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HELIUM COIN: Con quale dispositivo è meglio fare Mining?

many guys and welcome back to my direct as you are I hope well today we are going to talk exactly again about ilium certainly this is the last video let’s say of a series that I have done with poetry on the grave money the coin that is taking a lot of hoof in other countries and it is above all depopulating even now in Italy the most important thing more than anything else about this video in which he then went to talk basically is the possibility of how to mine with the hume so what useful tools to use because as you know how you have seen in the previous video it has explained that it is easy to mine with the ju but you cannot use common systems however both the common sites that we today are used to knowing why the rom works in a completely different way if you missed the explanation of how the identifies and anything else I will leave you the various videos in description and this is what they should look good somewhere so today’s life will simply be a video or maybe a little bit more boring, nonetheless, it will be very explanatory regarding the various manoeuvres other business make available to rue to be able to do in order to actually carry out the mining of the roms Meanwhile a little curiosity on the site is specified that for a total coverage of an average large city serves nearly between 50 and 100 designs to be able to do mining instead to be able to do with hot spots and mining it takes a little more and now we will see precisely what is the difference first of all with the various marine sits before that undoubtedly let me always tell you that I can written down you neither renal to be able to stay updated on numerous videos and so on everything if you are interested in the videos I’m creating to keep a neat outing there where you can get it to as numerous parties as is practicable and above all to comment with two questions this video being very technical and being let’s say complex enough to have to carry and I too determine them quite digesting clearly you have to write what about my own government yes I am still a little old fashioned this point of view writes me another diary not on the computer because I am a little bit better so we will actually predict what I found on the net regarding the roms mainly I got it from the rom website that I recommend regardless of having to consult to be able to mine in order to be able to choose which mannequin let’s say of hot spot to buy well said this let’s go to list the four patterns that today to fetch of rum then the first modeling is hmt hot spot miner of the pound 32 gigabytes of processor so it has a very fast processor but it only has 32 gigabytes because I say only 32 gigabytes because there is the same model on the bobcat website that we will see subsequently which instead has a 64 gigabyte processor so it is twice as fast clearly as gold turato let’s say this video as below but with these var the models I took to the questions they asked him most often about the telegram group that I will leave you with this ten description and I reacted those questions in order to help users choose the best tool at the best hot spot to be able to mine then to an issue that numerous parties ask and where can I buy it buy it on the site of un punto com and I will likewise leave you the link in the description this because the hot spots that are swine o.com are validated hotspots in the sense that I myself together with the companies that are collaborating along with the’ resemble of doing this precisely this type of mining this type of network have actually verified that those hot spots that are published on the locate I will leave you that from the idols then superimposed somewhere are actually manipulating and therefore I utterly recommend you to buy it from the site otherwise from the link in description but not because they see something to me but simply because they are the link we say to right of the site where you can buy it send days the other question that in many you ask what are the shipping days actually to be able to receive in order to better to have these spots I am good they are a little bit long waiting times consider that the last lot that is registered on the site which is the one that starts from March 26 th if I’m not mistaken or ends March 26 th they will arrive if they are of this indoor model in June second of this simulation almost always of the free that I spoke to you before but outdoor they will arrive in July so it will be a little bit the longer the wait patently the specific way clearly site is in red that reservations you the need to postpone our delivery beyond the purposed year that as while from June to July in this case because there is another flow of entreaty believe that the flow of request that there is to date and affecting let’s now pass question numeral 3 by testing 13 which fixes the power of the design to the paranza of the manoeuvre sitivo I been said that having scoured on the site those four clearly that the site recommends they all give the same definition the importance the device is differed in the gumption in rural areas that is not certainly intended in the countryside or other places but too acts garin real city in open domains the interval and the possibility of being able to use this network is 10 miles which in the equivalent in fund kilometers about 16 km as regards instead in the area and dance and therefore between houses if it is needed, for example, it is in a city and if in a dense place populated and with numerous structures around regrettably the series of action is drastically reduced in fact it shortens to a mile but the thing that interests us mostly is that in order to quarry with the other hubspots these other hot spot that in addition to ours patently is required to be no farther than 300 meters and I take this opportunity to specify this because many have thought of buying numerous designs and being able to do a lot issimi