let’s see what we got “we ii” live all rightso with just about 15 14 hours to go until phase two staking starts guys here’s thedeal and i’m gonna be super active as far as chat get because if you guys are trying tostake i want to make sure i give you the best possible info as far as should you um what is itthat you need to do how do you do it if you have any questions i want to be here uh you knowright with you let’s just break it down and i detest when people take 30 times to get to themain point of the video and i am never going to see do that to you so first things first basicquestion is it usefulnes venturing for phase two it depends i know so here’s the deal ifyou crave a gold miner no it’s not worth it if you want to make money yeah you should stakeit’s there it’s a no-brainer even there’s a like another caveat to this whole thing if you don’thave tokens right now and you need to buy dpr that’s even more reason to stake so we you allknow that dpr reached almost 17 pennies right um and right now it is way underthat i’m attracting up my maps so that i can share my screen with you andmake sure that you guys know what is up by the way it’s been really exciting to seebitcoin drop today and other all coppers actually take over that’s what it’s all about determining surethat all silvers and other things are actually you know coming up in cost now this is this is justi don’t want to call it sorry but this is just insane first and foremost as i often tell youguys i am not a financial advisor i’m just telling you guys how i’m making money and hopefully youguys are along for the razz and get it done with me because that’s a purpose right like i don’t wantthis for myself i want to make sure that i’m sharing the capital sharing the insight it’s thereason i started the canal in the first place cpr we’re 13 cents it’s three pennies cheaper thanwhat it was when people were staking for phase one that this is great if you don’t have dprtokens and you’re trying to get in right now like move buy dpr so you can stake you’regetting in at a cheaper charge than other people like you can’t beat that that’slike a phenomenal way to go about it oh seem i got somebody asking um ifthey can ask questions about deeper let’s tell them to get in now and participate rightbecause i’m not going to have feature conversations whatever questions they have itmight be beneficial to all of us so why not cause them join in the fun now why ami saying it’s worth it to buy in at 13 pennies so you can stake if you go back on the chartand i’m gonna do well you can actually see it right here look at this if you go back and i’mjust going to do up here i don’t know here’s the thing i love teaching you guys how to do someof this stuff on you know different websites and how to do research on your own up here on coinmarket cover silver marketplace detonator is a good resource for you to find information not certainly foryou to do research so if we do 1 month the high which precisely took place was at 16 and a half centsso 16 6. Right now we’re sitting at 13 3. beings were buying clues for phase one like crazy to getget their bags filled to be able to you know to be able to stake and i got to make sure i watch thattime because i want to make sure we don’t run out of time so right here people are buying like crazynow it plummeted three cents which might not seem like a lot but when you multiply and i’m goingto make love live like i always do you guys know how i like to do this thing let’s pull up the goodold calculator and do math in front of you guys all right this is what we’re going to do solet’s say tier one right so it’s 20 000 tokens ages pointone six six which was the high you’d be paying three thousand threehundred dollars for one of the following options spots now if we change this up and we do the same mathbut instead we use the current price of 13.3 i don’t know about you but i like savings andthat’s a fairly darn good savings right there so that much minus this much so you’re saving over6 00 from what you would have paid for phase one so is it worth it yeah it’s worth it especially ifyou’re in tier one and i want to show you why it’s been great to be able to get informationrecently that other people just didn’t realize was even accessible or outthere so take a look at this this is what you’re going to earn for phase youknow if you venture now and you get in phase two here’s what i want you to pay attentionto i’m gonna go actually come back right there phase two genesis bonusnot eligible it’s like oh humankind bummer let me pull my billy may here but wait that’s notall if you go back and you look at the charts for you know phase one and phase two phase onedid not have any bonus for tier one either so it’s still just as good of a treat actuallystaking phase two for tier one is a better treat now than it was two days ago because the price ofdpr is lower so if we’re going merely by the numbers it’s a great option for you to take if you haven’tstaked now is the time this is a great chance to do so oh no my conversation is not working let me see ifi can sounds it out so i can actually talk to you oh look at that we’re actually going messagesand i roughly missed them what is up my people kevin all right all right once got what we got oh referrals what are the referrals that werein phase one so i i told you guys i’d be super transparent with referrals and everything that i’mdoing every now like whatever well from you know uh the deeper network like i’m still committedto that so someone invited i’m going to tell you exactly what’s up i’m actually a little hesitantto actually show you on screen because it does have a little bit of personal informationfor the people referral code referral records all right this is this ismostly you know blanked out so i think i should be able to do it but if youhave not you know whitelisted more and you want to fill out that use so you can stake i’m actuallygoing to put in this code um stake if you guys want to use thelink that i just sent over that will get you in whitelistingand i am still live and i’m still broadcasting and things are going goodum that’s really odd it’s not showing venture dpr that action dot ceo how strange my links aren’t going through you might not consider it uh top chitchat yeah i’m notconsidered a meridian chat this is