Helium 5G from FreedomFi is a Dream | Buy COTX-X3 Approved Helium Miners - BEST HELIUM MINER

Helium 5G from FreedomFi is a Dream | Buy COTX-X3 Approved Helium Miners

well is about to change the internet isn’t so category topeople after all huh guess what we’re going to do we’re going to talk about three thingstoday first i want to cover helium network 5g what’s going on with that and then i’m going togo over 4g why here i am thinking 4g is the answer to helium and why it needs to adopt that technology evenbefore it moves on to 5g third let’s talk about buying miners because at the end of the day if youguys want to make anything out of this you kind of need a miner right so let’s get right into it asalways if y’all haven’t you know smack that like button before like as soon as you reached the pageyou can do that now you can touched subscribe and hit the buzzer for notification if you don’t thinkit’s worth it hitherto that’s okay too hopefully the information i’m gonna give you in this video isworthwhile fairly that you both watch it through and like subscribing you know the whole ordeal andleave a comment down below that’s always fun extremely now here’s what’s going on right now we knowthat helium is all about 5g that they have freedom push coming and all that good substance i’mgonna take a step back the reason i’m actually doing this video is because i got a ton ofhate when i told you guys about fast miners maybe i’m crazy but i think i do know what i’mtalking about and at the end of the video i’m gonna like suction it no i’m kidding i’m gonna belike hey go check this out exit make sure you’re actually getting something out of it extremely because iget stuff wrong all the time too but when i share things with you i’m trying to do my best to do mydue diligence to give you the right information so 5g helium 5g here it is and i’m sure all ofyou guys have seen this picture and it’s all in the news it’s you know what compiled the rate forhelium soar and it’s great and here i am thinking 5g from helium is a good idea because you’re ableto deploy different little feelers all over the place in little you know households i think it’sa great highway to expand the 5g connectivity and i think it’s going to do wonders for internetin general the you know the helium token overall i think it i have nothing againstthis i think it’s a wonderful mind if you go to freedom find you sounds that buttonthis is what you get oh i can take a look at the waitlist status and i can click subscribe nowand you get this we are no longer accepting additional waitlist reservations at this timelike what’s the point what’s the point right like you were you either went in early or you’renot getting in at all they’re not even taking people’s appoints down which is kind of you knowsad here’s why i think this is a losing battle at least right now for helium i think that whatwe really need is mass adopted in this system and with 5g hotspots it is very limited when itcomes to range and maybe i wasn’t clear enough on my last video when i talked about 4g and 5g withhelium but what in my opinion what they need to do is to be able to get maximum coverage becausewhat’s the point of having a network that you can’t you know move around and “youve had” so youknow little beings working it or originating the hotspots accessible that you can’t connect like that’s notwhat we need we need to have coverage over accelerate speed perfectly super important i thinkthat we’re going to get there but we need coverage first such articles from business insideris actually really good and they do a really nice job in a five hour video explainingthe difference between 4g and 5g and why you know they aren’t too excited about 5g yetand this is from 2020 back starting in october 16 th but it’s just a really good visualization ofwhat it looks like so if you look at this big o reverberating now that’s you know their 4g get out 10 miles and 5g you’re talking about a thousand feet that’s a huge difference the coverage is like it’syou can’t even equate it’s like three percent two percent um you know between one and theother so that’s why i keep saying that 4g is the answer that helium needs for it youknow to further mass adoption because it’s a couple of things is going to happen people don’thave internet fast enough at their residences to broadcast that 5g speedings like 5g purposes up beingfaster than your own internet at home so maybe you get one person connecting to your 5g and you’redone like what’s the point there with 4g you get the range and the internet connectivity thatyou’re able to provide other parties with well your internet move can probably handle it that’s kindof a big deal now i told you guys about the codex miners here’s what i was talking about so theyhave this codex x1 and codex x3 this section here is that they’re both being used in the eu and chinaso the x3 is over in europe and the for the us and i’ll get into that detail in a second and thisone the x1 is being used in china and australia so the x1 parties are using it with 4g alreadythose gangs are 4g enabled the x3 has basically the same internal components and that’s why i keepsaying 4g is something that should be enabled on this chap right now the channel that they are talkingabout it is that you can actually receive 4g connectivity exploiting this device but tobeam out the 4g is basically the same type of setup and it has all the features that it needsto do that i’m not saying it’s do it’s going to be able to do it right now and not evensaying that helium is approving this right now but it’s a big stinking deal and people need tounderstand that i’m not ever ever looking for a product for here and now i’m always tryingto see what’s it going to be like long term because i want to you know i want to make surethat i’m investing in things that are going to be worthwhile long term and the course that thisunit is set up the highway that this thing is set i think in my opinion is a game changer becauseit’s got the capability of doing so much more than what they’re enabling it for right now oh yeah fccapproval you can’t sell this without fcc approval so take a look at this here’s what i want to showyou this is the the trendy 19 application for helium and yes if you look at line 14 you’re gonna seethat codex networks does not have the fcc approbation says fcc pending not approved for sales