money and to be able to increase very high mining well it does not work like this because precisely the estimate organisation and liu silver if you have multiple inventions in the same area that connect to the same network they conflict and therefore do not work so I absolutely advise against buying numerous machines another question you ask is how much the banners earn that is how much I can basically mine with the miner then now the locate is the best answer that anyone can give or “were not receiving” specified gain there is a variable addition in the ability it depends on whether the sphere was born to the many miners obviously the pitch-black one and a tot if instead in zone 6 simply or you is not have countless hot spot around you certainly will make less so rightly the company reserves the right not to have to give a precise illustration because that is also it will change a lot of attention to have so many hot spots around and it is not ever good because as we said before to be able to map the whole city so to be able to f adorn the part coverage of the medium- sized city they act approximately between 50 and jean todt blots so having said that apparently if there are more and “theyre all” thickened perhaps only one point as for the fact that if we buy dante hot spots for us themselves will go into conflict likewise these apparently were in conflict if they will be too close how much this simulation of ibra costs then it expenses 496 dollars we are obviously talking about the book to the outodoor one so what this little bit more and still has the same power as the indoor volume in fact the representation number two is exactly the friend and in reeds indoor hot spot miner well this here in this model is basically nothing more than we said the twin brother of the mannequin we spoke before it always has 32 gb processor is a model that however is not good for the’ external we specify for the external meant that then we say place it in a more cozy location more suited to let’s say to you that we can to be precisely an feeler a building maybe a repeater that you have close to home in short, then neighbourhood it in many strategic targets around nearly close to the area as regards the indoor proposition simply inside the house this because the out doorways have a action that is a case that allows him to be able to stay outdoors too because on the site from two the specifications that can even reach minus 60 magnitudes and even more than 230 measures while those of indoor ones obviously have a much narrower straddle if I do not mistake it is minus 20 severities plus 60 of 80 magnitudes in the ability but mostly they could also go outdoors more but we give the fundamental thing to understand is that they are not suitable for example to take flood so if one wanted to buy an indoor simulate for being able to save and can do it easily can do it can also put outside the only thing that he had to buy later a carton virtually to something that accurately protects the machine even here same questions where to buy it plainly from the link in the description and on the shipping video site also here clearly we answered first for this here that it is indoor so that inside the house the idea of shipping I am in June precisely, precise the specific one I have going June are for those who prescribed precisely in the previous quantity these devices for those who are them now the times are still long and the power is not yet specified on the place the capability for this here is also ten miles in rural areas and a mile instead for densely populated areas manoeuvres receive the others but ever carried out in accordance with 300 meters of the radius of your manoeuvre the cost for this device here instead is 325 euros but I will explain to you in the end there is a little thing you did not present is not specified on the site of the specific it was me who you see in the video until the end to be able to see more pour this thing now let’s move on to the third manoeuvre which is in my opinion the one a little more interesting the third device is that of the bobcat bobcat never in the fourteenth century well the processor of this bobcat never in the fourteenth century is 64 gigabytes much more powerful in fact the 32 gigabyte resolution that we have visualize now both for which the pose in doses for the outdoor mannequin the important phase of this bobcat and too an feeler 4 db a and then to the antenna with a repeater with a much wider range which the locate says can have a greater coverage on the territory also has a quadruplet core rockchip crest 30 processor of industrial stage 15 very sophisticated and strong enough also this here where we can buy it where you can buy it on the web cat certainly you can buy it or on the bobcat website directly or otherwise link description and on the place more because I always recommend you more for this here because I recite they are verifi devices implements cati from youm that work for its structure so that users can actually buy because they are sure that that machine will help them get into the mailing network that they can actually undermine shipping occasions notice the shipping periods of this device are significantly much longer low-grade compared to the others in fact the website says between 8 and 12 weeks but too warns that the times could patently extend beyond the time intended from the time of delivery and that you will be provided with a shipping code within 12 weeks so most likely it is given the high-pitched pour of solicits we surpass 12 weeks so in the end we remain roughly in the range of the other devices but they also advise that they are working on the possibility of faster send and therefore we are working to be able to produce these devices much more in in mass and to be able to provide greater coverage to the request that power is made and coverage also for this despite everything feeler quattro di b ai the site continues to say ten miles so as we said before about 16 kilometers of radius in rural areas and always