what's going on my beautiful people from youtube 
i am back and i am back talking about the deeper   network because it matters because staking is 
right around the corner we are now in white   listing phase that means that you only have a 
few days to stake your tokens get them ready   buy whatever you need or sell the ones you don't 
want at the end of the day make sure that you are   ready and this video is going to cover a couple of 
things so three things as usual first we're going   to go over the deeper network i mean what the heck 
is it why do i even like this project in the first   place secondly we're going to talk about the faqs 
people have been asking a ton of questions and i   want to cover them on a video so that way people 
can get the answers they need so if somebody had   a question somebody else must have had that same 
question maybe didn't say anything about it so   drop them down below i answer every single comment 
thankfully the channel is still small enough   to where i have the time to be able to put in a 
response to every single one of you and i'm really   really appreciative of the ones that have been 
supporting the channel it is growing it's getting   harder to do that but i am committed to continuing 
to do that as of right now third thing i want to   cover well let's get whitelisted right i want 
to go walk through it because last night when   it launched a lot of people actually messed some 
things up didn't get the information they needed   so i want to go step by step and show you exactly 
how to do that i will have time stamps that way if   you want to jump onto a different you know area 
you can do that right down in the description   below but you all are awesome let's get right into 
this did i say about liking the video yet i don't   think so that's important because the reason why 
i'm doing well on youtube because of you it's not   because of what i'm doing at the end of the day 
i'm gonna put out content that i think is helpful   beneficial but you all are the ones hitting 
that subscribe button hitting the like button   and making a difference on the channel so thank 
you if i don't say it again during this video   thank you it means the world and i it doesn't 
go unnoticed believe me now i'm not a financial   advisor as you all know i'm just some dude on the 
internet telling you that deeper is awesome and   telling you that hey these are things that i've 
done and it's been painting off so you know   so far we're at you know five and a half cents 
when i first talked about deeper we are now at   you know i think we hit 15 cents yesterday we're 
back down a little bit maybe 13 14 right now but   hey those are some pretty good rewards if you 
were you know getting into the token so the   reason i'm covering this information is to make 
you and i more successful hopefully giving you   insights as to what i've seen and helping 
you move forward but getting right into it   this is the link this is the link for you 
to go stake and yes it's a redirect so stake just type that into your browser or 
scan that qr code it's going to get you right to   it why is it a redirect well because it redirects 
you to a referral code yep no problem saying what   that is all about it is a referral code for me 
to refer you and i think i'm supposed to get   something out of it honestly i don't know what the 
reward is i have no idea what i'm gonna get out of   it and i'm just doing it because i'm actually 
really curious as far as how many people are   going to use my link to go stake their dpr and 
to you know add added bonus anybody that stakes   and uses this code i'm going to grab your 
ethereum rc20 you know wallet code and essentially   draw people from that bundle to earn a device 
a device yeah yeah the nano and the nano is   right now going for 1500 on ebay it's a 
lot of money i know it's kind of crazy so   the the more chances you you know the more times 
you guys are the more chances you have to win kind   of thing because i haven't received the device yet 
but as soon as it's in my hands i'm going to make   sure that there is a whole process as far as how 
to enter the drawing and staking is one of those   things you can get an entry by staking your coins 
with that being said let's go on to the next thing   this is why i like it right let's 
talk about the overview it is a dpn   like this is phenomenal like if you guys don't 
understand the difference between a vpn and vpn   i'll give you two big ones first you're not paying 
for this vp for this vpn like a subscription   service you buy the device and now you're part 
of a network of devices all over the world   that you can connect through that you can tunnel 
through it is phenomenal that means that if you're   in india and you want to watch tv you know like 
netflix on the us well just tunnel through the   us and you get to watch netflix and you're not 
gonna get blacklisted like people get on regular   vpn servers like nord for example you got what 
3 000 servers all over the world well 3 000 is   not a big list for people to index and say hey 
if somebody's coming from this server don't let   them in don't show them this that happens all the 
time with a decentralized private network you're   essentially connecting through you know regular 
sometimes household um ip addresses that are   no more than legitimate which is awesome 
it just makes the system work so much   smoother now i always get this one well what if 
people are doing something illegal with my device   sure there are logs that show exactly what's 
happening on your network if anybody does anything   that they aren't supposed to using your you know 
