hey i’m the minister and i’mhere to tell you that the second governance season for al goran is startingsoon you don’t want to miss it you want to vote a frightening go up your reports come onright killed the fossils in the frost age and they didn’t get out around the woodsi’m adam switzer[ __] i’m the superintendent of california and i’m going to tell you to bea governor of algeria for the second time nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping track athome today’s beer of the working day is introduce into you by 10 cannon brewing busines out of bend oregon thisis called crushed cucumber sour this is a sour with five percent alcohol by volume i’m normallynot a turned love actually i’m not a sour supporter and when you go to the smells of this youstart preparing yourself for that turned flavor but something about the refreshing cucumber-nesseliminates the sour like you start getting the teas of the turned spice and then it’sjust gone and then you have that cucumber sweet-scented cavity like membrane feel on the back endreally really actually plotting um i wouldn’t say go out of your path to find one of these but it isreally really peculiar on the actual tasting of it 7.5 out of 10 merely because of how fun and weirdand embarrassing this really made my mentality glees to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome backto another video about algorand we haven’t done one of the following options in a while and so i figured we’d jumpright back into it today this is your first time on the path please consider subscribing hittingthe like button on this video and turning on the bell notifications now we have been buoyant onalgorithm but we haven’t talked a great deal about it on the direct we originally had a goal of get 5000 algorand and then bumped it up to get to 10 al goran which we never actually did we stillgot our five thousand algorithm which we’ve been consistently locking up in the governanceprogram which we are going to be talking about the start of governance uh round two whichstarts at the first quarter of 2022 and you’ll see here on screen in really a moment but we arealso terribly vigorous with algorand going into one-fourth four of 2021 because that was giving us anopportunity to doubled trough in the wages just for participating in staking and accommodating the tokennow al goran’s been up and down in some tolls and i think we are still at a very good low-grade pointmy sidekick attention of tron and “i m talking about” it pretty much every night while we’re playing call of dutyat some of the points and “i m keeping” actually entering in on some other exchanges with some algorand andi just haven’t transferred all that to my history but i’m going to be doing that so i can have morein the voting process and of course we’re still employ yieldly and we like to talk about anythingyou know like the planet watch and the block it’s back here behind copper somewhere uh with all thatstuff it’s built on the algorithm structure so we’re always roused to talk about projects onalgorithm before we jump into the video today is the last day you can enter to givea to enter the giveaway for this mary iot helium miner the european edition there’s a linkin the description there’s five things you can do to get five chances to win i believe that willbe announced either tomorrow or the day after we’ll have a winner because this is brought toyou by helium mart in partnership with myself last chance to enter that let’s jump in and lookat algorithm and talk about the governance platform algorithm is currently sitting at a dollarfifty uh this has been kind of bad rebound back and forth within the past week or so i thinkwe even visualized all the way down to about a dollar 35 on one of the exchanges i think this is uh alltoday’s digits yeah but we saw about a dollar 35 on one of the exchanges the other day and wepicked up some more clues there currently as we know there’s a max supplying of 10 billion algowith 6.8 billion total supply currently actually 6.37 currently flowing and they’re utilizingand they earmarked here i am thinking like 3.2 billion algo to the governance program to give out thoserewards over such courses of now until 2030 with of course 2022 being two days away uh here is myalgomizer i’ve talked about this before but genuinely we’re kind of going to be stepping away from thisfor right now merely because of we want to see what they transition to when the governance programand the involvement wages stop and it’s all relied on wages from the governance program butit’s just easy on screen to show that right now my current balance is four thousand sixty two ori’m sorry 5062 algo and of course 5 000 of those are committed into uh phase one or um governancepro to call one over here we’ll take a look at this is your first time seeing this sinceyou just got some algorand and you’re really liking the platform of course there’s alink below that will take you directly to the governance program introduce it and how to getstarted i’ve touched base on this before since we are going into quarter two this is just going tobe a quick crash course or a remembrance or at least enough to get you started or find my older videoson how to go more into detail which you’ll examine me actually go into starting been devoting algofor fourth two but you go to governance you scroll the whole way down you can doyour own research and look at all this material now we’re not make a breakdown on that or the rewardstoday but you want to click on become a governor and it’s going to be sign up as a governorwhich is going to take you to a second page i think that’s the second time i have thisopen no that’s what i want over here okay i want to close this one down so yeah so thisis going to take you to this page here which says become a governor before the registrationwindow ceases as of right now it is december 29 2021 and “youve had” eight daylights and 20 hoursand 49 minutes but who’s counting left to participate in governance period number two asof right now there’s 450.5 million algo currently committed during about 70.5 million algo compensations andthere’s 27.4 000 boss so that’s the wages that’s going to be