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Helium Mining Perfect placement for MAX REWARDS – Setup Rating LIVE!!!

messing with my head again why do i baby why do i baby staying up when i go out i should have set my camera up first what’s goingon everyone welcome welcome welcome let’s see how it looks nope too far that way go back that way goback that way there we go what’s going on everyone welcome to another monday stream let’s turnthe music down just a smidge here just so i can hear myself think there we go welcome to anothermonday stream where you guys spam the chat with your helium minor names and i look them up andtell you how good i think your spot is and which antennas you might want to look into those you newto the channel thank you very much for joining if you haven’t hit that subscribe button yet pleasetake a moment to consider doing so turn on bell notifications as we post videos weekly and westream every monday with all that said those you keeping track at home today’s beer of the day thisis out of our beer drop box this is called muscle memory it’s american pale ale cerebral brewing onepint 5.8 alcohol by volume and this is brewed out of denver colorado it’s got some golden promiseoats and some citrus idaho motika hops so of course it’s going to have some citrus flavoringbrought to you by the citra hops oh thank you very much billy nath for the congratulationson skydiving man what an experience that was quite the experience cheers to you guys if you’regonna be cracking one open with me while we stream renaissance man i actually liked your commentooh that is delightful that is a pretty solid american ipa or i should say american paleale reminds me a little bit more of a hopsy magic hat if you’re familiar with thatawesome what’s going on mr pisghettis how are you today yeah skydiving was a hell of anexperience we jumped 18 000 feet that was with uh one of my close buddies it was his 33rd birthday34th birthday 133 he’s a year younger than me and so uh we jumped out all right let’s just getstarted we’ll talk about my miners here in just a sec actually we’ll talk about them right now greatnews everybody of course last week we got this miner up here i believe this is a new miner righthere as well um i have not seen that one before and i think that one just got started and we’vealready hit it look at that we’ve already got a witness out of it and then also also also thisperson because this is my minor right here right so also this person right here just startedyesterday they are currently sinking they are about across the street from us we could probablyhit a golf ball actually we couldn’t hit a golf ball that far you have to be 350 meters awayuh what’s going on 3d printing props how are you buddy uh everyone hit that like button comeon skydiving was amazing we’ll talk about that here in just a moment as well so uh man 18 000feet jumped out but yeah anyway so we’ve got a few more miners popping up in our area whichis great for our miner if we pull it up here we okay look at that look at all the stuff that we’rehitting now we are hitting like everybody we got our farthest one at 66 kilometers look at thatall the way out here keep up the great work love your content most excited about planet watchright now i am very excited for planet watch uh like i said i’ve got mine right here we’re at86 right now not too bad i wouldn’t be surprised i think october 16th is gonna be the uh launchday so we have to do some more research and that’s gonna be a video tomorrow or wednesday solet’s go ahead and take a peek we’ve got our first one oh and by the way if you guys haven’t seenthis before i’m hitting all these witnesses you can see that i kind of live out in this like youknow suburban area that’s you know not heavily populated but we have miners popping up all overthe place we have two miners of our own if this is your first time on the channel and these arethe antennas that we are using the 5.8 rack the 5.8 rack um omnidirectional you can getthem on rack there’s a link in the description for them and they also have some other greatproducts but this is what we’ve been getting with some great successes so just before we startlooking at miners and i start saying which ones i think i would get if i was in your positionum that’s so you guys know link for those are in the description if you want to do the 5.0 the5.8 to the 8.0 and that’s pretty much all we’re going to be focusing on right now especially withpovc 11 coming out all right so let’s take a look let’s take a gander all right so we are at half ahelium in the last 24 hours you have a 5.88 meters up that is the best you’re going to be able to doplease check sava in vegas i’ll definitely check that here in just a moment let’s see what you’relooking like in 30 days oh with you just being in this little tiny area with your setup perfectdon’t change the thing keep it the way you’re doing it with your dirty little synchro bit butyou’ve got this whole area around you let’s see if that’s your only minor oh you’ve you’ve gotthis whole thing on lockdown let’s go ahead and look oh no that’s that’s the witnesses you’regetting yeah those 5.8 are absolutely amazing let’s go ahead and take a look if you’re adirty cheater okay so you have this whole area on lockdown cool brave rainbow dragonflywhat can i do better mate give me a second yeah so you’ve got that whole area on lockdown in thepast 30 days you’ve made 143 helium great on you man great on you having north village all rightnow let’s go next interesting tiger porcupine now guys i know you are going to be puttingyour uh miners in the chat and if i miss them i am sorry please do not spam the chat um so thatway i can try to get to everybody but also if you do send super chats or anything like that i willobviously skip the entire line it’s a fast pass for you and look at yours immediately all right soif you just got yourself set up and i’m assuming you are indoors it looks like you just startedmining about a week and some change ago you’ve got the bobcat 4.0 if you’re sitting with your antennainside of a window then get it away from the window get your antenna up and high and you wouldprobably benefit from that 5.8 that we’re talking about you have a lot of good clusters in your areaand you could potentially even hit out here in las cruces with that 5.8 so that’s not too bad so getyourself a 5.8 get it up in your attic and get it out and that’s interesting tiger porcupineall right what’s next skydiving was fun it absolutely was damaged fossil canary let me knowif you like pointers yeah wait who you me you me yeah let’s like you know we can definitelykeep it going in chat so we got a lot of good information last time um that i wasn’teven thinking about i think that one guy had his way up high and the heat was umwas big i want to copy this one big tart ash bore all right let’s take a look hereall right so you’re just in a crappy transmit scale and it looks like you also just got startedtoo and you’ve got a sense cap with a 2.86 meter you have a lot around you so you wantto get yourself up as high as possible and um yeah look into the 5.8 if you’re onlydoing a 2.8 get yourself a 5.8 either the 5.0 with a 5.8 i would definitely say uh big slatemallard is that eight dbi all right what’s next dagger rogue puck puppy dagger rogue puppylet’s take a gander we’re going to oh no 8.0 dbi 12 meters up not too bad 30 daysyou’ve gotten 7.3 that’s probably going to be the best that you’re getting at the momentunless you’re able to get down here but you’ve got 8 dbi which there’s no reason why youshouldn’t be able to get down into this area you are hitting around you but it also looks likeyou have some similar issues that i do where these people just don’t give two flying farts abouttheir uh up and they just leave their stuff in a window and don’t do anything else so that’sunfortunately there interesting tiger porcupine make sure you guys hit that like button pleaselet’s get to 25 likes in the next like 30 seconds here um looks like you just got yourself startedas well and i’m going to say it again 5.8 is going to do you good you want that 5.8 link in thedescription go grab it and that’s going to get you everywhere get yourself either in your attic orjust on top of your roof and keep going from there um 3d printing props i just checkedone of yours so i’m going to move on i think i did that one um i’m just grabbingthem from chat so just grabbing them from chat cheetah wobbly right we’re lookingat wobbly rose all right i don’t even care that it says sub-optimaltransmission you got a 0.96 which is almost perfect all right so in the past 30 days and youjust got started your setup is perfectly fine i wouldn’t change a thing i would maybe justconsider looking at where you have your antenna just in case there’s anything that’s blockingyou from the back from witnessing and getting witnesses from all behind you but otherthan that you have a pretty solid spot you’re making 15 helium in the past 30 daysand you got started not even a month ago good numbers man really good numbers good numbersobedient what do we got obedient ivory haddock ah one more like 25 one more like 25 let’s go let’sgo let’s go we have eight not change we have eight not changing anything damn you as well man wellwhat are you rocking cal chip 5.8 six meter you’re getting all the witnesses look at that look atthat booger down here you near the cliffs of dover that’s not too bad um i don’t think there’sreally anything you’re gonna be able to do to improve it sucks your transmit skills just tosmidge off just probably by how much is around um so you got the 5.8 up i wouldn’t go any biggerbecause you’re going to overshoot some stuff but you just want to make sure that you’ve got somereally good line of sight here you’re eight six meters in the air that’s pretty solid so uh reallywhat cord are you running how long is your cord take into consideration those if you’re not usingan lmr400 we’re gonna skip down to the bottom here make sure that you’re using an lmr400 or lmr600and you want to make sure you minimize as many little connections in between each chord aspossible just to