hilarious so i had top chit-chats on and not live chat and my messagewasn’t depicting you guys have six times but that’s where it is where do you buy and stakedpr all right for you to buy dpr easy all you got to do is go to unit swap real quick i want toshow you this because you guys asked him it so these are all the people that use my referral codeone two three four five six seven so i had seven people that really staked expending my system got abunch more beings that actually you know replenished it out but not all of them are actually doing itso let me pull this component swap you to swap the i o you propel the app and all you have to do is comeover here to the token and go dpr and there it is if you haven’t done it before it’s going toactually appearance you from coingecko that’s usually where it will attract from but from here all yougot to do is say you want twenty thousand tokens and you select you gotta go form two oh yeahyou know you select what you wanna pay in if it’s ether or anything else and reached buy and that willtake merely probably a you know a minute or two and from there you can stick your dpr and just takedpr you can use the code that i put in the chitchat so i’ve been stake for the last 24 hours of mytoken sum hasn’t moved a single copper i think i’m doing something wrong kevin you are not doinganything wrong what’s happening is that right now phase two is not open you’re still technically inphase one so what you’re able to do is actually stay put right where you’re at and when phase twoopens it’s gonna get you in there already wait if your sign quantity didn’t move though that’sactually interesting so if your token sum did not move that’s bad you need to actuallystake that means you haven’t bided quite hitherto your token should go down absolutelyyour token should go down um now i am pulling up my good age-old register inside of dpr leaderboard this is whatit looks like so last duration the bottom of the listing digit 1000 was six times and two seconds in i am not concerned in regards to this phaseyou should be able to get in without a problem however here’s what i’ll say after phase onecompleted i clicked the lettuce deposit button it took apart oh kevin you’re good to go chum you’regood all right can you answer my question a minute uh let me see bbb hey man question can youdo a child mini oh this exciting news right like this is actually something i want toshare with all of you this is important not here and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be me sorry people music is just it’s just inmy brain i can’t i can’t help myself um guy we got three minutes ago i have someexciting things that were said by eric ma that i want to share with all of you becauseeverybody’s asking about mending and quarrying yes you will be able to however uh to minehelium on these devices they’ve applied for um for the you know healing and quarrying and bythe inspects of it they’re going to be able to get that really really soon so let me pull this uphere “its from” eric ma himself earlier today oh sweet kevin i’m glad that worked for you buddyso it’s always been a question of like how much are these things gonna cost what’s you knowwhat’s gonna provided me back at take a look at this and i’ll blow it up so you can read a little bitbetter this is a message from eric earlier this morning so if you’re wondering about the minersthe helium mining specifically here’s what what he’s telling people in the conversation so helium is stillreviewing the lotion they’re dealing here with some you know whatever issues if approved lowerantenna will sell for 3.99 or free with staked dpr this is a big deal free healing a child i don’tknow if you guys realize this but beings are waiting months to be able to get their handson this you’re going to get a miner before you know mainnet launch which is now set for the endof august so they’re these cells are ready to go like they’re getting ready to ship these out andthey want to produce these feelers right away their production is actually really really goodthey’re they’re they’re mostly set to go and they’re going to be able to pump these outa lot faster than most people even realize this is literally the final countdown we areit’s going to be a little retarded for you guys but we’re about 20 seconds in until we touch 8o’ clock and i want to make sure that i going to be home to that staking and the issue with the stakingand for me to be able to see that leaderboard that um the same way that we had the phase oneleaderboard is that it’s not gonna show until parties actually get the blockchain stuff inright so you gotta sign when you indicate so two steps if you haven’t done this before you’resigning right now that’s eight o’clock you’re gonna signed the first time it’s gonna say heyyou can use x number of tokens your second signature is actually going to be your stakingand i’m going to keep this page open because it you know i want to see what we get in here iwant to see that first time stamp as it comes in but going back to what i was saying abouteric because it’s a bigger deal than parties even realize and it’s a comment that kindof roughly get unnoticed and what i will say about eric is that he is doing his very best tosupport the community to be able to get all of us i don’t want to call a special therapy butget us in do us you know the the the child do us the information not only the information butrewarded for being early stakers like and again parties won’t say this to you people won’t destroy itdown this nature but i’ll exactly be honest eric’s job is selling he is the cmo of deeper networknow it’s in his best interest to get as countless beings bought into the project or learning aboutthe project as possible so what does that mean his occupation is to get us to like the deeper networkfor us to approve of what they’re doing to get our buy-in now the good thing about all of this isthat eric is a super nice dude like he’s a really good guy privilege so that’s that’s just you knowreally really good because not only is is his job to make sure that the community is learning moreabout deeper that we are getting more information but he wants us to support the network and theway he does that is by listening to our feedback he actually listens to feedback he actuallywants to know what we like