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GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide – All You Need To Know | The Basics

hey everyone welcome back to anothermining chamber video in today’s video we are going to go over buying a miningrig so we’re going to talk about all the parts and which responsibilities you should be buyingand as well as from what supermarkets you should be buying them from and then we’re alsogoing to be doing a giveaway following the adjournment of the video so please stay carolled forthat i hope you guys experience this video the first thing i want to mention guys there willbe a full write up on so if you want to skim through it you can go ahead and openthat up the link will be in the descriptions below so this video should be helpful to you whetheryou’re watching it 1 year from now or you’re watching it at the time where the market isextremely high and all the gpu costs are really high-pitched so we’re going to try to make it asneutral as is practicable that you can use this as a template at any time now the first thing i want todo is i want to firstly go ahead and talk about all the parts of your gpu quarrying rig and then fromthere we’re going to jump into each one and go into details on what you should buy and in a wayprovide you a buying programme so that you don’t have to make any mistakes while you’re buyingyour mining rig so if you’re new to gpu mining and you have no idea how they manipulate and what partsthey need then let me go ahead and briefly tried to explain it to you so gpu miners are mostly a pc ipchas the same exact constituents that you are able to lay in a gpu mining rigging so you have the processor themotherboard the ram as well as the graphic posters and a power supply except that in a mining rigging wewould throw more than one graphic poster so it’s just the looks that are different and the graphic cardsyou have more than one graphic card sometimes they have more than one power supply or you would berunning a server power supply and such and all that we will cover more in details later on butjust to clarify a mining rigging is just a computer with more than one graphic placard so now that beingsaid what we’re going to do is we’re going to divide the personas in a mining rigging and we’ll set twodifferent categories one is the essential parts and then the other one is the main parts in theessential parts you will have your cpu motherboard ram as well as your storage device and anythingthat you’ll be using for system connectivity so these fractions in crucial can be the sameacross any mining rig you don’t need to change them to accommodate whatever gpu you’re gettingor power supply and we will highlight more on that later on and then now we can move on to thesecond division which is the main part of your rigging and that is your gpus and your power supplies sonow we have two parts the essential and the prime first we’re going to go over the essential partsand walk you through which ones you should be getting and how to start with them and then afterthat we’re going to move on to the main parts and tell you what psu you should be getting basedon how many gpus you’re getting now the first thing let’s go ahead and start with the essentialparts the first part in the essential parts list is the motherboard so this is where you shouldbe starting when you’re buying your mining rigging because your motherboard will be what determineswhat cpu you should be getting as well as the ram so for the motherboards i do recommend gettinga mining specific motherboard it’s very common that i get a question that can i use a gamingmotherboard or can i exert this motherboard or that motherboard and they’re not mining motherboardsit’s completely penalize you can use them they do have most of the time little sum of pcie slits andthose slots are mostly what imposes how many gpus you can run on your motherboard so each pcieslot meant that you can run one gpu which entails is if you have a gaming motherboard with 5 slotsyou can run 5 gpu out of it but there is one more thing to keep in mind some older motherboardsdon’t have 4g deciphering or they have really slow pcie link quickens so in that case if you’re tryingto use a really old motherboard you can give it a try it might work but if it doesn’t work then it’smost likely because it’s very old so that’s why i often time recommend going mining specificboards because first they are cheap they’re cheaper than gaming motherboards as well andyou would have been able to find them for good tolls before all the markets get up certainly highso as far as recommendations for mining cards you will find a inventory of recommendations on theblog itself and exactly get any mining motherboard candidly they’re all good so you can just grabany of them and you’ll be determined and the one thing you want to keep in mind are the pcie slots so ifyou initially know how many gpus you’re trying to build like a six gpu rigging or a four gpu rigging thengetting one with six slots is good enough for you but if you’re planning to eventually add onit more then probably getting one with more than eight slots is gonna be a good option but alsoyou need to keep in