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Helium miner VS M2 Pro Miner | (2022)

Helium miners quarry on average 3-4dollars per day. The m2 pro miner mines 10 dollars a day. With helium miners you can withdraw yourearnings without any consequences. With the m2 pro miner when you withdraw your earnings your miner’sefficiency declines. The helium miner makes between 20 -2 5 weeks to get from when you locate yourorder. The m2 pro miner takes 3-4 weeks. In this video i will give you 14 more of thesequick knowledge likening the helium miner against the m2 pro miner. I am no financial advisor i’mjust sharing information and adding my opinion. My opinion will be biased as i have had the m2 prominer for 7 months and i’ve been waiting for my helium miner too for about 7 months and it doesnot look like i is likely to be going it anytime soon. If you after this video feel interested in buyingone or two m2 pro miners you can use this $60 rebate code per miner by using the link below.Let’s continue with the facts. The helium miner needs 5 watts to run.The m2 pro miner needs 3.5 watts on average. Similar to light bulb or even less. Helium’s earning pose is based on proof ofcoverage( poc ). This stimulates it so that your earnings will depend on your placement of your miner incomparison to other miners in the nearby area. The mxc etiquette and the m2 pro miner use proofof participation( dad ). So it does not matter where you are or if you have a thousand miners near youor if you have zero miners near you. It does not affect your earnings either way. The helium minersearnings can vary quite a lot depending on numerous parts: spot, setup, including an antenna, buildingweatherproof chests for the indoor copy miners and putting them outside, parties convincingneighbors to be established their helium miners at their home so that there are more miners in thearea. And since there are so many influences there is quite an uncertainty what you will be able toearn before you try one yourself.And if you want to optimize your earnings it will cost you quitea lot doing improvements and trying out and it will also require a lot of time investigating this. Withthe m2 pro miner it’s just a push and play invention. It’s literally time you putting in the ethernetcable and you’re done. You will currently pay the $10 in MXC tokens per day. You don’t need to doanything else. That’s it. Given the current earnings the ROI( return on investment) of the helium miner is about 134 days.The roi of the m2 pro miner is about 282 dates. And that is given the current earnings without anyprice fluctuation. The helium sign have halvings every two years which signifies every two years yourminer will mine half of the amount of tokens compared to what it did before, usurping no otherchanges are seen.The mxc token does not and will never have halvings. The sum of mxc tokensyour m2 pro miner pits depends on the price of the mxc token. It currently quarries 1$ 0 in mxctokens every day so if the price of the mxc token is lower you will mine more tokens. If the priceis higher you will mine less tokens. The helium miner pits the helium sign HNT. The m2 pro mineris a multi-token miner and quarries MXC, DHX, Bitcoin and soon too polkadot.Both the helium miner andthe m2 pro are silent. The indoor helium miner takes about 30 hours to be established. An outdoor heliumminer takes about an hour to set up. All helium miners then need an additional 24 to 48 hours toget cross-file before they start mining. The m2 pro miner takes about 4 minutes to set up and you willbegin mining after about 10 instants. Helium miners come in different determines and ways and there isonly the nebra outdoor miner that is mainly made to be outdoors as it comes as weatherproofed.The other kinds of helium miners is not. The m2 pro miner previously comes weatherproof fromthe beginning. Both miners assistance wi-fi but it’s best to use the ethernet cable for both devicesto ensure connection. If “youve had” two or more helium miners in your house they will competewith each other for communication and therefore your earnings will not be twice as much becauseyou have two miners.Miners are the most optimal when they are sat 300 meters apart and have aclear line of sight. If they are closer than that they will not communicate with each otherand you don’t benefit so much from it. I do want to point out that there are somevideos out there saying you can spoof your miners so that you can have several miners at home buti’m not so sure how that works and if that agrees with helium’s terms of service so i will leaveit at that. The m2 pro miner you are in a position to have how many miners you require in the same room. There is howeveran upcoming update where they will implement the 7% inference on your miner earnings if you haveyour miners close to each other. So if “youve had” 10 miners in the same room each miner will earn7% less.If you residence each miner 50 rhythms apart from each miner you will not have any deduction onyour earnings. If you need to relocate your helium miner it will cost you 10 dollars each time perminer. Relocating the m2 pro miner is not cost you anything. It seems the helium society has is still very annoyed going to get 2022. it seems that even after the halving we viewed in 2021 parties are on top of that suffering 50% to 70% reduction in earnings.What that is caused byi am not so sure. The m2 pro community is still divided into two groups. The ones not likingthe introduction of miner health during 2021 and the ones being okay with it. Miner health is avery important aspect of the m2 pro miner. I have a video extending it now which i highly recommendyou to watch before thinking of buying one. As i see it, people who want to make money fast andbe able to use that fund fast does of course not experience miner health since it lowers your miner’sefficiency the moment you make your quarried tokens out of your m2 pro miner. People who invest inthe m2 pro miner for the long run looking to mine at least for a year before selling any tokensdoes not seem to mind the miner health boast. And you can’t be pointed out that the mxc team has madethese modernizes for a reason.In dictate to originate the network stable and secure, which is the whole pointof the m2 pro miner network, these informs ensure the network’s sustainability and stability overthe long run and also incentivises miners to hold the MXC token which seriously influences the mxcprice in a positive way. So in my opinion these informs benefit both the project’s main goal andus long-term mxc token holders. That is my view. The general society seems happy with the bitcoinmining and are looking forward to the polkadot mining. It’s also worth noting that the heliumtoken has had massive expenditure action during 2021 going all the way from $1.7 per sign up to $ 50 dollarsper token right now sitting at a market cap of around 2.7 billion.In my view( no financialadvice) when crypto projects have had such a policeman feed these projects face a greater risk of fallinghard when the bear market comes. And that we have historically seen with most of altcoinsafter each bullshit raced. That being said helium is the biggest crypto data communication network as ofnow it is therefore might pull through. I personally have no clue. On the mxc area the premium action has been soweird lately.Now when the part marketplace has construed a downtrend during the beginning of 2022 mxc setsnew all-time increases. The conclude behind mxc triumphing the market while everything else is in red i don’tknow, perhaps it’s the ban or threat of banning proof-of-work mining in asia that have ledthe asian market to invest a lot in mxc? That is just a surmise of mine. And whenyou equate mxc with helium that both work within the data communication sector, mxchas a very low market cap in comparison. And as you know; low-toned market cap activities havehigher potentials of the largest returns. For instance it’s easier for one million dollar is planning to 10 xin premium to a 10 million dollar market cap than it is for a one million dollars project to 10 x to a 10 billion marketplace cap. Alright if you concluded this video supportive consider provide aid with a like thankyou for watching and i’ll see you in the next one

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