what we want to see so cmo of deeper structure that’s cool even betterhe’s on our line-up he actually wants to make this thing work so where are you able buy the miner leothe feline you cannot buy the miner right now they’re trying to you know get enough forces outuh for pre-order here in august nonetheless right now the only way you can get one of these minersin the month of august is if you have already obtained the indiegogo the government has their youknow finished producing on those are going to ship those out here early august or you gota stake and right now we’re in staking phase two phase two basically means that you’re we’rewe’re over that 1000 mi you know miners mark we already have um the first 1000 parties setthey’ve staked at different tiers um actually the even its second phase and i’ll go back to that diagram soyou can see what i’m talking about here um even in phase one we were able to get people look at thatso there were tier one people inside of phase one not everybody though because if you hada timestamp greater than six hours and two seconds as you can see here youdidn’t make the cut regrettably can you dual psyche genesis minion andnano nicholas yeah buddy you sure can that’s why we’re all really excited howeverthe the bulletin that i was just sharing on the screen there is that eric ma is doing his verybest to get anybody that bets dpr a free you are well aware a free feeler a free heliumportion of it that’s pretty big and cost sure is a factor because they cost 399 dollars nonetheless the biggest factor in all of this is shipping time i’ve purchased a bobcat backin june resolve of oh it wasn’t even june more i don’t think i still haven’t gotten it no parole of wheni’m gonna get wise it’s taking months for parties to receive their healing and adolescents now deepernetwork has really good manufacturing right like they have their own facility they’re doing theirown thing so they can pump these out as soon as they have approval from the helium structure theyare going to start you know producing these miners you are well aware fast i entail i can only imagine whatthey’re what they’re doing right now they’re looking for you know the go ahead as soonas they discover the go ahead they’re gonna just start pumping these out because they havethe means to do so and i’m getting lane more oh nicholas you got faith you got phase one that’sawesome man that’s awesome congrats because that was a that was a close-fisted cut off privilege michael uhmichael nicholas sorry michael was just sending me a meaning here but nicholas like phase one soyou are under six hours and two seconds that’s a that’s a big deal congrats and now like i wassaying most people that are coming into phase two let me take a look here we have not yet freshened if you guys don’t know how this works right nowdeeper network is still on the ethereum blockchain which means that all of those signatures thereyou guys are sending you’re compensating gas fees and those guys you are well aware those transactionstake a little bit um you’re looking at about 70 transactions per block so that’s roughly themaximum you know number of deals that can take place on a single block that means that it’snot immediate it does take a minute or two for things back not a hour around seven minutesto be honest um for things to actually populate now personally speaking what i can tell youguys is that i am very exceedingly awfully terribly tempted to stake right now because theni would have a gold and a silver-tongued and then king is about if youguys are part of the telegram group was talking about you know that part threeif you get if you get the gold and the silver maybe the copper comes out you could have like thethe olympic uh trio but what do we got cam cam bro like you’re what are you doing why are you sendingwhy are you communicating me words we had talked about this i thought you were done inviting us justyou know asking questions for the day i thought we had it we had a deal i’m kidding i’m kenny whatdo you what do you got now all right free helium coin antenna would be awesome get phase onehope he objective up coming through the antenna yeah i mean that’s exactly what i’m lookingat whoa no way you paid two thousand five hundred dollars for a bobcat miner and you’reonly make 15 to 30 dollars a day wow that’s that’s hard keep in mind um with helium weshould get them yeah everybody’s canceling their their their never successions like i don’tknow if they’re ever came to see you they’re so you know they’re so so backed up it’s beyondbelief like parties are just giving up on those those never obtains i have a friend of mine thatwas super provoked about his told me about it back in parade hasn’t even gone you know any message fromthem saying it’s retarded what the expectation is they’re just super backed up and but going backto to tent cam you’re only paying 15 to 30 a day i will try to be more active when it comesto the helium network as soon as you know the maybe i’ll do it a little bit sooner butthe helium network it’s it’s profitable if two things are in place a “youre in” a decentlocation and b you have the right antenna setup because you know exactly having more db’s on yourantenna does not actually mean you’re going to get a better you know payout fraction like that’s not howit essentially labours there’s a few more details uh that runs along with the helium network andgetting those things set up but point like you know the this is like old school ray raymondi think it was the demo like point point location that’s what the helium is all about nowif you are like at the edge of the network like where it drops off it’s like in my area youcan people are manufacturing like literally like not probably like less you know a mile and a half downthe street they’re making about 150 to 300 horses there there are like some people up in themountain where they have really good range are actually doing more than that soit’s still worth in a lot of locations oh no way nicholas you’re actually coming a tattoo forthe deeper network that’s that’s awesome like let me know what channel where it’s goingto be streamed on i will happily make sure to share that out with everybody else ithat that would be way way more good for me not to share i will definitely patronage youin that crazy endeavor you’re