mind that for example the asus b250 mining expert while it has 19 slotsthat does not mean you can run 19 gpus of the same brand or 19 amd and videos gpus if younotice in the asus b250 mining expert manual they will mention that you need to run fivemining dedicated placards in the past five slits if you want to run 19 gpus out of this one board ihonestly don’t think you should propagandize it more than 14 or 12 gpu riggings i feel like that’s a good numberand plus it will be easier for your power supplies later on so you can easily distribute the powerso the conclusion on motherboards get a mining specific motherboard read through the manual makesure that you’re doing everything privilege every motherboard is different you do have bias optionsthat sometimes you need to change to be able to mine properly and those options are usuallyenabling 4g deciphering enabling mining state on and rectifying the pcie link speeding to 2 or 3. They are indifferent locations through every motherboard but you will be able to find them in the bios if theyare there now after deciding your motherboard this will assist you decide what cpu and ram you shouldbe getting so first we should start with the cpu so to get the right cpu i would first recommendgoing to your motherboard’s compatibility list and you will find that on the motherboard supportpage every motherboard “shouldve been” that so you should be able to find that list and then fromthere you’ll meet a roll of different cpus and what i would do is i would just find the cheapest thereusually it’s the intel cellar operates that you can get for really good price you can get those forlike 50 so i would get exactly the intel celeron for the asus p250 mining expert for example you cansee here that the intel celeron g3 900 to g3 950 are all compatible with the motherboard so you canjust grab one of these cpus and if you don’t discovery them available just look for the next cheapest cpuon the schedule and as for ram you only need to check what your motherboard’s ram type is so there’sddr3 and ddr4 you’re most likely going to have ddr4 if you’re buying a more modern motherboardbut if you have an old motherboard then you will be doing ddr3 so you’ll find that on themotherboards sheet you’ll find there’s ddr3 or ddr4 and distributed according to that you can get your ram youdon’t need to worry about the move of the ram you can get the lowest speed you can get the cheapestone and whether you should be getting 4 gigabyte or 8 gigabyte that depends on if you’re runningon openings 10 or if you’re planning on running on hive os or a linux based mining operating systembecause windows 10 in general does require more ram so if you’re planning on mining in linuxjust get a 4 gigabyte ram if you’re planning on mining with windows 10 do 8 gigabyte or youcan just ever go with 8 gigabyte as a good basi and now that we have the cpu motherboard and ramwe can go ahead and move on to the storage as for storage the ideal is to get 120 gigabyte ssd thisworks for everything so you are eligible to applied windows on it or any linux based mining operating system somepeople use usbs for the linux-based mining os but it’s more reliable to really have an ssd andregarding to hdds or any other type of storage i would just stay away from them for examplethe hdds they do take a lot more power and they’re just not efficient at all so it’sbetter to go with an ssd 120 gigabyte you can find those at most for 30 dollars which is reallygood and the next thing we want to look at is the network connectivity so you have ethernet or wi-fii would recommend going with ethernet all the time as long as you can so sometimes you can’t reachyour ethernet cable from your modem to your rig and in that case i would suggest getting apower line adapter which is basically two pushes you would put in in two different roomsone near the bottom and it will plug into it and then the other one will be somewhere aroundthe house and then like that you can get ethernet connection through that power line adapter andthen you can buy like a mini switch with like four different slots so you can power four differentrigs with it the reason why you should forestall wi-fi is because the more stable your internetconnection the better it is and wi-fi generally is not going to be stable all the time and all thesethings that we’re mentioning in the video they will be linked below in the descriptions and aswell as in the commodity and finally the risers so for the risers i would recommend getting the mostrecent generation because they are more stable and they’re most reliable so where should you buythem from there are multiple alternatives the two top alternatives i would recommend are they both are really awesome options and you guys can’t find them there there will alsobe a list of different places that you will find in the article so feel free tocheck that list and then from there you can just visit multiple different accumulates and get them fromwherever works best for you now that comprises all the components for the essentials register you guys can usethis for any mining rig like i mentioned before so you don’t need to make any changes on the listthat we are only covered