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DEEPER NETWORK – Updated deep dive, DPR price and changes making it better than HELIUM and others

all right guys i’m super stimulated to be back thankyou so much for the ones of you that subscribed i have a lot of content to cover i’m going to try togo as quickly as possible because i do want to get you the best possible information when it comesto crypto specifically today we’re going to talk about the deeper network and its signs i’m goingto cover three basic things firstly i’m going to cover pieces i intend at the end of the day thisis more than only a sign it’s more than time a coin it’s got some astounding features building in theni wouldn’t be doing it right if i didn’t blanket at least some of them now and there soi’ll be flooding aspects to start out with second let’s go over mining what does mininglook like for dpr what do you do how do you do it and third i’m going to go over the tokenomics onceagain and i’m going to do you know let’s say even more conservative figures because i’ve got igot a little bit of slack last age saying that i don’t know what i’m talking about maybei’m crazy i’m you know all right maybe i i said 50 pennies instead of five pennies but sorryguys i imply math is hard sometimes it’s just a little decipher concern there but take a look atthis i know i said 50 cents but it’s actually five pennies the last time it plastered um the deepernetwork so if we take a look at the copper sell detonator right now would you look at that we’re at sixcents now and we’re on the increase and i’ve clothed i’ve talked about this before i’m not going tocover a project unless i believe in it unless i know that i’ve done my homework on it and deepernetwork is one of those projects i believe in them and they’re going somewhere i’ve done my researchguys it’s going to continue to go up there’s no other direction to say this this is a project that i’mbehind not because they’re pay me but because i applied my fund down i represent i do thrown my moneyin my speak is when it comes to these projects and this is one of them this is definitelyone that i’m going to continue to add funds to maybe i try to get some higher tiers but letme talk to you about what you know what i’ve seen here the deeper network has a lot of nonsense andyou just go into our site and you scroll down you’re going to see all sorts of things you’regoing to see the information in regards to what a vpn versus dpn is how it’s you know there’s adecentralized network that we’re dealing with now um when you’re talking about the gateway to appsum entanglement services in general and i love this little graph that they put together there’s this is alot to cover and i don’t think that this graphic does it justice um it’s cool i intend i’m gonnacover a little about proof of credit today but there’s so much more if you have the timeif you want to nerd out you know click here go to the white paper and i necessitate the one pager isnice but go to the actual white paper this thing it’s amazing you’re talkingabout 80 pages of the information contained that i’ve gone through at least once to make sure thati’m giving you the right information and there are some amazing aspects that people are not eventhinking about they’re looking at this as a token this is a really high evaluate manoeuvre that’s doingsecurity at an enterprise level at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for anything similar toit and i’m actually working on getting someone uh to interview now on the channel that can talkabout this that deals with cyber security that’s his job day in day out i’m trying to convincehim to say that you know have him actually talk as you can imagine some of those people mightnot want to be disclosed or you know show their face or other people know who they are but i’mworking on it i got some amazing people in this community for the deeper network and i wantto make sure that i share their information the things that they know the machines they’vebeen using with you so they can get a better understanding when it comes to how awesome thisthing really is because i don’t know about you but i’m super evoked about the deeper network and isee it growing more and more i convey clearly you attend a raise extremely you identified travelled from that five fivecents to six pennies in just a duet days and this is only the beginning and i’ve know i’ve mentionedthis before but i’ve actually took i made a stair further today and i did a little of work onthe background so here we go i got a slideshow to go over some of this information with you tomake it a little bit easier to make it you know uh a better show and tell for you guys becausethat’s what i’m here for make sure i’m facilitating all of you here we go first and foremost let’stalk about seven layers of shelter starting with the first one this physical mantle so it’syou know retaining relationship during dominance lack if something discontinues on the network and you bringing itback up well your attachment is going to be there it’s going to stay connected because of the deepernetwork device my recommendation is to make sure that you have this plugged into some kind of youknow battery backup so that in case you do have a power failure somewhere along the line you gotyour info