taking on there 18 contingents from deborah in februarymissed out on about oh worker that’s tough cam cam cam so you don’t have to do thisout in the open because that would not be a good idea but um you can alright i i wastrying to keep this on the dl but i did start a discord if you guys want to send any messagesyou can feel free to join the discord and and specifically for camcam if you mail me likeyour rough address or what hotspot locale you got i’ll take a look at it and freely go over youknow earnings and things like that because that’s what i’m here for i want to make sure i’m helpingyou guys what is up come on data is delayed if it has not been modernized please checkagain later it is later let’s refresh nothing hitherto wow what a what a bummer oh nicholas you know plus inside all rightas long as it’s on telegram i’m i’m there so i’ll be able to share with everybody elseto to let everybody know what’s going on like like the prospect is building up herefor me like i want to see what’s going on with you know with this phase two make sure i’mnot crazy let me go to phase one i’m gonna refresh this make sure that i’m yeah my internetworks you guys are still we’re still streaming nothing yet now cam so am i crazy to say that iwill freely take a look at your locale and see what’s going on and see if i can help you with anantenna maybe a little bit because this thing has been exhausting but i’m still at the site wherei can connect independently and try to help people one-on-one which is super exciting and i want tobe able to do this as much as i maybe can as long as it you know it doesn’t alter other areasof my life if “i m watching” if if my wife is watching the stream later i’m sorry i know it’s taken a lotof my occasion but i love these parties and it’s it’s they’re worth it it’s all worth noting um but i’llhelp you i’ll be more than more than happy to you know kind of go over those things cam andand take a look at what’s going on with you so you guys how the agency antenna can be set upindoors with the genesis terry um right now and actually spoke i take advantage of any opportunityi can get when it comes to talking to the people that are involved in manufacturing or any ofthose things i used i quietly asked questions about says and all of a sudden i’m like hey areyou dealing with manufacturing and then i preserved expecting more and more and more more questionsso here’s what’s going on with those miners it’s not a 100 finalise what they are going umto look like but what it is you know set in stone i’m actually gonna pull the a tweet from thedeeper network here what’s going on hey i don’t know who who from the deeper network is watchingthis but i didn’t get a retweet for this really i’m just kidding i i don’t i don’t mind it atall um i’m gonna time move and see if i can get you that reasonably word-painting oh look at this butit was energized to see that our indian society is expanding all right what do i need to dostart a path in other languages i can do that i don’t have the time but i can do thatgold yeah see this is what happens when oh you know who’s going to have info easel he is oh look at that that’s a good man rightthere inspection i got retweeted if you guys aren’t following me on twitter it’s activity underscoreceo i will get action ceo shortly i just need to have more resistance on my main accountso i can take what’s right rightfully mine but let me scroll down because i know ezo is theman and oh yeah this is the box that i was telling you guys about earlier this thing examines stinkingsweet he did a great job with this look at that and as i continue as i continue that’s my videonice let’s see if i can find this because this is a big deal these mending minors it’sit’s actually a a pretty important thing oh deep phony of eric ma if you guyshaven’t seen this it’s entertaining wow i so pico if you guys haven’t seen thepico it’s insignificant look at look at what that looks like it is so stinking cuteyeah cute’s the right message oh son what is happening here i see what’s happening here oh this is reallycool again one of those parish things right you are eligible to 3d book this by the way i’m going to makesure i connect this later but you are eligible to 3d book this can deeper can deeper mini or s on a cellularhotspot yes you can run you know a node off a cellular you simply need to be able to get thatconnection to the device that’s the main thing um att actually has a uh a modem that allows youto have a sim card so that’s a way for you to get it in normally people use those when theyhave fiber and they want a backup communication what they’ll do is actually have the the sim cardas a backup so let’s say that the network neglects for some reason they will you know defaultback to the backup network which is cellular now i i gotta highlight this i don’t know ifyou guys seen informal crypto dan is the man and i am not afraid to share other people’schannels on my path i how do i even say this if you want like good analysis straight-from-the-shoulder to thepoint without you know lingering or dad jokes that’s where you would go here you get all ofit you get the good the bad and the ugly um let’s say that again so here you get thegood the bad and and the nice that’s me again so i’m going to go back to my prime shot soi can be demonstrated you what i’m looking for because um deeper structure all right all right all right i determined what i was looking for and i still haven’tfound what i’m looking for but i did find it now okay gonna go through these conversations so ican make sure i’m not missing anything do you have a detailed video on how to buy dprmatt i do not but i will show you how to buy dpr in about 30 seconds bear with me can i applied creditto compose two for 40 yes kevin you can increase the amount that you’re putting downyou don’t have to limit yourself to exclusively 20 000 dpr you can goto the 48 rank utterly now travis you can only yep nicholas you’re deadon buddy i am aware of you requiring info there all right did he buy expenditure went downtoday beautiful beautiful beautiful okay so let’s start with this one this is whatthe helium miner looks like when attached to what we know which is you know uh um this is amini it’s essentially the same size as the genesis but if you gaze closely you can attach any