help that dbi stay strong so that might just be a long-ass chord umyou already looked at it sorry yeah uh yeah mr steele mr studio block says a 5.8 is 100worth it we’re in cassette where in florida are you i’m in cloud kissimmee i’m in um davenportcan you check straight snowy mall sure i’m in davenport i’m in the four corners area uh straightsnowy mole let’s check that i’m going to finland all right so you’ve got some good numbers lookslike you got a bobcat because you have that week of [ __ ] like i did crazy current b can you tellme what i can do better sure i can take a peek in a minute cheerful yeah no problem sergier sirguy whatever um acidic lemon cougar from dead pigeon crypto and gaming uh that’s kind of whatmy channel wants to be as crypto and gaming so uh looks like with you being at a 50 transmitscale that’s not too bad you’ve got a 4 dbi 20 meters in the air you have nothing around youso if this is your little section um leave it so you’re not gonna be able to do much other thanjust get a few miners and put them around you but other than that not too bad but yeah you candefinitely tell you had the week of bobcat crap that i had about two weeks ago so sorry i hityou there man all right what’s next obedient ivory haddock obedient ivory haddock fun facthaddock is one of my wife’s favorite meals so hit that like button everyoneanything helping with rack version two miners currently offline but it worksin discovery mode weird vero florida here yeah there you go there oh i think i lookedat that one yep already looked at that one um what do we got come on guys hit the likebutton brave rainbow dragon fly going to germany oh it looks like you just got started you justgot started as well oh you got a 5.8 55 meters in here this ladies and gentlemen is the definitionof a perfect setup he probably has a nice nice high quality cord i’m sorry i’m reading thecomments and thing at the same time he probably has a nice high quality cord or coax cable 5 55meters in the air so you have line of sight of everyone great setup especially since youjust started mining a week ago and you’re already at 4.3 that’s a great setupso i wouldn’t change a damn thing yeah see you’re in your first week what are youpulling every 24 hours probably about yeah just one or two yeah that’s not bad at allman great setup there um macho navy mandrel macho navy mandrel 5.8 or eight whatwould you do check big slate mallard let’s go here where are we going looks like you you started two weeks ago yeah soit looks like you got okay started all right cool um let’s check you looks like you just got startedand that’s not too bad for your first day getting going um 5.8 4 meters in the air you’re just ina smaller area but give yourself another week or so and you’re going to start hitting some moreand you’ll see some more witnesses pop up which will be excellent so if that’s true settings 5.84meters in the air maybe try to get a little bit higher but other than that good setup make sureyou’re not near any glass doors windows anything like that um out in high is perfect all right keepit going all right let’s see big slate mallard going to texas um i think it wassupposed to like today or something ooh all right 5.8 yeah okay you’re good idon’t even need to give you any advice 5.8 or 8.0 i wouldn’t change if you’re making 30 and30 days i wouldn’t change a thing you’ve got a good setup with what you’ve got going rightnow you could always test it just make sure you unplug and turn you know deep turn offthe power of your miner before you do your antenna but as of right now with that setupi wouldn’t change the thing sneaky daffodil sneaky death oh deal mannery there we gogainesville go gators i wanted to go to university of florida but they wouldn’t take me because iwas a half a second off the olympic trial time for swimming and they wouldn’t take me as a walk onuntil i hit the olympic trial time unfortunately i never stuck with swimming there 7 dbi 3 metersin the air um you might be okay with a 5.0 dbi or you’re just not high enough and out but i wouldtry a 5.0 dvi you can get them also on rack it just because your 7.0 might be overshootingeverything yeah absolutely man but yeah i wouldn’t change the thing with your 8.0 at all hit the likebutton guys hit the like button so yeah definitely try a 5.0 maybe smidge smaller just got my 5.8rack antenna today just waiting on my lighting lightning arrester struggling with 0.03 dailyon the stock bobcat antenna yeah that’s the problem with a lot of the stock bobcat antennaslike they’re good and they’re decent but you really have to get them out and i don’t like thefact that they’re automatically in the metallic base and i can’t like move that else like else ormagnetic bass and i can’t really move it elsewhere but don’t watch certain other youtubers like voscoin that tells you to put it up in the attic next to a window because you’re going to refract allthat signal back in the house and not get anything from that side of the house all right bobcat 4 dbi7 meters in the air 4.27 i would upgrade yourself to the 5 or the 5.8 i mean the 5.8 really thisis the perfect antenna it’s got this beautiful size easy to set up really really durable thanksmate you just looked at germany did it now tell me why this dude has more rewards despite worse setupcheating fantastic concrete swim probably cheating bumpy snowy baboon yeah you try yourself a 5.8like you’re still pulling some solid numbers and if you do that like you know every every 30 daysit’s still a good return you just hang on to your but you’re getting 20 witnesses whichis going to drop down to 11 eventually yeah 70 viewers guys hit that like button hitthat damn like button but yeah try yourself a 5.8 get yourself one on the link in the descriptionum bumpy snowing which is the fasting shipping healing spot yeah bobcat’s still the bigdaddy good source for antennas and cables so if you want to get antennas the link is in thedescription forum and if you want to get antennas you want to go to usacoax.com usacoax.com andi really like this site they’re based out of um gainesville as well and they already haveeverything set up for you i have a helium lmr400 i did not get the ultraflex so that is a sturdyass cable uh wobbly rusty fox gotta watch that one creamy mojave yak let me know if you need helpuh what was i looking at um bumpy snowy baboon what am i even looking at you for what you’ve got3.0 15 meters up you probably have that whole area on lockdown man that’s gotta be you you truly area coin getter look at you i’m gonna look at your whole account we’re gonna find out if you’resomeone i need to go find and we need to rob okay so you’ve got that let’s see howmany hot spots you got two hot spots uh you’ve got one doing work man your bumpy snowybaboon is doing some work who needs ultraflex yeah you really don’t need the ultraflex what’s goingon spence how you doing buddy all right let’s uh what’s next uh hit the like button which isabout yeah bobcat still good source antennas i showed you that already careful blah blah blahgreetings from the netherlands great content do you know when my transmit scale dropped i have abobcat miner in the attic with the stock antenna lone basil giraffe have you checked on umhot spotty yet we can go take a look here as i sneeze oh god oh god i’mgonna look like an idiot hang on ugh it’s weird like when i sneeze i have tolike charge it up like a freaking kamehameha before i let it out and if there’s one thing ilove when i’m doing nothing it’s a good sneeze how long can the cables well technicallylike only like three meters like for example i have um i think i keep seeing wobblyrusty fox i know i need to check it i have a 25 footer yeah your uh transmit scale isjust going down because of all the stuff around you so let’s see if we can see what it is on thehot spotty um i have a 25 footer and i have a 1.1 dbi signal loss just because i have the 25flare that has to run under the yeah that’s why this is why your signal loss is going down you cansee on hot spotty um so you have this area here which is going to have a set amount of minersand then i think as we zoomed out you saw the bigger scale here so it looks like this area thisum zone is saturated so that uh no it’s not yet i think october 16th so this is why your area yourtransmit scale is going down is because your area is saturated so that’s that’s why unfortunately uhif you can get out to a better area good but also you’re still making you know 11 to 12 in 30 daysso that’s not terrible um you’ve got the 4 dbi 3 meters up you could try the 5.8 and you can evenhit any you can hit more so i would i would try maybe the 5.8 leave it at the same height but trythe 5.8 get out there a little bit more let’s do wobbly rusty fox i’ve seen it a few timesand i just keep forgetting to pull it up we’re going to medicine i have a cable thatis 50 feet and it was worth the signal loss because of the improvement yeah i thinkum if you go to usa coax so don’t put like give it a minute before you post your minersunless you super chat them um if you go into uh usa coax.com you could scroll down and youwill see a click here to use the times microwave calculator for signal loss so i currently havethe lmr 400 and we’re gonna go find that here in just a minute okay thank you for your responsevery you’re very very welcome um i have an lmr 400 my frequency is 915 and my run length is 25 feetso let’s go ahead and calculate what that’s going to be for my signal loss you can see right heremy maximum cable assembly insertion loss is 1.1 db so if our boy daily mint which if you haven’tsubscribed go subscribe to his channel if we look at his cable uh he’s got a 2.2 dbsignal loss so even if we go down to a three three will have a point two a one meter cablewill have minimal we’ll have next to nothing but really once you start clearing like 10 feetyou’re gonna start seeing over half a signal loss and that’s where they start going um so i wouldn’tgo too crazy like i said i’ve got uh this is at 25 feet at a 1.1 um signal loss right thereso that’s not terrible and as you can see on mine i am hitting uh i hit my farthestmy farthest witness yet