what’s going on my beautiful people from youtubei am back and i am back talking about the deeper network because it matters because staking isright around the corner we are now in white listing phase that means that you only have afew periods to stake your signs get them ready buy whatever you need or sell the ones you don’twant at the end of the day make sure that you are ready and this video is going to cover a couple ofthings so three things as usual first we’re going to go over the deeper network i imply what the heckis it why do i even like this project in the first place secondly we’re going to talk about the faqspeople have been asking a ton of questions and i want to cover them on a video so that highway peoplecan get the answers they need so if somebody had a question somebody else must have had that samequestion perhaps didn’t say anything about it so fell them down below i answer every single commentthankfully the path is still small-minded enough to where i have the time to be able to put in aresponse to every single one of you and i’m really really mindful of the ones that have beensupporting the direct it is growing it’s getting harder to do that but i am committed to continuingto do that as of right now third thing i want to cover well let’s get whitelisted right i wantto go walk through it because last-place light when it propelled a lot of parties actually messed somethings up didn’t get the information they needed so i want to go step by step and substantiate you exactlyhow to do that i will have experience extinguishes that behavior if you want to jump onto a different you know areayou can do that liberty down in the description below but you all are awesome let’s get right intothis did i say about liking the video more i don’t think so that’s important because the reason whyi’m doing well on youtube because of you it’s not because of what i’m doing at the end of the dayi’m gonna put out content that i think is helpful beneficial but you all are the ones hittingthat subscribe button stumbling the like button and making a difference on the channel so thankyou if i don’t say it again during this video thank you it signifies the world and i it doesn’tgo unnoticed believe me now i’m not a monetary advisor as you all know i’m just some dude on theinternet telling you that deeper is awesome and telling you that hey these are things that i’vedone and it’s been paint off so you know so far we’re at you know five and a half centswhen i first talked about deeper we are now at you know i think we made 15 pennies yesterday we’reback down a little bit maybe 13 14 right now but hey those are some pretty good rewards if youwere you know getting into the token so the reason i’m shield the information collected is to makeyou and i most successful hopefully giving you insights as to what i’ve seen and helpingyou progressing well but coming right into it this is the link this is the link for youto go stake and yes it’s a redirect so stake really type that into your browser orscan that qr code it’s going to get you right to it why is it a redirect well because it redirectsyou to a referral code yep no problem saying what that is all about it is a referral code for meto refer you and i think i’m supposed to do something out of it frankly i don’t know what thereward is i have no idea what i’m gonna get out of it and i’m just doing it because i’m actuallyreally curious as far as how many people are going to use my link to go stake their dpr andto you know add added bonus anybody that stakes and uses this system i’m going to give yourethereum rc20 you know wallet code and essentially show parties from that bale to earn a devicea maneuver yeah yeah the nano and the nano is right now going for 1500 on ebay it’s alot of coin i know it’s kind of crazy so the the more opportunities you you know the more timesyou guys are the more probabilities you have to win kind of thing because i haven’t received the device yetbut as soon as it’s in my hands i’m going to make sure that there is a whole process as far as howto enter the paint and staking is one of those things you can get an entry by staking your coinswith that being said let’s go on to the next thing this is why i like it right let’stalk about the outline it is a dpn like this is remarkable like if you guys don’tunderstand the difference between a vpn and vpn i’ll give you two big ones first you’re not payingfor this vp for this vpn like a due assistance you buy the device and now you’re partof a network of manoeuvres all over the world that you can connect through that you can tunnelthrough it is extraordinary that means that if you’re in india and you want to watch tv you know likenetflix on the us well time tunnel through the usa and you get to watch netflix and you’re notgonna get blacklisted like parties get on regular vpn servers like nord for example you got what3 000 servers all regions of the world well 3 000 is not a big list for people to index and say heyif somebody’s coming from this server don’t let them in don’t show them this that happens all thetime with a decentralized private structure you’re essentially connecting through you are familiar with regularsometimes household um ip residences that are no more than legitimate which is awesomeit merely makes the system work so much smoother now i always do this one well what ifpeople are doing something illegal with my design sure there are currently records that show exactly what’shappening on your