antennato these two little nubs right there and i’m gonna copy image address and i’m going to paste it in soyou can see this nice and large-scale and we can make this nice and big all right so if you determine these twolittle gold plated nubs that’s where you can just excerpt your feeler so that’s why i’m saying itdoesn’t matter where you plan on putting these guys you can attach any feeler to it and keep inmind i don’t know exactly what antenna is going to come with the unit nine times out of ten i don’tthink it’s even worth coming you know putting an antenna attached with this device because at theend of the day people’s setups are so different that you’re better off not including an antennaallowing beings to purchase whatever antenna that you know they crave it doesn’t take very longfor you to get these antennae you know there’s no shortage for you to get an antenna the shortagereally comes in in buying helium miners now um i do read the references to tron and all those thingsand i can touch that on that in just a second but i want to make sure i do my due diligence here andmatt let’s talk about buying dpr step one you got to find the token you got to find how to buy thatspecific token so easiest path in my opinion head on over to coin sell detonator and this is kind ofa backwards style to do it but it’s gonna simplify your life later on now down now and this appliesto any clue this will show you where the token is being traded what business you can buy this frompersonally i use uniswap because i don’t like other beings impounding onto my coin like gate i o all you do and the cool thing about them is thatthey have uh dex implements with group barter which gives you a lot of information about what’s going oninside of gang swap if you click here on just the usdc slash dpr it’s going to take you to the mainunit swap page don’t do that if you’re looking to find a clue go to dex tools and dex implements isa great tool if “youve never” consumed it before i recommend you check it out because it isreally helpful you get to see how many parties are buying selling and slew you know live whichis really awesome and you can see the ceases and all of those things look at that this is thiswas today so earlier in the day we’re sitting at 13 pennies uh 13.8 pennies and we drop down and rightnow we’re it shows you everything and all the buys and sale you know every time somebody buys andsells i’m going to increase the size of my screen to show you what i’m talkingabout now for you to buy dpr this commerce button the cool thing about the tradebutton inside of dex tools is that it will make you directly to the right token so you don’thave to guess it’s going to apply dpr right there simplifying your life and then you say i wantto spend whatever it is you want to spend so i’m actually going to connect my billfold so youcan see how this works i personally use metamask it will initialize now regrettably umscreen sharing won’t captivate the part of my screen oh it is capturing oh itis this is good all right so i’m gonna connect my act ceo lookat that i have an action nft wallet too i wonder what that’s all about buti’m gonna connect this account that’s inside of my metamask i’m gonna thumped next and i’m gonnahit connect connecting and now i’m ready so i i don’t have a lot of ethan now but i’m going touse as an example proves me how much eath i have and there we go that’s it all you got to dois now touch exchange it will give you a little confirmation screen show you how much it’s goingto cost what i’m going to be spending and i made fortify exchange there’s one more evidence whichi’m not going to hit and this here is how you buy as soon as you affected confirm it’s gonna route myyou know my fiat in and i’m gonna come dpr back it’s pretty straightforward for you to buydpr and this applies to other signs as well as long as they are inside of uniswapas soon as i hit confirm we’re good to go i canceled because i am not buying dpr right nowbecause that eth in my pouch right now it’s it’s for deal fees simply all right let me getback into this thing right here what do we got can i exert cartel wallet instead of metamask youcan use trust wallet instead of meta mask and i you guys gonna laugh at this like why am idoing all this trash i actually appointed a how to change gas rewards inside a rely billfold but it’sa private video so i never actually shared it with all but two people that were asking forhelp but you can use your metamask your meta mask or trust wallet absolutely let me goback and make sure i got all these questions asked none knows if justin’s son by or not what do you want nothing knows ifjustin’s son is buying or not like are you doubting are you doubting whatwas said you don’t think the leak is real i gotta stop i’m i’m kidding i haven’ti can’t strengthen more than i any of that but behaving serious sometimes gets to be kind offunny so kenny i apologize there is a little bit of a defer anytime i’m streaming and whatyou guys are seeing so i was i get from copper sell ceiling so i’ll time a rapid rundown i wentcoin busines cap when you’re in silver marketplace detonator you can always interpret where tokens are being tradedso if you go down to the market section right so deeper structure sells it will show youwhere the clue is being sold solely for uh dpr you have uniswap and don’t i wouldn’trecommend sounding this button right here because you’re not gonna get to the token insteadclick on this button which will make “youre going to” a lieu called dex implements when you get to dex toolshit the commerce button here this will take you instantly to the unit swap interface and willpre-select the sign that you are looking for pam you want to see the private video oh talking about private videos you know igot the whole i don’t know if you guys visualized on chatter today but we got a thing trendingit’s a currency app for hotties i don’t know if you guys ensure my my chirp but you know iposted something about that can’t miss out simply 90 move to the latest ether scan phase two and again yep it’s the late ah there we goall right yeah and this is super delayed right so the the leaderboard is always going to bedelayed because you need to confirm business wow number one is sitting at four minutesand 11 seconds for phase one we had parties i bel actually i