Helium Miner Antenna upgrade results! 10 dbi external antenna HNT mined - SHOCKING NUMBERS - BEST HELIUM MINER

Helium Miner Antenna upgrade results! 10 dbi external antenna HNT mined – SHOCKING NUMBERS

no fancy or amusing introduction today wejust want to get right down to the meat and potatoes of our results from placingour 10 dbi antenna up in our attic and merely to start the brainstorming on how we canimprove and attend better ensues abide adjusted nerdy buster substance what’s going on everyone welcometo another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency all that good material real quick for those of youkeeping track at home like i said we’re really really wanting to dive claim into the results ofour setup so we’re not doing anything crazy or figment but we’re boozing a sam adams summerale ever a good good beer to drink ever a multitude pleaser always enormous for this time of yearcheers to you guys this is your first time on the direct delight take a moment to considersubscribing turning on the buzzer notification as we announce weekly content videos on things likehelium and algorand and other mining opportunities and if not uh leave a comment leave a like allthat good trash now let’s climb right into what we have done let’s do a quick refresher of oursetup and let’s talk about some of the trial and error and the opportunities to get as much heliumrewards as we perhaps can and we’re going to show our results from placing our antenna up in theattic at you know about 25 paws high so let’s do a speedy refresher now and picture you guys what wedid in case you missed it in the last video in the last video that we affixed we did a quick littleclip of our setup and “were having” our feeler up in our attic about 25 paws high passing with a 25 yaror 25 foot cable back down into the garage to our bobcat miner which is hooked up to the internetvia wi-fi now we were having some issues with our well having some issues with our wi-fi but wegot all of that take good care and our hot spot on monday we had all of the cable to our houseredone we had a brand new modem put in we attained some flayed wires “thats been” potentially ruiningthe signal for the internet coming in and came to see you but ever since we had that switched out wehave been up an operational 100 percent of the cases so i’m not worried about him the wi-fi uh versusethernet argument anymore we have not gone down ports are opened static ips are delegate andwe have been in the lettuce on our carton the entire occasion which has been very very nice but the antennathat we have up in the attic is as you can see in the picture now we have it nice and high-pitched a couplethings that i’m thinking of i might look at having a little adapter that increases the antenna aroundaway from the wooden board simply to get everything else around because right now i feel that maybewith this being pressed up against the wooden board it’s potentially blocking off uh maybe about9 0 to 100 anywhere between 90 to 180 grades of potential signal only from this pole of you knowthe wood plank alone so perhaps if we give this out maybe another like two feet precisely to get itaway from this one pole we can then open up that wander because i’m not really too concerned withthe plywood or the ceiling shingles interrupting signal like if this was down inside the housethe antenna that we do have is is it is this page yeah so this is the antenna that we acquired youcould see last-place acquire vault july 9th of 2021 10 dbi outdoor for low-spirited fresh gateway 915 megahertzantenna omnidirectional fiberglass and 10 blah blah blah blah blah blah if you guys have thisantenna let’s pull it back up here if you have this antenna and you have some success oranything like that please leave a comment below to let me know how you’re doing when iinitially procreated the purchase it only had two critiques with five hotshot ratings now it looks likeit’s got three critiques with a one sun rating i don’t feel i’m in a position just yet to giveit a bazaar and accurate rating only because where reference is interpret a look at the results now we still lookat that man i talk really fast we are kind of in that lone wolf territory so i don’t feel it’sfair to give this a review just yet again if you have this antenna please let me know in thecomments below and then we have this uh low-spirited loss ultra low-pitched loss i feel that’s just buzzword saladright there ultra low-grade loss feeler coax cable um stream its 25 footer loping from the garage upinto the attic to connect that as well so let’s take a look at the results here we are thisis my minor number one right here and then of course i’ve got my other adolescent down now thisis the minor that we’ll be focusing on next week but this is