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Ethereum Mining deutsch [Tutorial 2022]

neat that you are there I’ll show you today can operate terium quarrying again the whole thing is relatively easy I indicate you step by step easy and fast and all my subterfuges I do now now I’ve learned in this video and of course you can do it easily imitate the only thing you need a reasonably good graphics card if you are a gamer easy game then time simulate the video and you’re done can you earn money you can see here on epoch 270 with me at the moment and yes now on the side he is already walking mine you can do that all the time cause that work through, of course already the cost i deserve minus energy rates so if you feel like it, more itellium mean this above all video then departs over terium mining stay adjusted i bid a great deal of merriment and let’s go ok to your community store teriums on a roll So a purse, so to speak, and then perhaps to be converted into euros last-minute of course you need one first purse or a move and the Now let’s create and the we develop on bios and dia why bios very simply at bios has a where We’ll have a pool with the consortium last-minute So you can continue working here our computer mean on this pond and when bolt and powell are together do “were having” little costs, i.e.More profit therefore here is my opinion after the best i knew now have and yes we have to get now first Register, of course, click cross-file firstly and then yes we need accurately you leave here now just your e-mail and any password and I’ll give you one more link to this page then you get additional approval for that you are only cross-file via the link have it in the video below well now you have to confirm instantly that you are human and you pull now precisely employed this puzzle into the puzzle and open the post then you get one e mail corroboration now you open your e-mail account and plaster the code one of the in the email it says good if you have completed the countries have and the registration of course even then it was like that here me and yes what is here now for the time being now we need the kitty chronicle let’s create in the connection that’s why we go to pole at so of course the link is also included merely click on it in the specific characteristics then it doesn’t have to be easier extra numerous sound and yes we sounds now here on my chronicle and of course we have to open our report still give income we now call that lhc and have it here we included a video indicate right then we can click on create here and then we go now have the must for our consortium here we will register later in our one and then we can say ok next the work requires our online So the software with which we they are able want and yes “ive already” have the site for you called now simply download the link comes again of course and the video just click on it and do the same as I if you’re wondering why this is here I search a little strange am on the internet with my openings pc so the graphics are a bit connected yes in need of good exactly download here click and here we prefer now except my installer then shows the pc of course virus again that comes from it that many viruses have mine installed then so in short we use off and to quarry and that’s why this is the one here virus scanner a little careful and more efficient resonate alarm systems so do it now before we get now have further problems do we disable our virus scanner until the next restart of wenders or you’d better get one then computed an exception because otherwise it may happen that he form you do that We’ll just delete neustadt again now click on ford klitz continue and then the recreation is likely to be downloaded so don’t worry that no virus and yes then click once on it opens the installer we can do that now here again minimize this this is me no matter and then we just click here now on axis and yes set it on cd or where receives space that takes a short time once presented clink and then that will whole already installed then let’s clink get excavation become ours usage from good there is only english if you don’t is english clink merely exactly what I click and yes we already have it all now look here at the usa dirt and then are we very is here already then we click on new opel and give relation in which we saw before I speedily open the page okay, we’re here on the site now like the natural had to be here now be logged in and you have to give you this appoint whom you have given notice or here look up of course we want to mean your terium therefore we click here on the terium so here you can see the logo there clicks me on it and then he shows us here too the urahn so the link and there let’s just click here now copy or emulate us, yes manually so exactly click here precisely click on the two chests much lighter and minimises yours browser and adds that now , among other things, ties your description rwth doesn’t have to be and now we have to be here worker took to enter the drive Now here is the one up now where I am you should have just said yourselves so notice with me it is now lh cybersex that gives you a password here you none and optionally you can now enter eth now the residue doesn’t matter then we click here on ok and now we have here our puddle lent we look at niemeyer and sounds simply continue now with next let’s click here on organized mine next to the name eth again locally controlled fits if the algorithm is off now select terium here then “were having” the one for phoenix mine and that’s optimal, that’s the best quarry right now for those around and then the whole thing fits here and then simply on next yes, it exactly fits here again and now we have the minor well then we can precisely here now click on start and now he starts our mining here that was it we see here now he does the whole thing initializing grad doesn’t do anything more planned and after it initialized that then he is starting represent okay we’re here now he has it all initialized here on the side you can track the fleck and yes we witness 19.9 mega hashes here i have a gtx 260 and yes i think so that is extremely acceptable because we deserve here three dollars 28 a daytime that would be im month of June as 100 euros now we can still do it all offsetting – how much for the electricity actually comes out of it and for it let’s click on options and go on here representation ti here we can now euro enter then we see it better and here our energy rate elektra city we that for me now about 0.4 and 20 Euro and now we can still edition do to say we need five watts still my motherboard so everything outside the gpu exactly then we can now close the whole thing again or confirmed to me with ok then it is saved and now envision we now minus that the energy costs how much we deserve 2 eur 71 per epoch we are to be able get 65 euros per month then on our forest on our accounting and yes it definitely impels ability to me with a gtx 62 I’ll just leave this here for now run a bit and if you are now want to write about here if your pit operates then you can go to the statistics here at im pond and return construction workers here and how much that intended here is just a statistic that doesn’t come straight-from-the-shoulder to you now just wait ten minutes 15 instants let’s work a little now except mine and then she will statistics do not update any take care I hope you enjoyed the video I am really happy if you are now too a commonwealth is possible and yes i choose happy mining as always wonderful epoch and told you in next video

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