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Helium HNT hotspot mining review and My 10 day results

Okay, we all know about crypto mining right? It is the most profitable way to actually get cryptocurrencies withoutbringing coin out of your pockets, but, it’s super hard to enter, and superhard to do( for most people) because i mean, there are just so many barriers to entry.First of all, the electric bills are no joke. They are huge and then, it induces a lotof heat, and you know you simply spend a lot of time and you need a lot of money to getstarted with the mining riggings and all that. But, that said, the good newsis there’s actually a awfully, awfully green highway to actually do this right now andwe’re gonna be talking about that in THIS video! I recently got my firstly miner about 10 daysago and no jokes, I’ve already ruined even at this time! I actually divulge even on period 7! So we’re gonna be looking into how this works and I’ll likewise be demo you my one-week results.So, if you are interested in this kind of content, you know what to do – SMASH that LIKE button, besure to SUBSCRIBE and touched that bell notification so you get apprise whenever I remove a newvideo and that said let’s drive-thru !!!! So this is all made possible by the People-PoweredNetwork and it’s super, super simple.You’re mining helium signs with these radio hotspots. They have different third-party creators that compile them, you can see different patterns andeverything but they all virtually do the same thing. It’s a new kind of crypto miner andmining is done simply by installing a simple device on your office window – so you only threw itby a windowsill, preferably in an elevated arena, you know the higher you go the better right? It hasan feeler, and all it does in your windowsill is that it’s just out there pinging other hotspots.so other people who own hotspots will ping their hotspots and they’ll ping iot devices. Ifyou’re not more familiar with iot inventions, i want you to think about like the alexa devices or thegoogle machines or even smart-alecky refrigerators and so on and so forth right? So you’ll ping those kindof machines and kind of geo-locate them on the delineate and by do that, what you’re basically doingis helping build and grow the network okay and you’re incentivized to do that by earning heliumtokens as long as you stay online.All it is, is you download the app, you get connected on theinternet, so you connect the design and once it’s connected, target it on your windowsill and itoperates with lorawan technology so we’re talking long-range you know wireless structures okay andthey use radio waves rather than your wi-fi because your wi-fi can only reach so far so thesego way out, I’m talking like you know, kilometers out and you’re pinging all these devices andidentifying where they were supposed to be now if any firm wanted to identify where all their iotdevices were, they would probably have to introduced poles all over the globe in different areas abit at a time and that would be very, very expensive !! What they are doing here with helium is they’reincentivizing souls, it’s kind of like crowdsourcing. You simply buy what is candidly, a very affordable device for the amount of compensations that you’ll be getting and you really buy that, youput that in your house and you’re helping them improve that network.Now there’s so much utilityto this because different corporations have so many employments that they’re already implementingon the helium network and so there’s a lot of growing over here okay. The current price of helium asof today is $ 11.03, this is live chaps, and here i am thinking the all-time high for thiscoin was about 23 or 24, so there’s a lot of office for increment still and i honestly see this coingoing as high as say $100, i wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen !! crazy thing aboutit, the energy consumption is just about 5 watts so that’s pretty much like an LED bulb or likea phone charger, so it’s probably going to add at most a dollar or two to your electrical statement so it’sas lettuce as it gets and again you know results are everything.Now they have what i consider avery intuitive map. You are truly visualize where all the hot spots are in the world as of today. You cansee exactly how many they are and we’re going to take a look at the coverage planned real quick and imust say that i was particularly pleased to see that somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria there are two hot spotsprobably belonging to the same person because they’re so close together, but there are two hot spots overhere and because it’s the blockchain right, this thing is public report. So i can see the guy’slocation( certainly i can’t see his exact address ), but “i m seeing” the mention of his hotspot andhow much he’s made in the last 30 dates now because there aren’t countless hotspots or iot devicesaround them, earnings are slower so you do have the responsibility to actually BUILD your own networkif you want to increase your earnings so you can buy multiple of them and lieu them at differentlocations because they work best when they’re over 300 meters apart so you can’t have morethan one in one location so that’s also why i think it’s the same person I might own these twothese earnings look very small – 0.4 HNT, but let me show you what happens when you’re in an