the minor that we are focusing onnow our current seven-day results are 0.392 our current 24 -hour results are nada zilchnone and then over a 30 -day spread we’re at. 63 so the big concern here is this last seven daysand if you know we’ve had this going for about july first would be the we got yeah we got in onjuly 1st and it took about a date to get synced up to the network and then we had some time offin between because the helium network went down and bobcats made forever to sync up but you couldsee here for those first one two three four five so five days that first week that we hadthe setup we had a total of about it’s 0.19 0.24 in helium earnings and thensince we set that antenna we’ve had a total of because we installedit on the other day 0.07 0.04 so 0.11 we’ve pretty much doubled that amount are theresults outstanding no the reason why i think is because right now we really are in a nottoo populated neighbourhood you could see this is my one hot spot we’ve got these guys direction up here thenwe’ve got excavation here and then we’ve got a couple all around here so i really don’t want to sitthere and give up on the antenna until i set a new one on my in-laws house which has onlyreceived 0.52 hnt in the past 30 dates and then if those two antennas don’t talk back and forththen i think we might be seeing some issues there now i will say in the past seven days i thinkit was yesterday we’re gonna go to the activity i will say i am proud to announce that thisantenna we just sent out a lighthouse we’re not coming any pops we created a challenge but wejust sent out a beacon so hopefully get some punches there prepared a lighthouse earlier 12 hours agowe didn’t get any strikes 22 hours ago we sent to beacon didn’t get any slams so we haven’t reallyreceived any mining payoffs in the past 24 hours but the biggest reward we received i’m veryhappy to announce is that we did witness a beacon so that’s a very big step in the right directionwe witnessed the beacon that was sent all the way out here and examine how far that vanishes so this guy’sprobably got some monster antenna when i looked at this individual they have a uh oh my gosh thisguy’s got 73.53 uh so domesticated hazelnut goldfish it’s even it’s even with it being rallied so i lookedat this guy’s uh antenna and he’s got a 5.8 dbi antenna sitting at 30 meters and he has beenseeing some serious quantities precisely in his lat and the compensations let’s go into statistics here realquick in the last uh 24 hours he’s given 2.1 helium in the last week he’s payed 11 heliumthat’s over 100 and in the last 30 eras 73 helium so that’s over 730 dollars in 30 dates with hissetup so he’s got a very nice setup but the moral of the story is that we witnessed him all the wayout here i mean he had another opportunity to get witness there so that is a positive sign in mybook and if you agreed to accept that being a positive sign as well please let me know like hopefullythat starts get the flow in so we’re gonna go back to that witness event and youcan see when we witnessed that that 15 witness you know beacon that was sent out we received0. 22 hnt for that so if we can get ourselves in a reiterate place where we’re able to seethose and witness and have our stuff evidenced as well the hnt is going to fly in so i was very veryhappy with that outcome uh but overall we haven’t seen anything else in the past 24 hours since thenso like i said i don’t want to give this a down and out maybe the feelers crap it might be crapyou know i want to make sure i keep my my hopes very high this might be a crappy antenna it’s it’scheap it was it was 50 bucks and you can see right now it’s currently unavailable so there’s otherpeople out there buying it but it might the expenditure might be the problem so really what i’m going tobe trying to do with before i go out and you know give up on it or get a brand-new feeler is i’ve got mysecond miner which we are going to then test out this miner is currently sitting in a house thatis completely it’s got aluminum areas it’s sitting behind a opening it’s a four dbi feeler fromthe stock bobcat so i know that this antenna has lots of lots of restrictions and lots of thingsruining it and it’s not get signal so over the course of the week we are going to berunning this antenna to get on top of that um segment on top of that live thisone’s going to be full-blown external and we’re going to place a little bit more moneyinto the sections that we acquire so up first we are going to get this agent shed i didn’twant the 10 dbi one i required the 8 dbi one or perhaps we’ll try this one no we don’t wantthat one we want the 8 dbi one hang on let’s go proxy cast dbi we’ll just you know screweverything up and a lot of commenters have been talking about um 5.8 been