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Helium Mining first 30 day results – HUGE SUPRISING NUMBERS!!!

it’s officially been 30 daytimes of helium mining lots of trial and error we’re still learningbut let’s show some numerals abide chanted nerdy dude material what’s going on everyone welcomeback to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium and all that good stuff if you’renew to the channel please take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe buttonand turning on the buzzer notification as we announce videos weekly for those of you guys keepingtrack at home today’s beverage of the day is from our brew decline chest this is called thewavelength ipa this is a pretty solid solid hazy ipa we have lots of flavourings ofpineapple a little more on the turned side with a intimate of mango sweetness awfully highly hops middle soright as soon as you get past that first initial delicacy then you start getting the hops and it getsreally nice on the back end beautiful aromatics just really really forward with that nicepineappley odor “its probably” one of my favorite brews from that brew droop so cheersto you guys let’s take a look at our helium upshots shall we first off i would like to sayi’m very sorry about the qualifications of the my previous video not the live creek which i’m glad we didand thank you for joining and watching that but i’m very sorry about the qualifications of the my previousvideo i have been trying to add some recreation videos that i shoot on my iphone 12 pro max and eventhe quality that’s being uploaded into my filmora wondershare is is potato quality inthat because these cameras are miraculous so i’m learning some other things when it’s matchingto the media that’s why we ended up coming 240 p in the last video fortunately i’m terribly descriptivewhen i talk and hopefully it’s not going to be the case here still a struggling and ripening youtuberso with all that said let’s jump right into our two children in their 30 -day total in profit andthen we’re going to talk about our proposals coming up for the next month to increase those profitseven more all right so our very first helium miner well i should say that helium is currentlysitting at world prices of 13.49 so our very first miner right here is sitting at a total of1. 44 helium so we’ve got two helium miners now there’s other courses i could establish this nonsense onscreen but we’re just gonna do it simple and easy so we’re at 1.44 helium for 30 days which is uh1. 44 times 13.49 so we’ve made 19.42 in a month pretty much operating in lone wolf status so we’reat 1.44 on one helium miner and then let’s just jump-start over and take a look at this one and then weare at oh i like that little yellow-bellied pipeline that we are only realise as well and then this one is our otherhelium miner we are at one point one two and some editing there so grand total for the past 30 daysis 2.56 helium at a char at a total of sale of at 13.49 so we are roughly at averaging a dollara date and this is pretty much us operating in lone wolf status remember our helium minerright here has just been set up plugged in and never touched it still has the four dbiantenna broth sitting right next to the window at my in-laws house but that is going to be a minorthat we are going to be focusing on when we do our brand-new feelers which come in tomorrow that hasjust been baseline once we prepare it we never touched it which is very interesting because we got someactivity with it today see in the past 24 hours on this adolescent we’ve earned ourselves 0.21 alreadyso it looks like at about 5 30 a.m let’s see what activity that was there to give us that tiny bumpin remunerations because often we’ve been seeing moment zero four helium for any of the mining rewardsso let’s see we payed ourselves we had it watched a lighthouse let’s see what wewitnessed we evidenced ourself look at that that’s the goal that we want righthere so it looks like challenger power a challenge was sent out by strong hazelworm and then my brief taupe my other miner uh bring out the lighthouse and then r miner witnessedthe beacon so that gave us a total of 0.177 hmt and that’s the ultimate objective that we want to getto we want to get these two regularly talking backward and forward and i’m actually actually stokedthat this is checking off like trash it hasn’t been witnessed hitherto but it evidenced my beacon uphere so that symbolizes this if we go now we can go into the reward structure and the activity forthis beacon and let’s see what our task was there we have point zero four and then we pointzero two so we had point zero four at that same time frame four twenty three am and five twentythree am now this beacon so let’s see here um right here so it sent a beacon with one witnessand see it’s the beaconer we have one witness hot spot obviously it’s the hot spot down here so i’mvery exceedingly very excited that’s some pretty solid news peculiarly operating as two lone wolves andnot even stroking out to these people but i think that is all going to change within the next here’sour witness within the next 30 epoches especially starting tomorrow because first things firsttomorrow as soon as those antennas come in which again we do have two of these 5.8 dbi fiberglassantennas coming in one is going immediately up into the attic attached to brief taupe fox andhopefully we start seeing that signal fire off because we are able to potentially get in contactwith these miners now based on their placement and their fix the reason why i’m so incrediblyhyped about