which i thought 43 kilometers was gonna be my big one but uh thisone just impressed me let’s pull up my miner look at this bad boy all the way out here if i geta 40 foot antenna uh what’s the best cable to buy i’m just going to link this in here go there buy your antennas from there opinions onmy hot spot at 8 dbi 30 feet up give me one second sure hit the like button everyone i wanted tosee this guy here see what he’s rocking nice mint jellyfish if you i i swear i’ve looked at thisbefore if you’re nice man jellyfish i think you’ve watched me before but that’s awesome we’re gettingthat even the signal loss is an estimate it could in reality be less but you wouldn’t know withouttesting 100 true uh all right agreeable pistachio hello ace how are you cricket north lauderdale florida ooh you’re busy you busybusy busy not bad though for being so busy you’re just getting witnesses left and right man you gotthat 5.8 with your bobcat it just looks like every time you pump out signal you are getting witnessesso you’ve got 14 in the past 30 days almost 15. i wouldn’t change a thing i like those numbers seei’m not terribly like greedy i like those numbers so realistically in a month and a half if youpurchase and you set up your hotspot right there you’re already going to break even and the restis going to be profit so you don’t even care what time frame you’re at and you’re sitting therelooking at a 5.87 meters up don’t change the thing man just make sure that there’s nothing reallyblocking the omnidirectional ability of your antenna so you’re not getting back here but you’vegot 15 witnesses right now still at just shy of 15 helium a month with povc 11 i think you’re goingto drop down to 10 so i wouldn’t change a damn thing so congratulations there not too badwhat’s next nice spruce b huh nice spruce b nice bruce b going to canada candy d i a comeon guys hit that like button let’s get to 50 likes if you haven’t hit the like button gohit it how long did it take your bobcats to sink the weight is killing me yeah so the bobcatsinking is brutal daley mitt and i were talking in telegram back and forth i wouldn’t changea damn thing nice bruce b you’re rocking a five point again guys someone take italianhow many times we see a 5.8 with these kind of numbers and then tell me how many times irecommend the 5.8 like someone do that that’d be interesting to see with the like data of the uhthe data of the um can you please check my miner uh dapper fern mustang yeah we will in a secondum cool thanks for grabbing that uh yeah so 5.8 and you’re i wouldn’t changea thing on yours 21 in a month phenomenal fantastic man enjoy that enjoy thatmoolah one month to pay yours off um calm linden calm linen the hell am i looking for corgi corgi butts crazy satin deer i wouldn’t change a thing there’s an 8.0 10 metersin the air i literally just upgraded it’s been great so far yeah a few people were messaging mein discord it was really cool we all shared our uh miners the other day can you check speed thenyeah um we were sharing all of our miners and antenna placements yesterday or like the otherday in discord it’s a really good time if you guys haven’t joined the discord uh consider jumpingin um we all show like one guy was installing his setup and then another guy like showedhis installed setup it was really really cool looking forward to your meetup and cali if you’redoing the disneyland family trip might i recommend golden road brewing in anaheim for a meet-uplocation only two miles away cheers yeah that wouldn’t be too holy crap yeah um yeah as soonas you get the 25k just let me know and i’ll look for all that stuff absolutely but yeah ipretty much already locked it down uh yeah fk send me your miner name and i’ll definitely lookit up you also you’re sitting at a six point is six dbi six meters in the air you’re hitting alot of good stuff here so i would just let it rock keep doing what you’re doing 14 a monthlike you’re doing all better than me so i wouldn’t even be greedy about it like wheni start seeing these numbers i don’t even mind uh there was that one that i had to check wherei was ace dapper fern mustang dapper fern mustang what do you what do you think rewards willdrop another 25 to 30 after poc 11 shouldn’t they go up with some loss spoofer yeah rewardsare gonna go up that’s 100 what’s gonna happen 5.8 dbi look at that he’s got it 15.8 almost 16 inthe past 30 days wouldn’t change a thing brother i would not or sister sorry i just assumed onthat one there i wouldn’t change a thing ace i definitely wouldn’t change athing look at that another 5.8 um clean peanut shark uh yeah i think in in um europe 5.8 is stillacceptable again another 5.8 hitting 15 to 16 a month wouldn’t change a thing not too badyou’re hitting a lot you’ve got so much world of opportunity with that 5.8 hitting all this stuffso good on you again there’s another another 5.8 so that’s clean peanut shark just switched fromfive point yeah mk you’re looking at all these five point eights and that’s gotta be prettysolid two more likes guys let’s get to 50 two more likes looking forward to your meetup kyle yepuh tart ash borer ty i asked bowler tart ash borer 8.0 hitting all these witnesses oh look at thatand i like it too because you’re clear in the water which is just going to help refractor signaleven more with your line of sights and stuff um give yourself a little bit of timeyou’ve already made 4.1 in the past 30 days so you’re gonna have some really good rewardswhat was your question though i have a 5.8 on the way is there anything else i can do betterthan moving my hot spot you don’t need to move i mean if you just started mining and you’realready at 4.1 and you’re a week ago up vote yeah there we go 52 baby um you can try the 5.8but you’re already getting a lot of good hits i have a question about running a bobcatminer with stock antenna 4 meters up in town of kansas lawrence between topeka and kansasthanks in advance i’ll see if i can try um what’s next glam sage vulture keep your keep your 8.0 keep your eight if you’regetting this and if you’re getting 38 in 30 days just keep your eight i wouldn’t even fart aroundwith it so glamorous sage vulture deviate music just keep your eight going um cinnamon what isyour opinion on the new miner in a populated area suburb area what are some ideal hexes and antennatypes to get started in that area massive cinnamon jaguar jaguar yeah again going back to californiaso that’s why i’ve kind of decided to do my meetup in california just because of everyone there soyour transmit scale what’s your question uh what is your opinion on setting up a new miner ina populated suburban area what are some ideal hexes antenna types to get started and set up umso if you’ve got your setup here switch it over to a 5.8 you’re getting some okay like i wouldn’tsay i’m looking at the 30 day so in your 24 hours you’re getting 0.1 in 24 hours get yourselfto 5.8 and put that bad boy up nice and high and yes you’re in a populated area so yourtransmit scale is going to be down but you’ll be able to hit a lot of stuff here which willbe pretty solid so make sure you do that okay um trying to stay up guys i’m tryingto stay up trying to stay up rosewood falcon it’s a hot spot well first off wobblyrosewood falcon 8 dbi 12 meters high rack version 2 just went offline yesterdayany recent issues with rackminers since i’m a bobcat user i don’t have anyof the rackminer updates to let me know um oh yeah you want to get that you want that backonline real quick um but it’s showing a cow chip which i guess would be right um yeah i’m notsure about racks since i don’t have them like auto followed i always just follow uh bobcatand that’s everything i get all the emails on so but man i hope that comes back online quickfor you that’s gotta suck i know i had that one week of really really really like really crappybobcat issues and that week i really felt it uh i have a question about running about oh okay yeah ianswered that one i have to find it um 30 days you definitely need yourself a 5.8 so you’re in a verysimilar should i go for 5.8 bobcat currently it’s inside window plus mosquito net crazy satin deeruh a get it away from the window get it away from a mosquito net and get it away from anything alongthose lines because the window’s gonna refract the signal and also the mosquito net will as wellso if you’re gonna do that put it in like the middle of a room and put it up as high as you canotherwise put it up in your attic or try to get it outside like my more successful miner is in myattic and my other one is still outside um and i’m i have more successes with my one in my atticso i might consider moving the other one into like their attic or something there uh but youwant to get yourself a 5.8 the 4.0 is not going to do yourself much out here oh this is uh areyou in um new hampshire is that where we went because i just saw hannover i don’t knowum yeah so that’s what you want to do anyone else tried a directional antennai’ve seen a few uh directional antennas and um i i know one guy that’s got one that’sdoing pretty well i think he’s pointing his at orlando all right so shambolic sage boa heywhat happened to you i would maybe consider wow you’re doing so well and then you just wenti would consider rebooting your miner real quick because that’s that’s ass uh 8 17 up you you verywell could be overshooting a lot too with your 8.0 um maybe test out a 5.8 and see if you can getthese a little bit well i don’t know you got to get yourself fixed like you got 12.1 whatever’sgoing on here is killing you so that’s what you want to do okay and that’s shambolic sage boa butto go back to my all right so crazy satin deer so you’ve got the window in themosquito net huh on explore it shows relay but when i open helium appor the app i see this looks directional well never mind if you’ve got itsitting there like whatever you’re doing i take all that back uh unexplored showsrelay but when i open helium app or the app i see everything normal oh thank you verymuch for the super chat savory emerald pig from las vegas i want to go to las vegas verysoon i want to play some poker out there savory