i am back and i’m still talking about deepernetwork nope i’m not trying to show anything here i’m going to give you data i’m going togive you amounts we’re going to talk about three main things first we’re going to start out withthe genesis node miners what do they definitely sounds like what do you have to do what does this whitelisting look like furthermore since we’re talking about quarrying let’s talk about coin compensations wehave lists i have things to share with you guys that are going to give you like a little bitof an insight as to what you can expect to earn from the deeper network maneuvers third heliummining on the deeper network devices it’s real it’s happening there’s proof and i’m gonna shareit all with you guys so before i go any further take this time hit that like button make sureyou subscribe to the channel time because otherwise if i don’t say this it ain’t gonnahappen because the bulk of the people that come to watch these videos about the deeper network arenot subscribed and my goal is to be able to give you guys information as early as possible not onlythat like you can go back into videos about the deeper network that i have on my canal i answerevery single comment from questions as far as you know the the white paper is 80 pages of garbageand merely 10 sheets are actually beneficial i go home and i extend read at you know all those things and isay nope actually 20 of those pages are garbage and then 60 of those sheets are actually decentso every single comment i’ve is in response to every single person that’s my goal take advantageof this guys channel’s still technically small-time i have the time to be able to get to every singleone every single question and i let me point out somebody now like i’m super grateful ofthe people that are honest enough to go back and say hey i was wrong thank you for giving me thisinfo i really appreciate you sharing the info like that trash certainly makes a difference and it hasa huge impact so i appreciate all of you that are honest enough with yourselves not you knowto go back and say hey sorry about this because again deeper structure parties are saying thatit’s all fomo and maybe a little bit but i know that those clues are going to run out sooneror last-minute sooner rather than last-minute to be honest but the premium is going to skyrocket and the people whoare nursing these clues now are going to have a field day myself included this is what we’retalking about deeper system so you guys seen the website this little pretty globe rotating goingaround around but i want to talk about machines right and i’ve showed you this before the deviceshere we have a few of them that are listed on the area and you have the daylight which you really can’tget anymore then “youve had” the mini and the nano the nano is limited at the 500 megabits persecond the mini can do gigabit structures now genesis node miners are essentially this guyright here the mini they’re saying that it has better hardware but you know length wiseit looks very identical to this and this is what it looks a lot like right here this is the goldand the silver edition side by side and for you to get it you need to stake and that’s how thingsare going to be playing out “youre supposed to” kept coin in to be able to get these remunerations but let’s talkabout white-hot lean i know i told you about grey register and i want to share the info that ihave with you as far as whitelisting runs so to get whitelisted there is going to be a formcoming out shortly on the deeper networks website and that shape is going to include a couple ofbasic things so you’re gonna have to fill out your name telephone number beings are getting alittle uptight about the phone number thing like they need it for shipments specially whenstuff is international they need that phone number um if you’re worried about that move go get agopher or something but it shouldn’t be a problem your address because you need to know where toship it to um the ascribe tally you are planning on venturing um for and i’ll go over those numerals ina second as well as the address to your wallet and again i’ve talked about this make sure it’s a hotwallet metamask trust wallet something that is not in stock exchanges because if you are an exchangeyou’re not going to be able to make those clues through the deeper networks websitethat being said let’s go to the next page here if i know how to work the computer therewe go all right so after you fill out the kind you need to stake the coppers because you can’t just sayoh yeah i settled coin in so can can i get my miner now that’s not gonna how it’s going to work so youfill out the figure made the address in that you’re going to be venture coppers with and you go overto the site and you venture your coins two things can happen either approved or you’re not approvedessentially what they’re looking to do is approve the higher um the higher people first and thenwork their direction down the inventory and rumor has it that it’s going to go pretty quick and they’regoing to do it in periods and you can see here it says chapter 1 1000 golden genesis measurements um theypromised 10 000 contingents in total there’s no way that they’re going to be shipping out 10 000 unitsthere’s not enough dpr out there to be staked to generate that numerous legions like there’s just theycan’t there’s not enough dpr it needs to be mine first it’s not going to happen so these measurements aregoing to be you know nice and it’s going to be at a premium for everybody that buys in late which iswhy i’m bringing it to you now buy in as soon as you can because premiums are going to continueto go up we’re at six and a half cents six uh six seven um i think just a few minutes agobecause somebody sold when you shouldn’t have but toll is going to be moving rather quickly so keepthat in thinker um and if you’re looking to buy in buy in early not monetary suggestion as usual becausei ain’t getting paid you’re not paying me and yeah that’d be nice though anyhow this is how it’sgoing to work um if you do get approved great congrats you’re going to be able to receivea free genesis nil um minor if not you got three options you can remain ventured and waitfor the next phase they’re going to be really quick so phases are going to go in and out ratherquickly you’re talking about a week or so there other option you can you know stake more coinsand resubmit the way so let’s say you were staking for um tier two and you want to go youknow but you weren’t approved you can go