that and my friend daley batch did a video on this yesterday and has spoken about this webought the same antenna and we straight up legit both bought these this antenna for our heliumminers now this is coming right out the door and saying it’s a 10 dbi outdoor for low-grade rawgateway 915 megahertz feeler omnidirectional blah blah blah fiberglass yada yada for 43 buckson amazon um i’m going to show this when my rack antennas come in so remain adjusted for that nextvideo but the thing is literally like this big it’s it’s literally like this big and that doesn’tmake sense to me because then you go and look at some other antennas and you can see here this isthe proxy cast which i’ve seen videos on this is a proxy cast 10 dbi feeler if we go down to itsspecs it is desirable to where’s the specs i saw it earlier um the the specs for that one is two hoofs long sotwo paws is going to bring it you are aware of out to now or so that’s so that’s a 10 dbi that’sat 20 that’s at 2 hoofs long and then if you go back to this shenanigans one this is the one thatwe have up in our attic thinking that we’re going to get 10 dbi and shoot everything out this bad boyand there’s another thing that i saw on the amazon page that “shouldve been” provoked some questioningas well uh but where’s the specs on this bad boy this one’s sitting here saying it’s uh 20 incheslong and it’s not it’s it’s just around a foot it’s not even that long but if we look at the5. 8 dbi antennae these things are villains like i don’t know if the government has the specs on this page forhow long they are qa reviews related items no um wait do they let’s see here of course we shouldbe looking into these things before uh commodity details antenna portion is 800 millimeters giveand take so that’s that’s already bigger than these this dinky little guy over here but the bigthing that not this one the big-hearted thing that are actually got me is when i started looking through becausei wanted to find the reviews and envision um you know if there’s any more discuss now there’s sevenreviews when i was bought “theres only” two and there were five inspects so i can look at thosereviews here in just a moment but right here why does the roll say 10 dbi but median increase say3 dbi please explain they said hi really sorry we made a mistake with the details but the averagegain is 10 dbi and then they provided it there and now we actually have one star review so we’re goingto go through and add some one superstar scrutinizes this holds good coverage for helium caution if you’relooking to boost your healing no that’s a 5 ace feeler needs to be a little over 3 feetto be 10 dbi this is actually a 3 dbi and you can find the exact same antennaon other schedules correctly territory 3 dbi so we are going to add a review there as well soreally we’re going to hope that switching out to these feelers which we bought the bundle notwith the magnetic cornerstone because the magnetic cornerstone would be about another 2 10 each i believeyeah if we buy uh bundle two comes the magnetic basi it fetches the full amounts of the up to 100 because we’regoing to have one that’s going to be organized in our attic for the first you are familiar with a couple ofdays to see if this improves our quality since we’ve already refurbished our cables and then theother one is going to be do i have my lightning resistor i do arrester i do right there theother one is going to be installed outdoors at my in-laws house so we’ve got that readyto go and then we have another one in the mail and the authorities concerned will preserve you updated on that with anothervideo in matters relating to our helium modernizes so i’m very excited that we finally went our two to witnesseach other one witness the other it’s been a whole month and you can see here that that’s 2.4 kilometers away so we’re we’re definitely chugging along in the right direction and with theseantenna improvements i’m really really hoping that we are going to be getting even more especiallysince we just had the having the halvening today uh clearly not discouraged by the results thatsour walnut goat just got by having to witness each other so stay aria for all that if you guyswant to get these antennas as well or any rack miners or external like external cartons or anythinglike that there’s a link to the rack store in the description of this video and you’ll save yourselffive percent on all your acquires and i immensely appreciate if you take a moment to sounds thatotherwise thank you for asking for watching today people if his first time here again pleaseconsider penchant agreeing turning on the buzzer notifications as we affix videos weekly otherwisereach out to me on telegram call disagreement email statement below we’ll respond back to you asquick as possible but that’s gonna do it like mention subscribe all that good stuffi’m oprys and we’ll see you guys next time very excited today a lot of you guys left alot of commentaries about a spike arrester and we did line-up one from amazon so itcame in so i wanted to showcase that real quick before we get our antennae going sowe just cracked open our amazon bag and we’ve got our lightning arrester definitely in thislittle bag right here so let’s get that get and so we’ve got the other crate openand now we’re going to pop open our actual now we have our lightning arrester rightthere you can see it on camera it’s in the bag and we’re going to get this bad boy open tosee what it looks like here we go and it’s in another purse debris of plastic

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