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Helium HNT HACK Areas With No Other Hotspots


hi good morning and this video is for mercan idon’t know if i declared your name properly but regardless your question is um what if there’s no unitor minor hot spots in your sphere so i would suggest that yes uh like what you also mentioned in youremail that you have five friends who’s interested to get it on with you so what i show is uh time whatthis guy did this one i’ll show you an example um that he bought five legions and spread it outaround his area with at least 300 meters apart so i’ll present you what it looks likeso we go to helium oh sorry explorer helium and well yesterday the total hot spot is 47 000 now it’s 48 000 plus every day it’sgrowing by a thousand anyway let’s go here and i’ll demonstrate you a sample of that area wherethere’s there’s no hot spot in there because it’s only a little country um uh sphere inthe states so what he did was he bought five and asked some friends to host it andso here here is the uh a test of it so what this person did it’s um if if you check hisarea there’s there’s none in miles away from him this is in monroe so if you ogle ifyou look at the um bordering orbit this is miles away from him so what they didfive um he bought five units and arranged it in in really a good placement because he made it andlet’s see how much each miner did per month these are the five of them it’s really good glance the average is only 100 clues per month this one did 200 260.94 tokens there so if you refer ifsay you referred friends so you um in the ihub global radical you get5 0 of the tokens so plus if you referred say you cited four of your friendsor five of your friends around that area and you get plus oops ten percent ten percent moreso if you denoted your best friend you will get um 10 of the um tokens that hotspot miner produced permonth so that’s the good thing if you if you um joined in the ihub global community so andthen let’s check how much the others did let’s see how much this one became in a few months so that this hotspot miner isbeing ever witnessed in four miners so these are the four ones watched orthey’re networking with these four so wow ogle it’s 235 clues for this oneand let’s check this appreciative taffy shrimp it’s the same thing all four five of themwitnessing each other networking with each other so wow look at that say in 30 days and per daytime itproduces 6.98 clues per period let’s check this one tangy tangy smoke wallaby wow this is a good example of what you cando in your orbit and if you can also ask friends to do it so there’ll be more and morepeople do it with you then there’ll be more uh ask more friends aroundyour place to do it with you so there’ll be more uh watches to each of thesehotspots to one another so and then if you check the area so let’s check this one now let’s checkthe sweetened recognise and let’s go to helium speck situate let’s check the hotspotname in tangy small-scale wallaby oops so that’s the hotspot this one and it should show where the others are offline i wonder why the others are not showing but we know it does recognize all of them there allfive of them um perhaps 300 400 meters apart there so if we check how much helium it is nowlet’s check how much helium the value of token let’s check the value of helium token today it’s uh 7 40 a.m in uk so howdo you find queen mart and then it’s valued at 15 18. so i hope this helped thank you very muchplease comment and agree below thank you bye JOIN FREE IHUBPROGLOBAL.COM


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