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Helium Approved Miners Available – Helium 4G Miner? Helium COTX miner US model on Fast Miners

what’s going on my beautiful people from youtubeyou guys know how i do it in this channel we’re going to talk about what yeah that’s right we’regoing to talk about three things as we generally do first off we’re going to talk about housekeeping iwant to make sure i you know i comment in regards to who’s coming next who i’m going to aim formaybe you guys can help me with this um inside of that housekeeping let’s do some giveaways aswell and you are familiar with other chances to you know get a get something for free or deserve things on thechannel i think that’s always a good way to do it um furthermore let’s talk about 5g and specificallyinside of the healing system because i think people are kind of missing something there it’sit’s important and i do want to point it out third i keep talking about helium i keep talkingabout you know deeper but at the end of the day if you guys can’t get a device what’s the point rightso let me make sure i give you insight as to how you can get a helium miner sooner than mostpeople because you know how never has been you know stringing parties long since the beginningof the year and people are just you know hating the experience right now i’ve been waitingfor my bobcat for a couple of months now let’s see if i can help you like that’s thegoal liberty like i’m getting substance you know you know beliefs i’m getting likes i’m getting thoselittle thumbs up just like you guys always do in the beginning the video there i want to be able togive back so this is my way of throwing back if you haven’t agreed subscribe and hit the buzzer fornotification i’m going to predict you something my goal is to give you value and i tell you that allthe time anything you can do to provide you value i’m going to do it because if something’s beengiven to me i want to be able to give it back like at the end of the day that’s that’s what it’s allabout which reminds me of something i didn’t plan on this you know how i do one one shot for thingshere um i always have like a little yeti mug next to me this is where my liquid cur you knowliquid courage comes in it’s actually caffeine it’s nothing else merely i just need caffeine foreverything that i got going on so i can actually keep going um i you know my mug i don’t know ifyou guys know but um it’s ever caught a pot it’s uh they do like unnerving cameras and substance so i waslooking to sell for them but i just can’t without how hectic youtube has been and i’m not gettinganything out of this i told them that i was you know i couldn’t do it i sorry i gotta quit umand they were like why what’s going on i said i got youtube going on and these people are awesomeand i want to be able to keep doing this thing oh okay we’re gonna we’re gonna send you a coupleof beakers so they transmit me a casket i have it now they transmit me a container of you know yeti jugs soif you guys want a beaker like i’ll do this if whoever goes in the dissension you know first persongets a discord and they’ll like say hey give me a mug as long as you’re in the us sorry just so ican get a ship quite you know cheap and close by um just let me know and i’ll give you youraddress and i’ll ship you out a mug um hopefully that if somebody requires a yeti beaker that’sthe way to get it so there you go first giveaway but more you know the last video i did was ainterview with eric ma and that was really awesome and you guys really “ve been given” huge feedbackand i asked who you want to hear from next and somebody mentioned greg greg is the man he isthe ceo of akash structure so i’m going to reach out to him see if i can get something scheduledsomething set up probably will not be this week because things are just a little wild right nowwith everything i got going on but maybe next week we can get something starting and you guys can hearfrom greg if you guys have not heard about the akash system i have covered in the channel andit is a great project um super profitable when i started talking about it you could make a tonof fund if you were sticking with them earlier today but yeah that’s the idea and the reason i want todo this is because i got really great feedback in regards to you know the the interview itselfit was just i had a great time at the end of the day like i’m not gonna lie like i had a greattime talking to eric ma and like “i probably shouldve” some eerie observes that i thought were exhilarating peoplewere like oh yeah you know you’re like john oliver uncovering parties with some of the videosyou do and i was like oh yeah yeah so i i i want to get the best about you know all world-wides butit’ll be for crypto right like so you got like uh gentleman what i again this is what happens whenyou don’t script your your you know your your videos this is what you get so let me just do thislist in my thought real quick um so you got the the you know exposing with john oliver he got the wituh i think it was stephen colbert that’s what the person or persons said but it’s it’s like if i can be thatfor crypto that’d be awesome because at the end of the day like just thinking about it you knowtrevor noah i convey got you got a complexion thing going on i represent i i got that down you are familiar with not notthat mingle i could have that article of it down um oh russell symbol turning things around on peoplethat’s always you know his best trait in my opinion going so how do you feel about that likei would love to be able to connect with parties and invite those those questions um but you always havelike other people at night you know establishes let me think up