and usa ialso want you all to realize that this document at the terribly top “re just saying” weekly status august 16 th2021 next update monday august 23 rd before 2 pm so a lot can happen in a week and i told youthis was going to change and again this is one of those things that i can admit to beingwrong i was wrong it did not update last monday because the fcc approval didn’t come in in timeit came in on the 16 th but it didn’t come in in time for this thing to actually go liveso it will go live here this next monday i want if people are doing their jobs and actuallylook up the stuff but since they are referred all the data so this is the the the manual theyhave all of these things already in now like all the details it’s bluetooth enabled youcan check a qr system you can you know do all these things right on your phone if you go to yourchoose your hotspot inside of the helium network it gets you all departing now via bluetooth likeit’s a good little part and really easy to set up they have all the tests that are required theyhave everything like you can look this up on the fcc website and like spot it yourself it’s what idid it’s what i always do when i’m trying to find information in regards to the way you know thesethings are set up the acces it succeeds that’s why i can tell you that i’ve seen the internal picturesof the human rights unit and i can know what chips are in there because i actually appeared it up butthis is the most important document grant of gear permission this is it it’s approved and you see that lookat that 8 8 16 20 21 and if we go back to the document i was showing you 8 16 20 21. It justdidn’t come out in time for them to framed it on the document but it’s live fcc approved for use it’sgood to go so you’re going to see this update and beings are going to be fighting hand overfists to be able to get one of these contingents now that’s how it occupations chaps like i want toget you information early and i’m doing the research that i have to to be able to getyou that info i’m doing everything that i can to be able to provide you value rightso if you look over here fast miners io um they are not up for sale right now likethey have you know quantity of zero for the for the us i guarantee you as soon as the offer is punches umthe proclamation pops these measurements are gonna be on now and they’re gonna be flying off the shelfit’s just a matter of you know a meter and you know today is sunday so tomorrow you’regoing to be able to see these if you demand something for free or reject um useyour system that i told you guys about systems action exactly kept action during your checkout you’regonna be able to save a little bit of coin um on your checkout process like it’s this is notendorsing them i’m just telling you that i wasn’t determining idiocy up last-place hour i was put forward a video likei actually know what i’m talking about i did my experiment i did my due diligence and i’m goingto keep do that to make sure you guys are you know i guess acquire get datum beforeeverybody else because i don’t know anybody else that would cover this information the way that i’mdoing it and if you do you should totally follow them because they’re doing something right andyou share the link here so i can follow them very i’m not the only source of information i don’tthink i’ll ever be the only information sources i can’t keep up with everything that’s going on soif there’s other people doing some of this trash hey happy date i want to make sure i’m listening tothem very but i want to give you value and support you a evaluate i want to provide you with thingsthat are going to help you increase your crypto portfolio at the end of the day because that isto me is really important yeah great i tell you guys about you know tokens that you know doubletriple quadruple in expenditure that’s fantastic but there’s more one more more than oneway to skin a feline you know what i mean just because you can earn income by investing intodifferent coins doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be quarrying and mining is something i’ve done overthe last 10 times and i’m really happy i got into the game early the earlier able to getinto things the more profitable it becomes so that’s my my little case of admonition there anotherone is that if you smacked that like button it shapes me smile because that’s why the videos keep goingthat’s why the channel keeps you know growing in size and reaching more parties the publics thatit reaches is truly is contingent upon you all on you all watching the video for its you know entiretylike the longer you watch the video the better commenting helps a ton with the path and youknow was just trying to oblige that youtube algorithm happy with us so if you haven’t connected this chord yetand you got questions hop on over there um ever you are familiar with good conference awesome people hangingout on the disagreement no it’s not paid you got to pay to get on the score just go on there andand say hello we’d love to have you over there and let’s try to do some more giveaways likethat’s next point i want to get you guys some free nonsense and anytime i’m talking to any companyit’s always like so yeah great coupon code for my parties so they can get money off what can igive them what can i you know give these chaps to you know incentivize them to youknow be informed about your busines because i’m getting what i want out of this like iwant you all to be able to get information i want you all to watch these videos to you knowhopefully be somewhat entertained by the the lame papa jokes that come across half you know halfthe time now but it’s what i’m doing for you all doing my best if you have any questions letme know like i love hearing from you all in the comments below in the disagreement anywhere you wantto connect with with me it’s it’s always good to understand that i’m not simply talking to acamera and there’s real beings on the other side listening and watching so expressed appreciation for so much forthe support thank you so much for everything you guys do for me personally it’s been a wild rideand i think it’s going to continue to go that lane and only better bigger faster strongerthat’s kanye never mind let’s just sand it now otherwise i’m just going tosay stuff i shouldn’t say determine y’all you

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