emerald pig you just got startedlook at you 4 dbi get yourself to 5 dbi uh is the antenna straight and leveluh my 5.8 on my um in-laws house is not unfortunately it’s a little tilted but it’s a 5.8but yeah man get yourself a 5.8 otherwise well give yourself a few days first like go a monthbefore you make a decision that’s really what i did with my antennas was i waited you knowi put them up and then i waited a week and i moved them around and then i gave it about a monthbefore i got my antennas so that’s what i would do that’s something to consider um but yeah thank youvery much rob for the super chat if you guys want to skip the line consider a super chat if youguys appreciate the content and you appreciate the humor and you appreciate the burr and you wantto help me pay for my meet up event in california because it’s not going to be a charge thing sendno super chats or if you have a buttload of helium there’s a helium address in the description ofthis video um yes is a five point is a five dbi better for crowded areas definitely do minebig slate mallet that’s a bunch of mallards which one more legit the explorer of the appuh the most legit is the green light can you do well in very very rural areas it depends if youtake over the whole area so you just got started mining salty iris about two weeks ago i wouldlet your numbers run and see from there you’ve got a three on a 15 meters you might be perfectthat’s in this it would this crowd right in front of you that might be perfect by the way there wasan oat another ota update i got yesterday i think and everything was stuck had to fast sync againtoday mr pisghetti’s i didn’t uh i got lucky i was okay i have to look at mine here shortly butum yeah so salty iris kookaburra let your miner um go for another week or so before we make anycrazy rash decisions because right now you’ve got some pretty promising numbers for your first14 or first like 12 days festive vinyl swan right from apply music what dbi isbetter for high up 17 meters 5.8 didn’t we look at this last week like you werehitting all this stuff yeah you’re still doing pretty solid you’re still hitting everythingand that’s a 4 dbi 11 meters up in the air you’re doing pretty well hitting all the wayout here look at that boom farthest one i’ve seen yep the green light works best yeahthe green light’s really the best way to go thank you what would you do if there was alreadysix hot spots in my hex already i would go beg my parents or you know my grandparents or my bestfriend to let me put something in their house and not tell them i’m going to make a wholebuttload of money on it let’s check you out or you know if you want to be nice and offerthem 30 suboptimal so you just got started you’ve got a 2.8 yeah i mean you’re in an area where at least gonnaguarantee hitting stuff how many is in your hex alone holy poop urine it was a skyrocket copy thisguy no don’t copy him he’s probably spoofing it let’s go back into there he’s probably spoofing itlike i hate seeing numbers like this that’s just ridiculous especially when they don’t even updatethis is a 1.2 i’m so glad that povc is coming out and saying you have to make sure that you updateyour height and you update your uh antenna or else like you know me so that’s really really coolbut yeah you just got a shitty transmit scale you can give yourself a little bit of timea 5.0 or excuse me a 5.8 might do you well so that’s going to be something toconsider what’s next um by the way uh would you place bobcat near thewindow no in the middle of a room the reason why you want to put it in the middle ofa room is because naval guns are very close to you is because um the windows are going to refractyour signal so at least if you if you have your like antenna right up against a window it’sgoing to refract all that signal right there like bounce it away but at least if you haveit back away from the window the signal will like penetrate out and just be refracted at thewindow while the rest is still getting out there so you want to make sure you get i don’tknow how to spoof and i’m not going to do it uh because i don’t think it’sfair um so you want to make sure yeah you already have six there man that’s crazyyou want to make sure it’s not up against a window do not listen to vos coin or anyone likethat saying put it next to a window square charcoal lobster going to cali uh four dbi five meters up don’t changethe thing man you are only mining for two weeks and you’re all right don’t spam it pleasenelson don’t spam it um or i won’t check it um yeah you’re already you’re only been miningfor like two weeks and you’re only at 10.52 that’s fantastic i put a stock intent onthe roof lol works great might as well so what is that did we already do salty berrybeaver i don’t think we did salty berry beaver are you on his discord i think there’sa link for that in the description right it should be a link for thedescription uh for discord also you 1.2 i don’t know what you have do youreally truly have a 1.2 like is it just the stock one because maybe i wouldconsider changing it to the 5.8 and then you can get better from there likeyou’ve you’ve got some great witnesses but i mean yeah so if we measure the heightdo we measure gr uh from the ground yeah original bobcat antenna all right since homedude hasn’t spammed it i’m gonna check his what connection should you geton your lmr cable all right so my lmr cable that’s a good question i’mgonna take a breather so what i really really really like about um usa coax we’re in the giantshat proud after yesterday yeah one and three baby i can’t believe the giants and the jets bothwon in overtime that’s that’s stupid especially against like decent teams um so here on theusa coax the way i did mine was i did my rp sma mail and then i did my n female so that wayi didn’t have to worry about any adapters or anything like that because if you do haveto get one of those little adapters hang on shut up copper so this is my shitty ass cablei don’t recommend if your cable’s this small go throw it you know turn it into a jump ropeor something so if you have to get one of these adapters to plug your um your cable into yourantenna that’s also going to cause you some signal loss so remember that so if you want to cut itso custom build your antenna or your cable on usa coax.com i don’t get any affiliate payments fromthem or anything so i’m not trying to show them um they just make good quality antennasthat’s an antenna that i’m just here for shits and giggles so allright let’s keep going what’s next wobbly sepia i lost your comment i was like where is it get yourself out of relayed that’s what youwant to do even though you’re relayed making 7.8 in the past 30 days isn’t bad but yeah getyourself out of relay and then get yourself a 5.8 get yourself a 5.8 that way you could potentiallyhit these people back here a little bit because you’ll have some water refracting all the signaland stuff as well um i looked up the spammer right did i did i not bitter teali wanted to make sure i i don’t think i did i mean you’ve got the best you’regonna be able to do you got a nebra uh i put the stock for dbi antenna on roof lol someone buy facebook domain it’sup for sale lol how much is that oh five dollar super chat i’m in bradford vermont i have a huge old radio antenna on roofi’m worried i’m too rural could explore gf house in burlington vt instead what do youthink are there any um miners around you let’s see if you had any miners around you i could look uplike what’s going on there um so let’s see oh god yeah vermont’s got like nothing goingon and where are you you’re in bradford i don’t even know where bradford is uh close to burlington right burlington coatfactory i don’t know where it is my geography skills are terrible us geography none really noi am not mammoth seafoam hang on um really i mean uh did you say aware was due to come online16th october where did you hear that i have been searching and saw most likelythe eighth yeah i’ve actually been i i’ve said a couple of things that i wouldn’tbe surprised if it would be coming out um yeah you’re gonna want yourself likethe biggest you can get and i think nine um yeah you’re in a rural area you’regonna have to like grow around there yeah you’re gonna have to grow like your ownnetwork around there or just try to get like a 5.0 and try to hit like down here and down herei mean it’s it’s also very hilly up there too so you’re gonna have a lot of issues gettingsome far stuff like you’re not gonna just be able to put a monster antenna and shoot it outunless you’re on top of like any of like the mountain ranges or anything like that or on theside of one so you i unfortunately the bad news is you are going to have a little bit of a hardtime unless you’re like down in here if you’re anywhere near like manchester now we’re startingto go into like new hampshire territory aren’t we let’s go back into vermont thank you idon’t know why i was in new hampshire yeah you’re going to have an issue in this area sothat’s the only problem um general pistachio hornet thank you very much for the super chat jli really appreciate it man um pistachio hornet uh get it back online i mean all right what’s he saying doyou think a directional antenna would be best because property is at the bottom of a hillbut still has clear line of sight on the other direction facing like down no i don’t thinka directional will be very well for you i mean it could if you’re at the bottom of a hillum but because it’s going to eliminate your um it’s going to eliminate your like your verticalto get you up and over that so you definitely might want to try you’re 30 meters in the airwith a 9 dbi try the rack like 5.8 you might be okay that might give you some good elevationwe’re gonna have to jump down to the bottom jail’s on top of a mountain oh okay well then yeahso get yourself like a big omnidirectional and see if you can get out everywhere you’re gonnahave a hard time but you know try try the 8.0 i i think the 8.0 might be good i’m admin of thelocal facebook h t group that’s cool naval guns uh sir i can only get witness beaconing but i can’tsee other beacons uh magnificent