doing really wellsix object or 6.0 dbi has been doing really well but at the end of the day i saw a proxy castantenna i guess that’s the only alternative um maybe i might yield that one a tumult because that one’s gotbetter feedback and everything um or i don’t know but i get that just threw me off i was lookingat an 8 dbi one last week but i likewise did watch a couple of videos “where theyre” expending this 10 dbione and this one’s got 71 ratings with a 4 stellar 4.1 out of 5. So this one’s much more solidand maybe that’s exactly what we need and then because we are going to be running the cablestill a little bit long from the initial blot of the hotspot router we’re going to upgradethe quality of the antenna originally we bought our antenna it was a 25 or i’m sorry it was a 20 antenna for 25 feet which is 7.65 meters so we are going to then double the rate and we’re goingto purchase this cable which a great deal of mentions said i need an lmr 400 cable for the better thebetter control and the lower loss of the signal and we’re going to hopefully see if that antennaand that cable will run together and be better and if they are then what we might end up doingis if we get this one now we might then swap this one and introduced this one in my attic because thisone might be a better quality antenna and then situated the other one that i’ve already purchased over myin-laws to kind of actually get that solid locate we want to see if this antenna is the problem or ifit’s just my locale because again we are in that lone wolf territory now if you’ve made it thisfar in the video i did want to look something up and i couldn’t remember exactly how i gotthere but i wanted to look this up and see if you guys can help me understand thislet’s go here if you guys can help me understand what i’m looking at i want to go tomy activity let’s take a look here brief taupe it’s not the deal items was under thewitnessing i don’t remember exactly where i saw what i’m looking for let’s see um no we’re notdoing that i’m not doing that we wanted to look at the yeah again i still going throughstatistics i think it was under statistics not checklist was it under checklist let’s seeit was i wanted to look at like my hubbub racket and everything observers next all right sothat’s my milestone i have to get that’s the only thing i have not had any bystanders um it wasunder activity wasn’t it let’s go under activity we want to go to the witness beacon transactionthere it is right here okay so this this and this beacon that we watched was 22 kilometers awayand it’s indicating now that my clang noise fraction or whatever that expressed support for is minus 5 db and thenmy rssi is negative 121 dbm so if you guys can give me some better insight on exactly what thatmeans and what that means for that 10 dbi antenna i immensely applauded the fact so it’s saying my snr is-5 db so that i’m assuming that that cable that we’re running up into the attic and the plywoodand the ceiling shingles or the roof shingles are causing that accomplish to basically we’regetting a minus five loss which if that’s the case that’s not abominable i signify it’sterrible because i want to get all these other miners extending but at the end of the day it youknow we’re then only at 5 db being pumped up or dbi being run out there versus like thefour assets that come with it so i think that is improvement and where we’re going and maybe if weget that better cable we’ll insure a smaller negative count here so satisfy be sure to leave me acomment on that again this is all trial and error i’m trying to get everything set up and as thehelium system grows and maybe more parties around us start getting helium miners and if i get somegood crowds that pop off i could start looking at maybe going a helium miner over here i gotto induce some friends over in that community and put one over there and we can get going butas of right now you know we did get that one witness so i’m unusually highly encouraged that we’redoing something right it’s been a i convey other people have obviously had better and solid weeksthan we have but this forms me feel really well and we are doing something right so hopefullywe can keep on this trend and maintain pushing so that’s gonna make love for me guys expressed appreciation for very muchfor watching if you have any comments questions concerns delight feel free to leave a commentreach out to me on telegram twitter dissension um all that trash should be in the link of thethe description all those ties-in should be in the description of this video otherwise pleasetake a moment to consider subscribing turn on the buzzer notification like the video all that goodstuff imo prius and we’ll see you guys next time

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