before unless you’re planning on cpu mining as well but that will be for anothervideo so now we can go ahead and move on to the main list which is the gpus as well as the powersupplies so for the gpus we will firstly take a look at the newest posters that came out so the rtx 3000 successions as well as the most popular amd posters for mining and before we do that we firstly want to talkabout amd and nvidia generally both of them are pretty good for mining but now with how the futureis looking it seems like going with nvidia would be safer because ethereum will ultimately move onto proof of stake which means that you won’t be able to quarry it anymore and that’s what mainly allthe gpu miners mine although there’s still term for this so there’s probably at least one to twoyears until this happens i would recommend trying to get as much nvidia as possible but if you comeacross good amd cards for decent rates then it’s also a good option so now let’s go ahead and talkabout which amd placards you should be looking for and then we can talk about which nvidia cardsyou should be looking for so for the amd gpus the top options “wouldve been” 5700 xt’s as well asthe 5600 xt’s these two cards are really good for mining they are both hard to find now due to theircurrent market state but if you are able to find these cards for a nice price near their msrpthen it would be a good buy there is also the 5500 xt and if you get the 8 gigabyte edition ofthat poster it’s also a good option it comes close to the rx 580 s and speaking of rx 580 s and 480 sthese are also still good placards if you can find them for cheap costs although i don’t recommendbuying them for 300 and above so if you can find those placards for 150 or less then that’s a goodoption other than that i would go for the newer placards which are the 5700 xt’s 5600 xts as well asthe 5500 xt we also have the most recent amd posters that recently came out which are the 6800 and the6 900 these gondolas are also good for mining but as of now we still don’t have much information on themand we can’t really ascertain their full potential more but if you do find them for a respectable rate thatis not higher than the msrp then you can go ahead and seizure them as well they will be a good optioni will plaster how you can calculate the performance and the watts of your gpus so let’s first coverthe nvidia placards and then i’ll tell you guys what to do when you find the card that you want andthen you can go on and check how much fund that card will originate you so as for the nvidia placards thertx 3000 sequences is a pretty good option for mining the 360 ti and the 3080 precisely are prettygood cards you can also get the 3070 s or the 3090 s so whatever you can grab for a decentprice it is gonna be a good option other than the rtx 3000 streaks you can also look for gtx 1660 ti’s or supers these cars are also pretty good and that would wrap it up for the nvidia cardsso you have a good list of options that you can pick from and whenever you find the card thatyou miss for a decent toll you can go ahead and go to or and youwill find a calculator there where you can select that placard and then it will give you an estimateof how much that card will be making for you as of the working day that you researched it exactly rememberall these revenues do conversion very regularly and it all depends on the price of the cryptocurrencythe publication of the transactions as well as the difficulty so when you are find whatever card youwant precisely set them in those calculators situated how many posters you’re planning on buying and thenyou’ll get an overview of how much benefits you should be making and one last thing about gpusplease make sure not to file for any defrauds on alibaba or aliexpress you are able to perceive gpus forreally cheap expenditures or pre-built mining rigs with like rtx 3080 s for a nice toll justknow that it’s very unlikely that it’s true because of how scarce these cards are you want tomake sure that you’re getting them from the privilege beginning so i would recommend looking for bots thatwould inform you about assets we’ve exploited that one for a 360 ti and that’s how we were able to getone that bot is on discord and it’s called furnish looter so i will leave the link for that serverin the descriptions below so you guys can affiliate and then you can set up your notifications basedon your region and then you can get advised whenever a gpu smacks the stocks but you will needto be really quickly because these go out of stock super fast so it can be gone in like 10 secondsif you don’t seek it and now that wraps it up for the gpus we can go ahead and move on to the powersupplies so now as for the power supplies we’re not going to get into details because we havetwo videos one covering the atx power supplies and the other one is plow the server powersupplies so if you miss information on that i will leave the link of both sets of videos in thedescriptions below but generally i would recommend the server power supplies if your rig is not goingto be running in your bedroom or your living room but if you’re planning on circulate your rigging inyour bedroom and such then i would go ahead and