tangelo bold meg near first tangelo well shut up copper all right go to the uk you know what i’m gonna say 40 bi three meters in the air so you’re probablyinside your flat get yourself your 5.8 and get it everywhere alex with the five dollar super chatcheck uh look at that clever walnut rock the rook only minor in my hex and i’m getting really therewards it is the next the win get it away from the window that’s gonna be i don’t have to lookat it to tell you right now get it away from the window that was the biggest upgrade i saw i ohcool philip mclean with the five dollar give me one second and i will let you know richgolden lafayette indiana should i pick a new um yeah get it away from a window so we’re gonnastart with this one you still have i mean in the past 30 days the reason why your rewards are likethis is because you’ve been sitting in a window uh also you want to get yourself a 5.8 so cleverwalnut rook mr alex you want to get yourself a 5.8 dbi and you’re going to start hitting a lot moreput it in your attic all right you can either put it outside and if you can’t get outside then putit in your attic and if you got the bobcat you can do what my setup is and my setup is i have mybobcat sitting in my garage which is right next to my attic and my oh another five dollar super chati gotta catch up with you guys now [ __ ] guys killing it so yeah get you get yourself uha 5.8 and put it in the attic on top of your house addicts will do pretty well so it’ll keep itaway from the elements rich golden is it lafayette all right is it rich golden mantis philliplet’s see if it’s rich golden mantis oh [ __ ] man did you just get started is todayyour second day is today your first day today is your second day and you could already see theincrease going up you got a four dbi um not too bad uh you probably if you can get it out how manyare in your hex three are in your hex and you’ve got yeah i would probably get it out of there soif you can get out into this area you should be a lot better so yeah i would move it out of yourhex just because if you’re looking if this is you you got a 0.25 transmit scale imagine if youwere able to get four times those rewards already in the first two days of yourmining so that’s what i’m going to say uh restless ruby cricket i have many friendsin mexico near arizona i want to put up about 10 miners in this area do you think it will beprofitable absolutely if you put them up just right then yes you will absolutely be profitableum restless ruby cricket so able 1921 thank you for the five dollar super chat philip mclean thankyou for the five dollar super chat alex thank you very much for the five dollar super chat jl thankyou very much for the five dollar super chat and rob hogan thank you very much for the two dollarsuper chat i’m falling behind on regular ones so if you guys super chat them i’ll get to thosefirst all right so yeah you want to do 10 miners i don’t know why your transmit scale is beingrelayed but maybe they didn’t want so much coverage in that area yeah get you if you’regoing to do 10 miners then yeah you want to have them all nice and spread out let’s seewhat your transmit scale oh because you’ve got a guy right on top of you and i’m surethese ones are right on top of you as well so what i’m assuming why your transmit scale isso low is because you’re supposed to be 350 meters apart but let me take a guess it’s offline at themoment yeah get it online that’s that’s the first thing um so let’s imagine here let’s say this isyour miner it i wonder if the other guy is like right here which is within 350 meters and theni wonder if this guy’s like right here and like this guy’s right here like let’s say you have 350meters which is what you want to clear like this and now you’ve got four miners in that areabut you want to avoid that in the future so absolutely put like 10 in surrounding areasand just get yourself and it looks pretty flat out there oh fill up with another five dollarsuper chat yeah with a japan karate shiba in you thank you very much phillip i really appreciate itman all right what do you think about ship man i bought into shib a while ago i was on crypto.comand i just left it there and to be honest i was at hard rock i was playing pokerand i cashed out my ship i went from like about like 300 worth of it i cashed out like ahundred dollars just because i was like i don’t like the meme coins that much and then i wentto play three card poker with it and i walked away with 275 dollars so i pretty much bouncedback i just had to play poker orbiting pink chicken can you check mine please there’s nonot many around me sure i can do that for you all right we’re going tojump back to um some of the viewers talk about shiba inu i don’t like shibain you i don’t like meme coins i like coins with a function i like coins that i can mine i likecoins with a purpose not something that people are just gonna try to pump because it’s a meme coini did have it but i don’t really care for it um you’re not gonna hurt yourself but i mean yourarea sucks but not much you’re gonna be able to do with your area um so it’s up it broke a zerotoday bro yeah i know but i’m not gonna go near it i need a coin with a functioni don’t need meme coins if you guys are into it great absolutelycongratulations and if you’re making profit good that’s like the way to go but i i like things thatlike yes there’s a big [ __ ] in you crowd that i could probably try to please like with youtubevideos but i’m just not going to do that i want to do these mining videos i want to do you knowplanet watch videos i want to get little miners like deeper network and i want to get all thatstuff and test it and build it put it together this month i’m going to be buying a coupleof gpu i’m going to try to get a gpu rig going in my um house and it’s just a lot of goodstuff so yeah unfortunately your area sucks but nothing you can really do about that unless youmove somewhere else uh damaged goldenrod pheasants all right you and your friendsbought and set 11 miners but this one is getting fail witness i don’treally like them yeah i don’t either i need coins with a purpose hit thatlike button guys can we get the 75 likes also so we haven’t done a while it’s aboutto be on every major exchange i mean good but what does it do besides beingmean um what are we looking at uh six in the past 30 days you got a 2.3 cowchip get yourself a 5.8 get yourself a 5.8 spread the love around you want a 5.8 fordamaged golden rod pheasant that’s what you want all right what we got i i see twothat i want to look at all right silly myrtle goose uh checked me last week updatedlocation wiped my witnesses but my transmit scale is up any reason for that uh by scooby and b doha your transmit scales up what was it last week the reason why your transmit scale is like shittyis because you have 40 in the adjacent one next to you and then you have one two three you have nineso just in a small little circle you’ve got 40 you’ve got 40 50 56 57 58 so you got 50 i meanwith your transmit scale only being what am i looking at with your trains silly model goosewith your transmit scale only being at 0.73 inside it’s 30 bucks for shipping yeah their shipping is a little is a littlerough but you’ll make that 30 bucks really quick you’ll make it back in helium trust meon that one thank you we got the 75 likes i appreciate it guys um but yeah so 10 not too badit was at .36 before yeah so it’s it’s better and considering like i said that there’s 56immediately surrounding you and with you that’s not bad at all so not too bad got yourself agood situation there if i order an lmr cable for my bobcat what is the optimal connect rp yesyep that’s exactly what you want yep the rp sma will connect to the miner and then the endfemale will connect to the antenna planning on mining any other type of crypto um i’mwith my gpu miner i’ll be mining raven coin can you do zealous blunt all right there’sanother one i want to look at uh i’m using pastel sparrow all right so your question is me andfriends bought and set 11 miners but this one is getting fail witnessesand lower rewards uh well first off it’s getting failed just probably because ofit’s offline um let’s take a look activity invalid yeah the invalid witnessing has something todo with like the signal like shooting too close or something and not like reading itjust right um give it a nice good reboot and then maybe you don’t really need your antennaup that high if this is all you guys right here so if you said you’ve got 11 of them one twothree four five six seven eight nine how many do you have in here one two three four fivesix seven eight nine ten and you’ve got one more you’re gonna be putting up not a bad areato overtake though um you guys are doing really well there so you’ve got five six and 30 days11 and 30 days 7.72 12 and 8 9.This is not bad numbers for 10.5 10.7 5.9 those are not badnumbers for just taking over that little area i will say that and if these are all you guysthat’s a nice little like mining farm quote unquote mining farm oh yeah look at your rewardsalready so in the past 30 days you’ve got 781 you’ve got 37 helium and you’re looking at abalance of 114 that’s not a bad setup man good setup good setup um shaker the one that usa coaxrecommend recommends the one to get can’t wait for the gpu yeah so i i do have a gpu miner right nowit’s a gtx 1050 ti 4 gigabyte super clock edition i have a spare one in my attic but in my closetthat i want to plug in i just don’t have the adapter to fit it onto my motherboard so with thecomputer that i’m gonna buy and build probably in like two weeks i’m gonna make sure that ican put in like three or four gpus into it and then i’m gonna start mining ravencoin and doingvideos on that as well so i’m excited for that uh now on the app it’s online it’s offline uh willyou show us how to build it yeah yeah building is so much fun like i built this computer back inlike 2016 which is why i’m building a new one um soon it will be only be prepared for it sobuilding is so much fun uh what’s yours kids mania if i lost you in the traffic i’m sorry remembersuper chats get to the front of the line second