right there but that’s just number one network layer so this is prevent you you knowprevent people from spoofing their ip address feign you know when somebody connects tosomething pretending to be somebody else again it’s one of those basic things that are supercritical to make sure that you have a protected network now this one this one’s so important yougot to make sure that you crush that like button punched subscribe too because the youtube algorithmloves it and although it’s not part of the seven mantle protection it unquestionably cures the channeland i really appreciate all the support from all of you all so govern count three data link layeraddress resolution protocol spoofing protection so this is when you’re putting up you know a urlyou want to get to the right place you don’t want to you know think that you’re going somewhereand all of a sudden it doesn’t pair you you want to make sure that you know address ais pointing to the address that you want transport layer so strict status checkto prevent flood attacks this is when people are just trying to overwhelm networks andtrying to squeeze packets in between others um again i know i need to get you know an expert onthe direct to go over all these items because i i think this is just phenomenal and i want toget you know into the nitty-gritty items and have a video precisely about that for you all allright so hearing coating if we got any programmers watching this you know how sessions toil you knowhow discussions are important um whenever you log on to a site “youre starting” a brand-new hearing and that isyour id and you don’t want anybody else to take your id and do things with it so this ensuresthat they uh that the protocols are in place for you to be you whenever you’re on a site and stayyou and nobody can remove that away crowd six present blankets so this is data encryptionum and decryption so making sure that your your message isn’t getting resubmitted it’slike making a payment oh you’re you’re buying one ethereum great well you merely bought twoethereum and the second one went to see my pouch that’s what this thing is going to prevent sevennumber seven here application identification well this is actually really cool extremely if you’remine if you think about this you simply positioned some funny “cat-o-nine-tail” sport that nobody’s ever heard ofand you’re like oh i love this this is awesome and then you forget about it literally you know thatit’s quarrying in the background and it invested some application to take advantage of your miningcapabilities in your computer and all of a sudden they’re making money off of you thisis happening so so much right now and having a device that can protect againstthat that can take a look and say hey you’re mining are you sure you’re meant tobe mining you’re sending a lot of data out to the network and this is what it is can youconfirm it like this is huge this is big it’s really important to make sure that you know whattraffic you’re generating and what that traffic is so these are all the seven layer protectionseven though the multitude uh fake amount three for the youtube algorithm is not there it does help solet’s move forward to the mining characteristic of things and to talk about mining i wanna demonstrate you whatthe spread of these clues look like sixty percent of the signs are going to beminable tokens that’s really big that meant that the power is not on the company’s sides oranybody else it’s in the miners passes it’s in our hands we get to decide how the network movesforward so this is true decentralization um and the team and investors only 10 that’s low-pitched so youknow that this is serious not only is it low-toned at that 10 percentage it’s actually locked for threeyears so they won’t be able to touch it there’s nothing they can do about it they have you knowgreat 10 percentage to pay parties and remuneration them for being part of the project and startingthings and working on it but it’s locked up there’s nothing they can do for three years so youknow this thing is actually moving forward which is super exciting but let’s talk about miningmining dpr with mining dpr there’s a word from our patronize well there’s no real patronize let’s beserious i don’t even have the channel monetized so i don’t get any fund from anything that’s justmy wallet you know id if you all want to send me anything that doesn’t even have to be money if youknow an nft you thought was cool and you want to placed it together and you want to share hey that’smy wallet address and i’ll leave it here i’m not going to be sharing the small address all thetime so i’ll just leave you here for you guys if you all are so kind to want to share somethingso that’s me let’s get back to mining mining proof of credit with the genesis adolescent you’regoing to be able to stake to earn credit so “youve had” 100 to 800 approval rating that’s going to bedictated based on how much you put down now for any other device it’s got mining abilities iknow it’s not the main reason you’d buy one but it will quarry it’s going to take a little bit tomine but you want to make sure that you maintain a good linkage and you are able you are well aware stayconnected to the network to ensure that “youre ever” earning credit that you are increasingthe credit score to be able