a mile of radius in densely populated areas for even for this model despite always having the feeler four bibles we must have the devices of our fellow miners ever within a range of 300 meters because otherwise they do not work, that is, in the sense that the device does not work even though the mining arrangement does not work with the other inventions then you your device maina because it continues to lead mamma lina alone without weaken with the other devices how much it consumes attending because I am now likewise the others specify it however we say this the one that articulates it just as we say plus of its design to this device now of the bka 300 option with exclusively 5 watts of superpower so it actually needs therefore in the toilets truly of a very low power the amplification here too how much is gained with this gain device also here the specific site varies according to the position and the place where the device is radiated below varies according to the position in which we are actually and varies according to depending on how many hot spots we have in our originals and the area, in fact, which is not an ibra locate, likewise leaves a link to the map that I will too leave you in the video under the description of the board a attach on the point to the coin map for being able to actually see your area how densely populated it is naturally that we have seen in previous videos united trimmeds and above all and even now chin up that was really doubling its use of this mining are really ahead of Italy but we are also getting what these costs sit of bobcat never in the fourteenth century exactly 429 dollars which in euros are exactly 360 euros 48 pennies prove of the gener and more here too there are some things of costs to be considered I recur before the final in the video because I will explain it to you at the end we now move on to the fourth pose and last model that I am going to bring you that will obviously explain today in this video the fourth modeling I am talking about today is the rac hot spot miner of two were indoor smudges the site likewise specifies the area already in the faq that answers user questions that are asked such as can I apply it outside if the site specifies that it promises to the outside an important note is to cover it with a casing that can protect it from any atmospheric workers especially from the rainwater even here the questions you often ask are where to buy them carrying goes uptake signal supremacy earnings and costs mostly where always buy it on the site of a interpretation tie-in or on the site of rak carrying hours for europe attention times of clips here a pochettin or they convert because the times of spices for Europe to date this prototype is not available this modeling here which seems to me too the cheaper one among other things in comparison with other accomplished to date is not available but it is also the simulate that from 7 April has raised its rate and in fact its toll to date is 349 euros 4 cents how much you give here also obviously depends on how many meyers and the number of recognizes present in the area the signal strength they likewise guarantee 10 miles for rural areas and a mile for the skills for the dance zones and patently the miners in order to operate the mining organization must always be within the range of 300 meters as it depletes here too specific in uptake with a plus and it is always 5 watts of energy well that you do more or less were the various manoeuvres of course then below in the specific characteristics I will likewise leave you the various technical data sheets I will leave you a little bit of everything to be able to go and see for example in the book that there are d Here are some components that are sent together undoubtedly some I will be registering too because if not the video would be very long and it would also still be victorious than it is now but obviously I will leave you everything in the specific characteristics I will leave you so unless I could go and check it well I recommend read everything that is written on the website and I recommend you read everything that is required to actually lieu an guild and below to be able to use that type of device now we go to the throat to the final kindness well so far we have seen that the cost for example of the last model that we have proposed from 349 euros well to these 349 euros to almost which are obviously not specified under the area until you get to the point of and then get to actually pay for the manoeuvre there are additional expenditures and which ones these are additional outlays, there are at present taxes, therefore the reward and they are approximately 80 euros while ov viamente if you want to be sure of our parcel and then be able to actually know where everything else is missing you will obviously have to pay a tracked shipment and it expenses nearly 90 euros so in a nutshell at the end from 340 euros who the hell is 350 euros precisely that were you arrive nearly above 500 euros so the cost is much greater than what we had estimated that the site is calculated so also here always hinder a small margin to have to use to be considered in order to place an fiat not you mostly arrive with the money weighed well guys the video ends here I thank you for asking for having seen this video I hope it is useful more than anything else in the choice of manoeuvres to use also because in countless performs recruiting the telegram canal and in numerous it was actually by always asking these questions I hope it can be a little bit of a aid video to be able to choose well which design to use remember that the invention now koch spot miner is not accessible yet for send to europe thanks guys believe me on this video as ever describes it to the channel if you liked my content to situate a nice lie palatine to the discussion possible to comment with mistrusts and questions I will be happy as ever you have to answer it and we will see you in a next video.

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