area with a knot of people.So, let’s see … so let’s see, we’re just gonna take a look atsome of the hotspots in this area for example so this chap here in the last 30 days has earned1 78 HNT, 112 HNT, 123 HNT in the last 30 epoches recollect the price of the Helium token right now is 11 bucks !! so you can do the math right these persons are representing over $1300 in amonth time from having something sitting in their windowsills !! If you think that’s crazy, I foundthis guy steve ash panther who’s made 277 HNT in the last 30 epoches okay that’s three grandthat he’s made in the past 30 dates and it’s so intuitive you can actually even picture allthe different hotspots that your hotspot is pinging so “youre seeing” where the yellow-bellied scatters areso this particular hotspot will do particularly is a good one he probably just started recently so that’skind of why his earnings are still this low but it is crazy guys okay this is absolutely crazypreviously the huge insane earnings in HNT mining were made from consensus groups where a couplerandom hotspots get picked and you know nominated to actually supported flowed a consensus group right andat that point if you’d been earning say 1 hnt or two hnt per date you could abruptly see it jumpto 15 HNT every couple of hours so there are people who’ve make thousands of dollars in a dayI’ve seen YouTubers make anywhere from$ 3kto 5k within one day !! 24 hours guys !! I feel very badI just got into this like 10 days ago okay and right now they’ve varied some of the things up soconsensus radicals are going away and about two three days ago I imagine, they just started staking for validator nodes.So a quick look at that, To move a validator requires a stake or money of ten thousand HNT. I feed the validator node software in a suitable environment. Now fromwhat I glean, it’s pretty technical but there are also third-party organizations that can helpyou do that so you can form a pond if you don’t have up to ten thousand because “ve been thinking about” it ateleven dollars you’re looking at a hundred and ten thousand dollars really to be able to stake this andwhen you’re jeopardize you likewise don’t make regular mining earnings you only get paid from consensusrewards validator reinforces “if youre in” the helium website there are links to be able to buy all ofthese and i’m going to likewise do a video seminar establishing you exactly how to buy them I can tellyou right now all of them are sold out except for the bobcat miners syncro chips are comingsoon and they’ll be going for about 650 dollars the bobcat miner right now is the most affordableway for you to get in it takes about 12 to 20 weeks for it to ship and they cost about $429 right now before shipping and all that okay they have two frequencies you can run on north Americaand Europe they don’t support Australia, china and india at the time but that’s one thing to considerand also know that you can only purchase them with cryptocurrencies okay so I’m going to be doinga video tutorial prove exactly how to buy one if you want to see something like that plunge acomment let me know and I’ll quickened it up also if you haven’t done that already be sure to hitthat like button and emphatically subscribe so you can stay adjusted for my other videos about this i’llmost likely likewise be doing another video to show my 30 -day makes but the last thing to understandis like I said sending gives quite a while the demand is crazy everything is sold out everywhereelse back in the day, we had the option to be able to build our own they actually let parties doit yourself improved it on board it and it was all good but regrettably beings have abused that andI’m sure you can understand how that could happen so now these are the only ways for you to getthem and super provoking guys and frankly mad fruitful if you think about the fact that theydon’t make any noise so like altogether speechless sitting at your windowsill not using up too muchinternet and extremely not lending anything to your erect this is kind of like one of the bestways to get into crypto you’re getting free crypto every day and I’ll be proving you all that onthis path all right so this is my wallet and as you can see I’ve gotten 31 HNTover the last1 0 days pretty much so you can see here 0.42 on the first day 2.63 i think my biggest day was5. 72 in one day and that was 5.36 as well so um oh this is pretty much the activityfour hours ago to hnt one day it leads 0.4 um plainly there are some dates whereyou ensure like. 05 that’s three days ago but it is pretty amazing and honestly this is allpassive and if you want to see what that looks a lot like in dollars that’s the dollar valley youcan check it it’s all extremely intuitive and all so yeah this is crazy guys this is crazy andyou get full be made available to your private keys so let’s not forget that as well so this is entirelyyours I personally get mine I repute i got mine for 299 dollars sometime last december and welli’ve readily stimulated that back in the first week and the rest is earning so be sure to subscribeto catch my future videos on this I’ll actually appreciate it and be sure to smacked the littlenotification bell that space you get notified whenever i plummet a video like it share it andi’ll told you on the next drive through expressed appreciation for

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