tunneling through your device you will have a   log that you can provide to be able to clear 
yourself of anything now i know you don't want   to have to deal with that sure so let's talk about 
torrenting torrenting is something that people you   know use vpns for all the time so what do you 
do well you can literally click a button turn   it off inside of the os you're able to disable 
torrenting on the network so if you don't anybody   torrenting if you're new us and you don't want 
to get those cease and desist letters like just   yes let's turn it off and you're fine you're good 
to go from that point forward which is a pretty   nice feature because at the end of the day as 
much as i enjoy the thought of torrenting i don't   want to get a letter from my asp saying that hey 
you're doing something you shouldn't be doing but   i digress gateway all right everybody knows that 
you could you know you type and you get   google's website what most people don't realize 
that when you're doing that you're not really   going to google when you type you're 
hitting a gateway and the gateway if you're just   connecting straight out of your you know straight 
out of your box it's going to your isp your isp   has full control of where points to i 
know it's kind of crazy to think about but they   have full control over your internet they can say 
that now is going to go to yahoo that's   totally doable they can totally do that because 
all that url does is point to an ip address so   they can say that hey you know is now 
going to point somewhere else and that's not fun   knowing that somebody else has that much control 
over your system take it a step further people say   well just change your dns server google provides 
a great dns server they can use like   you realize that the problem with that is 
that you are now being tracked by google   sure it's anonymous tracking but that data 
is sold and resold and used to advertise   yeah that's how they generate money so even 
if you're trying to use a another gateway it   doesn't matter you're still getting essentially 
tracked i don't like that i'm not interested   in getting tracked by random people that i don't 
know so i'm really excited about the decentralized   gateway that the deeper network nodes provide 
trident protocol now i don't have a big issue   with censorship where i'm at but man i'm super 
excited for the people that don't have it as   you know as good as i do at the end of the 
day there are so many people that can't access   sites different places because of their 
location and the deeper network devices   are going it's it's going to open up the world 
for them it's going to allow them to browse   because of the spirit of peer network that's 
being generated now they're going to have the   the ability of going places they weren't able to 
go you know to go to before it's like if you're in   china there are a ton of applications you can't 
use there are a ton of sites you can't access   this changes everything not only that it secures 
your transmission of data while you're at it   so things are encrypted now so your packages are 
getting scanned this trident protocol is actually   super stinking cool now all these things are nice 
and they got me interested in the deeper network   this is what got me excited about the 
deeper network when i saw their dpr   token distribution and mining was 60 i was just 
floored i was like wait a minute that means that   they care about the network enough to provide 60 
of everything back to the people that's awesome   guys like that's a big big number and knowing that 
that that much is going to be available for people   to mine and to be able to participate and truly 
be a decentralized network i mean that's music to   my ears it's exciting when we can find a product 
that's doing that so more power to them it's the   reason why i got excited about this project 
and why i've been covering it on my channel   let's talk about the faqs right so here's a big 
one from a lot of people can the can can you get a   genesis minor like i got a question just today 
on one of my other videos about can i still get   it i'm too late oh man this thing's no no hold 
on hold on thanks to contrite from the telegram   group that you know has been pretty active he put 
this little chart together so as of last night um   starting this morning here he's sleeping right now 
contrary thanks for your hard work but um this is   what we're looking at if you're tier two you have 
a hundred percent chance of getting one right now   it's not going to stay like that but this is how 
it lays out as of right now remember staking will   take place on august 1st that means that until 
august 1st everything's up in the air right so   looking at these uh the number of wallets that 
are out there right now if you're in tier two   you've made it i think we're actually gonna 
end up in tier three for the go genesis miners   but we'll see what takes place just because 
there's a lot of people that are gonna be grabbing   their tokens from exchanges and bringing them 
on to hot wallets side note you need need your   tokens in a hot wallet to be able to stake them 
so trust wallet metamask wallet something that   will directly connect and be able to you know sign 
that contract essentially for the staking of nine   months this is the breakdown this is where we 
stand right now and hopefully gives you a little   bit of insight as far as what you can expect 
us you know when when it comes to these wallets   helium can you really mine helium with these 