divvied out i believe uh to allthe governors based on the participation and then if we look up here it says remember before youcommit into this you must keep your governance period number one committed until december 31 st toget your payoffs so that planneds if you’ve perpetrated up until december 31 st but then you want totake your album out of your pocketbook like today or tomorrow because the price rise you’re not goingto get any reinforces you have to keep your album perpetrated the part governance span to getthose payoffs and we’re going to see what those are here in the next couple of daytimes for governancenumber one and right here is governance number one you could see that i have i’m a minister ihave 5 000 algo committed we’ve already casted our vote for the session there was only one voteand that was between october 31 st november 14 th during a normal session i think they’re going totalk about two to three polls and they want to give you plenty of eras notice to actually getyour vote in there because if you miss a referendum you don’t get your wages for that as well but itwas nice time during the first governance date that there was only one thing that we had tovote for there was a total of 1.7 billion aldo staked 60 million in remunerations were allocatedout and 50 000 or 50 yeah 50 200 uh 50.2 k yay uh 50 197 heads now the reasonwhy the alga compensations uh are 60 million for stage one and for span two they’re 70.5 million is because of the vote that we had for more committing commitments so that basicallythis was if you you’ll is greater honors gave or higher rewards assigned to the determining periodbut if you elect to uncommit your algo there’s going to be disadvantages to your algo there’s goingto be slashing and that’s gonna be reallocated into the governing reward pool versus in phase oneor period one if you made the decision to gather your algo out like after you perpetrated it and then you decidedto pull it out there was no penalty whatsoever you just forfeit your rewards so now with the votethat legislated you’re forfeiting your reinforces and there’s going to be a fee on top of that i believeit was like eight percent or something like that uh where was it yeah so there was a feeon top of it which was option a wait what oh i predict all the votes came in at thelast second because initially no i casted my referendum it was higher payoffs and reducing oh iguess we’re going to be keeping it the same so yeah okay so never mind let’s rewind take allthat back initially everything i was about to say there’s gonna be eight percent cost andninety time five million or per quarter were going to be distributed but since everyonewanted to keep option a there’s no penalty for pulling anything out 70.5 million per quarterwill be allocated and that’s what we are seeing in phase two and if you’re leaving a commentbelow about me being wrong uh again sorry been mentality dead spent omicron’s been kickingmy as and i caught myself and corrected it so all right here’s what we need to do so wedo have i am actually not going to i want to yeah i believe we can because it says you mustkeep your governance period number one commitment until december 31 st to get your honors and ibelieve we just can’t pull out our algorand to do that so what we’re gonna do is hit commit andwe are going to commit max is the entire balance minus one algo so you never want to do your entirebalance because you want to make sure you have um you want to make sure that you have transactionstuff but we are going to commit 5000 algo again uh to the governance program commit that andthen it’s going to have us review and sign the transaction i believe we need to pullit up in here let’s go into our algo pouch i’m just gonna pushing the transactionthrough here get started right there nope nope wrong one that’s if we want todo it here all right let’s go to this please wait review and sign thetransaction using the algorithm purse we are doing the right thing by drawing this up onour phone we just need to the transaction actually go through all right so then we get a pop-upon the screen that says um fee of 0.001 blah blah blah this is literally only signingthe transaction to commit our 5000 algo once substantiated the connected lotion can sendthese transactions out at their discretion satisfy make sure yep we are accepting and we are goingto close and then boom we have committed another 5 000 algo to the governance age number twojust a moment we should see it here clear on screen as it merely cleared on my app boom thereyou go now we’ve devoted 5000 algo so now what that symbolizes is we cannot transact on the 5000 algothat we’ve committed we have 5064 in our pouch if we go under 5000 we are pulling out what we’vecommitted and you can see here status eligible 5000 deepen currently there aren’t any votingsessions we’ll come back to that and since demise option a was selected from governance period onethere would be no disadvantage for us to withdraw or transact or you know uncommit those five thousandwe just would relinquish our compensations anywho that’s gonna do it for me today guys sorry about thatlittle bit of information about option a and b i’ve been so wrapped up in helium and scpand planet watch and block create and my 30 80 down there and our little crony so i justhadn’t given attention i reckoned like during the voting session that the alternative b was going to bethe large-hearted mack father win and then option a snuck out and i think has a assortment of whales actuallypulled out um so our reinforces are going to be higher which is awesome but some whales pulled outwhich i believe removed their election from their algo as well and i think that swayed the vote backto option a so i’m glad we got that cleared up but if you have any questions explains or concernsplease feel free to reach out to me on tumult or telegram titter those are in the descriptionbelow remember last day to enter for the mary iot helium miner link for that in the descriptionotherwise like criticism subscribe all that good material turn on the bell notificationimo premium we’ll see you guys next time

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