express pass at universal studios plus it letsme keep my attention focused on it uh grumpy dad festive golden rod frog my neck is deaf all right so oohnot bad ooh don’t change the thing not bad grumpy dad uh must uh most of the minersaround me appear to be spoofed or is it me i mean if that’s around you maybe hejust has the perfect setup if that is you great job all right kidz mania dazzling thanks i will try to move the one pastelsparrow behind the window so the signal is not that strong and maybe it’s not going tomake invalids anymore yeah give that a whirl i hate to say it but yeah give that a whirl i’m not gonna answer the phone umwhat am i looking at gingham terrier music’s back all right looks like the only issue that you’re goingto be outside of my phone looks like the only issue you’re gonna be havingis everyone around you locally yeah i wish there wasn’t so much of a delay betweenlike what i say in the comments i always lose track what are we at an hour uh can you tellme what i should do i get better revenue please um first off you’re at eight is not terribleum but maybe give yourself a try at a 5.8 dbi or relocate it justbecause you’re at four point or 0.41 on the reward scale i would try toget it out to a different hex that isn’t so clustered your biggest problem is your clusterso if you weren’t clustered you would have 16 um you would have 16 in the past 30 days andthat would put you at 326 so that’s not too bad it’s just be you have even more becauseit’s 0.41 so it’s just a matter of the area um yeah let me see if i can remember that commentgive me one second a bid i saw you posted earlier anybody have any results from the directionalantenna from rack uh i do not and i haven’t pulled the trigger on it just because of thepovc thingamable boo uh north fort myers florida if you just got started mining i think you’repretty good you got the 5.8 you got eight meters in the air um i can’t give me the nameof your hot spot don’t do the address like that um if you just started mining and thisis your third week doing it and you’re already at 5.86 that’s not bad you got the5.8 let your month finish out before you go you got 1.0 transmit scale you got the 5.8it’s just gonna get better and better for you there was that shitty week in the middleof uh well for bobcat so disregard hardy har alright moving on from stockholm swedencan you see how i can improve melodic let’s take a look hit that like we need 16 more likes let’s getto 100 let’s get 200 likes oh god your transmit scale is what’s killing you everything elseis potentially fine but your transmit scale is bad bad bad bad bad bad if you canmove it anywhere else other than there like if you can move it down here andput a 5.8 on there you’ll do much better that’s brutal come on 50 more likes let’s get to100 likes guys 15 more let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go yeah you’re going to want to definitelyget yourself let’s see your 30 days yeah you’re going to definitely want to get yourself intoa different location because you were this is what’s killing you everything else is perfectlyfine so let’s imagine that you didn’t have this and you were getting the numbers that you weregetting you’d have 10 times the rewards and unfortunately you don’t so you would have 20 you’dhave almost 30 h t tokens instead of the 2.9 i had the rack antenna on my sense but 4.99 oh my neckah 90.10 more to go oh spiderman great on my neck all right what are we lookingat able bronze to beer uh not bad i have the rack antenna on mysense cap 4.5 dbi that’s awesome look at you you’re not bad at all man and if you guys onlyhave one minor i mean like i wouldn’t change a thing on you you’ve got a 5.8 you have the4.5 or a 5.8 it’s telling me you have a 5.8 i’m sorry tender okay allright all right all right abel bronze oh the the nebra ah yeah that’s not bad let’s go look at mysetup seven more likes guys some more likes you’re welcome a bit my pleasure so you guys are all doing much better than me andthe reason why my area sucks like you can see i’m only getting 0.7 thanks for looking appreciate ityeah my pleasure man absolutely six more like six more likes if you haven’t hit that like hit thatlike hit that like yeah all right 5.8 that’s what that makes more sense yeah and if you guys haven’tupdated your uh your antenna height and your antenna dbi you definitely need to all right youdefinitely definitely need to when it comes to um i’ll just show you all my activity like i’mgetting like witnesses like you could see that i’m in the middle of nowhere you guys are in muchbetter placement than me but this is proof this is me showing in the attic with radiant barrier solaratticfoil reflective block circles yes it will in vegas you need it here yeah it will reflectyour sig it will refract your signals back in so but yeah i am a good example of being outalone and having a good signal set up because really besides what even though i had thatweek of [ __ ] where bobcat was just being really stupid we’re still at seven helium forthe past 30 days i’m very happy with those returns especially since i’ve got the two minersand the other miner i do have to redo it’s um i do have to redo its antenna to make sureit’s straight up in the air but you get even with that bobcat week of crap i’m at 10.881and i’m happy with that um just building that just building that bank all rightwhat are we looking for virtual visual is it virtual bamboo or as a visual why am i losing my oh god where’dit go bamboo okay bamboo weasel guy i just need a highlighted super chat104 likes thank you very much and if this is your first time on the channel please considerhitting that subscribe button as we post videos weekly and or post i mean pretty much every liketwo three four videos a week we do a stream every monday where right now the stream of the weekis always talking about helium and rating all these setups like we’re doing today get your 8 dbiup higher uh other than that i’d probably maybe try a 5.8 just to get all the stuff with insidebut remember this is all a line of sight thing definitely hit the like button hey how’s thecable that comes with the rack 5.8 antenna ass it’s ass i’ll show you that antenna hang on so this is that antenna and you can see how thinthat is so there’s no insulation or anything so this is just gonna bleed signal all daylong like this is just an ass antenna like i i hope they didn’t add any surcharge onto theprice for these miners or these antennas even though they were 40 bucks for this piece of crapso this is the antennas are great the cable is ass don’t even bother with it i don’t know how anysignal is getting through this thing just because so hopefully i answered that question all right uhvirtual bamboo weasel yeah virtual okay um you’re fine man if you just started mining in the past30 days or you just started getting everything going you’ve gotten some good returns in the youknow in the past half of the time you’re mining so i wouldn’t change a thing um maybe try the5.8 just in case your 8.0 shooting anyone so um what’s next bald cider kitten orwait wait wait uh i wanted to look at i already answered that oneokay so we’re gonna do bald oh five dollar super chat should i try a fivedbi antenna or just give up my location uh silly cloudy barracuda thank you very much yams i willjump right on top of yours first because of the super chat you just got yourself an express passmy friend if you guys want yours rated and zero percent chance of me overlooking or forgetting itmake sure you do a super chat you’re in orlando and make sure you add your miner name intoare you in that 11 you are you are in that oh no you’re the one next to it ah all right let’sget your 30 so you just got started yeah you’re going to want to move you are one going you’rein the 13 one you are going to want to move just because of how crazy this is silly cloudbarracuda right yeah you are getting a 0.23 transmission you’re going to hit a lot of stufflike if you wanna sit and let it ride for a little bit and see how it goes since you just got startedmining a week ago you can try um maybe try the 5.8 dbi antenna but you’re probably going to want tomove um just because of you’re in the two worst sections in orlando what’s crazy is my miners havehit up there um i don’t know if in recently it has but yeah you should try the 5 dbi antenna and andmove definitely oh 5 super chat from naval guns i have two locally big slate mallard and magicocean rooster there’s a like 50 foot difference in elevation looking to add two to three morewith a 5.0 dbi all right so let’s take a look big slate mallard let’s take a gandershall we let’s go ahead and move this down oop 99 viewers let’s get to 100 let’sget 100 108 likes thank you very much all right so let’s see big slate mallard and magicocean um oh my god man i wouldn’t change a thing uh there’s like 50 foot difference in elevationlooking to add two or three more with five dbi yeah if you add a few more i mean two or threemore you’re gonna increase your revenue at least monthly just get it out of the area out oflike your hex because you’re at 50 per you know at a 50 transmit scale but you’re gonnaadd two more let’s take a look at your account 40 you got two hot spots going those in the last 24 hours well magic ocean rooster looks prettysolid let’s take a look at this one that one’s in a good spot yeah you’vegot great spot you’ve got a great setup you’re hitting everything really well um it lookslike you’re also it’s very flat there too right and so everything is just line of sightingeach other perfectly especially being eight you know seven meters up so that’s awesomerecently update witnesses i do need to update mine eleven witnesses not too bad it’s nottoo bad let me go back to your other one witnesses yeah you’re doingpretty solid and what’s the uh i’m looking for magic oceanare you witnessing each other that’s the important thing you wantto make sure that you witness each other as well just because you want yourown miners to be making money together one hand washes the other am i right please checkmine something wrong short blue goat uh cool raspberry copperhead what can i do