network if anybody does anything that they aren’t supposed to using your you knowtunneling through your device you will have a record that you can provide to be able to clearyourself of anything now i know you don’t want to have to deal with that sure so let’s talk abouttorrenting torrenting is something that parties you know use vpns for all the time so what do youdo well you can literally click a button turn it off inside of the os you’re able to disabletorrenting on the network so if you don’t anybody torrenting if you’re brand-new us and you don’t wantto get those cease and desist letters like simply yes let’s turn it off and you’re fine you’re goodto go from that pitch forward which is a pretty nice feature because at the end of the day asmuch as i enjoy the thought of torrenting i don’t want to get a letter from my asp saying that heyyou’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing but i ramble gateway all right everybody knows thatyou could you know you form and you get google’s website what most people don’t realizethat when you’re doing that you’re not really going to google when you type you’rehitting a gateway and the gateway if you’re just link straight out of your you know straightout of your container it’s going to your isp your isp has full command of where points to iknow it’s kind of crazy to think about but they have full ascertain over your internet they can saythat now is going to go to yahoo that’s totally doable they can totally do that becauseall that url does is point to an ip address so they can say that hey you know is nowgoing to point somewhere else and that’s not recreation knowing that somebody else has that much controlover your structure take it a stair further “theyre saying” well simply deepen your dns server google providesa great dns server they can use like you realize that the problem with that isthat you are now being tracked by google sure it’s anonymous tracking but that datais sold and resold and used to advertise yeah that’s how they generate money so evenif you’re trying to use a another gateway it doesn’t matter you’re still going essentiallytracked i don’t like that i’m not interested in getting tracked by random parties that i don’tknow so i’m really excited about the decentralized gateway that the deeper network nodes providetrident protocol now i don’t have a big topic with censorship where i’m at but human i’m superexcited for the people that don’t have it as you know as good as i do at the end of theday there are so many beings that can’t access sites different places because of theirlocation and the deeper network machines are going it’s it’s going to open up the worldfor them it’s going to allow them to browse because of the spirit of peer network that’sbeing produced now they’re going to have the the capabilities needed of going places they weren’t able togo you know to go to before it’s like if you’re in pottery there are a ton of lotions you can’tuse there are a ton of places you can’t access this modifies everything not only that it securesyour communication of data while you’re at it so the picture is encrypted now so your packs aregetting scanned this trident protocol is actually super stinking cool now all these things are niceand they got me interested in the deeper network this is what got me excited about thedeeper system when i saw their dpr sign dissemination and mining was 60 i was justfloored i was like wait a minute that means that they care about the network enough to provide 60 of everything back to the people that’s awesome chaps like that’s a big big multitude and knowing thatthat that much is going to be available for beings to quarry and to be able to participate and trulybe a decentralized network i mean that’s music to my ears it’s exciting when we can find a productthat’s doing that so more supremacy to them it’s the reason why i got elicited about this projectand why i’ve been cros it on my channel let’s talk about the faqs right so here’s a bigone from a good deal of people can the can can you get a genesis minor like i got a question just todayon one of my other videos about can i still get it i’m too late oh man this thing’s no no holdon hold on thanks to contrite from the telegram radical that you know has been fairly active he putthis little chart together so as of last light um starting this morning here he’s sleeping right nowcontrary thanks for your hard work but um this is what we’re looking at if you’re tier two you havea hundred percent hazard of getting one right now it’s not going to stay like that but this is howit lays out as of right now remember stake will take place on august 1st that meant that untilaugust 1st everything’s up in the air claim so looking at these uh the number of pouches thatare out there right now if you’re in tier two you’ve made it i think we’re actually gonnaend up in tier three for the tour genesis miners but we’ll realise what the fuck is up precisely becausethere’s a great deal of parties that are gonna be grabbing their clues from exchanges and bringing themon to hot purses surface record you need need your tokens in a red-hot wallet to be able to stake themso trust wallet metamask wallet something that will instantly connect and be able to you know signthat contract essentially for the venturing of nine months this is the breakdown this is where westand right now and hopefully gives you a little bit of penetration as far as what you can expectus you know when when it comes to