devices soon it's coming but this is what it looks   like right now um deeper has applied for uh you 
know the the ability to mine helium so hnt will   be something that the deeper network devices 
should be able to do and this is a prototype   i know it doesn't look that good especially 
when it doesn't have a case on it but   um all i care about is those little nubs at the 
top where you can put in a a little antenna it   could look just like that guys if you're not using 
that one guys from deeper you can send it to me   i'll take it don't don't worry about the looks 
of it but it's a double minor guys i don't know   if you realize this but the profitability is huge 
you have one little tiny device that again healing   miners are going for a ton of money you saw you 
know the video i did yesterday in regards to this   they're going for a lot of money so now you're 
gonna be able to you know mine dpr and helium   that's a big deal not only that i'll show you 
how much these devices are actually going for   on ebay too because it's it's it's a lot and you 
know the the reason i'm giving them still giving   them away is because i'm committed to following 
through what i promised you guys so that nano   will be given away even if people are getting you 
know 1500 for one of those devices here's a big   question that people ask all the time what is the 
difference between the genesis minor and the light   the mini the nano the pico all those other ones 
well a lot actually um so they will kind of serve   a lot of the same purposes but at the end of 
the day you you might wanna you might want the   the genesis minor as opposed to the other ones and 
here's why when it comes to the genesis node miner   you get to stake dpr for credit so right away your 
credit score is going to be based on how much you   stake with the light the mini the nano and the 
pico you need to stay connected and share your   bandwidth to be able to earn your credit score 
that means that with the you know the light the   mini the nano you're looking at four to six months 
to reach that you know a 100 level um credit score   what does that mean in the end well you can start 
mining right away with the genesis note miner   as soon as main net launches you're right there 
you're mining immediately however with the light   the mini the nano and the pico i'm going to start 
saying that really quick it's going to be hard   um you can mine after you reach 100 credit 
score that can take four to six months again   either wait four to six months or start mining 
immediately like there's pretty good benefits to   being early to something and if i can remind 
everybody you are still early there is still   time august 1st is around the corner but there 
is still time for you to do this please consider   it i'm not saying that for me i'm saying it 
for you this is a great opportunity and i'll   show you you know how to calculate some of these 
things and you'll see how worth it it really is   talking about calculating the genesis of the 
minor does have a calculator that is available   however the other ones those numbers have 
not yet been disclosed so we're still   waiting it out to hear what's it gonna look 
like now what makes me excited about both units   is that the network protection the vpn you 
know availability and the gateway that like   both devices are going to be able to take 
care of that for you which is awesome   now some people have asked me like i don't need 
a dpn great keep it turned off you don't have   to have it the network protection it provides 
a loan is well worth it you can't get this kind   of protection in you know enterprise level devices 
like let alone the combined ability of the dpn you   know with the network protection and like it is a 
no-brainer in my mind that this device is going to   take over and you won't be able to get one for 
a while you know and as soon as things kind of   start picking up here so 
that will get you to a calculator this is what the   breakdown chart looks like and i want to put it up 
so that you can pause it and take a screenshot if   you want to go over numbers like this it's pretty 
good but here's what the calculator looks like   genesis node phase one calculator um and i really 
like how easy it is for you to change things   around so when you see people talking about how 
you can earn where are they looking at it you can   earn i don't know you know 35 uh 35 you know 100 
no no 35 000 dpr a month it's when you're in level   eight tier which you gotta stake a lot so going 
back here to getting to level you know getting   to level eight you need to stay this much 
however your monthly rewards is at that 35   level which is pretty darn cool this is 
a lot of money and look at this you can   make forty five hundred dollars a year if dpr 
is at 13 cents as it was yesterday um which   actually brings up another good point 
let me see all right dpr is sitting at   14 cents right now so let's get back into 
that calculator and let's plug in 14 cents now you're earning almost 60 000 in one year 
just by adding you know one penny to that the   cool thing is that i don't think that it's gonna 
sit at 14 cents so i want to be realistic most   people are gonna are sitting at that level one 
or level two tier and i don't want to you know   crank up these numbers which i can do 
but if we just go 50 cents with a level   three tier you're earning 20 000 in your first 
year of rewards i think that is a pretty darn good   uh return on investment i don't know about you 
but i honestly feel that if big whales realize   how profitable this was there wouldn't be any more 
dpr tokens on the market it is a lot of money and   people know this people know this and 