to earn um dpr because you need to reach that 100 tag on yourcredit rating before you can actually earn any dpr all right this is actually going to blow people’sminds they are implementing in universal basic income so regardless of your trafficyou are going to be able to mine and here’s why this matters let’s say let’stalk about mending right let’s comparison it to salving because a good deal of parties are familiarwith the healing network if you live in a shitty location where it’s not really beingutilized your wages get to be terrible unless you’re connected to other nodesaround the area for the for the helium structure you’re not going to generate a lot ofhelium these people are really concerned about that what does that mean for the deeper networkdoes that mean that people in the us are just going to make a ton of money and then anyother countries are not going to do as well that wasn’t going to fly with them they arereally about making sure that they are giving credit where credit’s due um pun purposed sothey are they’ve implemented a universal basic income so regardless if you have parties goingthrough your system or not you are going to be able to earn dpr your manoeuvre will minewhich is awesome um again like it’s just this is how to decentralize things it’s rewardingpeople for being part of this community which is a great practice to look at it on the other handthere is additional income to be gave if you have uh you know a good bond locating andi’ve heard from some people that are in the u.s and they have said that you want to watch howmuch bandwidth you’re allocating to the device because if you’ve got a popular place wellguess what beings are going to jump on it a lot of people want to kind of through the us and i’vetalked to a few people like they crave they want to watch netflix they want to watch things thatthey can’t get other arranges which is kind of crazy because if you think about it like there are otherlocations that give the same content as a us you just got to be smart-alecky to pick the right onesbut we don’t have to go over that much but there is additional revenue for you to be able to earnif beings are exploiting your locale i’m excited to be where i am because my designs are definitelygoing to generate income for from traffic i plan on having multiple locations you know onework one home that direction i can maximize the earnings so genesis minor versus the other ones pleaseunderstand the difference and this is really really important first off with these otherdevices you know the the ones that aren’t inevitably announced miners but that thatthey’re just devices to uh you know protect your network to be able to you know use it as adpn you’re going to need 100 approval compose before your section starts rendering dpr that’s goingto take between four to six months which is a little bit of era if you ask me for you tostart earning epr which is why on the very first video i put up in regards to the deeper networki told you mining is a nicety quarrying is good because you’re gonna open up that wallet lateron and become oh i have money in now this is awesome that doesn’t mean that this is the reason youshould buy it the features that it comes with are incredible and they’re merit every penny asis now if you do want to quarry if you do want to participate in that aspect of things well irecommend the genesis child and the genesis child you have to stake at least 20 000 dpr thatwill get you 100 you know the 100 recognition compose so you stake to earn credit tally the more youstake the highest your ascribe value is going to be and you can start mining right away as soon asa main net openings well you’re you’re going to start mining and you know the announcementfor the white-hot register is about to take place um here this month so keep your eyespeeled make sure you’re stocking up on your dpr beforehand because the pricesare going to continue to go up and really important hot wallet only and i made this reallybig because i was going to forget make sure that your dpr is not in cold storage it’s not in ahardware device make sure it’s not on an exchange make sure that you have it in some chassis of hotwallet like metamask for example make sure that you have those clues accessible because that willbe how this is gonna be ventured if you have your tokens in door io or wherever else you’re not going tohave them you know readily available to be able to stake so delight know that you need to have yourtokens in a red-hot billfold to be able to have these transactions take place for you to be able tostake your dpr when white leaning “re coming” let’s talk token deficit yeah i told you guys iwould i would deal this um because it is in my opinion really important and i know i got somesome some slack from it but i promise you it’s it’s real it’s happening and as you can see herethis chart um this was taken up you know a couple of hours ago there’s a huge accumulationphase taking place right now people are racking up on dpr and we’re gonna run out that’swhat’s that that’s what that means we’re gonna run out because we don’t have enough right now inthe system we don’t have enough being uh quarried we have zero being mine because primary net hasn’tlaunched more so until that happens token premiums are going to continue to surge and