these purses helium can you really mine helium with thesedevices soon it’s coming but this is what it looks like right now um deeper has applied for uh youknow the the ability to mine helium so hnt will be something that the deeper network devicesshould be able to do and this is a prototype i know it doesn’t look that good especiallywhen it doesn’t have a case on it but um all i care about is those little nubs at thetop where you can put in a a little antenna it could gape just like that guys if you’re not usingthat one guys from deeper you can send it to me i’ll take it don’t don’t worry about the looksof it but it’s a double child guys i don’t know if you realize this but the profitability is hugeyou have one little insignificant design that again soothing miners are going for a ton of money you saw youknow the video i did yesterday in regards to this they’re going for a lot of money so now you’regonna be able to you know quarry dpr and helium that’s a big deal is not simply that i’ll show youhow much these devices are actually going for on ebay very because it’s it’s it’s a great deal and youknow the the reason i’m giving them still imparting them away is because i’m committed to followingthrough what i predicted you guys so that nano will be given away even if parties are getting youknow 1500 for one of those maneuvers here’s a big question that people ask all the time what is thedifference between the genesis child and the dawn the mini the nano the pico all those other oneswell a lot actually um so they will kind of serve a lot of the same purposes but at the end ofthe day you you might wanna you might want the the genesis child as opposed to the other ones andhere’s why when it comes to the genesis node miner you get to stake dpr for credit so right away yourcredit score is going to be based on how much you stake with the light-footed the mini the nano and thepico you need to stay connected and share your bandwidth to be able to earn your credit scorethat means that with the you know the light the mini the nano you’re looking at four to six monthsto reach that you are familiar with a 100 level um ascribe compose what does that planned in the end well you can startmining right away with the genesis note miner as soon as central net opens you’re right thereyou’re mining immediately however with the light the mini the nano and the pico i’m going to startsaying that really quick it’s going to be hard um you can mine after you reach 100 creditscore that can take four to six months again either wait four to six months or start miningimmediately like there’s pretty good benefits to being early to something and if i can remindeverybody you are still early there is still time august 1st is around the corner but thereis still time for you to do this please consider it i’m not saying that for me i’m saying itfor you this is a great opportunity and i’ll show you you know how to calculate some of thesethings and you’ll see how worth it it really is talking about calculating the genesis of theminor does have a calculator that is available nonetheless the other ones those amounts havenot yet been disclosed so we’re still waiting it out to hear what’s it gonna looklike now what utters me agitated about both units is that the network protection the vpn youknow availability and the gateway that like both machines are going to be able to takecare of that for you which is awesome now some people have asked me like i don’t needa dpn enormou keep it turned off you don’t have to have it the network protection it providesa credit is well worth noting you can’t get this kind of protection in you are familiar with enterprise level deviceslike let alone the combined clevernes of the dpn you are familiar with with the network protection and like it is ano-brainer in my psyche that this device is going to take over and you won’t be able to get one fora while you know and as soon as things kind of start picking up here so dprcalculator.action.ceothat will get you to a calculator this is what the explosion planned looks like and i want to positioned it upso that you can pause it and take a screenshot if you want to go over lists like this it’s prettygood but here’s what the calculator looks like genesis node phase one calculator um and i reallylike how easy it is for you to change things around so when you witness people talking about howyou can earn where are they looking at it you can earn i don’t know you know 35 uh 35 you are familiar with 100 no no 35 000 dpr a month it’s when you’re in level eight tier which you gotta stake a lot so goingback here to getting to level you know getting to level eight you need to stay this muchhowever your monthly compensations is at that 35 tier which is pretty darn cool this isa lot of money and look at this you can make forty five hundred dollars a year if dpris at 13 cents as it was yesterday um which actually makes up another good pointlet me examine all right dpr is sitting at 14 pennies right now so let’s get back intothat calculator and let’s plug in 14 pennies now you’re earning almost 60 000 in one yearjust by adding you know one penny to that the cool thing is that i don’t think that it’s gonnasit at 14 cents so i want to be realistic most people are gonna are sitting at that level oneor level two tier and i don’t want to you know crank up these counts which i can dobut if we just go 50 pennies with a rank three rank you’re earning 20 000 in your firstyear of reinforces i think that is