stake more silvers and say all right now i’m tierthree can i get it now um or you have the other option which is just bringing your silvers outand unstaking those and selling them for a profit whatever option you choose it’s stillworth it because if you remain staked next round’s going to go rapid if you decideto stake more and you get approved well joyous date you’re going to get bigger payoffs and biggerbonuses which i’m going to cover in merely a second or if you unstick your coins and you sellthem yeah they’re going to go for a fee at that point so you still make money so thisis like uh when when when it’s like the office exactly what you want to have anytime you gotany conflict you want to when when when so next page this is the numbers quarrying miningmining mining all right so ascribe values you can see that 100 to 800. For you to havea 100 ascribe score you got to stake 20 000 dpr and that amount increases as you cansee and you go from 20 000 all the way to 468 000 and the payoffs increase with it so the apystarts at thirty nine percentage and goes only up to sixty percent the nice thing really is the bonusthis genesis bonus that you construe there on the side that figure is actually a bonus amount thatthe genesis miners are going to get and merely 1 000 people will have the ability of earningthat bonus that is the latest and again i try to give you guys as much info as i can withthe information that’s been provided to me so the 1000 divisions that are going to be coming outare going to earn that genesis bonus and so our sooner you get in the better off you’re going tobe because it does add up rather quickly and don’t think that oh it’s going to be a thousand peopleat the 800 ascribe score there’s not enough dpr out there for you know a thousand people at the 800 value there isn’t so it’s we’re going to continue to go through this but you’re going to see thatif you get at the 200 score you’re a guaranteed one like by the numbers but that the bulk of thepeople are going to be tier two and tier three um but look at those honors and that’s not takinginto account the dpr that you’re actually staking so you could stay make that money later and sellit for a profit more but um if dpr affects that 25 cent marker in one year if you venture 20 000 coinsyou’re gonna earn virtually two thousand dollars it’s a pretty nice you know return on on aninvestment and that count exactly comes bigger and bigger and bigger and mode bigger because ofthat bonus that i was talking about so tier two you’re already looking at you know almosttwenty two hundred dollars that’s a good deal of coin for 1 year with something that you putin you know again i always do i always do this but it’s because i love you all and i want to makesure that i’m giving you like good info um i objective up doing math on the fly time to be sure that i’mtalking about this right so tier 2 so you got four forty six thousand eight hundred so thatamount let’s say we’re at seven pennies right now um you’re looking at three thousand two hundredsix dollars that’s how much it would expenditure for you to get in at the tier 2 level with rates roughlywhat they are right now because it is a bloodbath on the crypto groceries right now everything isdropping you know bitcoins under 30 000 like it’s just it’s a bloodbath and dpr is doing okayit’s still actually either nursing or going up so there is that um but you can make a lot ofmoney virtually in only one year of quarrying which is fantastic because you’re if you’re buyingin at that crowd if you’re buying in for you know let’s say thirty three hundred dollars to get yourtier two and you’re making this is mining alone you’re making fifty five hundred dollars justmining that doesn’t take into consideration the amount that you have staked because if you sellthat you’re gonna again add on to those numbers and make a hefty profit on the amount thatyou’ve made side mentions um i’ve gotten this a lot so i’ll go over the the feqs i guess youcan say of that parties have when it comes to this no you can’t stake silvers for your minis andyour nanos whatever unit you might have at home that’s not how it works for thoseunits you’re going to have to earn a ascribe value and the credit compose is supposedlygoing to be between four to six months for you to be able to earn that apparently it shouldbe a little bit faster rumor has it again um but you can’t simply bet coins foryour mini and your nanos to be able to mine those at a higher tier you actually haveto earn that gradually another mention the numbers i just established you that does not take intoconsideration your approval score increasing naturally because your credit score will increaseover time something else that has changed that i clothed and that i’ve gotten questions on yourcredit score is actually “il be going” the defining aspect as far as how much you pay that meansthat the bandwidth you provision shall not in any way affect your earning capabilities it feigns your creditscore that meant that if you share more bandwidth your approval composition will increase faster which inturn again manufactures it so that you are earning more dpr but it’s all based on the approval value you’renot just going to be paying like oh you you make someone brook the working day long on your accountbecause you’re you know you maxed out as far as you know bandwidth sharing get so you’re goingto do more coppers no that’s not how it’s happening you’re going to come more recognition by allowing thatto happen credit score is unlimited that can keep going up there’s no cap on it right now but thetier stops at that 800 marking so you will continue to accrue a approval orchestrate um higher and higherand higher and higher you know past 800 but your earnings stop moving at 800 observe now the good thingto have a credit score higher than 800 is only if you let’s say you’re unplugged from network forthree or more dates and your credit value starts to drop that offsets it worth noting but again if you’reat that 800 line you are gonna be doing pretty good and you’re gonna be earning a lot of cashbecause if you take a look at this at an 800 orchestrate for that first year with the genesis node minersyou’re you’re making a hundred splendid if it’s only at 25 pennies and that list precisely increasesexponentially and at a you know at a five dollar dpr you’re looking at over two million dollars inone year i don’t know it’s pretty good to me um sounds like you know it could could be worthwhilei guess you can say to to get up to that