all right joyou new year we have officiallydrawn the win of this mary iot helium hot spot that we’re going to sendout to you and i want to congratulate we have officially pickedthe winner of this mary iot helium hotspot and i would like to congratulate we have officially drawnthe winner for this mary iot helium hotspot without furtherado i would like to congratulate nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping track athome today’s beer of the day is actually terrifying this is called elysian salt and seed watermelongoose this is kind of gross i said that i’ve never had an elysium that i haven’tliked and this is definitely one of them this is a 4.0 booze by capacity this tasteslike i’m drinking salt water with a smidge of watermelon and a clue of beer don’t recommendit probably about a three out of ten i think it gets the three merely because i like its coloringit’s nice hazy quality gives you that illusion that it’s going to be good and then itjust urinates in your lip praises to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to anothervideo about helium mining satisfy consider subscribing turning on the bell notificationand liking this video we did a giveaway for this mary iot helium device again this is theeuropean model we have already signed a little thank you in there and we have picked a winnerwhich will show here on screen so i encourage you to check your email after you see the lean nowwhen we send you this manoeuvre we are also going to be sending out a backup a little micro sd cardjust on the off luck that the one in there is faulty it’s what they said might be apossibility with some of these european sits but we will likewise make sure that helium are we’rejust going to cover our cornerstones to make sure you get everything perfectly from this giveaway as abig thank you for supporting the channel for buying your helium needs from helium skill foryou know following us on twitter following helium artwork on chirp so on and so forth uh we wanted todo this giveaway these mannequins are also available to purchase on helium mart and those are theeuropean ones and also there has been a order for the american simulates of these as well so if youwant to go ahead and “re just trying” get your hands on one of them i don’t have any footage or testingor upshot numbers with them yet because this is the european model but when we get our hands on aus mannequin we of course will do a video on that and you can see those results but if you want to jumpahead of the arch and get yourself a helium miner uh if you’ve been waiting for like appreciation cover andminted and all that air descents and all that drivel go over to helium art and get yourselvesone of those very excited to wreak that material to you now without further ado we’regoing to movement over to our computer and we are going to showcase the video that heliumart ship me picking the winner from all of the entrants i believe we had about 5 000 entries intothis giveaway and it was completely random and helium skill did it for me earlier today and send methe footage so let’s mount over and watch that now so we have everything put in rafflepress and again this was helium mart that had imparted this giveaway we’ve got everyverified and unverified email in now and you’re going to see the win now on screenin simply a second as they espouse the champion and we’ve got i’m going to butcher this giancariooliva oliva congratulations you have won the mary iot helium miner brought to you by helium martand nerdy dude stuff so congratulations to you keep an eye out on your email and we are goingto have that sent out to you terribly unusually very soon again i do apologize but congratulations togiancarlo oliver for prevailing the helium mart mary i o t unusually very exciting and don’t forget once youget this in there is going to be a little indicated placard by me that says thank you it’s essentiallyyou know a elegant little keepsake um but now you can also then move over and it looks like theprice is decreased on the mcgill microwave method 6 dbi carolled feeler for the europeanmodels and make sure you get yourselves one of them which will be a nice compliment to yourbrand new free mary iot now again i do know that “yeah quarantined in my agency for the pastsix days now it’ll be seven tomorrow uh we did research positive yesterday so we’ll be in the officeup until wednesday but this will be heavily lysoled and heavily decent or heavily sanitizedbefore being added to the mail so that acces you can rest assured that there’s no covet or omicronor anything on this um you know i’m very open with how “i know i m” and if you need i can be demonstrated or cast videosor whatever but this will be lysoled and sterilized and cleaned before it comes your action so restassured don’t worry about that so also abide aria because we want to do more giveaways like thisespecially with helium i’m really hoping that we have this opportunity with a us modeling becausenot everyone um has the ability to run an european modeling and too not a lot of parties have theopportunity to run a us pattern so this is kind of more of a big thank you to all of my internationalsubscribers and observers and watchers whenever you guys come in the series and say hey from you knownorway and hey from denmark and hey from australia like in brand-new zealand like that’s really reallycool to be noted that i have gone international so i really really appreciate it and i’m glad andi want to thank helium art for collaborating with me to do this giveaway um so glees tothem encourages to you guys this beer genuinely sucks so all right so last but not least simply to kindof wrapping everything up the other day we did a video about venturing we throw in eight helium and nowwe have constructed ourselves back up to eight helium again so we’re going to move that over to heliumstaking i think this took about four daytimes someone was saying in the comments that my hopes of40 helium every 30 periods are various kinds of undue which i disagree and agree although yesterdaywe kind of had a