soft knowledge craig ferguson i don’t knowif you guys know him but the buster is awesome or was awesome he was just way way ahead of anybodyelse i’ve ever seen when it comes to soft sciences um jimmy fallon everyone knows jimmy fallonmaybe allure you know of jimmy fallon and oh james gordon right like the expression of jamesgordon that’s what it is i mean no accent but if we are intending to do a singing number herein direct we we can we can attract that off i make yeah no i make i love singing butthat’s not that’s not the specialty it’s more like james corden’s built that’s that’s more realisticor coden’s hair no i’m not that far but kevin hart kevin hart kevin hart’s elevation that if nobodynobody sees me stand up i’m i’m not that towering um not kevin you know kevin hart short but not thattall here’s something that’s happening right now so one more piece of housekeeping um i toldyou guys that i was gonna do you know the the whole charity water thing for my birthdayit’s gonna keep open for the rest of the year i defined it up to be for the remainder of the year andi was waiting for somebody to actually gift so somebody gifted 25 and if you go over hereyou can see that it is this person right there now i actually know who this ispretty sure i know who this is um if you go to the discord channel for activity andyou exactly sag me a line i want to send you an nft and if you guys don’t know about actioncrypto nfts if you go to nft.actionaction.ceo this is where it makes you to and these arethe nfts that i am giving away so i’m giving these guys away now they are uh you can’t buythem so i don’t know how much they’re gonna be you know worth later on down the line but at theend of the day this is for rewards only i’m not selling any of them you can’t buy these yeahthe cool thing i’m not gonna tell anyone who has the you know who the creator was because iactually had an artist to you know do these um i didn’t i didn’t perform them i meant to thembut i wasn’t the artist who developed them so i’m gonna impede this secret for a little while um untilyou know maybe i get more of these out because at the end of the day i want to make sure i’m givingyou guys stuff and whatever i can do to give you guys you know give back that’s what i’m doinglet us know on nfts this person here is you know for sale for 0.02 each it was like 50 horses wheni did it but it’s probably more now let me meet yeah so it’s like 64. Now um 30 minutes of mytime comes with this with that you know review unlockable material that’s the goal to be able togive you guys value so i’m not remaining the money i’m giving coin 100 to the the philanthropy waterevent like it’s my room of being able to monetize my age so that i can give back precisely precisely an ideaum these are the cards that i was talking about so and there’s a blue-blooded account of it as well it’snumber twos the blue one and there’s a third form right there which is you know the triplezero version and if you want to see that just go to nfc.action.ceo so passing that one awayand something else i have in the path that i wanted to point out i got this messagehere you know talking about witness and then i pranced on to help because i answer all of yourquestions and then steve you know steve over here mounted up to talk about yes took me blah blah blahgiving his personal experience like steve what are you doing man you’re trying to help peoplehere get on the disagreement route me a send you’re getting an nft they like let’s do it i want to beable to reward people for being good you are familiar with like exchange is awesome but at the end of theday what i see here is somebody that has had an experience and wants to help somebody else out andif i can do something to give back to that person that’s what i’m going to do each day of theyear and i love doing this where it’s not like oh i’m planning on doing x y and z and telling youguys this is a reward for doing this or doing that no so you want to know what the next thing is ifyou guys want to earn you know entities from the direct do good sounds pretty simple because it isat the end of the day that’s what i demand from all of you do good and we’ll maintain germinating this thingand we’ll keep at it because it’s a exceptional journey and i want to make sure the channel changes soi offers an opportunity to more beings that’s my boundary destination with all of this so having them thumped that like button ifthat’s that short little rant about substance you know giving away stuff and being is right to peoplehelped or met you tickles your centre at all stumbled that like button while i get the next thingup which is helium 5g here’s a cool thing nobody’s talking about this i haven’t seen a single personhave a video out on the specifics about this here and inside to me it’s a really big deal sothe healing 5g system i think it’s like important for parties to realize what it ishow it acts and what it’s all about because they raise a ton of money and the token priceskyrocketed because of it and beings were like oh yeah i wanted to i wanted to myself oneof these so if you go to freedom five you can’t get these like there’s waitlist status and youcan look it up but it doesn’t even allow you to subscribe it anymore because they’re justoverwhelmed with requires um not even successions but reservations and if you scroll down here itsays that we expect to start shipping freedom fraud you know freedom fry freedom fright godwhat am i talking about so they’re going to do it um territories in september 2021 andthen they’re hoping to finish by q1 of 2022. all right so two articles here that i wantto make sure you guys pay attention to um so these are this is the approved list theyput it