can just draw itup i have it look at that 47 seconds that’s that that’s a big differencethe cool thing is that i think anybody that stakes right now should be reallysafe because the announcement was that they would have 2 000 um time 2 miners which isa really good number at the end of the day and i know you all can call me crazy for sayingthis but we are still in the early phases of dpr where where were beings right now where you knowthe the people that are making a killing on helium channel before mainnet like the mainnet hasn’t evenlaunched quarrying hasn’t even started like we are way way early how are these 20 000 people gettingtheir nodes before me i’ve been stake since ooh kevin that is a really good question what um you don’t have to share itif you don’t want to but that what do you means that you hope you didall this drivel right yeah you appear you you did do this all the scrap right i’mcertain of it um you don’t have to do it in public but if you participate the schism you can shootme a private theme or on telegram or or even mail smoke signals if you shoot me your walletaddress i will take a look at to made to ensure that your staking is done appropriately ihave no problem spending time to do that oh it’s getting busy it’s getting hectic over andthe telegram chat for deeper yeah what a sale what a sale on dpr what does phase oneget that phase two and others gold silver um sunski uh ton ton sky 107. Umhere’s what i shared earlier you might have missed this it’s notthis it’s not this it’s not this it’s not that it’s not that and so many tabs open got to get organized here umi know why it’s because i actually opened it up as a register on my computer so i would have to downloadit let me see screenshot yep now we go all right so to clarify what’s the difference between phaseone and phase two this is phase one in comparison to phase two phase one is up top phase two ison the bottom i’m gonna zoom out just a second for tier one you guys are actually doingbetter now than you were in phase one because the price dpr is lower you can buydpr at a lower expenditure today than you could when you’re first do for period for phaseone the total api is exactly the same as you move up in ranks the apy does modification phaseone you would give seven percent for tier two for phase two you’re only earning fourpercent this is the biggest difference of all with the exception of the gold-plated versussilver plated um why did your theme get deleted are you spamming the chit-chat griffin itwasn’t me um it’s kind of eerie like sometimes they do uh kind of mess things up let’s see if ican toggle timestamps all right that might help yeah griffin i don’t see it yeah removed bythe google moderator team i don’t know who the google moderator squad is but it wasn’t me i guessi must be trending i must be trending i think i’m trending at all it’s i’m kidding but i since youguys are here i will show you something actually hilarious and sort of flattering and i’ll go intoyoutube studio which is something that most people don’t ever get to see for youtube directs unlessthey could like pitch-black trash out and like feign that you know oh i’m not really making moneyyou guys should help me i’m really not making money i’m not even monetized so um i’ll support youthat more but take a look at this this is actually what would you call it um flattering firsti’ll prove you all this one right here people are talking about you know me doing stufffor fund i’m not even monetized more like i need to have more public watch hours before i getbe monetized so i don’t know what some of some of these people are saying but this is thecool thing that well wanted to share with all of you take a look at this i don’tknow if it’s cool but it’s a thing right um cam i’ve just detect this like a few hours ago yourcomment isn’t where it’s supposed to be because i’m getting spammed and i’m and i’m i got tothe point i guess that it’s worthwhile for them to create a account a counterfeit detail with the samepicture and with the appoint pinned by activity crypto flattering title didn’t know it wasthat popular but that’s what you do for talking about crypto on youtube people tryto are benefiting from it every single time ah boy this is just what parties do do youwant my erc or my dpr address kevin the erc is the right one that you want to send don’tsend it over don’t mail it over the conversation yeah i imply kevin at the end of theday like you should be super super safe right because there’s only 33 beings staking andthere’s supposed to be 2 000 of these available um buster regard you gotta be trolling claim rightdude like because at the end of the day there’s not 1900 it’s 33. There are more they’rejust getting fortified right now so we’ll watch all right let me see how can i validate it for you um and again like i told you i don’t mysound is probably down but i’m bringing it up um either on telegram um if you guys knowmy handle or you can shoot a send over on disagreement and i’ll send you the tumult connect sincethere’s not that many parties hanging out tonight this is the discord link youtuber namechicken has a bot that empties up his youtube oh very good information i like that i likei’m gonna take a look at this whole youtube cleaning thing my only concern with everautomating the process of cleaning up youtube explains is if i get rid of the realcomments like the last thing i would want to do is you know delete some ofyour observations because my goal is to make sure i answer stufflike i get back to you guys and if you if you’re not there like if your message isgone i can’t do that and i’ve been answering every single comment um it’s what i committed to griffini see you’ve joined here so you can send me you can send me the stuff that we had talked about so is killing me the screenshot or time the youreth pocketbook address and i’ll take a look at it right can i cure substantiating the steps of to venture dpras a matter of fact i can um and the reason i’m saying i can is because i have actually goneover a video with all those steps and how to do it down to a t i will grab that attach and postit on the chit-chat that action everyone has access to it duplicate attach address that’s a really good point kevinyou are right so the new stakers are just new stakers but therewere over 600 people