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FREE DIY 7dBi upgrade for your Indoor Helium Stock Antenna (Part 1)

[Music] that needs a high gain antenna maintain it simple maintain it real currently this might be a rhetorical question or theoretical concern however in fact it'' s fairly a crucial one as well as it ' s not just helium this concern connects to any kind of application because you constantly see this argument online around low gain high gain and also this morning i in fact got a concern someone stated yet your 3 dbi antenna is much more expensive than a 6 dbi why gain doesn'' t necessarily suggest much better it means a lot more certain for particular application and in this instance today i'' m going to simply do a demo of a helium iot a quick upgrade of an omni antenna to turn it from a dipole into a 9 dbi yagi antenna however the principle that i wish to highlight moving forward is additionally high gain is a feature it'' s not an upgrade that'' s the most essential thing for me now this obviously puts on wi-fi 4g 5g and also it additionally puts on there goes my antenna it likewise applies to um any any application that you have and also today much more so it applies to helium so i simply intend to rapidly stop this video clip i was outside outdoors when i was shooting the actual video clip itself and also there'' s obviously a great deal of things experiencing my head as i present the concept the important things what i'' m doing below is an university lecture tutorial that i kind of shown i wish to to confirm here so it'' s sort of an antenna modification such as this in my title i state you can obtain up to 11 db enhancement which is right but there are certain problems for that so watch with the whole video see at the end just how i concerned that number as well as also the actual way that you can apply the same reasoning on your own so what i'' m showing right here is not just something that someone in in iraqi parking area it however it'' s actually something that truly obtained you a real outcome that you can also have substantial better directional antenna rather than a normal supply omni antenna maintain viewing till completion and you'' ll see what ' s going on what we overcome is the real radiation pattern and also the story so on the screen i ' m currently mosting likely to throw the real waves what you initially have so when you have an omni antenna as all of us recognize i presume it simply primarily sends or sends out the signal in all directions you you think in a great antenna it goes almost everywhere currently what we do when we convert it to a directional antenna you take the wave that goes anywhere and also you just allow it stream in one particular instructions that'' s what we adjust that'' s what we can control as antenna designers you might see three-dimensional plots on data sheets i have it on the screen the issue with 3d stories if you look at it on a two-dimensional print which you can do since that'' s a notepad if'you wear ' t see it you struggle to imagine it i ' m revealing that what we call azimuth as well as elevation azimuth implies looking from the top so you can see exactly how it emits all over or when you look at it from the side just how it simply primarily has this bubble effect in all directions on the other hand the antenna that we'' re mosting likely to produce additionally is directional so you push all the power in one forward direction both if you look from the side or from the top the less complicated method to explain this gets on the 2d story this is the omni which is a circle in all instructions or directional in one instructions if you look at it from the side too it'' s a bubble in both directions or essentially presses whatever into one side since'' s actually it however once more i just go back to this the actual waves which i believe for video clip objectives is possibly the most basic means to discuss what i'' m ready to do to a stock helium antenna making use of only paper items of steel and some adhesive what i'' m mosting likely to do this is this kind of is the first of lots of videos this set is just to state this is possible and i will certainly verify this was my test arrangement but on subsequent videos i ' ll do the helium now to claim there ' s a template which i ' ll put on our website that you can download as well as simply adhere to the guidelines and you can additionally transform the um your supply antenna to a highly directional antenna while you wait possibly for one more one or you might um potentially use it if you want to have an examination established up for something um subsequently i'' m mosting likely to do the same for 4g and also 5g very first australia after that likewise us and also if there'' s any type of rate of interest from the from europe as well in particular bands i will do that also things is these antennas would certainly be frequency discerning so they won'' t this set won ' t work in a 4g frequency too it may a little bit yet it ' s not actually designed for that and after that naturally wi-fi is a huge one because you can do the same thing on wi-fi it ' s got to be a lot smaller so possibly a lot more stylish and also less complicated to utilize what i have below is my examination setup i have a vna which is a vector network analyzer the blue box here it'' s from magiq a company in the netherlands i'' m going to do some demos on that particular arrangement as well soon sufficient but this is type of a i'' d state a bad man ' s examination of an antenna configuration and also it kind of jobs it works rather well yet there is a problem as well as i can reveal you the concerns also but we can resolve that um so the vector network analyzer is sending out a signal from one port to one antenna after that it transfers everywhere the various other antenna picks it up and sends it back to the vna what we carry the computer system screen is generally the result of that that loop so again i was outside as well as and i was trying to show i still am trying to demonstrate you have two antennas and you'' re trying to connect in between both however i refer to s21 currently s21 if you check out normal in helium in this instance the example would certainly be like like you have path loss and you claim well the rssi at the various other point is minus 110 or minus 120 dbm what in fact that number is that i say that i describe as well as i show in the video itself is something like let'' s claim minus 40 minus