i’m you knowi’m foreseeing a peak and then a droop but overall we’re gonna come near six cents is nothing comparisonto what we’re going with with dpr and how much these clues are actually gonna be worth so i’msuper elicited about this and let me prance right to my lovely calculator because math is hardso this is the document i registered you before and i are truly pull this up so if you experience thecirculating supply right there three eight six and we go back here you got that three eight six wehad that same number that lane you can see accurately the numbers we’re talking about and that i’m notmaking this up so this is the breakdown how much you need to stake to be able to earn what youknow these different credit orchestrates i’m gonna make this go away because it’s too busy and wedon’t need to see it i’ll really obstruct this piece and now we can see things a little bit better soi got slack because i said 500 tier ones would be a lot well that’s fine let’s just makeit 50 s now formerly and then a hundred and let’s summon this one well we got we gotta roundit off so that we can actually end with ten thousand right so i’ll i’ll do a little bit of adifferent increase so and then we’ll do 600 now you see that supply we only havenine nine thousand left if i do 9000 of exactly the lowest possible rank there’s alreadya afford dearth this is basic math guys like i feel bad saying this but it’s basic mathwe are going to run out of clues if we get all 10 000 sections to be you know it’s just insanehow this is actually gonna go down we don’t have enough tokens and you’re you might be thinkingoh it’s gonna become the expenditure tide and this here’s the bigger thing people aren’t going to beable to get to that 10 000 you know genesis miners because you do have people that are you knowwilling to settled more fund down so their their tier status are course further up like i know personallymultiple people who are tier three and above and it’s an active parish so maintenance that inmind this is insane how this is just gonna go down so like and that’s why i wanted todo this live to actually show you that this is a big freaking distribute like it’s hugeif we do uh let me make sure i are able to obtain this multitude right so let’s do seven thousand hereand then let’s do three 000 right up now that’s only 15 million tokens left that’s what’szero you know zero um no you know zero nodes above tier three i’m sorry abovetier six which is a little you know it’s this is nothing this is nothing nothingat all it’s inc it’s just insane to think that how quickly these lists are are gonna lead becausemost people i don’t actually know i only know one person that’s on the lowest tier everybody’sbeen working hard to get to that second tier everybody that’s devoted that’s you know anearly adopter they’re doing everything that it can to be able to get up to the second largest rank andthey’re taking advantage of the low prices of dpr right now because that’s what’s going to makea difference right because it’s a lot cheaper for you to be able to get to your you know tothe second level here if dpr is only six pennies when it gets to 10 pennies well it’s like twice asexpensive for you to get to one of these ranks so now is the time and i can let me pull i’mgoing to haul up decks implements here really quick so people are buying like crazy um i was able topick up some more dpr right around here um but as “youre seeing” these quantities are skyrocketing they’rejust going to take off and i like i should feel bad because that means that i have you know mychances are lower to get that golden genesis minor but that’s okay because i love you all and i’llmake sure you all are successful and and to prove that yesterday i was actually watching the tickerhere because i was like i’m going to buy a little bit more as soon as you know there are some salesso as soon as know i’ll get two three four marketings will vary depending on how much each parties are putting in iwas gonna make a purchase and as soon as i saw it first thing i did was get on the get on telegramand say hey guys parties just sold it’s a good buying opportunity turn get wise and i couldn’t evenget back to uniswap and somebody had already picked up at the lower prices so again my maingoal is to make sure that i’m giving you guys this information helping you be successful inthe crypto sells i do loves you very much and i want to make sure you all win so if you wouldn’tmind helping me out and touching that like button thumped the subscribe button and the bellfor notifications so you don’t think i’m dead so you know that i’m actually building videos andhelping out their local communities and if you haven’t done so yet i do have another channel which i cross isthings that are not crypto but still cool because certainly i only talk about cool stuff likeum you know youtube studio and engineering random i know but it’s the it’s the actionvariety show i guess you can call it as ever awesome hanging out with you all descent me a commentdown below because i do answer everything that comes across my table i want to make sure thati’m combined with you all and giving you all the indications that you need to be successful youall are awesome and i will see you on the next one

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