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Helium Mining Antenna – Increase Profit | Why Some People Make $3000?


hey what’s up guys it’s moto tech today i’mbringing another video related to helium mining so some of you guys were asking how come thereare beings representing three thousand dollars a month and there are some other people who areonly making about a few dollars a month well one of the most difficult grounds i will tell you isbecause of the antennas okay and i detest to break it to you but size topics alright and if youagree with me delight knock that agree button and click that like for this video thank you verymuch i’m glad we are on the same page we’re going to do a whiteboard session today i will explain toyou some basic knowledge on feeler and hopefully that will help you understand and actually choosewhich type of antenna will maximize your profit before we is starting actually there is anothertopic i want to talk about some people are talking about this amazon sidewalk and how it’scompeting with helium so if you don’t know what amazon sidewalk is mostly as of two weeks agoamazon decided to enable the sidewalk function on all of their sidewalk subsidized manoeuvres that areechoes ring devices those cameras and elixirs basically they started channelling anotherfrequency at about 900 megahertz and sharing your wi-fi with your neighbors or whoever’s walkingthrough your house mostly down wall street that’s why it’s called sidewalk right andi don’t know i personally i’m not i’m not is fine with that at all you’re just how cansome how are you able only enable my machine and share my internet with the public withoutmy consent right i am looking forward to some minds i hope i hope they get litigated on on this because this isunacceptable think about there are people who are running on data if you’re running on comcast youprobably have a terabyte data schedule right and um you know and now amazon is sharing working your datain the background um like you i mean they’re not probably not going to be using a lot but that’sstill your data it weighs towards you that one terabyte what can you do with one gig of datayou can probably watch a movie right or watch two occurrences of some shows you like uh but that beingsaid um it’s actually i believe that’s actually a good thing for helium because they’re essentiallythe same thing you know helium is most currently is mostly for iots and the sidewalk from amazon isalso aiming towards iots that tell me anything why would amazon step into this area without knowing there’sa huge profit in there right does that make sense and they’ve been building these devices for yearsso you know they started this many years ago and now they’re just spark it so it theythey have been planning for this for a long time all right but this will be another day’stopic but let’s get back to this antenna topic so i actually got my rack v2 miner yesterdayin the mailbox i was so happy about it um it’s actually upstairs at the highest floorin my house i can’t i don’t have access to my uh roof so i’m just gonna made it as high aspossible next to a space and hopefully that works it finished dropping last-place nightit only took a few hours with fiber internet and so now is trying to communicate with otherminers as of this morning the outermost out witness i had was about 43 kilometers which isactually somewhat far away from a space all right and i will tell you that i did not use the antenna thatcame out from the box i will show you right here so this is the box and as “youre seeing” the antenna glance the uh yeah the antenna that came with it well we’ll talk about this laterall right such a small antenna all right so basically a few there are a few major thingsi want to talk about um you know there are miners they’re advertisings out there and sayinghey we sell the best miners they’re more and more uh manufacturers get approvedout there to produce helium miners and of course everybody’s gonna say hey our miners gonnahelp you acquire the most profit it is the fastest miner all right the fastest miner so all rightwe’re not mining bitcoin here we’re not mining ethereum here we’re doing proof of coverage youneed to provide coverage you don’t need to provide the race the the compute rush that younormally do with all these other miners the key is not the manoeuvre itself in fact mostof these devices really single timber computers like raspberry pu like they’re probably just allraspberry pi’s with different husk around it the fragment that really materials is your antenna thatis your bread and butter that is what’s actually rendering your the coverage and that’s actuallywhat’s acquiring you coin if you can’t connected to other people while you’re mining helium youprobably won’t be able to make a lot of benefit okay so when we speak about antennas there are fewthings we need to talk about in tana so number one we’re gonna talk about size okay this isuh i believe this is the most popular topic even though nobody actually wants to talk aboutit but we’re going to talk about this today now we’re going to talk about the size of yourantenna and number two we’re going to talk about altitude and number three we’re going totalk about the type of antenna and certainly this will probablygo into a little bit about like polarization um and some ofthe other stuff all right so when we talk about antennas in antenna sizethere’s a very important concept called swr so this is a ratio the above measures theperformance efficiency of an antenna and it normally that’s the most ideal onewill be a one-to-one ratio and uh you you can almost never find it maybe like a1. 