to improve sothank you very much naval guns i appreciate the 5 super chat that’s how we get yours to the fastpassand uh good morning matt how are you hey you spelled my name awesome i appreciate that yep igot yam super chat i’ve got naval gun super chat all right i’m new to this i’m thinking of gettinga bobcat 300 how do i get paid who pays me so with you get paid so like right here and looking atthese miners these are what they’ve made in the past 30 days and they’ve made 13.3 helium you needto make sure you have the mining app on your phone oh naval guns i see you yeah i’m herei’m just i’m um just streaming yeah yes that i saw you posted at 2 40.Sorryum the basic the city is basically one big valley with a mountain downthe middle yeah that’s awesome um so yeah so you’ll get paid for mining and forgetting witnesses and forgetting um beacons and challenges and blah blah blah and they willget sent to your mobile wallet so that’s what you want to do is get the mobile walletall right let’s go back to bald cider kitten oh yeah we’re probably going to wrap up the streamhere in about 10 minutes oh yeah you’re just out alone but not bad for being out alone uh we’reprobably going to wrap up the stream in about 10 minutes if i haven’t got to your miner and it’sfallen behind in the comments i do apologize if you do hit that super chat i willuh definitely get it before i get off um but you can see here that we’re gettingeverything thrown crypto.com is the easiest way to cash out your hnt yeah it actually really isthe transactions are instant too not instant like algorand instant but they within like 10 minutesyou’re able to cash out so if you’re like out and at a fancy restaurant paying for dinner andyou’re making like you know 10 helium every seven days you could totally sit there and just cashit out um stop spamming a little smile i’ll try uh bald side or kitten but yeah 5.8 dbi in thisarea that’s the best you’re gonna do man that is the best you’re gonna do and 14.69 is waybetter than anything i’m hitting so good job on you man good job you got good line of sightwith everyone there unless that’s all yours short blue goat all right may drop half sorry that’sokay just don’t do it again um 3 dbi 20 meters up you’re hitting everythingaround you you can try and upgrade yourself to the 5.8 dbi uh you might run the risk of overshootinga little bit here uh but you can also run the gain of getting everything out here but you have alot of witnesses which is pretty solid and you’re making over 10 and 30 days so really if you’remaking over 10 helium in 30 days i don’t really have much to say like i i think that’s agood number i’m i’m happy with that number so i don’t really i wouldn’t recommend changinganything so that’s good that’s a good one uh can you check mine out please latequartz copperhead sure i can absolutely and sandal on the san juan puerto rico holy [__ ] again you’re over 10 helium and you’re on puerto rico it seems to be average beacons is moreimportant than number of witnesses what do you think yes you want to get more beacon like yeahit’s great if you send one beacon a day and you get like 77 witnesses like you see here you’reonly gonna get that reward pay at one time but if you’re sending out those beacons and gettingall those witnesses you want beacon beacon beacon beacon beacon and that’s when you’re gonna get allthis uh activity so we’re gonna look at the beacon sent here just on this one lake quartz copperheadin puerto rico can you use ellis blonde a bond dove do i need a better antenna and again um latequartz copperhead thanks so much really love your videos best youtuber i appreciate that you don’tgot to bother me up the sweetheart i appreciate it i guess i’m not going to see beacons butyeah you want to get those beacons sent and you want to get people to see them asmuch as possible like witnessing is cool but beaconing’s better like if you’rewitnessing beacon witness and beacon let’s go to the activity levels here i’m gonnago to all activities so you can see them all as soon as it hurries up it’s just random so you’re gonna send out a beacon andthen a challenger is going to challenge it and then a challenge excuse me and then achallenger is going to you know challenge the beacon and then you know you’re going tocreate the challenge and then you’re going to so another minor will create the challengeand then you will be the challenger which will you’ll send out the beacon and then youget witnesses based on beacons so if we’re looking at this one here we’ve got receivedmining bonus uh witness to beacon an hour ago witness to beacon two hours ago createda challenge three hours ago and so you’re getting some steady numbers so you want to seemore and more four hours ago you got activity four hours ago send a beacon four hours agoso you’ve got a lot of good activity on this one and that’s really what you want to startseeing and unfortunately it’s a lot of stuff that’s outside of your control so you reallycan’t do it um what were you looking at someone lost it oh there i found it zealous blonde of got it you’re welcome if you’re over 10 okay so youjust got started uh two weeks ago you got a four dbi one meter in the air uhget it higher get it in your attic get a 5.8 and get it in your attic there’s no reason whyyou can’t hit any of this stuff you want to be elevated zealous blonde dove you want to beelevated and you want to be big uh if you still have time can you check this one out i’mthinking putting a 5.8 on it but there are some uh some around my area offline real lead mustangi have the same thing uh can you do zealous but yeah okay so zealous blonde dove mini tactics youwant to get that 5.8 and get that up get it up going to cali uh what about light hot spotsand dpr minis able to mine i have a dpr mini how are my numbers doing of course idon’t have a dpr mini on this network i have it on my work computer network twonetworks in my house because i’m so cute see what my results are doing i’mgonna show how many work emails as well i like where i’m at you’re welcome mini tactics uh deeper wallet wallet balance we are up to326 we have been mining it’ll be another 12 it’ll be another two weeks we’ll be miningfor an official month but we’re up to 326 um dpn which is pretty solid i think that’scurrently sitting at about 11 cents 326.947 times 0.11 so yeah it’s 35 i mean we’re making twodollars worth of deeper a day so i’m happy with that as long as that price stays where it’s at soi’m happy with that all right what are we looking at flat inky caribou curabo you’re at 10 getyourself off a relay and your rewards are gonna be more you’re also getting half so if you didn’t getthe transmit scale of 0.53 you’d be at 20 helium for the past 30 days so you’re just in a reallycrowded area um you can try yourself with a 5.8 to get more beacons and witnesses out there but youaren’t going to get as many beacons and witnessing and challenges because you’re relayed andthat’s the problem with being relayed moving on i have deeper on the same network as heliumoh it’s working fine so yeah that’s not a problem um but also my deeper mini wasum throttling my internet so i pay i have 400 megabits i’m yeah i have 400 megabits um downand like 26 up and when i put the deeper on there it throttled me down to about 60 down and 11 upso then when i just put it on to um i just took my nighthawk put another ethernet on and blah blahtoday’s decision if they approve deeper in hnt oh i heard about that i am waiting for that that’dbe really cool to mine h t with my deeper mini as well and i think they would they should be doingit um if you just started mining about a week ago your numbers are pretty solid hello fellowfloridian here can you do rich op carp please sure since you’re uh floridian had to connect my tvsdirectly to isp streaming service since streaming services didn’t like connecting from china what’sa good five antenna the 5.8 do you recommend eight depends on where you are man with watermelon pumathanks bro i’m gonna look at the floridian next um give yourself uh uh mysterious vermilion falcongive yourself a month man um you could try you could do a 5.8 but with you hitting these numberslet’s see where your numbers are at when you’re at a full 30 days uh what would you say the maxrange is on a 5.8 dbi on bobcat when it’s about 45 feet up i really can’t tell you because i washitting a 43 kilometer witness and i then hit a 66 kilometer witness so i really can’t tell you themax range it keeps going up for me every week i get something farther and farther and farther allright kevin b fellow flirting that didn’t come to my meet up event two weeks ago i see how it is myminer is indoors on my window about six feet high get it away from your window do you think i shouldupgrade my antenna until i can get it up higher yes so a get it away from your window ican’t stress this enough if you’re now watching the stream and you haven’t heard mesay it before you do not want your antenna next to your window so like if your antennalike let’s say that’s the window and if your antenna is sitting there next to the ihave to make sure i can be seen doing this all right so this is your antenna this little tiny if this is your antenna and this is yourwindow and your antenna is sending signal what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna just all thesignal’s gonna come out right here and bounce back it’s gonna bounce back it’s gonnabounce back now if this is your antenna can you hold it shinron yeah you can all right sonow if this is your antenna and we’re back here and we’re up high and when we send signal out thesignal is going to grow and expand and i’m looking at myself make sure i can see everything and aspherical type uh you know direction it’s going to grow and like it’s going to go up with the5.8 it’s going to go up and out like a big circle right so with that going out with it expandingand growing by the time it gets to your window it’s going to have a little bit refracted backat you but now you also are going to be covering and clearing all of this versus where if it’s herethe signal is going to come out of your antenna bounce off the window