dead day because one of our hot spots our mile area went down and had toresync for the day we didn’t even touching it we make it sit we tell it catch itself back up and youcould see that in the past 24 hours it’s already earned itself half a helium and this is withthat mcgill 6.0 dbi antenna which i am going to shamelessly push that i think you guys shouldget your hands on that as well especially if you since you won that free miner uh but you could seehere that we had this dead time frame we had about 24 hours where we were down and then this bad boyimmediately shot back up and now has earned us 52 or 0.52 helium in the past 24 hours so veryvery happy with those returns and then one of my other favorite things is sour walnut goat whichi want to bring up something here in exactly a second uh has performed itself one full helium andwe always made a joke about this one being the moron half-brother or jackas brother tomy brief taupe fox but i’m really happy with those crowds that we’re looking at one full heliumin the past 24 hours and this one’s very very solid so speaking of brief taupe fox let’s see ifwe can do this without shafting up sound recordings yes we can all right let’s get this going herethere is a gentleman that is constituting nfts of our helium miners and he made me two of them one forbrief taupe fox and one for my sour walnut goat and i just wanted to show it on screen how awesomethis nft is and i wanted to say thank you and a big shout out to you as well you know who you areif you guys are potentially interested in having nfts made of your helium hot spot let me know inthe comments below and maybe he can reach out and you can commission one or something along thoselines we have sour walnut goat and then we also have brief tope fox really cool it’s kind of likea little bit of artist formation and ai generation uh combined together to compile these so it’s reallyreally cool i just wanted to show them on camera for the first time and of course we’ll showthem on stream on monday so anywho that’s gonna do it for me today chaps if you have any questionscomments or concerns satisfy feel free are to achieve me on dissension and or call we’re not doingtelegram anymore i make it’s still there but i’m not really promoting it simply because i’m reallyreally really sick of the hello sirs are you the owners of the nerdy dude stuff video youtubechannel we really like and want to collaborate i am the marketing manager or the director orthe owner or the operator or the pioneer of tron cliff or some tron mining platform wherethey’re saying if i sign beings up i’ll give me 17 commissioning which it’s a ponzi strategy it’s apyramid and i tell them that and then i’ve been screenshotting these exchanges becauselike every day i get three or four members of them i am the owner and i’m like are you the owner isthis person the owner and it’s all some person with like a fairly handsome asian lady as theprofile photo and they’re just it’s like no so i really don’t do a lot of telegram and i just wentoff on a tangent on that one which i’m very sorry well i don’t know why i keep drinking this beerum but yeah so uh all persons who we also again last-place experience expressed appreciation for very much for participating in thegiveaway it was really really cool like yeah there was five opportunities to win but it’s really coolto see 5 000 entrants in there so hopefully we can do another one as another thank you toeveryone else for a us prototype or another helium miner or maybe like a block here in thefuture or something along those lines i experienced doing that giveaway so make sure you stay tunedto your emails abide chanted to the videos for when we could potentially do some giveaways happy newyear to everyone it is january 1st of 2022 and we are spending it quarantined away from my familywith omicron which is way to bring in the new time but at least i get to spend it with you guys ournew year’s decide this year is to retire on youtube let’s let’s let’s employed that out inthe universe right there first off we want to get to 25 000 subscribers and have a meet upevent out in anaheim california reason why we’re picking anaheim is because disneyland’s there andi wouldn’t be able to go to the west coast without haul my wife along so we want to get to 25 000 customers that will be really really really cool and then we want to continue to grow the channeland know other push and play video games adolescents that we can bring to you guys um of course we’re going tobe doing more content and it’s behind copper back here i originally was going to showcasethe block on videos and i might have to find another residence for it but we’re going to do somevideos on the block we’re going to set up the nerdy dude squad team i’m very excited about thatwe have a second block coming they said thank you for doing that video here’s a free one on usno obligation no good-for-nothing so they move me out another block so we’ll have two going there uhand then of course we’ve got some updates on scp we’ve got the first kind of understanding ofthe monthly payout in this test net which we have scp and examiner’s officially launchingin about two virtually three weeks very excited to draw more material about that of coursewe’re gonna be bringing more content i you looked it over here on the video was the planet watchminers so very excited to introduce material on that and we’re not really doing a lot of deeper wewe could do another deeper update when we push ourselves to a hundred thousand for the creditscore but really there’s not a good deal going on there other than i’m not sharing 10 megabytes so we’regonna leave it at that and articulated copper back here shut up copper oh no consider um we are gonna make sure copper sits there there we gouh but yeah we’ll merely terminate it there because now we’re on a ranting so make sure you like commentsubscribe turn on the buzzer notification all that good material imo cost joyful brand-new yearcheers to you guys we’ll see you next time

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