a pretty darn good uh return on investment i don’t know about youbut i honestly be considered that if big-hearted whales realise how rewarding this was there wouldn’t be any moredpr tokens on the market it is a lot of fund and people know this people know this andi know i just covered with you here um that there’s you know the the mini the nano andthe pico are tbd as far as earnings are concerned but people know the value of this andi want to show it to you right here so deeper system exactly do a quick littlesearch this guy’s selling his for 1 895 that’s a pretty good deal huh devices that peopleare buying for 300 is now selling for almost two thousand okay okay i don’t want to get slacksaying that i’m just looking at the most wonderful offering how much things are going for i think somebodymight have gotten in hurt for saying that on another video sorry alex all right we’re justgoing to look at sold parts take a look at this this is how much these devices are selling forlike not bids these components sell off nearly 1500 1500 at fourth one it’s 1500 for these devicesand look at this you can see how the rate is just like jumping up claim like beforepeople are like oh it’s a nano it’s only 500 you know megabits it doesn’t do gigabitnetwork i don’t know if i require it and then parties are getting desperate and it sells for9 00. So there is a lot to be said about this so uh i’m giving one of these apart yes i’m givingone of these away the nano which is selling for fifteen hundred dollars i’m giving fifteen hundreddollars away worth of material on the direct and it doesn’t even have a thousand customers awesomethanks for fastening around with me hopefully it pays off and we can all win together i just neededto sink in for a few seconds thanks candidly thank you for having the corroborate i’m going to need if i’m going to beable to pay some of these things off but all right let’s get into the details the nittygritty items with the whitelist process i’ve embraced this before so it’s it’s basicright it’s name phone number address email um you’re going to select the credit scoreyou want to stake for and you want to make sure you have that wallet ready that walletaddress is really important because you various kinds of needed most to be able to stake you’re alsogoing to make decisions once that process is progress so um formerly you put your silvers onaugust 1st i want to make sure you guys are aware of what’s going to take place if you’re approvedawesome depart you’re going to go shape you know a ton of dpr you’re going to generate a ton of dpr ifnot you do have picks you can unstake you can keep the clues as is and justlike wait it out or if you want to get more dpr bet more you can do that as well tohave another chance of actually constructing it um into that next time it’s pretty straightforward umthey’re not looking to hold your signs you know merely because you addrest they want to make sureyou’re committed to doing this thing which is actually a princely cause and they were required to do thisway because they don’t want people to say oh i’m planning on doing tier five and then all thesense like time you have the clues for tier five by venture it allows them to have a really uma solid project is not simply thought but they have they they can actually know who’s taking who’s notreally staking so this is actually a really good way to go about it but like i saidthat’s the link and we’re going to do it live and i’m actuallyjust going to type that in and be seen to what extent we do it this is the this is the price of the token andagain i know i demonstrated this to you guys before we were at 17. Right now we’re at 10. thisnumbers remains descending that pole dpr is just going down down down down down when that happensprices increase because there’s not enough render there is a supply shortage and there’s just noway for everybody to be in the high tiers like just it’s impossible for that to take placewhich is why there’s a good chance for you and i to be able to get a gold genesis minor we’regoing to form this out uh post that cpr boom i’m going to cognito that direction i have a clean slatei actually recommend if you have run into any issues flowing go into this form incognitosome people had topic yesterday and going incognito certainly helped them kind of solvethese problems now it tells me to get substantiated um i’m not going to do a mobile digit i’m goingto do an email and to do the email i’m going to open the temporary email imitation this here i’m goingto placed it right there put in my put in the email and i’m going to hit send the the verificationhere look at that deeper network verification it’s only valid for 30 minutes and this says theverification system is valid within 30 hours just kidding i can’t speak chinese all right and we’reback i’m going to positioned that system right in there now i need to put in a password no i’m just goingto overran the password now durian billfold there is a requirement to my ethereum billfold address let me pull that uphere because my meter is running out and i am going to use this wallet that’s fine we can do thatand that’s not how we do it i have nine seconds defer i got in with a few seconds to go sogoing back to the email i gotta make sure i remember this email now reproduce this is crypto gmailit’s just basically like a temporary email thing and sign in all right so first question theyask you at least like the recognition composition you want to stake important don’t