30. Generally in an un um not computed uncalibrated way it is just giving you a reference to state from antenna a let'' s say there ' s antenna a 2 and 10 or b without any kind of calibration without anything done there seems to be a loss of that 40 db of power of signal as well as it'' s a loved one dimension when you calibrate it you can in fact claim all right well degree ought to exist need to exist what you translucent the frequencies that is constantly mosting likely to be the very same or the impact that antenna would have that you change will certainly after that be the same over the entire thing but the balanced out like if it'' s um the cables are negative or the distances are much longer or much shorter between each other they will all have a significant influence on the level of the entire signal however s21 is just the power transfer number so it claims it gives you a sign and an understanding that over that regularity that i'' m taking a look at how much power am i moving from this factor to that point and it'' s simply a relative number so once you have the screen with the number that'' s what you state well this is what i know i have and after that you start to change stuff and you will certainly see points go up and also down proceed with the video see if i walk around like currently you'' ll see the um the wave the results are really jumpy it goes everywhere since mainly this antenna is an omni and i'' m an outdoors uh there ' s a great deal of reflections from eviction on that side yet you can'' t see the building on this side which you additionally can'' t see without the lorry at the back and also everything is have an effect that'' s why you need an anechoic chamber and also a chamber that essentially absorbs all the representations when you do the dimension people additionally go out of the chamber so that you put on'' t have the effect of anything else than your antenna speaking with the various other antenna you can gauge in a great clean setting what'' s going on you eliminate all reflections today this is what we have this is what we'' re going to use very first thing that i found truly intriguing as i was building the setup i simply intend to reveal you this prior to i do the real presentation of the the concept is you see it is quite rough so it um it goes up and down backwards and forwards over frequency if i relocate this around i'' ll just relocate it up and also down you really see exactly how that that wave relocate'' s nearly like direct and that'' s exactly the trouble so as a great salesman i'' ll put my pen which is in the center at 950 right on the dip why simply because that'' s where it looks at its weakest as well as i obtain possibly representations from the when i put a directional antenna on the running pass there when i put a directional antenna on it'' s mosting likely to mainly concentrate on that antenna any type of representations that i can have had from the back will certainly have a great deal a lot less of an effect so as a good salespers person what the antenna company would do is that kind of thing where they check out that oh man just take a look at that this is the weakest when i modify that it'' s mosting likely to look a lot far better um i may also do that'because that ' s cool however you can see if i relocate i just relocate it'a bit and also it ' s simply smooth as it relocates with and also this is the type of impact that i um that you need to monitor and evaluate and something you can ' t do if you don ' t have a vna in your antenna arrangement so high gain directional has its obvious benefits not so much simply for the forward gain yet also the fact that it'' s in fact removing reflections from the back so i simply want to quit on this real plot right here and also just place it on the display again the what you see is that causal sequence that i experience and also i'' m undoubtedly really excited when i shoot the video as well as i still am that the truth is when you move the antenna around you in fact see that surge um it'' s like a serpent practically undergoing the real regularity um the manner in which family member regularity settings currently the ripple itself is a significant trouble um and i simply intend to stall on that particular that factor too the surge is because of the reflections that you could see in a in a non-ideal atmosphere the real world is a non-ideal setting so anywhere you go that'' s the kind of thing that you will certainly will see you know you bear in mind when you not remember you could know that when you walk your phone could discolor like go weak as well as stronger not a lot nowadays the phones are much better but but like in the old days approximately you would certainly have had this fading result that you may experience um the only method to get around this if you do an antenna dimension like what we do there or i did there is basically to enter into an anechoic chamber so put put source absorber around it or to go really remote as well as rural that there'' s absolutely nothing that can show um as a user an antenna installer and also this is now pertinent for helium as long as it is for 4g and also well if you had the deluxe of wi-fi to do this it probably is not practical however go high so you obtain your antenna away from blockages you get your antenna away from things that'' s mosting likely to create trouble um over the trees far from eviction far from your home almost everywhere away from the walls or from the glass all that things well this effect that you see is really the impact um it'' s just that ' s the a great visual way to demonstrate the result that that representations will certainly have it also links into a video i'' ve done in 2014 late in 2015 regarding representations um that ' s an extreme example where you put on'' t intend to put an antenna against a steel post it'' s a severe instance however it'' s the exact same concept again that that'' s the kind of point that occurs is these representations in in stage out of face will certainly trigger that ripple what is likewise fascinating as well as currently i'' m simply going on a tangent that'' s probably not helpful enough but the favorable side is also potentially greater than what actually can be expected due to the fact that you would certainly have constructive as well as destructive interference so there'' s a great deal of things happening because plot so a lot greater than what i could really pay for to claim in below and also i'' ve possibly currently seen it much so allow'' s carry on this antenna that i carry me the one that i created the one that i will make in future styles it transforms my dipole right into a yagi i have a reflector i have area for my actual radiator my element as well as i have the supervisors ahead this is what we created utilizing cst after that using cst we