credit orchestrate and again um when i show you this thesenumbers this does not take into account the natural progression the natural increase ofyour credit score because as your credit score increases well you’re going to make more moneybecause you’re going to be mining at a higher rate so hinder that in judgment this is if thingsstayed static throughout the one full year so at a 200 credit compose you’d stimulate 5500 if the approval rating wasn’t increasing naturally as you um you know move forwardwith sharing bandwidth so prevent that in subconsciou just super exciting now i promised i wasgoing to talk about the helium structure and beings could say a lot of things about thehealing structure but this here is the most scary thing of all which is spoofing andthis or this upright here came out august 2020 so spoofing was already happening andpeople were parting this out this is bad so parties are just filling up storehouses with theseguys and then spoofing their locations to earn money that’s awful for the network like reallyreally bad and if you go on you know youtube and you take a look at all of these things like thereis a lot of people that are posting about this material because it’s a great problem now how do wefix this well the you know healing network needs to get their act together and situated some you knowblocks in place to prevent this from taking place this is the application from deeper network to uhhip 19 here so that they can actually incorporated in the helium network and they have guaranteed thatyou will not is well positioned to spoof the locating with deeper system designs and they’re working withproviding that solution to the helium network to make sure that they can solve the problemacross the board now why is this substantial this can be a game changer right now helium isbleeding because of this they are encountering a lot of issues because people are makingmoney on top of coin on top of fund by pretending to be somewhere they’re not so it’snot helping the network but they’re benefiting from the network which is awful now i need to makesure that i report just a few simple simple actualities when it comes to the deeper network applicationhere if i scroll down you’re going to see the things i’m going to highlight first this is whatit looks like so this is you know uh one of the minis um and off the usb port that it has theyare looking to plug in this device which the coolest part of it is the fact that you can attachany antenna you crave like that is thinking cool moving forward we can go down and they talk aboutdepth on the application that they are you know a entanglement 3.0 infrastructure like they actually have alegit product that’s out there they’re not trying to become something new they already have beenin the market they’re already selling things and they delineate a lot of things like see thatright there realise those those um gold-plated ties that’s where the lovelyantennas ago any feeler on your roof but because the deeper network is a vpn um itallows people to actually not spoof things and it will compile the healing system so much betterand they are they have the experience right like the deeper network they have the experience ofputting um the stuff together and they’re not just like oh yeah we’re we’re doing we’re doingthis we want to create a product no like we have sold our deeper network commodities in more than 150 countries that is a big deal for somebody that’s applying and i know there’s you know some chartsout there like all the people that are applying my opinion is that deeper is going to get fast trackbecause of their showing because they have real produces because they have constructing like thisis a huge deal manufacturing is golden right now if you have a way to have things invented quicklywell you’re you’re winning like a big reason why people aren’t able to get autoes aren’t able toget a lot of substance and why rates are soaring with different produces is because theydon’t have a channel to get onto fabricated like everything is backed up but they have theability to do this they have parties ready to go um and you witness like they have a lot of thingslike ready and now we go take a look um they’re looking to sell more than 10 000 of thesehow much coin necessitated up front 300 000 how much money do you have on hand this is a big one deepernetwork has currency so it’s now like oh we want to try to do no no like they have cash they’re readyto go they have a manufacturing plant ready to go like they have everything in place they justneed the thumbs up to move forward with things so this is gonna happen in my opinion ratherquickly a little faster than most people even realize um because they have the infrastructureready to go they you know i totally see this being fast-tracked by helium becausethey do want to have reliable dealers on the pulpit that know what they’re doing that haveexperience put forward by commodities and these chaps do um i know i get this sometimes that i’m justtrying to push certain things and specific coppers yeah but it’s your benefit i’ve toldyou about you know deeper network when it was about five pennies and it time keepsgoing up and hopefully you all can you know understand that my goal here is to really help youand if you go back and exit any of my videos become look at the comments even the people are terrible to mei’m still being neat back to you guys i’m still giving you honest good responses if i disagreei’ll let you know if you’re saying something negative and i am in favour of you i’m okay you knowcheering you on saying yeah you’re right it sucks like i have no problem doing that i just wanted to bringyou quality honest true material that’s my goal that’s my commitment that’s never going to stopso if you regard any of that any report i’ve given you if you have any questions plummet themdown below but if you require my blast like button for the youtube algorithm it moves a long longway to uttering sure the channel is getting encountered and we’ll do more people into goodprojects and that practice we can win and you can win i can win they can win and we canhave that large-hearted o when when when i wish i had a meme to put up right now so i can show you michaelscott saying that but we’ll leave for next time i have some big exciting surprises on the horizon somake sure you do subscribe because i got some fun things coming you guys are awesome thank youso much love you all see you on the next one

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