and you’re not going to havea lot of penetration but if it’s back up high and up you’re going to have tons of penetration to therest of your house so get it away from your window i don’t care what vos coin says he’s gotsome kind of deal with you know helium and bobcat to get consensus groups and 15 heliumevery two days and stuff no away from a window when we do a video hooking up a wearto planet watch as soon as it’s live i will absolutely do it when it’s live live live mammoth watermelon puma apologize if youanswered this before should you turn off your minor offer and play yes yes uh ifyou’re going to change out your antenna you definitely want to make sure that you turnoff your miner first wait about 10 seconds and then start your transition just becausewhile it’s still plugged in it’s still going to be pumping out signal into the cords andeverything and that’s gonna really screw it up work email um even with your transmit scale you’vegot a 4.0 you’re doing pretty solid you could try a 5.8 if you want but a 4.0 and you’ve made 14in the past 30 days i see thanks i will try and make the next meet up if i’m not working it’sgonna be in california unfortunately but not unfortunately when i hit 25 000 subscriberswe’re gonna do a meetup event in california as long as my youtube can sustain it and as longas you guys keep hitting me with those super chats and i can afford to bring my wife out there todisney because i want to retire on youtube um but yeah so what you’re i mean you’reagain you’re over that 10 a 30 day and so i’m i’m not really one to change stuffif i’m making 10 over 30 days so one other question should i get a higher dbi antenna orget a 5.8 get the 5.8 link for that’s in the i description know what that is so anywhoum i’m probably going to wrap this up here in the next few minutes i need to takea breather i need to go have a another beverage probably catch up on some work if youguys have any last-minute antennas you want or miners you want me to look at um i’mgonna be a greedy bastard and say it’s super chat only and i’m just gonnakind of unwind and read your comments i know you will be leaving soon but if you havetime if not it’s okay you provided some good info real lead mustang uh is 8 dbi safe to hit 60 to70 kilometers on perfectly flat area water yes you know i put in the public’s order theshopping order to be delivered between like four and six and now they’re likeoh we’re gonna deliver 322.No you’re not that’s not what i wanted so yeah so i’m gonna pullup my miner to show you uh laclauger youtube for real i like the 8dbi haha yeah dailyman you’rerocking at 8 dbi right correct me if i’m wrong oh also daily man i don’t know if yousaw us earlier but another minor popped up around me so now i had this one pop uplast week um and then this one just popped up um yesterday so he’s sinking so i’m reallyreally excited about that let’s pull up my miner man if we didn’t have that one week of shitterywe’d be doing good because we are right now pulling an average of like this one miner is doingreally well like .65 yesterday 0.59 today 0.35 the day before i did my port forwarding how can i getmy miner out of relay so what you also want to do is uh i’m going to go to my witnesses aswell um where is he nice mint jellyfish is 66 kilometers away look how far that bastard iscome to a brewery in san fernando valley cali so what you want to double check and this wasan issue i had with my miners um going into relay status was i did the port forwarding andthen i would have to reboot the mine uh the uh router to update the port forwarding and so on andso forth but when i did that it would change the isp address um that i port forwarded and so what iended up having to do ultimately is take my bobcat set up a static ip address for it so that waywhen it then went and rebooted i had to set up the static ip address then i had to report i hadto forward the ports on that static ip address and then i had to reboot the um the router again umand everything was fine oh five dollar super chef kevin b thank you i’ll pick up a 5.8 dbi antennawith your link and let you know how it goes yeah definitely man make sure you join the discordgroup as well thank you very much for the super chat um join the disc uh discord group whereeveryone’s chit-chatting all the time now it’s phenomenal once i hit like 10 000 subscriberson youtube i’m so glad my discord like blew up um and there’s a lot of great helpful informationthe other day we’re all sharing our antenna setups uh it was really cool one guy put an 8 db antennaon top of like a pvc pole like on top of his roof and he had that sucker like up really high we hadto finish the story or finish the uh lesson um we’re gonna be logging off here in three minutesuh we’re gonna go an hour and a half on the stream um set up your static ip address port forward andthen do the port forwarding and then reboot your router and you should be or your modem yourrouter and you should be good to go i have two eight dbi antenna and two 5.8 the ones witheight dbi are doing better but is it the antenna or the minor placement i know you don’t likereally want me to show yours on screen so you i don’t know maybe i should get an 8 dbiantenna to test that because if mine in my attic is at 5.8 is doing well i wonder what 8.0would do for it i should test it i don’t know not bad but yeah anywho the 10 i have coming aroundnew year’s will probably be do mostly 5.8 would you sell me when itcost i kind of want one more i should get on the waiting list for the five g’s i’ll just send you a bunch of helium for it i do have a place for my other oneand i could probably put in the attic unless you have 10 places for it which providedyou pick for static ip addresses i can build my static ip addresses in my nighthawk that’s wherei set up my static ip i’m going to be joining this world soon as my link stock comes in andi’m getting an 8 dbi on the roof i can’t wait yeah i can’t wait either i always found myselflike just really think i’m really considering buying one it’s it’s not too late guys i meanit’s such a baby project and the price of the token’s gonna go up especially the more and moreof the havings that we have has hotspot rf been somewhat accurate for you i actually didn’t doa hot spot rf i did the free credits but i just didn’t have time when i was farting around withit and i haven’t gone back to it uh you weren’t on the waiting list yet no i’m not on the waitinglist i should get on the waiting list shouldn’t i what do i get on the waitinglist for is it with bobcat oh thank you very much for the two i want to say2.50 super chat but i know it’s like you know pounds and euros and stuff it’s not the same andthat’s like a three like a three dollar and seven we’re gonna say it’s a 3.70 super chat mr leeand if you have a minor i will definitely look it up here in a moment which what you got i’lllook it up um well i look for the uh i don’t have 10 places like nailed down but i’m also notworried about finding the spots yeah you got it um better antenna or not thanks man proudmocha gerbil that’s a fun name from ireland just not sure what’s with the city i livein if it’s profitable uh 30 day range yeah try yourself a 5.8 thank you yeah so for hotspot proud mocha try yourself a5.8 leave it at the same height what are your thoughts about the 5g miners i’m gonnaget on a waiting list for one right now so definitely try yourself a 5.8it’s not bad though well actually ignore me wait your full 30 days you’re gonnaclear some pretty solid numbers and look at how you just keep increasing and rising waityour full 30 days before you make any drastic decision if you like the results that you’vegotten in 30 days and you’re setting out an average of 298 beacons which is excellentuh and you’re only getting 14 witnesses i would wait your full 30 days and then make adecision on what you want to do but otherwise 9.5 helium in almost 60 percent of your 30-daymining period is phenomenal um freedom fi open we are going to get on thewaiting list for one of these uh joe b just type in the city name on thehelium explorer and see if any around yeah all right we’re gonna get on the waitinglist here first and then we’re gonna get off yeah you wanna order helium waitlist maybe i should have done that do i want to get on the weight list yeah we’ll do that over here gettingfreedom fine october 21st not bad uh where can you get on the wait list uhlink is in the um daily mint just linked it uh it says we are no longer accepting additionalwaitlist reservations at this time to the overwhelming demand we expect to start shippinggateways to current reservation id holders in september please subscribe below to learn aboutfuture announcements related to freedom five gateway release all right well we’re just going tosubscribe yeah the waitlist is out unfortunately oh well so we jumped on there um where canyou get a waitlist it might be too late to get on the waitlist yeah i missed it whenentering antenna info on the app i read if we’re able to adjust for cable loss then to do soi wonder if it wouldn’t matter i’d be running an 8 dbi with roughly 2.1 cable loss no idea reallythe waitlist is over yeah it’s definitely over so all right ladies and gentlemen that’s going todo it for me thank you very much for watching if you guys haven’t subscribed to the channelyet please do consider subscribing uh turn on the bell notifications as we post videosweekly and we do a stream every monday right now about helium placements and stuff likethat because it’s fantastic and it’s awesome if you guys uh like the content definitely likethe video leave a comment below super chat’s greatly appreciated and i think youtube has thisnew feature we can say thank you on the videos and it’s like a super chat but it’s a super commentthat says thank you and consider that as well so there’s some around i’ve looked some are reallyprofitable i guess depends on the antenna they’re using to reach others yeah so otherwise that’sgonna do it today thank you much for watching like comment subscribe all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time

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