i know i just covered with you here   um that there's you know the the mini the nano and 
the pico are tbd as far as earnings are concerned   but people know the value of this and 
i want to show it to you right here so   deeper network just do a quick little 
search this guy's selling his for 1 895   that's a pretty good deal huh devices that people 
are buying for 300 is now selling for almost two   thousand okay okay i don't want to get slack 
saying that i'm just looking at the best offer   how much things are going for i think somebody 
might have gotten in trouble for saying that on   another video sorry alex all right we're just 
going to look at sold items take a look at this   this is how much these devices are selling for 
like not bids these items sold for almost 1500   1500 at fourth one it's 1500 for these devices 
and look at this you can see how the price   is just like jumping up right like before 
people are like oh it's a nano it's only 500   you know megabits it doesn't do gigabit 
network i don't know if i want it and then   people are getting desperate and it sells for 

So there is a lot to be said about this so   uh i'm giving one of these away yes i'm giving 
one of these away the nano which is selling for   fifteen hundred dollars i'm giving fifteen hundred 
dollars away worth of stuff on the channel and it   doesn't even have a thousand subscribers awesome 
thanks for sticking around with me hopefully it   pays off and we can all win together i just needed 
to sink in for a second thanks honestly thanks for   the support i'm going to need if i'm going to be 
able to pay some of these things off but all right   let's get into the details the nitty 
gritty details with the whitelist process   i've covered this before so it's it's basic 
right it's name phone number address email   um you're going to select the credit score 
you want to stake for and you want to make   sure you have that wallet ready that wallet 
address is really important because you kind   of need it to be able to stake you're also 
going to make decisions once that process   moves forward so um once you stick your coins on 
august 1st i want to make sure you guys are aware   of what's going to take place if you're approved 
awesome go you're going to go make you know a ton   of dpr you're going to generate a ton of dpr if 
not you do have choices you can unstake you can   keep the tokens as is and just 
like wait it out or if you want to   get more dpr stake more you can do that as well to 
have another chance of actually making it um into   that next phase it's pretty straightforward um 
they're not looking to hold your tokens you know   just because you applied they want to make sure 
you're committed to doing this thing which is   actually a noble cause and they have to do this 
way because they don't want people to say oh   i'm planning on doing tier five and then all the 
sense like do you have the tokens for tier five   by staking it allows them to have a really um 
a solid idea not only idea but they have they   they can actually know who's taking who's not 
really staking so this is actually a really   good way to go about it but like i said 
that's the link   and we're going to do it live and i'm actually 
just going to type that in and see how we do it   this is the this is the price of the token and 
again i know i showed this to you guys before   we were at 17.

Right now we're at 10. this 
numbers keeps dropping that pole dpr is just   going down down down down down when that happens 
prices increase because there's not enough supply   there is a supply shortage and there's just no 
way for everybody to be in the high tiers like   just it's impossible for that to take place 
which is why there's a good chance for you and   i to be able to get a gold genesis minor we're 
going to type this out uh stake that cpr boom   i'm going to cognito that way i have a clean slate 
i actually recommend if you have run into any   issues running go into this form incognito 
some people had issue yesterday and going   incognito definitely helped them kind of solve 
these problems now it tells me to get verified   um i'm not going to do a mobile number i'm going 
to do an email and to do the email i'm going to   open the temporary email copy this here i'm going 
to put it right there put in my put in the email   and i'm going to hit send the the verification 
here look at that deeper network verification   it's only valid for 30 minutes and this says the 
verification code is valid within 30 minutes just   kidding i can't read chinese all right and we're 
back i'm going to put that code right in there   now i need to put in a password no i'm just going 
to overran the password here durian wallet i need   my ethereum wallet address let me pull that up 
here because my time is running out and i am going   to use this wallet that's fine we can do that 
and that's not how we do it i have nine seconds submit i got in with a few seconds to go so 
going back to the email i gotta make sure i   remember this email here copy this is crypto gmail 
it's just basically like a temporary email thing and sign in all right so first question they 
ask you at least like the credit score you want   to stake important don't feel bad about putting 
something down that you know let's say you want to   stake at three or four you're like maybe i don't 
know if i'm going to be able to buy more tokens   just put down what you think it is they just want 
to get a good idea of where people stand that's   all that is so don't don't stress too much i'm 
going to save here on tier 2.