out every week it’s a weekly update but the above reasons exemption fi is a big dealis because people are looking to earn uh h t by providing data access to other peopleall right that’s cool i think that’s a great idea i think it’s a good project retain that in mindlooking at this list here’s the thing that people i don’t see anybody talking about you gotcodex structures right there and they have been approved says ftc pending okay but you knowapproved for sale so they’re selling it previously um they have a discord they have an emailthey have all these things all right cool if you “ve been looking for” now you can see that august 9thwas the last update last update was august 9th next one is happening tomorrow on the 16 th sothis list has not been modernized for a whole week now if you look at codex’s website and you take alook at what they got going on they got a really nice like i really like the gaze of this thing umwith all of the inputs and outputs that are set up it’s a really sweet search legion um and they havetwo feelers right like the two feelers ports there um so what does this all mean well this isthe piece that people are not talking about and this is out right now and beings aren’t gettingit people aren’t buying it because they just don’t know and if you guys have interpreted any other videosthat talk about this that has enveloped this type of information let me know like i’m not the onlyone who’s dealing helium system and if there’s other parties doing nonsense like i want to knowlike i want to watch them more you know like i do my research i do my due diligence but if there’sother people talking about things hey by all means i’m not the other guys in municipality take a look at thisand this is a specific thing i wanted to cover can i add 4g connectivity to that hotspot soyes the 4g module is an optional extra if you have need 4g module can be contacted blah blah blahblah now they don’t sell things instantly they’re they’re they’re looking to distributors to do someof this the reason helium price bumped up so high was because of 5g because people are looking tomine using a 5g network it’s mostly providing data access through the agency network that’sthat’s the bottom line a 4g feeler gets you a lot more coverage than a 5g feeler the easy wayfor you to think about it is that when you have uh you know the the higher the quicken the shorter thethrow of that antenna is going to be so this codex unit and if i established you the back has you knowthe lower feeler right there but it also has the has the ability of for you to hook up a 4g antennaso it’s not a double miner but you could get double the remunerations for this thing like no one istalking about this and this is a really big deal but wait there’s more here’swhere figure three comes in you can get this right now you can actuallyorder through fastminers.io and you got the you know the codex x3 war crypto editiontotally joking i just went in the system and i changed that to say action crypto it actuallysaid tactical investing it’s not actually totally joking but beings are like not get thefact that this is a big deal so 5g making sure it’s great i would rather have a 4g than a 5gantenna because my shy is going to go much much further like it’s a it’s a big difference andpeople exactly aren’t catching on to that let me give you a little bit more insight because peopleare like whoa this is a brand new website how are you able rely it oh watch deeper mini and they wereout of stock they just got them back in stock if you affiliate the dissension i’ll give you guysa heads up if they’re coming back in stock because i got i got a connection directly withthe people that are doing this they um i’m not getting anything from it like i’m not gettingpaid or anything like that i just think they’re awesome people and i is certainly get theperson who’s in charge of this um on the channel and get them interviewed you know so you guys knowwhy they’re doing this project in the first place why they’re deal these miners and theytold me there is more to come so perhaps i can get connected with them and saunter you guys througha bunch of things maybe hopefully get you know perhaps dismisses for all of you in the future thatwould be pretty cool so i will work on that here is a unit so this is not like a dreamlike they’re actually once displaying these gangs they’re they’re coming out they’rethey’re already there um next one like it’s a real part like it ogles super super slick i likethis antenna too it’s actually a four dbi antenna a lot of the miners come with uh you know witha with with different kind of antenna but i do like that they’re doing 4 dbi i think thatwill give people better coverage than other stock antennae that they put out there um if yougo into your helium app right now you’re gonna see this like when you’re setting it up and youjust scroll down is that going on the directory codex it’s right there so like beings don’t realizethat it’s a thing like i think what’s going to happen more and more beings are goingto start looking at this and it’s going codex what is this and they’re going to look it upand they’re going to find distributors and start buying so there’s still capital available for thatyou know the first few divisions that are going out but it’s real like this is inside of the youknow organization inside of one of the units they are ready to go they were able to set it up and it’sit’s it’s live people like this is the real deal and that’s what i want to share with you guysas far as where to get onto if you guys go to fastminers.com um this is what i changed i changedthe wording up top but it’s a you know the healing minor techn uh tactical investing it’s 50 