1 to one that’s a little bit more doable i actually have created um antennae myselfpersonally that’s at a 1.1 swr at a certain frequency okay that’s why different frequenciesrequire different antennas to work efficiently like if you have a very high swr ratio let’ssay 3.1 so that means you’re um let’s say you’re send five watts right and and you’reactually not uh exploiting your your power efficiently it’s not going to get out as far as as someof these antennas got two to one or like a 1.5 to 1 swr and more importantly a lot of radiosthey’re not able to deal with a three to one swr hooking up that antenna to your radio willactually injure your radio so if you don’t know what you’re doing with your antenna please don’thook up some like random um feeler and end up destroying your radio you know how how difficultit is to get a helium minor these days you know the backlog is really long and if you have want tobuy from those some third parties you have to buy you have to spend like two three thousand dollarsto get one that’s insane utterly stupid so now we know um swr is importantso we need to figure out how to get to that low swr right so size will definitelyhelp and the reason size assistants is because these different frequencies they have differentwavelength um i’m not going to get into detail on that there’s planned ideologies on how tocalculate full wavelength one-fourth wavelength half wavelength for example i’m i’m so used tocalculating a one-quarter wavelength which is just 235 divided by the frequency in megahertzand then you get the quarter wavelength in feet and then based on that you can builda quarter wavelength antenna which directs very well in most of the environment in fact umlike i i build one antennae i’m going to try it out um this is a uh i actually built a uh this is nota quarter wavelength this is actually a um 5 8 wavelength antenna for 915 megahertz and i builtthis pattern based on uh their if you know what a jungle feeler called you know it’s it’s a in themilitary there used to be a in world war ii or vietnam um when people are fighting in the jungleit’s very difficult for them to transmit because of uh the anchor playing uh is wet and becausethe uh the trees all the you know the canopies it’s it’s it’s hard to to talk so what theycame up with the relevant recommendations is erect this type of antenna obviously they didn’t use pvc pipesit was just like cables rolling through i made this pvc hose because i wanted to be a littlebit more uh rigid the radiating segments on the top and naturally this this the top piece isactually hanging from the tree okay this this you have to chuck a load all the wayup in the tree and you hang this thing up and this is the uh piece that that’s connectingto uh the uh feed row um and the transmission line and there’s a feed top right here which isbasically soldered to the center of the coax cable and then you have the outer shell of the coaxcable is hooked up to these three there’s actually three cables in here too and uh they they’re kindof like reflectors but they’re actually providing that uh uh ground playing for this type ofantenna um and if you like you’re familiar with uh talking to aircraft and all that you’ve probablyseen something very similar exactly not hanging the trees but uh they also provide that ground planefor um for the signal to actually bounce up higher um you are well aware because because you can there’s whenyou’re channel there’s a ground beckon right like these feelers shoots out like horizontalwaves straight out and there’s like a um a airwave that kind of goes up and start bendingnow and there’s some actually going down um going downwards and you’re kind of wasting thoseenergy so what happens is you you create a fake ground plane with this wire or even like a metalplate it is therefore shows the power back up and when you manifest it back up there’s more force goingup it will go up to the atmosphere and it will bounce off from the ionosphere and and then youwill be able to like reach out to somewhere that’s actually further out and that’s why this antennais actually awfully um very effective um like formerly my miner comes set up and syncing and start doing somechallenges i’m actually going to test this myself framed revised forest antenna out and tosee how well this works all right enough of that but the point was that you need toconstruct you need a feeler that’s either a one-fourth wavelength okay all right i’m soreally sorry about that chaps so um all my uh bone-dry erasers decide to quit on me at the sametime but i’m going to still finish up this video okay guys so you must say all rightjust trimmed to the point what does that even planned claim all right i will ask so let’s say you’re this that’sactually a pretty big turtle sorry guys let’s see you’re this turtleright here okay here’s this turtle and you’re trying to transmit um and you wantto you want to transmit to there is another turtle right here something like that there are afew ways to transmit so you can stand up antenna you can just go and then he gets the signal right and when youincrease this interval it gets harder and harder for the motion to travel and specially when there’ssomething like a built in between or something else like a little mountain right here and thenyou may not be able to reach him from there so when you’re using different antennae they havedifferent takeoff inclinations and they have different propagation patterns and for example if youchoose to have a quarter wavelength antenna so a part wavelength antenna is commonly useduh in omnidirectional antenna and is because you know the the half wavelength is very idealfor a dipole uh which is like a horizontal um polarized feeler or a full wavelength you knowwhy don’t we use full wavelength that’s because four wavelengths is better to make a like aloop feeler and uh it’s it’s better to try to to trap to shoot towards one guidance andthere’s different usage of these feelers of course and if we make a quarter wavelengthantenna right these antennae are actually