feel bad about puttingsomething down that you are familiar with let’s say you want to stake at three or four you’re like maybe i don’tknow if i’m going to be able to buy more tokens just put down what you think it is they just wantto get a good project of where people stand that’s all that is so don’t don’t stress too much i’mgoing to save here on rank 2. Staking activities require a deeper chain wallet i’m going to saynot now here i got to gave a bunch of information and i’m going to grab anaddress that i have set up now got a random address generator came put in zip code9 021 oh and this is what i got um phone number they do need this for shipping so makesure you put your real phone number down and that phone number is going to be you knowreally important but for my occasion here i just put down 8675309 9 all right and we thumped submitsuccess this is pretty straightforward now the important thing now that i want to make sureeveryone understands when you stumble create pocketbook make sure you’re ready because it’s going to doa couple of things so it’s going to say create purse delight is secure like nobody’s readeverybody’s going to click ok and this happened last night there’s a good deal of peoplethat don’t have all the info that you need make sure that you are going through this and it’sactually cool that the deeper network unit can’t help you because it’s private it’s yours youdon’t want anybody else to have control confirm two things first make sure you get ahold of allof these messages right this is your your passphrase that’s going to got to get in your pouch nowyou likewise want to download the private key download private key so download it rightdown the bottom i’m going to open that up and i’m going to bring this over just so youcan see it so my private key is now on screen you don’t want anybody else to have this privatekey anybody claim but you do want to hold on to it a big piece of advice to anybody that’s watchingthis do not retain this record or at a minimum convert the name of the file because i guarantee youscammers are going to try to look for the you know four enters with deeper bond underscore keydot txt as the deeper network um grows i imply if this is this is the enter reputation that they are usingeverybody’s going to want to have it everybody wants to you are familiar with get into the action essentiallyand be able to steal money from other beings that’s never amusing i just copy these down so ican do i you know i wrote down my mnemonic uh motto and i’m just gonna go right through itand jettison it and we just click one at a time vintage nasty despair nasty despairrich priority rich priority that’s two at a time get a little bit faster um adapt tofly so we can adapt to fly and scare the everyday scaredy-ordinary and we’ve got an adult dentistdress adult dentist dress and confirmed to me “theres going” i’m in i’m ready to go now what you’re going tohave to do is remember that this is the wallet you want to use when you are staking they’re goingto be matching up your pouch address from here to the staking platform so delight ensure thatyou have access to this wallet it is your wallet and you have dpr clues in there and has areminder you need ethereum in there as well like you got to pay for gas fees right so don’t forgetto have a little bit of ethereum in there just in case because you never know what the gas costs aregoing to be at any point in time so make sure you have got a good respectable chunk of change in there tomake this contract ready make this contract work but this is it guys this is you know the deepernetwork this is how you stake this is how you take it to the next level which is super excitingand i’m exhilarated not only to be a part of this but to be a part of this with all of you so thank youfor watching the video it’s been incredible hanging out with you if you have any questions drop themdown below if you haven’t done so hitherto feel free to touch that like button if this was helpful atall if i said anything that was helpful if you like my face if you didn’t like my face you shouldstill have the like button just because it’s gonna help you make it feel better just kidding anywayyou all are awesome i’ll see you in the next one actually maybe it’s not over let’s retain how ihad mentioned that i would be talking about nfts after the you know the intro or outro is done wellhere i am let’s do something special if you go down below and you provide comments on this video today isthe 27 th i’ll be affixing this video i checks to see back on the second largest that method it’s after stakingi’ll check back on this video and i’m gonna select one of the comments from the video and to makeit unique um let’s say you need to write uh let’s get into the action in your criticism like doesn’tmatter what it is in your observe as long as it includes let’s get into the action you’re going tobe entered to acquire an nft simply by doing that on the comments below hopefully uh only uh the faithfulones actually watch all the ways to the end and take advantage of this you guys are you guys arefreaking awesome i’ve been having a blast doing youtube and the end of the video is what nobodywatches regardles so this is fantastic thank you thank you thank you thank you so much i’m havinga blast doing this it’s spending not gonna lie but it’s well worth it because of all of youthank you i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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