might compute this as well as we work out and also then we just i'' ll placed it on a paper those steel poles that i usage can be type of anything i made use of um spare or scrap cable television however you can utilize items of cord or anything from home so this is a piece of cotton this is obviously my published design that i put on there i put the dimensions on there that you can then make use of on your own um and simply work it out placed it where i tell you to put it due to the fact that they'' ll have them strolling somewhere and also there'' s two slots currently the 2 ports i will certainly describe in the'following video clip yet i ' m not outdoors due to the fact that with the wind blowing it ' s fairly tough to really get it to work properly i ' m simply mosting likely to put it ready versus the antenna so as i claim this is'what ' s going to happen there ' s the antenna i ' m mosting likely to just put it that the dipole is there to make sure that all the spacing is proper see what takes place put it versus it similar to i transformed to a dog there we go and also gone take it away placed it back turn your means substantial result currently if i relocate to position this is where the representations are actually triggering trouble you can relocate this method it'' s my worst it ' s my worst once again whatever i do i smooth it out and also i gain as long as i desire as long as i need now because it'' s outdoors it ' s not always mosting likely to be smooth however you get the result this is what it does and you can do the same on yourself for yourself anyway so if i move away this thing tipped over i'' m additionally having a significant influence so truly i do wish to really put the rubber band on there there you go that'' s the result that ' s all i might claim jobs like a dream rather satisfied with that said all right currently i'' ve presented the results and i sort of just pointed and swung at the outcomes and also truly thrilled concerning look at this this is happening it'' s making such a big difference and also it'' s such a renovation and also i have this antenna on my hand which is the one here with me i simply want to stand still by it once more as well as simply say you should actually look at it with nearly a great tooth comb due to the fact that the ranges on the plot that the magiq gadget that i have is the range is what it is so you don'' t get a recognition for just how much that actually jumps so i simply have the slide that i placed on the screen currently to just have it as a static photo to say hang on check out this due to the fact that what you would usually do if i was running a design record as well as i was really trying to highlight this result i wouldn'' t utilize the scale that that that'' s available on the machine itself i wouldn'' t go from 0 to minus fifty or plus 10 to minus fifty since then the actual influence that you'' re seeing is not highlighted sufficient um so on the display you'' ll see that certainly'i ' m positioned it ' s such as in the middle of a dip that is can feel like a little hoax but it really was truly there to show that this is just how bad points might be and also after that the enhancement the story on the right the after is actual due to the fact that once you get rid of the representations from the back since the antenna no more is really delicate in the direction of what'' s occurring at the back it'' s just truly concentrated on going ahead which is type of uh directional antenna one on one just there so the plot on the right is theoretically man that'' s what i desire that ' s what you require and also this is the antenna that you will obtain or the kind of thing that you will get the story left wing is what kind of i'' ll try to damage it as poor as i can because in the exact same splitting pokemon placement you have the antenna you have the inner before like fine easily but almost and after that after it'' s the same antenna you know if you place it in the best place that'' s the kind of impact that'' s the sort of enhancement that you get so i simply wanted to stall on that truth as well as make certain that that actually um type of you recognize that you absorb it in the the enhancement that this type of impact and obviously go to our site and um you can download this template for helium as well as there'' s much more templates that will certainly come for helium for europe and um 4g and also wi-fi also so we'' ll we ' ll make more build videos um there'' s mosting likely to be a develop video clip for the helium one soon and also we'' ll do construct videos too for the other ones yet um anyway let'' s proceed with the video clip and just put an elastic band on and we'' ll see what it does'i ' ll placed this at the rear end of my i wear ' t have my hands really conflicting oh yeah the rubber band is on nintendo'' s ready yogi'' s up wind is blowing it over exactly how i get it there there you go my yoga exercise is up allow'' s look at the outcomes there you go that'' s that'there we go that ' s why i go inside to do the remainder of the video an additional thing since currently it ' s there but my hand is somewhat in the way just to show the directionality i turn this away if the wind really enables me to turn it away this is it that'' s just how low it goes considering this representations and also the wind is constantly blowing um something right here that i do desire to note while it'' s still rolling as well as i unintentionally is still doing doing a recording um this is undoubtedly a speculative antenna it'' s an interior antenna it ' s something you can utilize to see is my antenna going to gain from a high gain antenna it'' s not a permanent arrangement however it'' s definitely for indoors prior to you spend cash on acquiring a 9 or 8 or 6 dbi antenna just attempt to see is this mosting likely to function and potentially i had a questions today from a consumer that said he'' s simply obtaining a whole lot of interference from someplace it doesn'' t know where as well as i said well you know what you need to enjoy this video clip build one of these antennas and also um examination because what i'' ve just finished with the negative examination by transforming away what it gives you is capability to see where is it working where'' s it not working as well as where it'' s not working you can type of simply reason the juice the air duct figure out where your problems are and after that purchase an expensive antenna as soon as you'' ve got your head around this so allow'' s try once again thanks for watching see you in the next video adieu [Music] you

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