i had two vpns nord and expressvpn and the reason i i hadvpns is because i i needed when i traveled to these countries which you know they had censorshipi wouldn’t be able to access my work files which was mostly on google gmail and stuff likethat and uh you know even telegram and and stuff like that i couldn’t access so i hadto have the vpns that time i went i remember as soon as i got there none of my vpns workedand i was freaking out because i couldn’t do any work and i was at conferences and stuff thereand that’s when i met one of the co-founders of deeper network and she’s like tried this deviceand that was the last actually have it uh still in my in my uh storage here and um and i pluggedit in and it was just it was literally plug and play plugged it into my laptop from the hotel andboom i was had access to all and i i was amazed and that’s when i found out about deeper networkand uh i was in love with them and uh it’s so cool to be here now as their cmo so i’m a truebeliever of the project and at that time i just thought the dpn itself was amazing how it’sdecentralized they told me some stuff about it but now that i’m actually in the project to knowabout the ecosystems they’re building for web3 my mind has been blown and continues to beblown with all of the things that we plan to do and that we’re actually buildingand we’re starting to see being built so like the decentralized advertisingframework has already been launched and uh it’s the beginning of of the decentralizedadvertising ecosystem and that’s going to be huge and kevin’s mentioned it earlier you know we’renot a project that’s just about dpn we’re about web 3.So everything web3 is going to be throughdeeper network and the you know the potential is limitless it’s it’s so amazing and i’m so exciteduh five ten years down the road where we’ll be and hopefully i’ll still be here and um on ayacht somewhere no i hate yaks i hate boats uh maybe on a plane somewhere anyways thank you somuch guys this was really fun and uh i don’t know what do you guys think uh for future amas um iwas hoping i actually enjoyed doing it on telegram more because it allows people to speak and i knowi’ve live streamed a few um with parker and then you know we get questions through pigeonholebut i don’t actually get to talk to people um and then what i plan to do is after this ama iwill download the recording and then we’ll upload it to youtube it would just be no video it wouldjust be a static image but people can listen to it um i think it’s more fun what do you guysthink should we continue doing it like this for future amas or do you guys prefer uh livestream and just there’s nothing to see anyways just me sitting in a chair you knowi like this okay i of course much i’ll do a poll and uh on twittersometimes this week i ask them set up a poll and see whatpeople say it’d be interesting to see hello i do like it it’s really personaland if you have to do big announcement then you should probably stick tothe youtube uh big event one i see yeah so they could see my face if like youknow i’m serious about it and stuff right hey yeah yeah that’s that’s a good idea when there’shuge announcements and stuff maybe i could share my screen show you guys some stuff but uh i thinkfor the personal ones i think this is this is fun it’s just like a a little uh panel you knowkind of chatting and little fireside talk a lot nicer cool omano justjoined just catching the end of it thank you so much guys i have been hey man i’msorry oh you have yes okay glad you didn’t miss it well anyways this will this will get you knowit’s recorded and we’ll get on our youtube so whatever parts you miss you can go back and listenif you want i mean it’s super long it’s like two hours and 20 minutes now so uh appreciate you guysbeing here thank you eric i’ll follow you on uh is it on twitter because here’s just a groupright yeah yeah twitter i have my twitter if you don’t if you guys don’t follow me it’s a helloeric ma follow me on twitter i give updates and tidbits there um some of the stuff i tend to sharethere i i don’t share on the official website just because um i don’t know sometimes it’s not asappropriate because all the opinions are kind of my own as well and i kind of give uh someearly announcements sometimes um i don’t know it’s just a different sort of uh a different sideof deeper network so follow me there appreciate it by the way i wanted to mention that the thepromotional video about the pico that we’ve seen recently on youtube and on kickstarter is done inin a very professional way i really liked it and i i i can tell this is a completely new level youknow like it looks very professional thanks for that thank you so much thank you for noticing thatand we actually haven’t shared those videos yet there are a couple of viral videos and some uhdescriptions it’s more consumer oriented videos and uh you know we have some amazing kol’s alsocoming on on board um you know i don’t know if you guys know you guys heard of uh well i’mnot gonna mention i don’t wanna uh um you know just just don’t mention it yet just tell ustell us how many uh subscribe subscribers like over like over 10 million wow yeahamazing one of my favorite unboxing people they do unboxings and uh we’re gonna be on therepretty soon and when that video launches i think uh it’s really going to hit the consumer leveland the pico is going to take off even more and so i’m really excited about that i have some kolson the crypto side i’m bringing on board uh which you know really helped helium grow and and nowthat we’re gaining traction and our price uh action it looks a little bit better um it’s reallyhelping a lot you know it’s helped us gotten on kucoin things are really on the up and up and i dowant to ask one favor from the community is that you know support us more on social media and tryto you know share i’m starting to do testimonials from people just share you know more about deepernetwork and uh um because it’s gonna help the people you share with as well how they can benefitfrom it but you know there’s a lot of negativity sometimes people get really impatient i don’tknow any other industry that are that is more impatient than the crypto industry people are justso impatient with everything and you know a lot of good things it really needs to and it takestime to build and you know uh nobody’s perfect sometimes we’ll we might launch something and it’sa little bit buggy like you know try to come and support so there’s a lot of people that just verynegative and they just go up there and bash but at the same time they’re supporters but they’re quitenegative and try to kind of change their minds or give them some some tips on how to like you knowwhatever solutions uh the trouble they’re having give them some solutions uh it really helpsme out a lot it helps our whole team out a lot i have to say you know a lot of the negativityeven though i’ve been working in the crypto industry for quite a while especially uh firsthandin community um i i can’t i would have i would be lying if i said the negativity doesn’t get to mebecause we’re working so hard and seeing a lot of the negativity sometimes you know like therecently with the helium antenna uh being 599 people are calling this you know price gougingand stuff and it really hurts you know it just it’s bothersome and it actually affectsuh my mood affects my my whole spirit and i think it’s fun also it affects the wholeentire community as well to see fun like that so i think we need more positive vibes and if youknow i understand people get frustrated it’s okay to be frustrated but you got to remember um thingswill only get better this is a great start we’re starting to gain traction i’m super excited anduh yeah let’s just keep going with this appreciate all the time guys i’m gonna end uh this yeahthank you i’m gonna stop the recording and then um and then uh yeah have a great daywherever you are we’ll talk soon thanks guys all right take care bye

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