Staking activities   require a deeper chain wallet i'm going to say 
not now here i got to put a bunch of information and i'm going to grab an 
address that i have set up here got a random address generator got put in zip code 
9021 oh and this is what i got um phone number   they do need this for shipping so make 
sure you put your real phone number down   and that phone number is going to be you know 
really important but for my case here i just   put down 86753099 all right and we hit submit 
success this is pretty straightforward now the   important thing here that i want to make sure 
everyone understands when you hit create wallet   make sure you're ready because it's going to do 
a couple of things so it's going to say create   wallet please be sure like nobody's read 
everybody's going to click ok and this   happened last night there's a lot of people 
that don't have all the info that you need   make sure that you are going through this and it's 
actually cool that the deeper network team can't   help you because it's private it's yours you 
don't want anybody else to have control confirm   two things first make sure you get ahold of all 
of these words right this is your your passphrase   that's going to get you in your wallet now 
you also want to download the private key   download private key so download it right 
down the bottom i'm going to open that up   and i'm going to bring this over just so you 
can see it so my private key is now on screen   you don't want anybody else to have this private 
key anybody right but you do want to hold on to it   a big piece of advice to anybody that's watching 
this do not keep this file or at a minimum change   the name of the file because i guarantee you 
scammers are going to try to look for the you   know four files with deeper chain underscore key 
dot txt as the deeper network um grows i mean if   this is this is the file name that they are using 
everybody's going to want to have it everybody   wants to you know get in the action essentially 
and be able to steal money from other people   that's never fun i just copy these down so i 
can do i you know i wrote down my mnemonic uh   phrase and i'm just gonna go right through it 
and throw it and we just click one at a time   vintage nasty despair nasty despair 
rich priority rich priority that's   two at a time goes a little bit faster um adapt to 
fly so we can adapt to fly and scare the ordinary   scaredy-ordinary and we've got an adult dentist 
dress adult dentist dress and confirm here we   go i'm in i'm ready to go now what you're going to 
have to do is remember that this is the wallet you   want to use when you are staking they're going 
to be matching up your wallet address from here   to the staking platform so please ensure that 
you have access to this wallet it is your wallet   and you have dpr tokens in there and has a 
reminder you need ethereum in there as well like   you got to pay for gas fees right so don't forget 
to have a little bit of ethereum in there just in   case because you never know what the gas fees are 
going to be at any point in time so make sure you   have got a good decent chunk of change in there to 
make this contract ready make this contract work   but this is it guys this is you know the deeper 
network this is how you stake this is how you   take it to the next level which is super exciting 
and i'm thrilled not only to be a part of this but   to be a part of this with all of you so thank you 
for watching the video it's been fantastic hanging   out with you if you have any questions drop them 
down below if you haven't done so yet feel free   to hit that like button if this was helpful at 
all if i said anything that was helpful if you   like my face if you didn't like my face you should 
still have the like button just because it's gonna   help you make it feel better just kidding anyway 
you all are awesome i'll see you in the next one actually maybe it's not over let's remember how i 
had mentioned that i would be talking about nfts   after the you know the intro or outro is done well 
here i am let's do something special if you go   down below and you comment on this video today is 
the 27th i'll be posting this video i will check   back on the second that way it's after staking 
i'll check back on this video and i'm gonna select   one of the comments from the video and to make 
it unique um let's say you need to write uh let's   get into the action in your comment like doesn't 
matter what it is in your comment as long as it   includes let's get into the action you're going to 
be entered to win an nft just by doing that on the   comments below hopefully uh just uh the faithful 
ones actually watch all the ways to the end and   take advantage of this you guys are you guys are 
freaking awesome i've been having a blast doing   youtube and the end of the video is what nobody 
watches anyway so this is fantastic thank you   thank you thank you thank you so much i'm having 
a blast doing this it's exhausting not gonna lie   but it's well worth it because of all of you 
thank you i'll see you guys in the next one bye

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