really good at shooting upwards and when you’reshooting discount the pattern we’re just going to ignore the pattern going backwards um we’reonly saying hey we’re going forward and the loop the the dissemination wave kind of looks likethis obviously this this thing runs out right it travels out it’s pretty big it croaks out all right umand some of this thing depart or here it goes up to the atmosphere let’s say this is the sky righthere it will go up and then it will shoot down um and you may miss this guy right here but don’tworry you got some of these other points right it may shoot up now and then it decides boom allright well that’s still missed let’s try again and you have this one over here and your shootsup and then okay finally we reach this antenna and you have the ones kind of like shootinguh forward um you can actually do this the antenna will actually bend um believe it ornot they will actually deform the signal and they will be able to travel across and then you havethese ground curves will simply bounce off the um you are able to either get absorbed by all thesethings in between or will get manifested back and then go backwards and undoubtedly uma for a uh omnidirectional you know you have this curve in all directions okay soit will too go backwards it’s the same differential wavelength also have differentpropagation blueprints and for a let’s say five uh five and a 5 8 so 5 8 is a little bit moreflat all right so it’s more like this 5 8. So it doesn’t have the top account so not a great deal of itis actually going upwards and rebounding and that’s why a one-quarter wavelength is better if you are ina low-toned range if it’s trying to shoot higher okay if there are hot spots that’s at a higher locationand you are low um a one-fourth wavelength will work better than a 5 8 wavelength a 5 8 wavelengthit does better when it’s more flat all right and then you have these other decorations let’s say a now we have a 10 dbi all rightantenna right here two feelers and there are some trees let’s say there’sa tree plainly one tree is probably not going to do much to a 900 megahertzfrequency but we’re just use in this case let’s outline a kind of imaginary flat course sothe propagation blueprint for a 900 megahertz uh 10 dbi is commonly at 20 degreestakeoff angle definition the strongest the strongest propagation like the roundabout righthere this unit right here is going to be about 20 or even less maybe like 10 magnitudes that’sthat’s about right maybe like 10 to 15 measures so if you’re trying to shoot over this right you maystill have some like other small-minded ones right here but these are very weak the signal strengthis very weak you may not be able to make it that far this is your best part so if thisis only leading at 20 severities it’s not going to shoot through this tree well it will but i’mjust saying let’s say let’s just induce something let’s say you can’t shoot through this there’ssome metal stuff over here you can’t shoot through it’s going to stop it will never make it tothe other end so there’s a few cases things you can do right if this guy’s distance is not far awayfrom you you can reduce the dbi of your feeler and what that happens it are really changethe dissemination blueprint and let’s say you change it to a 6 db which has a about like a40 measures or like 35 40 degree liftoff direction and then you will be able to have a the thestrongest signal decoration like right here you know so it will actually shoot through this with4 0 stage ish and then either bounce off something bounce off something comes down or it will justslowly die down to uh to your target right here uh really sorry about this drawing it’s not the bestdrawing um another thing you can do let’s say you still want that 10 dbi because it has thepotential to shoot a good deal further out you can raise the height of the antenna like right nowwe’re down now but what if we heighten the altitude on this antenna so 20 magnitude will definitelybe higher and it will shoot over this objective that’s uh blocking our signal so it willstart going back down to this antenna right here you don’t have to be absolutely line of sightof course you you simply need the signal to get there somehow um i got you know there’s somecrazy stories um in the past years where i deal a lot with radios and antennas i have hadsituations where i made some crazy transmission in the thunderstorm and then the person who’sreceiving was actually very close to me and the signal precisely bouncing up and down and up anddown and everywhere perhaps stored in the shadow funny stored under the cloud actually real shadow andthen eventually it ricochetted back down to the target um after about 45 hours or 40 or 45 minutesit eventually got there it you know that’s that’s absolutely insane i cannot find anythingto explain i i already turned my radio off everything was turned off and then his radiowasn’t receiving until 45 minutes later and you know that that says there’sjust some spell was going on but trust me they bounce off of objectives and theywill find their way um to your objective it you know somehow all right so that kind of brought usto our net our next topic which was the elevation um you don’t ever wishes to develop ithigher and when you hasten a higher let’s say let’s say right here you are high antenna and there is like a hotspot right here you have a 10 dpi antenna you can entirely overshoot this hot spot youmay not be able to reach it but you will be able to reach something else so when you look at themap you’re doing the planning on what type of antenna you’re going to use simply look to see ifyou have a lot of um hotspots around you already if you do you may not need a 10 dbi 10 d dbi isreally high and you probably just need like a 5 or even a 4 dbi and just made it on your ontop of your ceiling um and you’ll