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Helium HNT PoC Update v11: Will Helium turn DOWN your miner’s power because of an outdoor antenna??

What is the world without supremacy? It is the great irony of superpower, those who understand its importance the most have the least, those who can control at leasthave it all, and we fight over it every day. Hey everyone it’s Jason from Rokland Technologiesand today we’re going to be talking about the new Helium POCv1 1 modernize. POC of course stands forproof of coverage. Before we jump into that though I want to give a immediate shout-out to DanielNedelchev.Daniel is the winner of our SyncroB.it Miner giveaway contest that we’ve been talkingabout all summertime long. Congratulations Daniel and we’ll be doing another miner giveaway startingwith our next YouTube video, so if you haven’t already smack that agree button, do that are currently sothat you can find out how to enter our next miner giveaway tournament. But, back to the subject athand, the proof of coverage update is going out now, it’s going to be wheel out through October.There are a number of other YouTuber’s have done a very good job laying out accurately the steps youneed to take in the Helium App to be compliant, we’re going to do that a little bit later in thisvideo as well, but first, we want to talk about a topic that’s very heavy on the hearts of many ofour useds right now…And that is power. You envision Rokland has tens of thousands of Helium antennasin use right now, a lot of our purchasers have reached out to us through chat and phone to askus about this rumor that Helium might be taking the antenna gain number that you enter into yourHelium App and using that crowd to turn down your give supremacy of your miner accordingly.If you didn’t know , now you know. That is true. That is one of the things that Helium is goingto be doing with this proof of coverage update, and you might ask yourself why? Why would they bedoing this? Why would they turn down power when power is so important? The simple explanation is to bein compliance with neighbourhood laws and regulations in different regions and that has to do with EIRP.That stands for Effective Isotropic Radiated Power.The United Commonwealth, the EU, and othercountries, they restraint this total number of supremacy and so Helium’s got to be in compliance with thatand basically EIRP, all it really is, is it’s your transmitter’s dominance the transmitter in yourminer plus the addition of your feeler, it equals a certain amount of EIRP. And as your feeler gaingets higher that EIRP does higher as well. So, to compensate if your gain are excessive, Helium’s gotto turn down the EIRP so they’re in compliance. So you simply invested all that money on ahigh-gain outdoor antenna cable setup and now you catch out Helium might be turning downyour supremacy all right let’s go ahead and panic.Ah, that felt better. Well, the good newsis there’s really no reason to panic at all, especially if you’re here in the United States.Let’s say you have a Rokland brand 8 dBi antenna or lower addition. 8 dBi or lower advantage antenna, here’sexactly how much superpower you’re going to lose after Helium turns on this POC update. Are you readyfor it? We’re going to applied it up on the screen for you…You’re going to lose accurately, that’s right, you’re not going to lose any supremacy at all. You construe, here in the United Nation, the EIRP limitsare so high that even with an 8 dBi antenna you’re not going to outdid those limits. Now, what abouta 10 dBi or a 12 dBi antenna. Well, this is where it’s important to takes into consideration cable loss.Okay, if you bought a coaxial cable from Rokland, right on our make pages, we evidence you exactlyhow much cable loss you get from use a fiber optic cable. We use very good shielding so thecable loss isn’t as much, but for say, a 16 or a 25 -foot cable or something likethat you may have about 1 dB of loss. So, if you’re using a 10 dBi antenna you’re ableto subtract that 1 dB, and you’re able to enter 9 in the Helium App. So, you still won’t haveyour capability turned down if you’re put in the remedy cable loss number.Now, let’s ability overto Europe for a moment. For our friends in Europe, the dominance restrictions are a little bit more stringent.We found out that they’re actually 16 dBm. Okay, some websites say 27, but that appears to beon the G3 band. From 863 to 870 for Helium, we’ve corroborated instantly from the Heliumengineering blog, that we are really earlier this year in January, they had to turn downthe power of the RAK V2 miners to 14 dBm because the factory antenna is 2 dBi gainand 14 plus 2 equals 16 dbm of EIRP. So, what does that means for you in Europe? Okay, Rokland is coming out later this year with an 868 megahertz feeler for Europe. It’s going to be6 dBi gain for outdoor apply. Now, when you use that 6 dBi antenna with your Helium miner in Europewhat does that aim? Okay, well if you use it with a cable that say has one dB loss that’s 5 plus 14 from the miner.That’s 19 dBm and what do we know? We know the restriction is 16 dBm, hence withthis new POC update Helium is going to turn your miner strength down by 3 dBm in Europe. Okay, so thatmeans you shouldn’t get a 6 dBi antenna, right? Not at all. Okay, what you have to remember isthat your power is not going to be lower with a higher gain antenna. Your max EIRP with a 6 dBiantenna will still be the same as your max EIRP with a lower amplification antenna, but you have theextra gain. You have that 6 dBi of addition, and that’s true here in the United Statesas well. If you’re using a 10 or a 12 dBi you’re going to have that additional advantage numberand that’s going to difficulty when you get your antenna outside, above the roof, or tree line.We can’t tell you how much elevation matters! It’s going to make a huge difference when you’retrying to pick up and connect with a hot spot many kilometers away.To have that extra gainhigher up outside it’s going to be critical. So, the bottom line is here in the United Statesthere’s really nothing to worry about with dominance loss. In the The european institutions, you’regoing to be losing a little bit of strength, but that doesn’t mean you should not get ahigh gain antenna, because you’re still going to have some is conducive to that additional advantage. But, it’s very important to takes into consideration your cable loss when setting up the Helium App.So, to find out exactly what you need to do to configure your Helium App properly for thisupdate, and to take into account for cable loss, we’re going to turn over to John now who’s goingto walk us through the process step by step.Hey chaps, this is John with Rokland Technologies.We’re going to show you how to update your antenna establishes within the Helium hotspot app.In this case, we’re going to show this on some iPhone screenshots. So, the first thing you wantto do to make sure your hotspot is asserted in the rectify orientation is to click on “UpdateHotspot”. So, we’re going to clink there, and then after we’ve put in the chastise point, we’re going to want to assert our antenna amplification. Now, most manufacturers has so far been providedtheir standard amplifications, but if you’ve ordered a Rokland antenna or another custom antenna you’regoing to want to go ahead and lay in the dBi that we have listed.To do this we’re going to simplyclick on “Custom Antenna”. Now, it is important to take into account cable loss. So, on all of ourcable pages, we have rostered the cable loss in dB. So, go ahead and make that number and subtractit from the antenna’s dBi value. If you’ve gotten a cable from a different supplier, youcan reach out to them to get that dB value. And then finally, we’re going to come down toenter in our antennas height above the sand if we are ready to do so. It’s actually notgoing to be used in Proof of Coverage 11, but it might be a good idea to go ahead and introduced thisin there. And that’s it, so now your hotspot’s antenna puts are correctly updated withinthe Helium App. If you guys have any questions really trying to reach us on the live converse, or send usan email and we’re happy to go over this with you Somewhere in the dark forest of capability thathas trapped many civilizations, the light-headed of hope gleams through and the winds of change blowthe influenced lover further toward his destiny. Let The People’s Network guideus all to the new world order.

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