that did get carried away that join on the videothere on how to stake you can watch that anytime and it’ll give you a immediate rundownon how to get your you know your dpr ventured for the ones of you that determined thisbecause of helium i don’t know if you’ve heard of the deeper network but it’snot only a great project that’s you know in its infancy but you got some really awesomepeople that are part of this so if you haven’t heard about it hitherto i most recommend you goover to the discord and ask questions or even i’m gonna do one better actually this is a betteridea right i’m gonna if you start with a playlist and i’m gonna send you all the link to thisplaylist right here and this is my deeper network playlist now something i will tell you is that i am not theonly party talking about a deeper network there are plenty of other beings that are reallygood at what they do some some people are more detailed than i am more organized than iam i don’t know if they’re funnier than i am but there are you know people talking about thedeeper network that are worthwhile watching if you want to get information about it um mygoal is not to be the the youtube silo and say everybody come watch my channel no no my goalis to be able to provide you with information that i have that i’ve experimented the run that iput in hopefully helps you get to your next statu all right so let me consider all right mr grenada8 5. You just got here i’m going to give you a summary in the next 30 seconds “youre ready” ifyou listen a little quick i’m going to talk a little quick and we’re going to get through thisreally fast right now phase two of staking is open for you to get into this phase it looks like youonly have to stake approximately 20 000 dpr to everybody in tier one at least as of right now we’ll beable to get in because there are a total of two thousand miners being given out for anyone thatstakes 20 000 dpr or more as long as you fall inside of those 2 000 beings we’re in ascendancyof the deeper network so there isn’t a lot of people there is the cool thing is there’s nofomo or fud going around this is just details the make is a great productthat’s going to allow you to dual mine with low-grade power consumption all whileproviding you with immense great internet access anywhere in the world because it comes with a dpna decentralized net you are well aware private system that meant that you no longer have to pay nor deepnordvpn or anything else you can just use your invention and have you know free vpn type of thingfor life not only that it comes with a seven blanket of firewall defence which is unheard of it’san enterprise-grade solution that beings would pay you know a lot of money for in the thousands whenyou’re talking about protecting a whole network and you get this just by staking and icovered also early on that um this is what the the miner is going to look like that they are able to attachvia usb to the um to the the deeper network unit but i also announce really earlier that eric mawho’s the cmo for the deeper network stated this inside of the telegram chat that you knowthe helium is still reviewing the work but they do cost 399 but you can get it for freewith steak dpr that necessitates this is a really good deal and the reason it’s a good deal not onlybecause of pricing it’s because of send hours i’ve told everybody how i’ve been waitingfor months to be able to get my helium child and i’m at this pitch like i don’t i don’t knowif i have any hope of getting it anytime soon it’s a good commodity it’s worthwhile forthe expenditure you’re give because you’re not paid under it you’re simply putting sometokens apart and you’re gonna get those back soon nine months staking age is nine months did icover everything i think so message disavowed oh mr grenada 85 you did not want to say what youwanted to say last-place question for the day promise so here’s the thing with cam cam told me that he onlyhad one last question he questioned like five questions backward and forward on comments and i’ve been answeringhim and he was like just last question i predict that’s where the joke comes from last question ipromise do we have to scale up our helium plus dpr action for example with uh if and bitcoinmining we just buy more and more gpus okay so with um both the deeper network and the heliumnetwork it’s not the same way that you would do it for ethereum or bitcoin and here’s why thegoal of the helium network is to provide access decentralized access to the internet toeveryone so their rules are you must have a unique ip address for every genesis node everymini every every invention that they put out even the pico that’s coming out so you it’s requiredfor you to have a unique public ip similarly when it comes to healing network what they care mostabout is coverage so if you have a helium miner in your house and you lent a second helium minerin your room you’re going to be stealing fund from yourself it’s not worth it you want to makesure that you are spreading those out and creating a bit of distance when it comes to that otherwiseyou’re just piece into your own profitability it doesn’t make any sense so no it’s not like aregular eth or bitcoin mining you can’t really add a gang and be ready to go there are a fewmore requirements that go along with this and i know some of you guys were requesting aboutthis this is the cool message that eric put out oh you got one more question cam really all rightwhat time is it it’s uh 8 39 ask away because and i’m going to close this in five minutesso let’s make sure that we get everything reacted let me go through these things heremake sure anybody else got any questions um i think you can’t deserve fully unless you havea full adolescent value tonski you are correct so when it comes to mining dpr the wayit operates is that genesis node miners they are stake located you are putting money down tobe able to earn a approval rating height right that’s how you essentially increase your recognition scoreand that will um get you all you are well aware basically automatically up to whatever it’s here that you’restaking for i ascertained the graph i’m gonna put it up so 20 000 does you recognition composition you know tier onethen tier two and tier three all the way up to 468 000 dpr that’s how you make your ascribe scorefor for 