be good you’ll be able to cover all these all these thingsand then you won’t be able to have like all you won’t be you won’t have as big as ablind spot um as working like a 10 dbi antenna so um i hope that moves smell um and then also onelevation say you’re on top of a mountain um you want to kind of that’s when you kind of want touse a more if your goal is to let’s say shoot out in all directions as far as possible then sure usethe army directional but if you’re on the mountain and then your backside is still mountain butyou’re like departing shooting towards the city application a one directional antenna like a very directionaleven like a yagi antenna might actually manipulate a lot better especially with all those reflectorsso a yagi antenna’s transmitting structure right so you’re jagging treat first looks like thisall right so that’s like an antenna like this and you have some displays in the in thebeginning that’s not robbed to any strength and you actually have the transmittinguh transmission line coming through to to hook up to the middle um middle blade and thenyou have some other ones in the back those are just reflectors trying to push all the way intothis one direction so the so like with the pattern for a feeler actually looks like something likethis all right very small leaves here very small very small very small so most of this is goingto work this direction and then as the length increases certainly this is going to radiate outokay um so if you’re like far away in mountain somewhere you noticed a distinguish and you decide to hookit hook your feeler and your hospice over there and uh try a yagi out it you actually will lateron maybe i will show you a recognise where people actually set up a mount of a one directional antennaat a bank course or in the mountain somewhere okay so that tell me anything typos for antenna wejust talked about yagi and there’s obviously some other ones like a dipole what a dipole isyou have a transmission line going up and then you have a line goes to the left you’re going togoes to the right these things labor pretty well okay and these are the these two linesright here they are the transmission piece what’s the problem with this theproblem with this is the polarization so the polarization ofantenna matters a good deal because let’s say i have a vertically verticalantenna with a horizontal polarization okay so the electrical land of this antenna because there’s current going through theelectric seep battleground will be vertical and then the horizontal will be its magnetic field the room the receiving dissolve will actuallyreceive is having another vertical antenna and when the magnetic field that’s slouse throughyou participate like your your feeler will probably be when’s cutting through the antennae going throughhere here here now here here here there’s like a a long distance right you can go through it’swhen the magnetic field is chipping through a piece of metal which is your antenna it will create acurrent and this current is be incorporated into your radio and that’s how your radio can start translatingthese signals if you just have a horizontal realm let’s say if you have ahorizontal in this case like if you have a dipole and i have a horizontalantenna a polarized antenna you will flip the horizontal field will be the electricalfield which doesn’t matter for receiving and now “youve had” the vertical battlefield for foryour magnetic field the magnetic field like look at this my hand is the magneticfield right this is the antenna you’re just gonna “re going through” it cheers andthen you’re gone there’s nothing else instead of like instead of if it’s a horizontalthere’s antenna you know there’ll be like you’re still getting signal you’regetting signal blah blah blah see this is why polarization worksthis is probably a bad resemblance but you probably get an idea all right i tryto make it simple as simple as possible so that tell me anything also uh let’s sayyou have an antenna you’re using some out of box uh antenna or you’re extendingup your feeler on top of your roof make sure since most people are using a verticalum horizon polarized feeler make sure your antenna is also standing up straight-out okay if it’stilting because hurricane if it’s just for some reason your your um like your house is on the descent andyou try to uh your feeler dissolved up being like a little bit offset instead of get straight-shooting thenmake sure the antenna is actually straight that will actually increase your uh trans uh signala lot uh you will getting be going a lot more uh profit all right guys i know you probably stillhave a lot more questions but this will be the end of this uh the first hearing on the antennasand in the future i’ll surely get more uh illustrate more about regenerating fund and how youcan improve your profit and likewise how we can help some miners in our sphere to increase uh our profitstogether you are well aware like antenna is really important it’s really forestalling to see there like fouror five miners in my area and then they’re just not communicating at all the antennas not seeingeach other and not providing the coverage because with five four to five people if we all set up ourantenna right we can definitely make about 100 or 200 heliums per month that being said if you havemore questions delight subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below i’ll try my best to answerthem and if you was just wondering what i constructed my jungle antenna like uh this one emphatically um leave acomment below i may make a different video simply to explain how you can construct something like thisbut yeah in the future i’ll do more videos more technical and more scientific video on the heliummining um thanks a great deal guys we’ll see you next time


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