go with an atx power supply i also talk about thewattage there and how to deal with your eight bolt six rods and how you should be plugging your gpusso all that information that you need will be in those videos so please go ahead and check them outbefore you buy a power supply now the last thing that we didn’t cover are the makes so as forthe encloses it’s hard to find them now but there is and likewise they stillhave pretty good formulates there and other than that i would just recommend building your own you cango to any neighbourhood equipment supermarket and buy some wood or right angle aluminum and then exactly build it upand have the right facets for gpus and you’ll be positioned you can also use only basic shelvesoff of amazon and that would work as well so now that wraps up the parts schedule so now you haveyour all-importants and your main parts and we went through all of them we will leave a link in thedescriptions below for everything as well as our recommended gpus and everything like that so feelfree to use the links below to support the channel and we’re likewise going to leave the accumulations thatwe recommend buying from in the specific characteristics below as well as in the essay so i hope thisvideo clarified for you guys everything but precisely remember that if you don’t acquire the areas that wementioned here or if you find them for a really high cost only look around more find other placesto buy it from and generally when you’re buying a gpu exactly “ve been looking for” its msrp expenditure so really look up ingoogle the gpu call and next to it msrp and then you’ll get the value that it came out with andafter that precisely equate it with the premium that you’re trying to buy it with i wouldn’t get 200 over msrp and by no means this is a fiscal advice this video is just a guidebook for you tofigure out what to buy and what you need for your mining rig now do i think it’s worth it to getinto gpu mining after the market is going up that high-pitched i candidly think it’s still a good time togo in that’s only if you find hardware at decent premiums so if you can catch one of those brand-new excelsbefore they run out then you would be good but if you’re trying to go for an old gpu and buy itlike 200 markup i wouldn’t suggested that and i’ve also did our interview recently with abu americanwhere we talked about the market and the current state of it i used do recommend checking that outthe link will be in the descriptions below so if you guys have any questions or anything that wemissed on please let us know in the comments below now let’s go ahead and talk about the giveawayso i contacted out to different hardware accumulates and all of them have decided to join the giveaway andsponsor it with each one establishing different reinforces and i’m really grateful for that and alsored panda mining participated the giveaway and he’s giving away a hundred dollars worth of crypto socurrently the honors roll is a hundred dollars importance of crypto to two luck winners by redpanda quarrying so delight make sure to subscribe to red panda mining he does videos daily andhe always returns really good content that you can benefit from and then the second rewardis from they are giving two 25 endowment placards for anyone in us or canada andthen the third reward is from mineshaft.user run by gantus vitalins and he hasa youtube channel and he makes really awesome content about quarrying i do recommend checking himout he is going to be giving away a 100 voucher for and then we have the fourth rewardwhich is from they’re giving away two six-pack risers of zero zero nines to anyonein us and canada and then the fifth reinforce we have they’re likewise giving away two sixpacks of risers of zero zero nines to anyone in us and then finally parallelminer.comthey gave us a publicity code with 10 off of your tell so we will leave that in thedescriptions below as well so the way to win this giveaway all you need to do is you want to commentbelow your region unfortunately for the ones that i mentioned that have particular region merely peoplefrom there can win since they’re only shipping to that orientation but as for the crypto anybody canwin it so provide comments below your region whether you’re in us or canada or europe and also leaveyour ethereum address so you can have a chance of acquiring the ethereum from red panda mining andother than that you merely need to make sure that you’re agreed so you can be notified when thenext video “re coming” and you know that you prevailed or not please know that i is likely to be get rid of anyduplicate chronicles anyone that participated the giveaway with more than one report is likely to be disqualified soplease be sincere and tell everyone have an equal chance to win and if “youve come” late and ifyou watch this video after the giveaway is over we are sorry but we will be doing more giveawaysin the future so delight made to ensure that you subscribe and that will be it for the video if youguys have any questions or observes please leave them in the comments below and thank you so muchfor watching and i hope you have a wonderful day you

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