Helium HNT: 3 Tips on Connectors & Cables for your Outdoor Antenna+ BONUS SyncroB.it Miner GIVEAWAY! - BEST HELIUM MINER

Helium HNT: 3 Tips on Connectors & Cables for your Outdoor Antenna+ BONUS SyncroB.it Miner GIVEAWAY!

Hey people I'' m Laura with Rokland.
Technologies, your leading resource on Helium mining devices as well as antennas. Today we'' re going to be improving a few of those confusing antenna port kinds and find out about.
gain loss and cord securing types to identify which cable television shielding is finest for your scenario.
and also at the end we will go over just how to enter our unique miner free gift for those of you simply.
tuning in to our network. Now let'' s go to Jason who ' s going to discuss to us why most miners,.
consisting of Rak, Nebra Indoor and Bobcat have a female port, also though many connectors look.
similar to this. Many thanks Laura, it is a significant resource of complication in our online chats as well as telephone call so.
that'' s why we composed these unique tees to help guarantee you that the adapter on your miner.
is in truth RPSMA Women despite the fact that it has a pin as well as not an opening and that'' s because it ' s a unique.
type of connector called RP or Reverse Polarity. The sex passes the threading and the pin and.
the opening are inversed versus common SMA.So, when you'' re sourcing a cable for your miner you.
want to make sure to get RP-SMA Male which is going to have a hole. Currently that'' s just for the adapter
. on your miner. When you ' re checking out an outside antenna like our 8 dBi or 4 dBi it goes as you.
realistically assume it would. Our N-Female connector below has a hole and the N-male port has.
a pin. Now we'' re going to most likely to John who ' s mosting likely to provide us a breakdown of cord shielding as well as. why a great low loss protecting is very important. This is John and i'' m mosting likely to give a brief run-through.
on cord shielding as well as just how that impacts wire length.As the size of
your cord enhances so. does your gain loss.
For much shorter pigtail you can obtain away with RG 316 or RG 58 for medium sizes. we advise 200 or 240.
For links above 20 feet we recommend 400, and if you ' re going with an actually. long cable 600 may be ideal.
Yet what regarding the different brands of cable televisions? We understand the difference. currently between 200 as well as 400 grade, however what regarding the difference in between times microwave LMR 400 and also RFC. 400 ? Well, in our years of experience we found extremely, very little difference in between LMR RFC and also CFD. It ' s a whole lot like auto tires, where if you look at the dimensions and also the specifications, you ' re mosting likely to come out. with similar performance.There might be some small differences occasionally but overall the LMR. RFC as well as CFD are all cables we ' d suggest.

We ' d only suggest keeping away from smaller brands that. are extremely affordable that
you place ' t become aware of. They might compromise some in parts and manufacturing. process, which suggests also though they might have the exact same reduced loss off the bat, as you utilize them. over time they could break down and quit working.
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