bucksoff i think it comes with this logo or something on the box but it’s the same unit at the end ofthe day like um and deeper mini i know i talk about deeper all the time if you guys are lookingto steak that’s still open um as of today um 8 15. so august 15 th is still open simply because the theethereum network has sucked recently and like the stuff is failing and yesterdays are insane um buti’m gonna do everything that i can to you are familiar with not i don’t want to say promote fast adolescents but tryto partner with them so i can get stuff for just like show off to you guys so i’m gonna try toyou know do something a partnership maybe where the first of anything that they get i don’tknow if i’m going to leant my credit card on file or like just give them eth and say hey thenext thing that comes in shoot it my channel so i can share with everybody else show them howto set it up and get things up and disappearing because again the goal is providing value and if i’m notproviding appreciate y’all should fuel me and shooting is truly unsubscribing don’t do that please um butagain it’s like if you find appreciate in this video great like make the like button all that stuff butum here’s a big question that i’ve gotten with the people that i share this with they are like isthis really for real is this legit um because they are only accepting usdc yeah it’s legit iknow the person who’s actually racing this thing um if you go to bobcat anywhere else it’s the samething they only abide usdc because at the end of the day it saves tremendously on fees it allowsthem to actually have a good valid weigh as far as how many measurements are getting sent out um peoplein crypto love to receive payment and crypto so it runs you know from crypto to crypto to somebodyelse in crypto um it’s it’s the right it’s the smart-alecky path to do it um let me see how many we havein stock now so 690 in stock for north america 287 for europe and the estimated shippingtime is right now from six to eight weeks on these guys and let me show you how to buyit and for that i’m gonna make it full screen because otherwise you guys are going to be able toyou know see it as well so hang on a second here we’re going to buy it now because this is theitem we’re looking for so click on that button now we get to select the prototype either the us orthe european version right here we’re selecting the us version i’m gonna click the buy now buttonthat style you get taken straight-shooting to checkout make sure you put in all your billionshipping information on the left side you have to click i have read and agreeto this website’s terms and conditions click proceed to coinbase this coinbase isvery simple precisely sounds wage with coinbase you’re going to get a cause just put in yourlogin information for your coinbase note and sign in i am going to have to verify this soyou’re going to get a code on your telephone or however your two-step verificationis employed this system right in now and you want to click thatverify button so you can continue perfect now that this has been verified i’m loggedinto my chronicle and i can merely click on the beach now button coinbase always verifiesthis so make sure you check your email for your corroboration fee system and we’re done we’re all set youcan click the vistum receipt button to be able to get a receipt for your orderand here we go this is what it looks like we’re gonna buy it now because this is theitem we’re looking for so click on that button now we get to select the prototype either the us orthe european version right here we’re selecting the us version i’m going to sound the buy nowbutton that way you get made directly to checkout make sure you put in all your billion shippinginformation on the left side you have to click i have read and agree to this website’s terms andconditions click proceed to coinbase you will be able to pay with a different type of wallet aswell now we’re going to click on usd now this is where you want to send your payment as soon as youclick that your metamask pouch is going to show up if i get select what detail i want to use frominside of my purse i’m going to connect my purse to the website this starts the processeasy that lane i don’t have to imitate things and it’s going to tell me how much i’m paying showme the gas costs for the time that i’m obtaining and all i have to do is click the confirmbutton and my payment will be sent and we’re done we’re all set youcan click the contemplate receipt button to be able to get a receipt for your orderand now we go this is what it looks like well i hope that provided you a little bitof value because at the end of the day that’s the goal right so if there was value asalways crash that like button if you want to share this with someone else and say heyyou should go get yourself a miner from here great rise make love i’m going to leant the you know thethe link in the description um i have no idea how to even move like how did you hear aboutus i’m gonna reach out and see if they can add that box in there how did you hear about us thatwould be really cool regardless you all are awesome if you did find out about this through me greati appreciate it i’m not getting anything in return i just want to know if i’m being helpfuland like tracking some of that material would be awesome sauce um yeah i just said awesome saucei’m gonna end here people you all are splendid i can’t wait to make another video and give youguys more insight into the crypto world and stuff mummy i will start that video withthe how to’s in the initial stages i predict it’s coming i just haven’t had time iapologize i’ll visit you soon too bye you

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