800. Here’s the thing that i have not covered and i have not seen anybody cover andthis is really important and i probably have to go over this in another video in detail at theend of the nine months you will go back to zero ascribe tally i am aware and before youget to the next section make sure you guys are hitting the like button idon’t i haven’t seen it yet let me accompany only got 23 likes and well more viewersthan i have just been likes that’s not fair all right back to what i was saying you havezero credit score at the end of nine months zero staked credit score nonetheless yourorganic approval value will be enhanced over duration the goal is for you to have an organic creditscore that will allow you to earn payoffs without ever having to worry about putting dpr in forstaking ever again you can stake once more at the end of those nine months to be able to get thatcredit tally back up nonetheless even if you let’s say you you got in that tier you know tier seven andnow your your ascribe tally removes down to zero but your organic ascribe tally is at a 200 well guesswhat you don’t have to stake as much this time you exclusively have to stake at a 600 stage and you’regonna automatically get back to the 800 which is you know one rank further up so you do have twotypes of credit compositions and simply the genesis allows you to stake for a ascribe rating you have yourstaked score and you have your organic tally the goal is to increase the organic value so thatyou can earn without having to kept any coin digression hopefully that clears a few things up because i’vegotten that question people have gotten perplexed so wait i’m giving it a number yeah kevin sorry buddy yeah you could be bumpeddown bump down the roster that is a possibility um given where you are right now i don’t thinkthat’s gonna happen you should be good to go but yeah you should be all right should be okay all right lion i didn’t see lionwho is lying what did lyon do oh there you go lion nails if you’re or carry over from phase one don’tclick join phase two i did it and it “ve been given” a brand-new timestamp for this and not my old-time occasion stampfrom my first bet don’t offset my mistake people i see what you did there kevin so you basicallygot a new time stamp unnecessarily all right hopefully that doesn’t actually have you know haveany negative effects on you guys um if it does we’ll figure it out we’ll pulling the dpr togetherto got to get the next rank oh um all right i’m gonna get going in just a few minutes you don’t go backto zero if you’re deciding to mistake so tunski the way uh tunski or tonskai the course it worksis that yes you do go back to zero you have to restake your dpr that’s how it’s kind of wardedbut you can’t you know abide staked virtually and applied the money back back in not the money butthe dpr you can totally do that to be able to get back to that ascribe orchestrate um with one minute togo my birthday is coming up in nine days can i mine with my mini if i don’t venture you are eligible to minewith your mini gabe but you’re going to have to earn a recognition tally of 100 before you do so thatmeans that you need between four to six months those original digits people that were given asfar as how long it makes for you to get to that 100 recognition value should be a little bit faster umespecially because there aren’t that many beings in the network and they’re looking at makingsure that early adopters are rewarded tonsky have a have a good night so my birthday comingup i’m gonna i’m actually gonna close with this and my birthday is coming up in seven eight ninejust nine daytimes i am asking for birthday endows and this is actually to be a differentkind of birthday gift so i want to do a i’m going to time a few things i’m surely goingto do a giveaway for my birthday as far as nfcs become because if i’m not affording back then idon’t i don’t know what i’m doing here first nfts will be um will be given awaysecondly i actually want to support a charity for my birthday so the talent that iwould cherish love to get for my birthday is help supporting a benevolence i haven’t disclosed thisto anybody like literally anybody well my own research and i’m doing this on the side andgetting things ready it’s somebody that i’ve not soul but an organization that i have workedwith in the past and i would love to be able to continue to support them and utter them help peoplebecause it just performs me happy so if i can help people while curing helping people it’s a win-winthat’s what i’m here for i am gonna sign out because it is 8 45 where i’m at and i want tomake sure that i give the fam some attending yeah the the fam here at home not the fam overhere at deeper system but you guys are awesome if you didn’t do this yet touch that stumbled smacked that likebutton like frankly like it does travel a long way the channel has only been growing because of youguys and you might think it’s oh it’s that’s just you know whatever like no no it makes a differencecomments booking watching videos the whole way through like all that it does make a huge impactthe reason i am where i am today it’s not because of the quality content that i put out sure i’mdoing the most wonderful that i possibly can to be able to provide you with appreciate but at the end of the dayyou guys are the ones that are making this happen so thank you for the reinforce expressed appreciation for for theencouragement like i wasn’t i you know i streamed earlier today and i wasn’t feeling good i toldyou guys like i’m not feeling very well like the reason why i want to stream and i’m not going torecord a video to try to edit it gets super crazy you everyone is phenomenal the reason i wasn’tfeeling was because i actually forgot to eat breakfast and lunch and i was hungry andprobably dehydrated because i never got up but i’m doing well now things are good and you guysget me elicited to you know push forward and do material and utter things happen expressed appreciation for thesupport has been incredible and i’m gonna see button you all are hilarious i love this so umin closing um if you guys didn’t see that um this is this is what you guys needto do um before you go i didn’t say it tunski did you all are greati’ll told you in the next one bye-bye

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