Helium HNT: 3 Tips on Connectors & Cables for your Outdoor Antenna+ BONUS SyncroB.it Miner GIVEAWAY! - BEST HELIUM MINER

Helium HNT: 3 Tips on Connectors & Cables for your Outdoor Antenna+ BONUS SyncroB.it Miner GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys I’m Laura with RoklandTechnologies, your heading source on Helium mining supplementaries and antennas.Today we’re going to be clearing up some of those confusing feeler connector forms and learn aboutgain loss and cable shielding natures to determine which cable shielding is best for your situationand at the end we will go over how to enter our special miner giveaway for those of you justtuning in to our direct. Now let’s go to Jason who’s going to explain to us why most miners, including Rak, Nebra Indoor and Bobcat have a female connector, even if they are most connectors looklike this. Thanks Laura, it is a major source of disarray in our live schmoozes and phone calls sothat’s why we made up these special t-shirts to help assure you that the connector on your mineris in fact RPSMA Female even though it has a pin and not a loophole and that’s because it’s a specialtype of connector called RP or Reverse Polarity. The gender goes by the threading and the bolt andthe hole are inversed versus standard SMA.So, when you’re sourcing a cable for your miner youwant to make sure to get RP-SMA Male which is going to have a hole. Now that’s only for the connectoron your miner. When you’re looking at an outdoor antenna like our 8 dBi or 4 dBi it leads as youlogically think it would. Our N-Female connector now has a hole and the N-male connector hasa pin. Now we’re going to go to John who’s going to give us a disturbance of cable shielding andwhy a good low-spirited loss shielding is important. This is John and i’m going to give a brief rundownon cable shielding and how that affects cable length. As the length of your cable increases sodoes your advantage loss. For shorter pigtail you can get away with RG 316 or RG 58 for medium lengthswe recommend 200 or 240. For associates above 20 paws we advocate 400, and if you’re going with a reallylong cable 600 may be ideal. But what about the differences between brands of cables? We know the differencenow between 200 and 400 score, but what about the distinctions between goes microwave LMR 400 and RFC4 00? Well, in our years of experience we witnessed extremely, very little difference between LMR RFC and CFD.It’s a lot like vehicle tires, where if you look at the sizes and the specs, you’re going to come outwith same performance.There may be some small-scale differences here and there but overall the LMR RFC and CFD are all cables we’d recommend. We’d simply recommend remaining away from smaller symbols thatare very low cost that you haven’t heard of. They may relinquish some in components and manufacturingprocess, which wants even though they might have the same low-pitched loss off the bat, as you use themover time they could break down and stop working. Hey John, your shirt. Oh, that’s right. Did we tellyou about our SyncroB.it miner giveaway contest? That’s right! We’re giving away a freeSyncroB.it miner to one luck being. Entry is as easy as clicking that subscribebutton below! But if you want to get four times as numerous enters, go ahead and sharethis video or any of our other helium pertained videos to the social media platformof your choice.To assure the full struggle conventions check out the description box below and don’tforget to hitting that agree button! Happy mining!.

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